Huoye, Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a Stall - Chapter 1224 Reincarnation of ten generations, life can not end well

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  Fan Hang put one hand on the table, touching the dark red brocade box on top.

  He flicked his fingers lightly, and the brocade box opened, revealing the blood beads inside that radiated red mist.

  Seeing the red blood droplets released from the inside out of the brocade box, Qin Ruan's eyes widened slightly, showing a look of astonishment in his eyes.

  Suddenly, a strong red light shot out from the blood bead, carrying a strong cold resentment in the red light, it came straight to Qin Ruan's face.

  Qin Ruan's body tensed up, subconsciously trying to avoid it.

  Fan Hang said abruptly: "Ah Ruan, this is the tenth memory of you and the emperor, are you sure you don't want to know how to break the situation?"

  Qin Ruan, who had already retreated, heard that it was related to the emperor, and had no time to ponder whether it was in danger, and let the strong sinister resentment rush into her mind.

  Every reincarnation that Tushan Aruan and Dijun experienced in the world of mortals flooded into her mind clearly.

  Except for this life, each of their previous reincarnations had an unsatisfactory end.

  This is the powerful stamina brought about by life and death calamity and love calamity?

  Every life, either she died early or the emperor died unexpectedly.

   There is always a step between them, and every time they miss it.

  The first world, the Daqian Dynasty.

  Qin Ruan's soul was scattered, and the power of the fox clan was very low. Even if she was thrown into the world of mortals, she could not maintain her human body. She became a pure white ordinary fox.

  Because there is no spiritual awareness and no memory of past lives, the little fox is like all ordinary animals in the mountains and forests, wandering among the mountains, rivers and trees.

  She is a simple little fox in this world who doesn't know the sufferings of the world and the dangers of the human heart.

  One day, a group of hunters broke into the mountain forest, and the white fox that was roaming freely in the deep forest was captured. Apart from her, many other large and small animals were hunted.

  The white fox was injured, and her hind legs were shot by the arrows of the hunters. In order not to affect the quality of the fur, those hunters gave her a simple bandage.

  After traveling for several days, a group of people came to the county market and sold the little fox to a vendor who set up a stall.

   It should be said that her fate is good. She has just been locked in a cage. A tall and slender young master dressed in fine ice blue silk and embroidered with elegant bamboo patterns fell in love with her.

  The little fox lay dying in the cage, but he could only vaguely see the mutton jade hairpin on the young man's head, which reflected the sunlight and was very beautiful.

  The handsome and elegant young master asked the guards who followed him to give the vendor a piece of silver, and took the little fox back to the mansion in his arms.

  The little fox has received the best treatment, and eats and drinks offerings with the young master every day. His life is actually more carefree than in the mountains and forests.

   Time flies, and three years pass quietly.

  The little fox has opened her mind. She knows that she should be a demon. As long as she absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon, she will have a human body one day.

  During the past three years, the little fox knew that the master who had raised her for three years was the son of the county magistrate.

  She also knew that many matchmakers had stepped over the threshold of the county grandpa's house and wanted to marry Mr. Huo.

   If you want to talk about the son of the county grandfather's family, he is personable, courteous and respectful, and has attracted the secret love of many young ladies.

  As the son of the county magistrate, he has never been arrogant, nor has he ever bullied the people. He has a scholarly spirit and a literati style.

The most admirable thing is that Mr. Huo once went to Beijing for a scientific examination and was handpicked by the Emperor Dagan to be the number one scholar. However, he rejected it on the grounds of his illness, and even risked being beheaded to dedicate to the emperor the five strategies of frontier military deployment .

  In front of all the civil and military officials, he vowed to frankly predict that there would be a battle between the Daqian Dynasty and the next door.

  How could Emperor Dagan listen to his one-sided words? It's simply ridiculous!

  Mr. Huo does have real talent and learning, with extraordinary literary talent, he is a rare talent.

   It's a pity that this person was too risky to spare his life. In the emperor's rage, he was sent to death prison and could not be released without summons.

   But not long after, the frontier war broke out, and the Dagan Dynasty suffered heavy damage due to negligence, and the people suffered countless deaths and injuries.

  Under Mr. Huo's prediction and his five major deployment strategies for frontier forces, the Dagan Dynasty won in only half a year.

  Mr. Huo was supposed to be an official and a nobleman, and his official career is on the rise, but he is not greedy for power. He clearly has the ability to write and write to secure the world, and to use martial arts to determine the world, but he once again refused the emperor to return to his hometown.

   Whenever the imperial court encounters civil and military officials who are undecided on difficult issues, noble people will come from the capital to visit Mr. Huo.

  It is well known in the world that Mr. Huo, who is amazing and talented, has many famous families who want to be relatives of this family, but it is a pity that he is not close to women, and he does not raise delicate-looking book boys.

  Mr. Huo is like a banished fairy, he is not interested in anything, but in recent years he has a white fox by his side, and he has a strong interest.

  No, the summer is scorching, Mr. Huo is holding the little fox in his arms to enjoy the cool indoors.

  The elegantly decorated room is surrounded by ice mirrors, and there are servants in the room who use cattail fans to fan the cool air in the direction of the son who is leaning on the imperial concubine and holding the white fox.

  Mr. Huo's bones are clear, and his pretty fingers are too white, gently stroking the hair of the little fox lying on his abdomen, his movements are casual and somewhat careless.

  The little fox let out a comfortable low hum, which sounded like he was enjoying himself very much.

  Mr. Huo closed his eyes and rested his mind, listening to the comfortable voice of the little fox, his light-colored thin lips curved happily.

   One person and one fox enjoy a rare quiet time, but someone came to disturb and disturb this warm relationship.

   "Young Master, Young Master, the daughter of Liu Yuan's family has come and said that she has made an appointment with you to go boating on the lake."

  Mr. Huo's servant barged in and reported cheerfully, with a look of excitement wishing that his son would go out as soon as possible.

  The white fox lying on Mr. Huo's abdomen squinted his naked eyes and glared at the visitor very unhappy.

  Master Huo didn't even open his eyes, and the hand that was stroking the white fox's soft fur didn't stop for a moment.

   "No, it's too hot, Xiaobai doesn't feel well." His voice was reserved and sweet, as beautiful and ethereal as pearls and jade on a plate.

  The little servant was in a hurry, and stamped his feet to fight for the daughter of Mr. Liu who had been waiting for a long time: "How can you not go, my son, if you don't want to go, you promised Miss Liu."

  Mr. Huo, with his eyes closed, slowly raised his eyelids, and stared at the servant in front of him with oppressive eyes: "Why did I ever promise her?"

  The young man noticed that the young master was unhappy, and replied dryly: "Just three days ago, you made an appointment with Miss Liu."

  Mr. Huo sneered: "The original words I said that day were that the scorching summer is unbearable, and I am afraid that I have failed Miss Liu's kindness."

  At this time, he does not have the gentlemanly demeanor of the outside world, and there is an unpleasant low pressure all over his body.

  The boy understood, the young master was already tactfully rejecting Ms. Liu, and he immediately said: "Then I'll go back to Ms. Liu."

  Master Huo closed his eyes and rested his mind, and waved to him.

  His words and deeds revealed a sense of elegance, and he regained his previous gentle and calm demeanor.

  The fox he named Xiaobai also obediently returned to his arms, squinting his eyes to enjoy the caress of his master.

   Such a free and easy life, without outsiders to disturb, if the rest of my life is so comfortable, it may not be a kind of happy life.

  It's a pity that the weather is unpredictable, Mr. Huo is really sick.

   One day half a year later, during the cold winter, Mr. Huo fell into the snow.

  The magistrate of the county invited all the famous doctors, and even had the cheek to write a book for the capital, begging the Emperor Daqian to send an imperial doctor to save his son.

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