I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 737 - His Happiness

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Chapter 737 His Happiness

“Sure! As long as you’re not going out with pretty boys, Daddy can give you more pocket money.” Su Shengjing reached out and dotingly pinched her cheeks.

Her cheek was chubby with a little baby fat, just like when she was a child.

“Thank you, Daddy!” Su Jiu smiled, and her eyes curved into crescents. Suddenly, she thought of something and hurriedly asked, “Oh right, Daddy, there’s news recently that you are very close to a new celebrity. Rumors say that you met her in a hotel room. Is that true?”

Su Shengjing immediately widened his eyes. “Do you think it’s true?”

“That’s definitely not the case. I believe Daddy. It must be that, that celebrity started those rumors! I think she has bad intentions and wants to use this drama to boost her career!”

When Su Jiu first saw the news, she felt that it was impossible. Hell would freeze over before her father would cheat on her mother!

“It’s good that you know.” Su Shengjing gently tapped her forehead with his fingers. “That woman did come to look for me that night. She said that she wanted to practice her lines with me and wanted to ask me for some acting skills. But I knew what she wanted to do, so I chased her out. I didn’t expect someone would take those photos.

“Her studio has already issued an apology, so I decided not to expose her. However, if she continues her underhanded ways, I’ll make her regret it.”

Su Jiu was filled with righteous indignation. “Yes! You have to make her pay! No one can ruin my parents’ relationship. They’ll have to fight me too!”

In reality, she couldn’t do anything, but she still had to say it.

Su Shengjing was amused. Although his daughter had grown up, she was still the source of his happiness.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

Su Shengjing took out his phone and frowned when he saw the caller ID on the screen. He picked up the call. “Hello?” When he put the call on speaker, Su Jiu heard a familiar voice coming from the phone.

It was Yang Fangping.

The director’s voice sounded a little anxious. “Brother, are you really not participating in this variety show? The pay is negotiable. I’m begging you, alright?”

Su Shengjing’s expression did not change. He glanced at Su Jiu and said, “There’s no room for discussion. I’ve said that I won’t bring my daughter to film variety shows. I want her to grow up out of the public’s eye.”

“Don’t be like that. Believe me! If you let your daughter appear on screen, it will definitely cause a huge sensation. The program’s viewership ratings will skyrocket. It could even become a phenomenal variety show and will also boost your popularity by a lot. Brother, aren’t you tempted?”

“I’m not tempted. My daughter comes first.”

Yang Fangping tried to persuade Su Shengjing for a while, but Su Shengjing insisted on his decision. Yang Fangping could only helplessly end the call.

Su Jiu asked curiously, “Daddy, what variety show is it? Is it fun?”

Su Shengjing tapped her forehead again. “You’re so old, and you still want to play?”

“Tell me what variety show it is.” Su Jiu hugged his arm and shook it.

“It’s one of those parent-child variety shows as usual. That old thing Yang Fangping is always asking me to let you participate in it.”

A parent-child variety program?

Su Jiu said with interest, “Sure. It has been a long time since I recorded a show with Daddy.”

Su Shengjing looked at her from the corner of his eyes and frowned. “What’s so good about it? Once you go on the show, you’ll attract a lot of attention. You might even get scolded.”

“Why would I be scolded?”

“Some netizens are really crazy.” For example, his daughter wasn’t ugly at all and was as pretty as a little fairy. Yet, some of the netizens would say that she was ugly just to start drama.

There was no lack of quarrels online.

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