How Come These Monsters Have Health Bars - Chapter 608 In the fairyland, he is invincible

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

have to say.

Mysterious and mysterious cause and effect are very annoying.

Especially when the karma is manipulated by people.

The feeling of being at the mercy of unknown people who have never met before, who are irrelevant and doomed to be tyrannical and even not at the same level of space, is really exciting.

Things have come to this point.

The key person is Chen Yuran, who is basically close to eight or nine.

Li Jing kept silent.

But the mood is very bad.

He is in a bad mood.

Some people who shouldn't be there are naturally unlucky.

This is not.

The Daoist Yuankong didn't even react, and he slashed at Shangqi Ling Qingfeng head-on.


The soaring sword light swept out.


Torn apart at this moment.

Half-step Guiyuan shot with all his strength.

Destroy the world.

To say that this Taoist still has some skills, and his reaction is not slow.

Almost at the same time Qi Ling Qingfeng made his move, he resolutely pinched several fingerprints and scolded.

"Boundless world, listen to my orders, hurry up!"

It's too late to say it.

High in the sky, the wind was surging, and in the blink of an eye, it gathered in front of the Taoist to form a cloud wall that seemed to have no defense at all.

at the same time. Qi Ling Qingfeng's sword light has arrived.


The cloud wall, which should have been insubstantial, blocked this offensive.


Crying Ling Qingfeng's expression was grim, and he was about to unleash his sword again, Ao Tianyu was stern, and his rotor was about to move forward again.

At this time.

A beautiful female voice sounded from behind.

"I come."

Before the words fell, Qi Ling Wuming came to the cloud wall in an instant, picked up the mace and hit it with a backhand.

"Boom!" There was a loud noise.

Space collapses.

The cloud wall also collapsed together.

The Taoist hiding behind the cloud wall revealed his figure and stared.

Break and smash the rules!



Without any hesitation, he withdrew and burst back.

It's just that before he could really retreat, a shadow covering the sun and clouds enveloped him.

? ? ?

The Taoist raised his eyes.

into the eyes.

It is a pagoda that is more than one hundred thousand feet high and completely covers the entire surrounding land.

Not only that.

There is also an extremely strong banning force in the tower.

Intuition tells the Taoist.

If you want to be covered, it will be difficult for you to leave.

Faced with such a battle, the Taoist had to say he was a little depressed.

He thought he was just showing his face.

Who would have thought that the master of the doomed man would strike without saying a word.

Hands don't count.

It's still a gang fight!

Gang fights don't count.

Or a group of spirits fighting...

This shit...

It was the first time in his life that a Taoist who had lived through endless years encountered a similar situation.

But one thing is certain.

This pair of young men and women is not a good stubble.

Especially this guy.

The Taoist knows a lot of wonderful techniques, and he can know the bone age of others at a glance.

However, although Li Jing's bone age is too young, even only in his early years, his strength can only be described as unfathomable.

The human deity didn't even make a move.

The three weapon spirits are more ruthless than the other...

Although there is no real face-to-face confrontation with him, Taoist is sure that he will not be Li Jing's opponent. At least not for now.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

Without thinking too much, the Taoist resolutely bit the tip of his tongue to sacrifice his origin and erupted

escape speed.

Sacrifice the origin.

This is not a small price.

The escape speed in exchange is indeed outrageous.

The Linglong Pagoda fell very fast, but the Taoist escaped even faster, and was about to escape in an instant.

But at this moment.

"Drum, pedal, pedal."

The melodious, light and magical sound of the piano sounded suddenly.

A piece of Bliss X Shi, called Rang Taoist to stagnate, and turned his head involuntarily.

He didn't know why he did it.

You said the vocal music is nice, right?

In fact, that's it.

At best, the rhythm is a bit magical.

But hearing it in his ears, he just couldn't help but want to shake his legs, and then felt that he would regret his whole life if he didn't look back.

To say that Xueyin is really free after following Li Jing.

The key point is that her master has reached the point where she doesn't need the help of a Taoist weapon.

Normally, she would not need to rely on her strength.

She is a musical instrument herself, and she can do relatively few things compared to Qingfeng and Wuming.

It was rare that when she was needed, she was always asked to move by herself.

It's not interesting to study the inheritance stone tablet of Qingyuan Immortal Palace all day long in the world of Xiaoqiankun. Xueyin likes to go to Tianque City to study the vocal music of this world when she has nothing to do.

The Bliss X Soil that Li Jing once played, she still remembers in her heart.

After all, this is the first time she has played with someone, and the latter played it for the first time.

Bliss X Warrior, who was supposed to have no offensive effect, was forcibly polished by Xueyin to have an effect that could disturb the mind and even force attention.

This effect does not look strong.

Actually very buggy.

Just like in front of you.

The Taoists tried their best to escape by sacrificing their essence.

As soon as the tune sounded, he stopped involuntarily, and couldn't help turning his head.

The situation was wrong, and the Taoist became conscious in an instant.

But at this moment.

The Linglong Tower enveloped him.


The Taoist cursed secretly, knowing that he was in a quagmire and it was difficult to get out, so he turned his head decisively.

Just then.

A mace flew across the sky, but Qi Ling Wuming, who was chasing after him, saw the opportunity and made a long shot.

When he turned his head and faced this mace that was unmanned and not to mention blessed, the Taoist only felt his scalp explode.

The key is that it is a Taoist weapon.

And it does not need to be blessed, as long as the brute force is enough, it can cause a "critical strike" type of artifact.

Qi Ling Wuming threw his hands away.

Not to mention that its body smashed the space all the way.

The strong wind blowing towards the face almost wanted to lift the cover of the Taoist's sky.

"What are you waiting for!? Do you want to hide until the poor man dies?"

The Taoist screamed, then gritted his teeth and raised his hand.

Right now he.

There is no other way.

Dao Qi Wuming came too fast, almost touching his face when he turned his head.

At this moment, even though he knew that the bare-handed hard joint might end badly, or even get seriously injured, he could only try to resist right now.

But it was just at the critical moment.

A huge ax with a strange shape came across the sky.


There was a loud bang.

It was also suspected that the big ax was thrown out by someone with a wave of his hand, and the Dao Qi Wuming was thrown into the air, causing a shock in the space in front of him.

The Taoist was overjoyed when he saw this, and hurriedly retreated.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

The two utensils that collided in front of them were both opened and closed by brute force. The characteristics of the utensils meant that they did not need the blessing of spiritual energy to show their fierce power.

Even though no one was operating it, the two collided and shattered the space.

this space.

It is truly broken.

At the location where the two collide, the rules of space are completely broken.

Recovery may have to wait until when.


will always be there.

Staying in the void is not a big problem for the Taoist, the key is that Qi Ling Wuming is not the only one who will mess with him.

This is not.

Just as the Taoist talent barely retreated from the position where the two objects collided and caused the space to collapse, Qi Lingqingfeng's face was stern, holding the sword and bullying him, and slashed across the air from a long distance away.


The cyan blade easily tore through the space.

Emptiness emerges.

And spread infinitely.

Seeing this situation, the corners of the Taoist's eyes twitched again and again.

Void rules!


It is a rule that few people in heaven and earth can control.

In theory.

This is a rule that cannot be controlled.

Control the rules.

It needs to be comprehended, and it needs to be deeply understood.

The rules of the void do not exist in the circle of heaven and earth, but only in the void.

You can't run into the void to settle down and feel the rules of the void, right?

That's afraid.

The result will only be that you stay in meditation for too long and fall into the endless void forever.

However, in front of me.

A tool spirit has mastered such rules.

Seeing that the void swept very fast, and it was about to spread to his chest before he could really retreat in the blink of an eye, the Taoist's heart trembled.

"help me!"

Without hesitation, he called for help again.

Taoism is mysterious.

But the short board is also obvious.

Exercising Taoism requires seals to communicate with heaven and earth.

No matter how advanced the Taoism is, and how familiar you are with the corresponding Taoism, the process cannot be omitted.

When it comes to serious battles of the Eight Classics, the Taoist system is indeed faster than the orthodox magic system.

Although there are many instant spells for emergency use in orthodox spells, there is no related design in Taoist spells.

This is the so-called good and bad.

At this moment, facing the spread of the void and the hidden sword light, any kind of Taoist is capable of dealing with it.

But when the two come together, he is completely powerless to fight.

Facing the sword light, the void will swallow him up. He has the ability to temporarily stay on the surface of the void.

But will Qi Ling Qingfeng let him go?

As for dealing with the void.

There is no need to consider this at all.

The sharpness of the Taoist flying sword is no joke...

Put that aside.

The moment the Taoist called for help, a high-pitched "Amitabha Buddha" sounded, and a monk appeared from behind, almost on the border of Linglong Pagoda, with his hands clasped together.


The position in front of the Taoist that is about to be touched by the void and the sword light blooms a bright golden light, and a Buddhist character appears, resisting the two. at the same time.

In front of Li Jing and Chen Yuran, a burly female figure descended from the sky.


The earth crumbled, and the smoke and dust scattered.

A strong impact swept across the surrounding area.

The Taoist was not the only one present, Li Jing had expected it.

The Taoist hides nearby.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

How could the other three who came in together disappear without a trace?

At least.

It won't be just him.

No, two of them have appeared before my eyes.

Facing the impact caused by the burly barbarian woman, Li Jing's heart skipped a beat.


The Small Universe Realm appeared behind him, sheltering Chen Yuran, Yantong who watched the excitement but didn't make a move, Xueyin who played the piano and played the assistant, and the spirit tiger who had just transformed.

The impact caused by the barbarian woman's landing was not some kind of method, it was simply that she was too powerful and made a lot of noise when she landed.

Such unpretentiousness cannot be regarded as offensive offensive,

The encounter field is naturally perfectly resisted.

However, this is not the end.

Li Jing would be cruel to the Taoist when they met, and the barbarian women would naturally not be polite.

"Boy, watch the fist!"

A yell.

The barbarian woman stepped forward with a heavy step, her body moved sideways strangely and approached, raised her hand and punched out loudly.


I don't know how strong this barbarian woman's hands are.

One of Tianxin Yang's enlightenment and connotation

In a seemingly ordinary season, competition shattered the space.

Facing this simple and rough punch, Li Jing raised the skewer with one hand and raised the other hand, stretching out a finger casually.


The fists and fingers meet and freeze instantly.

Li Jing's body pattern did not move.

If it wasn't for an invisible terrifying shock that swept out from him, it would be impossible to tell how strong the shock he had endured.

Seeing that her inevitable punch was resisted by a finger, the barbarian woman almost stared out her eyes.

this man...

what's the situation! ?

Didn't the Taoist say that his bone age is only in his early years?

Carrying three pieces of Dao artifacts and two half-step Dao artifacts, both of which have their own cultivation bases and can fight alone are not counted.

He is still a bodybuilder! ?

Whether it's physical training or not, it doesn't matter.


The strength of his physical body is seriously "exceeding the standard", so much so that it surpasses her who is a barbarian and has a natural advantage in body training...

This shit...

Is it the junior that Xianyu should have?

Even in the ancient fairyland...


Even in the upper three realms.

I am afraid that there is no such a perverted person in the younger generation!

To know.

She is a bodybuilder.

Under the premise that the realm of the lack of rules in the big world is constrained, physical training is the least affected.


They will also be restricted.

But the physical body of the corresponding realm will not be affected.

A young man from the Immortal Territory who was only in his early years, was able to beat her who was once the number one barbarian in the ancient Immortal Territory in terms of physical strength.



"You interrupted me to cook skewers for my girlfriend."

The plain words sounded, making the barbarian woman feel cold all over.

She could hear it.

In this seemingly easy-going voice, there is a raging anger hidden.

This person....

Why are you so outraged?

They obviously didn't do anything, did they?

Questions appeared in the mind of the barbarian woman, but she didn't care about how to think about it. She pulled out and burst out at the same time, reaching out to call her ax back.

at this time.

Li Jing tilted his head and looked over.

Still grilling the skewers with one hand, he quickly formed several imprints with the other hand.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

"Anxious Tianwei listen to my orders, Wu Lei."

"Boom boom boom boom!"

There were five thunderclaps in a row.

Gao Tian was torn apart instantly.

Yang Lei, Yin Lei, Fire Thunder, Water Thunder, Dou Lei, five thunderbolts fell instantly.

Taoism! ?

The barbarian woman's complexion changed slightly, and then she showed a relieved expression.

Just five mines.

How can she do anything about her being a barbarian?

She didn't even try to parry.

However, the next second.

Her complexion changed terribly.

The five thunders that were about to hit her face in the blink of an eye suddenly "changed color" when they touched her.

Turning black...and coming with it.

It is the power to destroy the world and the terrifying power of the sky.


this man...

Shouldn't it be physical training?

Why can Taoism and the law?

Taoism is mysterious.

That's right.

But I have never heard of anyone who can control the punishment of heaven...

The barbarian woman was dumbfounded, and with a muffled grunt, she was knocked down on the spot by five thunderbolts falling on her head.

Li Jing threw the girl down, without even looking at her, he turned around and put the cooked skewers on the table.

"Yuran, you eat first, I'll be fine soon."


Chen Yuran nodded obediently.

Li Jing.

Always strong.

But she hadn't seen him make a move for a long time.

Now I can see it.

After witnessing this time, she can truly understand how strong her male ticket is now.

strictly speaking.

She is still vague about Li Jing's strength.

However, Chen Yuran can easily understand how he easily pushed Taoists into desperation and lightly downplayed barbarian women. Within the fairyland.

He is invincible.


The Taoist and the barbarian woman are both players in the game from the ancient fairyland.

their true cultivation.

At least Guiyuan.

Although he was suppressed in the Immortal Territory, at least he would be able to return to the original level in half a step.

Half step back to Yuan.

It would be difficult for an ordinary emperor to meet him.

Perhaps only someone as strong as the Sifang Great Emperor can barely touch it, and it is not certain which one is better or worse.

Li Jing didn't even make a move.

His weapon spirit drove one of them into a corner.

Then another casual second.

Isn't this invincible?

Linghu, who is only a candidate for transformation, has a relatively pure mind and doesn't know the inside story, unlike Chen Yuran who has so many associations.

In her eyes.

Lord Realm is the only god.

He will not lose.

Seeing Lord Jiezhu show off his power and bring over skewers, her two big jewel-like eyes stared at little stars.

Li Jing gave Chen Yuran instructions and smiled gently.

at the same time.

His domain expanded further, engulfing everything covered by the Linglong Tower.

far away.

The monk and the Taoist who had just been rescued saw someone kill the barbarian woman with one move, and successively showed their tyrannical physical body and super powerful Taoism. Both of them were a little dazed.

They don't understand.

Why are there such characters in Xianyu...

Long live the bone age.

This will definitely not be a player in the game like them, but a rising star.

Due to the lack of rules, it has fallen to the fairyland that doesn't even have a half-step return to the original, why can there be such a master who hangs and beats the half-step return to the original?

Leng Buding was engulfed by the domain, and the two of them felt a thump in their hearts, and hurriedly let go of the independent world that they had temporarily concealed through the secret method, and expanded their own domain.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

But Li Jing's purpose is not to deal with them through the domain.

After all.

The field is to bully and bully people who don't have an independent world.

It doesn't do much for some people.

The meaning is roughly to avoid being pulled into the independent world for unilateral tyranny.

Taking a step forward, Li Jing teleported to the monk standing in the rear by using the domain.

The monk was stunned when he saw this.


The soaring demonic energy occupied his field of vision.

Magic practice! ?

The monk was stunned for a moment.

At this moment, Li Jing spoke quietly.

"Before, I didn't dislike bald people very much. But now, I don't have any affection for bald people."

? ? ?


What Li Jing said...

What do you mean?

without waiting for him to think

, a big foot kicked in his crotch unkindly with a turbulent demonic energy, and when he kicked it, an incomparably astonishing blood aura broke out.

The monk didn't even have time to hum, and it flew backwards like a cannonball in an instant.

In the end, he is a half-step return to the original and a person with a field.

Being kicked in the crotch by Li Jing, he instantly used the power of the domain to offset most of the damage, causing his body to fly upside down and land in his own independent world.

It's also thanks to his ability.

If not.

This kick alone is enough to knock him down.


Li Jing is not only physically unparalleled, but also understands the magic way.

Body repair.

Just roll up your sleeves and do it without too many fancy tricks.

Magic methods are more fancy.

But the truly powerful practice of the magic way is essentially relying on the body to make a living.

Demonic infusion.

It can greatly enhance their physical strength.

With the combination of punches and kicks, the demonic energy in their bodies can more easily invade the opponent's body, like a gangrene that eats away the strength in the body and even damages the foundation.

How else can we say that the evil ways are sinister?

Put that aside.

Entering his own independent world, the monk quickly unloaded and stopped his figure.

He was originally kind-hearted, but his expression was indescribably gloomy at the moment.

But when he raised his eyes, he couldn't stop staring blankly.

Li Jing...

Into his independent world.

This guy…

What do you mean?

Fight into your own independent world?

Do you want to be so inflated! ?

Into the independent world.

Unless one has the ability to break this side of the world, the side with an independent world has an absolute advantage.

At least.

He will not lose.

After all, here he has the power of heaven and earth.

And the other party can at most use its own independent world to offset the influence of other people's world and circle on it.

Confused, Li Jing turned his head.

"Don't just watch, keep going."

The Taoist, who escaped from serious injuries after being rescued by others, watched Li Jing kill the barbarian woman with one move, and then kicked the flying monk to invade his independent world.

This junior is indeed very strong.

but he...

Do you want to be so fierce?

Suddenly meeting Li Jing's voice, the Taoist couldn't help being stunned for a moment.


What to continue?

After the sluggishness passed, he suddenly stared.

! !

However, it was too late for him to react, and there was already a lingering evil wind sweeping from behind him.

Accompanied by an extremely dull muffled hum.

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

The nameless Taoist weapon with special effects of tetanus swept across his lower back.

This sweep.

After almost cutting off the Taoist at the waist on the spot, he took away at least five catties of flesh and blood from his lower back, and blasted him out of the way.


The Taoist who flew out had his eyes darkened and cursed secretly, determined to enter his own independent world.

However at this time.

A sharp sharp pierced his chest.

The Taoist should even froze.

This sword.

It's really nothing to him.

The problem is that the power of the void that comes with the edge of the sword completely eliminates the possibility of him entering an independent world...

It's not that he can't enter the independent world at this time.

Rather, the part of his chest that was pierced has fallen into the void.

Void is not an ordinary space level.

Forced into a separate world, the pierced part of him would sink into the void.

You have to say other parts.

give up

gave up.

Anyway, with his cultivation base, he could be reborn with a single thought.

But this is the chest!

Even if the sword's edge is deflected by an inch, it will be his heart.

Strictly speaking, the Taoism system is a branch of the orthodox immortal way.

What he was playing was spells, not physical training.

I don't do that kind of thing.

Decapitation, heart cutting, etc. are directly fatal to ordinary people, and they are also fatal to them.

Looking back stiffly.

The Taoist came into his eyes.

It was Qi Ling Qingfeng standing proudly not far away, with an indifferent expression.

Farther away, Tao Qi Wuming appeared beside Chen Yuran at some unknown time, silently guarding it.

Then move forward.

It was Linglong, a powder-carved and jade-carved instrument, excitedly raised her sleeves to reveal her snow-white arms, and looked him up and down.

Faced with this scrutiny, the Taoist immediately had a bad feeling.

As soon as she had a premonition, Linglong jumped up with a "wow" and put her foot in his crotch.

The same move.

It can be said to be very effective for Taoists who dare not enter the independent world.

Linglong's body is a heavy weapon pagoda.

As Li Jing's second source, what she maintains is the way of physical cultivation.

This kicks off.

It seems ridiculous, but it is not much inferior to Li Jing's own big feet. The Taoist's face immediately turned purple, and he couldn't restrain himself from bending down.

"Ah da!"

There was another baby-like scolding like a nightmare, and the Taoist was knocked to the ground by a small fist, followed by a violent storm.

somewhere in the dark.

The scholar hid himself and saw that the barbarian woman was beaten, the monk was beaten to the independent world, and the Taoist was beaten on the ground by a little girl Qi Ling, his forehead was covered with cold sweat.


Fortunately he was in no hurry to get out.

But what should we do now?

four people.

Abandoned two.

Another one is just a matter of time.

He goes out again.

Isn't this a gift?

But the four people present are indispensable, no matter which one is dead, it will not work.

Involuntarily, the scholar looked at Chen Yuran.

Li Jing will not be here. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

There are two more spirits abusing Taoists.

Only Dao Qi Wuming and the other two Qi Lings who did not directly participate in the battle remained.

The woman knew at a glance that her relationship with the man was unusual.


Can you try to take her down?

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【These monsters have blood bars】【】

Just as he had an idea, a gentle male voice sounded behind the scholar.

"Little friend, don't think too much about it, old man. Besides, you are a person who reads sage books, so it's not good to practice this kind of trickery."

Hearing this human voice suddenly, the scholar trembled and looked back in a daze.

Into the eye.

It was a plain-looking man standing there holding a teacup.

this man.

He didn't look at him, but looked at the Linghu who had just transformed from a distance.

However, the mere existence of a man brings unparalleled pressure to the scholar...


What kind of existence is it?

How could there be such an existence in Xianyu! ?

Shocked, the scholar cupped his hands and made a sound.

"Senior, we are not evil..."

Before he finished speaking, the man tilted his head.

"It doesn't matter whether you are malicious or not. I don't know the details. It's useless for you to tell me these things. Master Li seems to be in a bad mood. It's only natural for you to be unlucky."

As he spoke, the man smiled warmly.

"Are you restraining your own cultivation, or do you do it yourself?"




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