Heroes of the Invincible Undead - Chapter 2856 The beginning of the celebration

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On the square, the doomsday kings who heard the news had different expressions, waiting for the start of the ceremony.

The arrival of Faleze and other undead generals also aroused the discussion of the kings, which seemed to indicate that a terrible storm was coming.

There are very few wedding celebrations that start with a grand military parade. Even the lord of a country would not make such an exaggerated celebration, but all this in front of him appeared before the eyes of the kings. The endless undead legion is now gathered outside the city. It seems that some unexpected situations will appear in the current celebration.

For this behavior, the kings were quite suspicious. Some people said that this was a way for the kingdom of the undead to show its power. Satisfied. There are also well-informed kings who privately speculate that it is the result of a secret rivalry between the two forces, and this military parade is only the beginning, and a bigger conflict is very likely to break out.

No matter what the final result is, now has come to the critical moment of the celebration. After several weeks of banquets and various demigods disrupting the situation, all the kings are waiting eagerly, waiting for this event that can change the world pattern and determine the end of the world. The king's wedding is heading towards.

The caveman king was sitting on the seat that belonged to the guests, holding a vessel for wine in his hand. It was not a common container, it was simply a sealed helmet. He was half drunk, as if he was still savoring the sweetness of the wine, he couldn't help hiccupping, and said without saying a word: "It's a pity... When the celebration is over, there will be no such good wine to drink. But good wine you can't get in the Krulod Desert..."

The words of the caveman king were full of regret. When the celebration was over, he would return to his territory in Krulod, and he would not be able to enjoy the high-quality wine provided during the celebration.

Beside him, the king of the lizardmen looked dull. He was born in the swamp, and he didn't like any alcoholic beverages. What he missed was the delicious food that could be called a feast. In the entire kingdom of the dead, the undead chef with the best cooking skills was always on call. Plate after plate of delicious food. Undead chefs come from all over the continent, no matter what region's unique food, they can be tasted on the feast.

What attracted the king of the lizardmen the most was the unique food with a forest flavor from the elf kingdom Eri. He was born in the swamp, when did he taste the food that even the elves praised? The King of the Lizardmen, who was feasting, ate food for dozens of people, filling his entire stomach, at least for the next few months without eating.

Thinking of the upcoming celebration, the lizardman king didn't feel regretful: "Don't worry, we are now members of the evil alliance. When we win the battle of doomsday, we can have whatever we want? When the time comes Don't talk about drinking fine wine, it's not a problem if you want to take a bath with fine wine every day."

"The battle of doomsday..." Hearing the lizard king mention the blood-thinning words, the caveman king put down the helmet in his hand and let out a deep sigh.

As the end is approaching, ancient and powerful existences have surfaced one after another, preparing to show their strength in this doomsday battle that affects the entire world.

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The entire main plane also revealed a situation dominated by three superpowers. They are the ancient and powerful angel alliance that cleared the world in the distant ages, the **** legion that is gearing up to control the sins of the world, and the evil alliance of the doomsday kings brought together by two overlords.

As one of the masters of the evil alliance, the name of Rhodes, Lord of the Undead, has long been known by all the kings. The Lord of the Undead controls the endless undead in the world, and even conquered Bracada, where the mage is located. His strength is beyond doubt.

And the other master of the evil alliance, the mighty red dragon Molly, is an even more terrifying existence. She rules the entire underground world and all the dragons in the world. Lord of the dead.

In addition, there are still some forces that remain neutral and are ready to protect themselves in the doomsday battle. The Elf Kingdom Eri is one of them. The elves did not join the Angel Alliance, but prepared to guard the jungle with their own strength. There are also demigods with unclear attitudes, such as the ancient elemental monarchs, whose true purpose is rarely known.

The caveman king asked at this time: "You said, can we really win the end of the war? You have also seen the power of the angels. If someone hadn't let us evacuate in advance, I am afraid that all our kings added up, None of them are the match of that seraphim."

There was a strong suspicion in his words. The sudden arrival of the holy angel had frightened the caveman king. No one knew where the angel came from. They only knew that what existed on the angel was an extremely terrifying force of destiny that controlled everything in the world. , he has never seen that kind of power, and even several overlords teamed up, they were defeated by the angels.

The king of the cavemen believed that if someone hadn't told them the news of the angel's arrival in advance, what awaited the kings would be all dead under the angel's judgment, and there would be no other result at all.

The power belonging to the ancient angels is so terrifying. Some people may think that the angels with incomplete power born in the era of Erasia's lack of faith are all the power that angels can display, but it is a big mistake to think so.

Only when the soul of the stigmata is revived and the light of faith envelopes Erasia again, will the angels recover their legendary strength. Even the demigod, when he meets the Archangel in his heyday, also You have to choose to retreat.

And this is exactly what the caveman king fears. The doomsday kings, who are extremely powerful in the eyes of ordinary creatures, are nothing in front of those angels. Existence is the qualification to fight the angel.

After hearing the worries of the caveman king, the lizardman king just smiled coldly. The lizardman with cold blood flowing in his body didn't understand what fear was at all: "What are you afraid of? When the war of doomsday begins, you won't be allowed to go Facing the angels, what do you have to worry about? Besides, even if you die, the Lord of the Undead will give you a second life and put it in other places. Where can such a good thing happen? Do you expect those angels to resurrect you? ?”

Seeing what the lizardman said, the expression of the caveman improved a lot. The ability to resurrect the dead promised by the Lord of the Undead is undoubtedly something that every doomsday king is very concerned about.

No one wants to die just like that, but there will inevitably be accidents in the world, especially when the entire main plane is in flames of war, death may come to everyone at any time, no matter how powerful they are. Once the powerful doomsday kings die, everything will be over.

The power belonging to the lord of the undead can provide the kings of the doomsday with a second, or even more, chances, allowing them to wake up from death, continue to complete unfinished things, and retain the memories of their lives. Even though they would eventually become undead creatures after being resurrected from the dead, they had to completely obey the orders of the Lord of the Undead, but it was much better than being completely dead.

The caveman king sighed deeply. Besides the Lord of the Undead, who else would wantonly wield the power of resurrection from the dead and wake up all the dead in the world? In a sense, the reason why the kings joined the evil alliance was because of the power of the Lord of the Undead.

The caveman king said again: "I heard from the snow monster king that the Lord of the Undead seems to be suppressed by the holy angel, and finally had to lead the angel to another plane. I don't know what is going on now. You said that the kingdom of the undead Is it powerful enough to compete with the other two forces?"

When the angels came, Rhodes was completely suppressed by the angels, and was also seen by all the kings. At this critical moment, if Rhodes hadn't made a breakthrough and was promoted to a real seventh-tier legend, the outcome of that battle would have been unimaginable .

It was also during that battle that the kings realized that the Lord of the Undead, who had stirred up the world and covered the sky with one hand, had never completed the promotion of the legendary creature, but with the strength of the sixth-order creature, All of this has been done.

What an incredible thing to put on other creatures. No one is willing, or dares to believe everything in front of them. The Lord of the Undead who conquered Bracada and swept away all powerful enemies is only at the sixth level. Before that, according to the speculation of the kings, Rhodes even With the strength to confront demigods head-on, it is impossible for anyone to think of him as a sixth-order creature.

Perhaps the achievements of the Lord of the Undead were so amazing that the kings almost forgot that it had only been a few years since Rhodes first rose and developed all the way to the present. In the eyes of those powerful beings, a few years is just a blink of an eye, but when this time is placed on the Lord of the Undead, his rise speed exceeds the imagination of all creatures.

Facing the angel descending from the clouds, this time, the Lord of the Undead seemed to have finally found his opponent, and was even forced into a different plane. No one knew the whereabouts of the Lord of the Undead, but the wedding celebration did not stop because of this, but started a military parade belonging to the undead.

It is speculated that the reason why the undead country can't wait to hold a military parade is also to show the power of the undead legion when Rhodes disappeared, so as to deter other doomsday kings in the evil alliance.

"Don't you know if you look at it?"

The lizardman king's eyes sank, and he had to admit that this method of displaying his strength was very effective: "The members of the undead legion gathered outside the city, just the soaring breath of death made people breathless, That is the strongest force that belongs to the entire kingdom of the undead. Whether this force can compete with the other two superpowers can only be answered with your own confirmation, and what I tell you doesn’t count.”

As he said that, Shu Tong of the Lizardman King shrank suddenly. As a Lizardman, he had a more keen perception of the cold and evil aura. The signal from his perception was frantically sending an early warning to the Lizardman King. The evil aura that devours others almost engulfs his entire body.

Even though he had heard about the horror of the undead legion, the king of the lizardman still felt his heart tremble when he saw the army of undead that covered the mountains and fields with no end in sight. The blood in his body froze completely, as if he couldn't even walk. . In front of the extremely strong death breath, he just wanted to escape quickly, and he didn't want to stay here for a moment.

At this moment, the lizardman king can only rejoice in his heart. He is a member of the evil alliance, and he does not have to be an enemy of the terrible undead lord. Facing the terrifying undead army, he can say that he has no chance of winning. , Even a member of the legion is difficult to solve, and he will be overwhelmed by those terrible undead in an instant.

Every member of the Undead Legion has been transformed and upgraded by the Lord of the Undead. Under the combined effects of the ghost king's cloak, death domain, and scarlet eyes, every member of the legion has all the abilities of the vampire king and the lich king at the same time, which is enough to fight in any situation without any weakness at all. .

The most frightening thing is naturally the number of undead creatures. Undead creatures always win by numbers. Even a necromancer with low strength can often control a large group of undead creatures. This is also applicable to the undead army. , is undoubtedly the best example.

Ordinary undead army, no matter how large in number, the strength it can display is extremely limited. The transformation of undead creatures is limited by the upper limit of the power of the original owner of the corpse. What level of corpses can be used to transform undead creatures. This is a law recognized by necromancers. It's not easy to have a legendary mage, but in the undead army, this doesn't apply.

The undead army belonging to the Lord of the Undead, the undead among them take into account both the number and the strength. What appear in the eyes of the Lizardman King are the sixth-order undead all over the mountains and plains. They are not those weak skeletons. Any one of them, Even if the legendary lizardman king of the seventh rank goes to deal with it, it will be extremely difficult, and the number of those undead creatures is astonishingly huge.

This is an unimaginably terrifying force, and it is also the cornerstone of the power of the Lord of the Undead as an overlord.

Even if there are only one tenth, or even one percent, of the powerful undead in the legion, the king of lizardmen is enough to sweep the entire swamp and become a veritable king of the swamp, and all the undead right now are all under the command of the lord of the undead. , With this terrifying power, conquering the world is just around the corner.

However, even so, the Lord of the Undead still chose to marry the Dragon King Morel. This discovery made the Lizardman King even more frightened. The power of the undead lord is so strong, how strong must the big red dragon be to be worthy of the undead lord, so that he has to make such a choice?

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