Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2252

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Since he knew that the phoenix dance was promoted to the Seven Stars of the Spirit, he had already despaired.

If he knew that the phoenix dance was promoted to the nine stars of the spiritual hall... I don’t know if I would hold my thigh.

Although the big lady was temporarily suppressed by Feng Qifeng, but after all, the thief is not dead, wanting to let her relieve, it is impossible...

Feng Dance didn't know what happened in the big house. She was eager to go home.

The phoenix dance did not enter from the main entrance, but rode the blood hippocampus and flew directly into the wall.


The blood hippocampus is stable.

The door of the star brothel was half open, and there was a faint voice coming from inside.

"Two, this is the word you signed yourself, but you can't deny it." A slightly familiar voice came.

Zhao Wei was very angry: "Three ladies, our wife is scared, and nothing will be promised, please come back!"

Three ladies? Is it three?

Feng Dance heard that three years ago, the three uncles went to work in the locality. This is the three-year term. Have you come back to the emperor?

Sancha’s voice was smiling and accompanied by a clear threat: “Yi, this name was signed by yourself. If you really don’t recognize it, then when we get to the church, it’s not good.”

Qiu Shu and Zhao Wei were strong guards in front of the second lady, and Qiu Shu retorted: "Please go back to the three ladies!"

Sancha Gu: "Zhao Wei, Qiu Shu, after the second marriage, it is better to come to my three rooms?"

Feng dance angered my heart!

This is the public to dig the wall!

Qiu Lingqi wants to kick in, but was stopped by the phoenix dance, she would like to see, her family, the three sisters, what kind of thoughts are born!

Zhao snorted: "The three ladies are kind, and the second lady will not marry."

Gu Shi sneered: "This can not be her. It looks like this kind of demon confuses the face of the public, but only stays in the deep courtyard, no one knows, isn't it too wasteful? The lost lord of the Earl of Yongxing does not disappoint, she wants to marry her. After the room, such a good opportunity does not catch, there is no such good opportunity in this life."

Gu Shi did not care about the feelings of the beautiful mother, only when she was a fool, she said this in front of her face.

The phoenix dance looked out from the door and saw the beautiful figure of the beautiful woman who was hiding behind Zhao.

This beautiful woman who is protecting her in her most miserable days is now being bullied into this...

Qiu Shu glared at Gu Shi: "Three ladies, do not be too excessive, wait for Miss Wu to come back, if she knows that you bully the second lady, she will go crazy."

"Oh, Qiu Shu, are you talking about my five sisters of waste?" Followed by Gu, is Miss Liu of Fengfu, Feng Wei.

Feng Yu and Feng Wu are the same age, but the treatment of the Feng nationality in the past was indeed a world apart.

"Haha, if you are talking about the five sisters of waste, I really remember her. You said, how dare she come back from Beichengcheng? Is she not afraid of others laughing at her? Hahaha-"

Qiu Shu and Zhao Wei are not mad at all, but what can they do as they are next? So they all stood still.

But one person moved.

That is--

The beautiful girl of the phoenix dancer.

In the clean and pure world of the beauty of the mother, there is only one scale, that is, the phoenix dance.

Her little dance is the most beautiful girl.

Her little dance is the most flattering girl.

Her little dance is the most popular girl.

Her little dance...

Her little dance...

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