I Am God! - Chapter 490 : San Rafael who was "attacked"

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place of light.

Lomir took the Gravity Stone on his way home with difficulty, but he couldn't fly at all, and he could only move staggeringly at a low altitude along the way.

In a few days, I have only traveled a few dozen miles, and I don’t know how long it will take to fly back.

Just carrying a small thing the size of a grain of rice made Lomir feel as if he was carrying a hill, and he had to summon the spirit of the curse to share the power.

"No, we have to find a way."

At the beginning.

He wanted to use various methods to isolate the force field of the Gravity Stone, but it didn't work at all.

But soon, Lomir discovered part of the properties of the Gravity Stone.

He found that although the Gravity Stone felt extraordinarily heavy, it was not because of the Gravity Stone itself.

It was because the force field it radiated was exerted on the foreign object and on Lomir's body.

"So it's not that it's heavy on its own, but it makes me feel heavy and makes everything around me heavy."

It dawned on Lomir, who soon found a new method.

Lomir used mental power to make the line, and he was far away from the influence of the gravity stone, so he dragged the gravity stone into the sky, so that its force field could not be applied to him and flew towards the distance.

Under such circumstances, Lomir finally flew back with the Gravity Stone.

All the way across the western part of the Land of Light, he once again saw traces of winged people and civilization.

Lomir returned to the Winged Duchy of Matale.

He headed towards the capital of the Duchy of Matale with a clear goal, because he had some doubts and questions, perhaps the strange demon could answer.

The winged people in this city built on the mountain have been very lively and busy recently. A large number of craftsmen and powers from various cities have gathered here, and even the winged powers of the Jiayin Kingdom have come here.

They all came to witness the refining of props by metal angels from foreign countries.

For the winged people, God's favored ones are angels.

Because they have no other name for this existence.

Many people came in a hurry after hearing that the other party was going to publicly refine a third-order item here.

Items of this level are considered to be treasures for any country in the Winged Kingdom, just like the third-order stone devil in the Kingdom of Matale.

But compared with the third-order stone devil, the third-order props are obviously more precious and rare.

"Did the smelting of magic gold succeed, and the archduke said that it must be completed this month?" The spiritual flames were steaming in the tall and extraordinary furnace in the city, and the winged men below controlled the wind to blow in.

"Has the classification of the extraordinary materials been handled well? Has the mental activity been eliminated? Mr. Lei has already told us the method. This is the real secret technique. You must give me all your strength to repay the gentleman." On the other side, A large number of powers in a workshop are processing extraordinary materials, processing extraordinary materials that originally possessed various mixed powers, and removing the mental activity in them.

"I heard that Mr. Lei said that these extraordinary materials will be used to inscribe the spell seal?"

"That metal angel from a foreign land is said to know many kinds of spells." This kind of statement means that the other party has a variety of laws, and all the powers who come here want to see the power of other spells.

As soon as the sky brought Lomir up, the bells in the city's heights rang again.

The current Archduke of Matale and the previous Archduke Uthu came to greet him in person.

"Lord Lomir."

When Lomir flew down, he observed the movements in the city, and then immediately asked Usley about the recent situation.

in the mansion.

The preparatory work is almost complete, but the closer it is to refining the props, the more empty Lei's heart is.

He always felt a little uneasy in his heart, which made him look a little worried.

He was lying in his room reading books all day, repeating the preparation work repeatedly, or researching a certain problem.

Because about his theory of the circle of the earth, there is one most crucial thing that has not been thoroughly proved.

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If the world were a ball.

So is there really a power that can pull all things and even the earth?

Sometimes he would ask himself in his mind, "Is it possible that I could have made a mistake?"

This thought kept echoing in his mind, making him a little anxious.

Maps can be inaccurate and can leave many gaps, and those are things that can be revised and improved later.

But if the world model is wrong, it means that the route is wrong at the beginning, and there is no way to recover it later.

At this time, Lomir came to the mansion, and Lei sat under the huge paper globe map and turned to look at the divine and beautiful sky envoy.

He stood up and asked expectantly.

"Sky Envoy, are you back?"

He found himself talking nonsense, so he directly said one of the issues he cared about the most.

"did you find it?"

He asked, of course, whether Lomir had found the meteor.

Lomir nodded, but told Ray, "I've found something that's just not suitable to show here."

Lomir was worried that when the Gravity Stone was taken out, it would damage some things here.

After they came to the top of an open space, Lomir summoned the Gravity Stone from a height.

Lei looked curiously at the stone the size of a grain of rice that fell from the sky: "This is the meteor from before, only this small?"

As soon as the voice fell, a powerful force enveloped everyone.

Wusi fell down in an instant, and his wings couldn't swing until Lomir pushed it back to a high place, so that its gravity field no longer covered the three of them.

Ray was very surprised: "But it is so small, it has such a powerful force."

Sky envoy Lomir told Ray and Uth: "Its name is Gravity Stone!"

Lei muttered the name, and the more he muttered, the more meaningful these two words became.



A flash of light flashed in the eyes that were inlaid with thunder gems, and the metal doll danced with excitement.

"Yes, that's the name."

"The gravity exerted on everything maintains the important laws of this world."

"It's an invisible force, but it's everywhere."

"It's not that we haven't discovered it, it's that it's completely part of our existence, a law of the world we're used to."

"That's why we ignore it, but it's undoubtedly one of the most important laws of the world."

Lomir arrives, and the Gravity Stone makes Ray's ideas thoroughly confirmed.

Lei rushed up and looked carefully at the size of the grain of rice, and the biggest doubts and worries in his heart were resolved.

"It's exactly as powerful as I imagined."

Ray looked at Lomir and told him very seriously.

"This is the law of the world."

"A stone born under the laws of the world."

"If it wasn't for it, maybe we would have passed a long time, and we might have never realized this secret."

"Thank you, Romir, for solving a mystery and doubt in my heart."

Lomir could vaguely understand Lei's mood, as if he saw the scene of the great star rising beyond the sky.

Seeing that Lomir couldn't put away the Gravity Stone, Ray gave him something.

It was a peculiar box, but this box could only open a gap, which was also the step in which the ritual above was started.

Lomir took the box and asked, "What is this?"

Ray told him, "It's a normal storage tool, but it can hold the gravity stone away, at least so you don't have to carry it around so much."

The storage tool was born after the storage fairy Saint Raphael went to the world, and it was the first time that the sky envoy knew that there was such a magical thing in the world.

Lomir started the above ritual, the box opened a gap, and after a beam of light shot out, the gravity stone was put in.

Open it again, and the gravity stone inside will reappear.

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Lomir's expression was very shocked. He looked at Ray: "Can such a precious thing really be given to me?"

Ray told Romir: "This kind of ordinary storage box is not precious. It is a relatively common storage item on the giant island of Ruhe. For example, the remaining use period of this storage box does not exceed ten years. The dimensional space where the item is anchored will shatter, and it will lose its function.”

"There are storage pockets that are more precious than it is, because the material of the pocket is much more precious and it is easier to carry."

"There are also storage scrolls, as well as storage rings and bracelets."

"Of course, those permanent storage items are the most precious."

"It's just that the props are permanently stored in this way. Most prop masters also make them, and they don't know how to make them at all."

"And except for some specific heritage objects, or for placing extremely important things, no one is willing to use it. Its cost is too expensive."

If you can make the ancient puppet demon say the word expensive, you basically know the price of this thing.

And from such a storage tool, Romirguang can see the prosperity of the extraordinary power on the giant island of Ruh.

And he really needed one of these things, so he no longer refused.

"Thank you so much."

In the next time, Lei no longer hesitated and lost.

the next day.

He announced that he was going to refine the props.

Before Lei appeared, almost all the wingmen in Matalee's capital came, and there were many capable wingmen among the crowd.

There was nothing special about them standing in the crowd with all the other wingmen at the moment.

Either stand on the square, stand on the roof or fly low in the sky, looking at the center of the square.

As soon as Lei came up without saying anything, he started refining the props directly.

He mainly used the magic gold as the skeleton and the bone powder of the abyss bone demon as the main body to refine the main structure.

Then, in the way that an alchemist handles the materials, more than one hundred extraordinary materials are fused together to refine the core of the spell.

In the end, he also used the method of Wu Ling to draw the surface map texture and the magic array texture.

In a way, Lei's method of refining props can be said to be a combination of ancient and modern methods.

This is also the highest level that an ordinary prop master can achieve.

Looking at Lei's skillful technique, the winged people who came from afar were stunned.

They were not only amazed at the skills and techniques that Lei used that they couldn't understand, but also at the fact that Lei actually showed them such superb skills.

Although some core secret skills cannot be learned, at least Lei has shown a correct path to the Wingmen and props masters, which is even more precious to them than some core skills, because it represents the wing The history of human prop refining will undergo iterative changes.

No one can imagine, because no matter which company has such a skill, it will definitely be treasured and not allowed to be spied on by anyone, it is enough to cause a war.

But thinking that the other party is a favored person of a god, suddenly felt reasonable.

"Really refining props in front of everyone."

"The core of the spell, the technique for refining the core of the spell, he just let us see?"

"What kind of spell is that?"

"I don't know, but this kind of magic seal refining method can definitely be used on the magic seal of the wind."

Soon, Lei refined the main body of the prop and smelted the core of the curse mark.

The two were combined into one, and immediately saw the power of the curse emanating from the props, forming a strong coercion.

And this time Ray took out a piece of cloth.

Maps are drawn on the cloth, as well as mysterious patterns.

Lei wrapped the cloth around the sphere, and the cloth spontaneously ignited and made a sound.

But along with the spontaneous combustion, there is a twisted transcendent aura surging.

A powerful sealing force appeared, and the upper and lower layers of the square were pressed down.


The cloth produced by the silk weaving worm gradually burned out, but the extraordinary power and the pattern on it were printed on the

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On top of the sphere, it also has bright colors and colors.

At this point, this prop has finally been made successfully.

This is a spherical magical prop with a base underneath, and the sphere above can be rotated at will.

Immediately, cheers erupted from the crowd, and everyone looked at Lei and applauded, with thunderous applause.

Many people even saluted on the spot to express their gratitude to Lei for his generosity and generosity.

Matale's predecessor, Uz, also came over: "It's shocking, we never thought that there are so many skills in refining Tao."

Lei also felt a little restrained in the face of such a big scene: "This is the ancient method of making props, and now alchemy is the mainstream."

"Is it because their method is better and stronger?" Uth asked.

"That's not necessarily true, but they have a lower bar," Ray said.

"The alchemist can find a first-order servant or even an apprentice at random, and can start refining the props with the help of the power of the lamp of the divine contract and the fire of desire."

"And if a first-order alchemist is skilled enough, they may even have the opportunity to surpass their own limits and refine second-order items."

"And this ancient method of making props, it is difficult to do such a thing."

"Therefore, the art of making ancient props may not be eliminated, but it cannot prevent alchemists and alchemy from becoming the mainstream of this world."

Uz probably understood, this is like what happened when he ruled the country.

Substituting one thing for another isn't necessarily better, but because it's cheaper.

Uth looked at the newly born prop: "Does it have a name?"

Ray told Uth: "Earth circle, this is the name I gave it."

"It was born out of my terrestrial theory, and the name is just right."

The magic tool? The Earth Circle was born.

And on the Cup of God that created the Kingdom of God, there is also an additional description.

[Shenmu props? Earth Round Night]

【Serial number 485】

[Capability 1 Map Recording: It will perceive all the terrain information around itself and record it. It can also be branded and modified by others. It is a map that will continuously improve itself. 】

[Capacity 2 Never Lose: It has the power to calculate its own position according to factors such as the sun, the angle of the stars, and the surrounding environment. It has the power to break most of the common obstacles, and the person who has it will never get lost. 】

[Capacity 3 Spirit of the Sun: There is a sealed cursed spirit inside the Earth Circle. Even if there is no owner, it will still follow the path of the sun and explore the world. 】

Ray also walked towards the prop he made, reaching out and touching it.

And when his hand touched the Earth Circle, the spherical Earth Circle turned into a ray of light, covering Lei's body.

do not know why.

He unexpectedly ran up to Ray's head, and put it on his head like a holster.

His face was just on the surface, and he was very at a loss for this change.


"what happened?"

Ray remembered the last time he made a prop, when he made a special flying machine.

It's a pity that the aircraft fell into the black storm just after it was made.

However, after the props were made, his No. 1 mine, No. 2 and No. 3 were embedded in the prop together to form a whole.

And at this moment, this newly refined item actually ran to him on his own initiative, and Lei suddenly had a kind of enlightenment.

"Demons and items have a natural affinity. Does this represent the future path of power for the demons?"


In the high-altitude mansion.

Lei's earth circle instrument was put aside, the big-headed Demon Spirit No. 3 behind him seemed to be sleeping, and the Demon Spirit No. 2 was swaying in the wind with a string kite in front of the window.

As an ancient puppet demon, Lei has the form of immortality.

But apart from the body, which is still the one made more than 200 million years ago, they share the same consciousness.

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The other parts need to be re-accumulated every life.

However, this is not a problem for Lei. He still quickly rebuilt to the peak of the third-order in this life, and it seems logical to break through the apostle.

But after this step, he got stuck again.

The demons are no longer in the form of the people of Moyuan, they have transformed into another new form, attached to the Pyramid of Demons.

The ancient Divine Favors no longer fully fit their strengths, and finding a new Divine Favor has become inevitable.

Lei sat at the table and suddenly spoke to his two partners.

"Number two!"

"Number three!"

"I seem to have found the steps for a demon to become a divine grace."

The First Age Apostles were also called Priests of Grace, and Ray's colloquialism was sometimes habitually called that.

No. 3 finally raised his head and hummed, "Ah, is Lei Yu finally going to become an apostle?"

The kite with the beamline flew back and stayed at the window.

The voice was ethereal: "Ray, what kind of apostle do you want to be?"

Lei excitedly told No. 2 and No. 3: "I think the new Divine Favor should maximize the potential of the devil, and our strongest place is the affinity with the props, which is the uniqueness of our body. different."

"We can even stick props directly on ourselves as an extension of our power."

"So if we want to become priests of grace, we must first design a large-scale composite item that we want to build."

"Then use yourself as a plug-in in a way similar to making props, and make it into the basic core of large-scale combined props, which is also our mythical organ."

"Then use other props as their own plug-ins, an extension of the mental force field, inlay on the core, and finally create a super-large prop."

Ray kept narrating his thoughts.

"Not only that, the demon clan can even invite other demons to create large-scale combined items together."

"As long as our strengths are combined, the strength of our partners will be maximized."

"And we just need to work together."

"There is nothing in this world that can stand in our way."

Finally, Lei looked at the kite demon.

"Number two."

"Number three."

"I'm going to leave the two of you in my psychic field and large-scale combination props."

"From now on, we will be completely bound together and will never be separated."

"Would you like to?"

The kite demon told Lei, "Aren't you going to go to the sun, Lei, I want to go too."

"As long as you don't reach the sun, I'll be by your side."

Lei leaned over to the window: "Ah, are you going to leave when you fly to the sun?"

The kite demon turned in a circle: "At that time, we will see if you have any greater ideals."

Ray thought about it for a while, but he really couldn't think of a greater ideal than this.

Big Head No. 2 scratched Big Head: "Lei what you say is what you say."

He was too lazy to think, anyway, just follow Ray.

With the support of his partners, Lei immediately began to design his own large-scale combination props in the future.

"We must design and manufacture a large-scale combination prop. This time we must design it to be large enough. Even if it is not big enough now, it will definitely be big in the future."

"It must be able to fly, and it can fly very far, very high and very high."

Ray raised his geodesic instrument and shook it over his head.

"Take the geodesic instrument and mount it on it."

He pointed to the kite demon again: "Number two, you will always be my helmsman and my lookout."

Then he pointed to the big-headed monster: "No. 3, you will always be the gunner in the Thunder Adventure Team."

at last.

Lei raised his head and knocked on his iron skull, making a loud noise.

"Although our goal is still full of difficulties and obstacles, it does not matter

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. "

"Our adventure team never disbands."


God of creation.

In a storage wonderland.

This fairyland standing by the sea is now not only a storage fairy in San Rafael. Later, several other forest fairies chose the path of storage, so they also moved the rainbow tree into this place. Come on.

The new storage fairies spliced ​​together their own fairyland and that of San Rafael, so now this fairyland looks extraordinarily vast, with several tall rainbow trees.

However, the most well-known storage fairy in the world is still Saint Raphael, so most storage prop makers still sing the name of Saint Raphael and pray to her before making props.

So you can see that the rainbow tree in San Rafael is the largest, and the flowers on it are the most prosperous.

And every flower on the rainbow tree of the storage fairy represents a small dimensional space.

It also means that in the human world, a storage tool was born.

every day.

San Rafael will come under his own flower tree, look at the lush flowers on his rainbow tree, and count the number.

It felt like a miser counting every gold coin in his warehouse.

But this is the happiest time of the day for San Rafael, and she never tires of it.



But today, San Rafael had just started counting when he discovered something abnormal.

She found out how the crown of her rainbow tree had been crushed by a large piece.


Saint Raphael looked up and raised his head to the highest level.

Saint Raphael puffed out his cheeks, opened his mouth and blew a few times, as if to blow up the flower crown.

In fact, it is to force the canopy of the rainbow tree to rise.

"Huh!" But after it was raised up, it was immediately pressed down.

"Huh!" So, San Rafael immediately tried again.

But still nothing works.

Saint Raphael had to walk a little further and take a serious look at the flower crown above.


She looked left and right, and the more she looked, the more confused she became.

She found that it was indeed her rainbow flower tree that was overwhelmed by a large area, and even the branches were crooked, and she could even hear a creaking sound on it.

But no matter how she looked, she didn't see anything on the flower crown.

"What's the matter?"

San Rafael floated up, through the branches and flowers, trying to see what was going on.

But just as it flew up, a strong gravity pressed down.


The power of the Death Star, the giant **** Ruh, dragged the unsuspecting San Rafael to the ground at once.

The storage fairy fell so hard that her **** nearly broke into several petals.

"My ass."


"Who attacked me?"

"The Hammer of Justice?"

"is that you?"

"You are bullying people, I didn't do anything."

Saint Raphael looked for "criminals" everywhere, wondering if some badass goblin came to harm poor Saint Raphael.

Later, it was even suspected that the Hammer of Justice ran out of the storage white tower, but no figure was found at all. The Fall of Justice ignored her in the white tower, and never came out at all.

San Rafael rubbed his ass, extremely aggrieved.

I didn't do anything bad, I just counted the flowers blooming on the rainbow tree in my house, but I was also severely injured and was attacked.

"No, I have to find that bad guy."

Finally, San Rafael finally found the culprit for this situation in a rainbow tree flower.

"The power of the myth of life?"

"Here is something of the giant Rukh?"

Saint Raphael puffed out his cheeks.

These people in this world are so bad, they think

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Out of such a method to sneak attack on the great storage fairy.

"who is it?"

"Mythical items also dare to be thrown around."

Saint Raphael immediately made up his mind that he must set the same rules in the future.

"In the future, things with mythic power are not allowed to be put into ordinary storage tools."

"It can only be placed in permanent storage items, and in the white storage tower."

"Whoever dares to put mythical items in, the storage props and the dimensional space will be broken immediately. Don't think of using my rainbow tree to share the pressure for you."

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