Hunter × Hunter: The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 796 black charcoal snake, dead

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"Master General!"

Fu Lu Shou was about to perform ninjutsu in seals, but there was a "clank" sound in his ears, a sharp samurai sword rested on his neck, the blade pressed against his skin, and a cold stinging pain was conveyed. As far as the brain, he dared not act rashly.

Fu Lu Shou's eyes turned slightly, and he looked at the owner of the samurai sword, a red-haired man in a red kimono and a fox face.

"As a samurai from the Wano country, you actually drew your sword at the general!?"

Fu Lu Shou naturally thought that Hei Si Mou was a warrior of the Wano country, and it was a treason for a warrior to draw a sword against his lord.

Hei Si Mou did not speak, he is not a person of this world, and he is not even a person now.

"This is the country of Wano, you dare not kill me, if you kill me, you cannot leave the country of Wano."

"Kaido won't let you go!"

The black charcoal snake's neck was bitten through by the hound, and blood gushed out in pools, but its mouth was still stiff. It seems that the vitality of the Yamata no Orochi fruit is too strong, even if it loses seven heads, it still has no effect.

"Tap Tat Tat..."

There were many dense footsteps outside the door, and the samurai quickly gathered to surround the room. Yin Lumi and others could see through the paper window of the room that there were samurai figures standing outside with samurai swords.

The two prostitutes and a geisha in the room fainted from fright when Heitan Orochi transformed into Yata Orochi.

"Don't get overwhelmed, we only want the text of history. We have no interest relationship with Wano country, and we will not interfere with anything in Wano country."

"As long as you take us to the room where the historical texts are kept, I will spare your life." Yin Lumi stared down at the black charcoal snake with a flat expression, "In my eyes, you are only a little bigger than an ant, It doesn't matter whether you kill or not."

"What!?" Heitan Orochi was furious when he heard the words.


The hound that stepped on his head stepped on his snake's head again, and the head began to tear his neck with force, with a terrifying look of trying to tear his head off his neck.

"Wait, wait... Spare me, spare my life..."

"I, I will take you to find the main text of history."

Heitan Dashe felt the severe pain from his neck and panicked. He finally understood that Yin Lumi really didn't care about his life.

"Get up."

Yin Lumi opened his mouth calmly, and the hound biting the black charcoal snake's neck slowly let go, turning into a cloud of black smoke and dissipating.

"What kind of devil fruit is this?"

Fu Lu Shou stared at the hounds in the room that dissipated into black smoke, wondering what kind of fruit could shoot black spikes from his fingertips and release this strange hound?

"Master General! There is an emergency in Jiuli!"

At this moment, a samurai ran to the door of the room and knelt down to report.

"Damn! What kind of emergency can happen at this time?"

The black charcoal snake returned to its adult state, and asked impatiently, ignoring the blood stains on its clothes.

"Moonlight Moria fought in Jiuli, and all of us were killed!"

Reported by Samurai.

"What!? Moonlight Moriah!?"

"That bat dog dares to come back? What about Kaido? This is his business, let the Beasts Pirates solve it!"

Heitan Dashe wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Governor Kaido... summoned the two adults, Jin and Quinn, and they seem to be preparing to sail."

The samurai reported with trepidation.

"What!? Wano Country was attacked, but he planned to sail regardless!?"

The black charcoal snake was immediately furious when he heard the words.

"Moonlight Moria?" Yin Lumi in the room was moved when he heard the words, "Ghost Island also has a historical text stele, and it happened to use Moonlight Moriah to lure Kaido away."

"It's just that Moriah's strength is not enough..."

Yin Lumi glanced at his own people, Walter, Hei Si Mou, Tong Mo, Yi Wo Zuo and others are now only as strong as real fighters, and Gui Wu Tsuji Wu Mi can rely on unlimited physical strength to fight against the two big kanbans, but It is impossible to get out of the whole body.

"Prad, you go to Jiuli."

Yin Lumi looked at Pledge, among this group of people, apart from himself, the only one who could fight against Kaido's men and Quinn and hope to get out unscathed was the only one.


Praed nodded and turned to leave. He's going to add a fire to Jiuli, so that the flames will be strong enough to interfere with Kaido.

"What did you send people to Jiuli for?"

Heitan snake asked.

"It's none of your business, immediately take me to the room where Kozuki Sukiyaki is imprisoned." Yin Lumi's eyes fell on Heitan Orochi again, "Anything else is not what you should pay attention to now. If you don’t see what happened in the main text of history, I will kill you.”

The black charcoal snake was angry when he heard the words, but he didn't dare to explode, he could only grit his teeth secretly, turned around and pushed open the door of the room, and when he saw the large group of warriors outside, he gave a bad look.

"These wastes are useless at all, thanks to the fact that I usually spend so much money on them."

Heitan snake walked in front of Yin Lumi and the others, silently leading the way.

"Master General..."

A samurai wanted to follow, but Fu Lushou stopped him with his hand. The criminal said that anything that interfered with them would kill the general, and if the samurai followed them, something might happen.

The most important thing is that the room where Kozuki Sukiyaki was imprisoned cannot let these samurai know that Kozuki Oden died only two years ago. These samurai may not be loyal to Kozuki Oden, but they must be loyal to Kozuki Sukiyaki.

Fifteen minutes later, Heitan Orochi took Yin Lumi and his party to the underground of the General's Mansion, a spacious basement where Kozuki Sukiyaki was imprisoned, and there was indeed a huge black stone tablet in the middle of the basement.

"This is the room where Kozuki Sukiyaki was imprisoned."

Heitan Orochi held a torch and lit it on the oil lamp in the basement to brighten the basement.

"Let's start rubbing. After the stele is rubbed, there is still a road sign with a historical text underneath."

Yin Lumi said to Olvia and Robin who looked excited.

"Where did you get this information from?"

After Heitan Orochi heard this, he looked at Yin Lumi in surprise. The room where Kozuki Sukiyaki was imprisoned was a secret of Wano Country.

"Speaking of which, he is also very clear about my devil fruit ability."

Heitan Orochi frowned and pondered, Heitan Muchan gave him the devil fruit in the shape of Yamata no Orochi. He had never used this ability a few times, and there were only a handful of people who knew it.

"My lord, the stairs to the next basement are here."

Holding a torch, Walter came to a corner of the basement. There was a wooden board in front of him. Walter lifted the wooden board to reveal a downward staircase.

"Since I found it, can I... go?" Heitan Orochi came to Yin Lumi with a flattering expression, "You said that as long as you get the text of the history, you can let me go."

"Well, you can leave now."

Yin Lumi glanced at him and nodded slightly. The black charcoal snake immediately smiled when he heard the words, picked up a torch and ran towards the basement exit.

"Hey, you really let me go. You idiots, dare to treat this general like that, this general will definitely kill you, and you will be ashamed!"

The black charcoal snake turned its back to Yin Lumi and the others, with a ferocious smile of anger and hatred on his face.


When the black charcoal snake stepped into the stair passage, the dark stair passage suddenly closed, the figure of the black charcoal snake was swallowed by the darkness together with the torch, and two scarlet vertical children opened in the darkness.

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