Godly Student - Chapter 5662 Plan ahead!

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【God-level transfer student】【】

God-level transfer student Chapter 5662 Plan ahead!

"Master, have you been fooled by this guy's words, how could there be others here?

If there is, then how could we have not encountered it for so long?

And didn't you say that this place is already very close to the destination?

If many people are waiting for this exit to appear, then someone else should appear nearby.

So I think the chances of anyone else appearing is very low. "Hei Mo said disapprovingly.

"But don't forget that those small towns and those stone paintings are all left by people who lived in this world before.

Even if there are no people like us who broke in from other worlds here. So will there be any descendants of the holy and immortal clans who lived in this place before? "Cheng Yu asked back.

"This... will they really have descendants living here? But we only saw ruined towns everywhere along the way, and we didn't see any towns with people. Life!" The black devil paused, thought for a while, and then said.

"Yes, what we saw was indeed a pile of ruins, but this only proves that no one lives in these places.

But these people may not be able to live in other places, but we haven't found them yet.

And every time there is an exit, if these two races will fight, then maybe we will meet this time. "Cheng Yu said with some worry.

Although he really wanted to meet the aborigines here and figure out the grievances and grievances between them, he also had his own worries.

Even if he is also a saint, but people may not take him seriously.

And if the current saint clan has declined and is not the opponent of those fairy clans, then as a descendant of the saint clan, he will be even more dangerous.

"It doesn't matter if you meet him, the young master's strength is so strong, and there are so many half-step true immortals as helpers, I don't think they can be the young master's opponent.

So even if the exit needs to be robbed, I believe the young master will be able to find the exit. " said the black devil.

"It's not as simple as you think, if what Bai Lao said just now is true, then there will be a real fairy appearing, then I have nothing to do.

Not to mention fighting for the exit with the real fairy, it is a blessing among misfortunes to be able to save your life in front of the real fairy. "Cheng Yu said.

If it wasn't for this worry, he would have gotten the sacred tree out a long time ago.

It was because of these scruples that he didn't release the sacred tree even though he couldn't find any clues.

"It shouldn't be possible, right? Didn't those immortal beasts never appear as true immortals?

This world is so full of fairy spirits, if there were real immortals, they should have appeared long ago.

But all we saw were half-step true immortals, so didn't you say before, young master, that it is impossible for true immortals to appear in this place? Hei Mo also asked worriedly after being told by Cheng Yu.

"Although it is true that there have been no true immortals in the fairy beasts here, it does not mean that there are no true immortals in this world.

After all, we have explored too few places, so it is still uncertain whether there are real fairy-level beasts in other places.

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【God-level transfer student】【】

As for whether there will be human monks at the level of real immortals here, it's hard to say.

I used to think that there were no people here, but at least we have seen that there are so many small towns here, which is enough to prove that there were indeed humans living here before, and there must have been monks.

But whether these monks have left descendants, or whether they are still alive, it is difficult for us to be sure for a while.

And whether their realm has reached the true immortal is even more uncertain.

If they really appear to compete for the exit every time the exit appears, then we will really be in some trouble. "Cheng Yu shook his head. There was absolutely no way for him to directly deny these speculations.

Ever since he discovered these small towns, he always felt that there were still human monks in this world.

"Master, can't you think about the good? Why do you have to think about the result so badly?

From what you said, I think we are really in danger now! "Hei Mo couldn't help but trembled in his heart.

It is really terrifying to think that after they find the exit, there will really be real immortals appearing.

With his strength, even Xu Xian was afraid when he saw Xu Xian.

Without the help of his magic pet, he could only run for his life when he met Xu Xian.

And the young master is so strong that even the real immortal is afraid, let alone him.

So he absolutely does not hope that there will really be real immortals appearing here.

"Although it would be very bad if such a result happened, and we don't want this to happen.

But now that we have mentioned these possibilities, we should still be prepared.

Don't when we find the exit, a group of strong men suddenly come out, which catches us off guard, makes us very passive, and may even threaten our lives.

So it is also necessary to prepare in advance.

No, that's for sure the best. If there is, then at least we have already made preparations, so that UU Reading www.uukanshu.com will not be in a mess. "Cheng Yu explained.

"That's true. I still hope that there will be no true immortals here. Even if there are people, it doesn't matter if they are monks below the true immortals!" Hei Mo said.

"That's for sure!" Cheng Yu and Bai Mo also nodded, neither of them wanted to see the real fairy appear.

Otherwise, there will be too many changes in the future, and these changes are difficult to control.

"Then let's quickly find the location of the exit, and then we will hide there in advance. In case someone else shows up, we won't be the first to be targeted by others.

It is best to let them fight the saint race and the fairy race first, so that we can enter the exit first while they are fighting for the exit. "Hei Mo thought for a while and said.

"Although this may not be useful, we should really find out where the exit is now," Cheng Yu said.

The place is bare everywhere, and there's simply no way to hide it.

If the person who appears is not a true immortal, then it doesn't matter if it is not hidden.

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【God-level transfer student】【】

But if it's a real fairy, no matter how you hide it, it's hard to escape the real fairy's detection.

So there doesn't seem to be much difference between hiding and not hiding at that time.

But they have found the exit first, at least they will not miss the opportunity to enter the exit before they arrive.

So the three of them hurried forward to find the river as soon as possible, and then determine the location of the exit.

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