Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2225

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"In place promotion, the spirit of the eight stars, give me broken!"

Feng dance roared!

With this sound, the phoenix dance was actually promoted in place!

The captain of the fire team is incredulously gazing at the phoenix dance!

This, this is impossible?

This is absolutely impossible!

However, Feng Dance stared at his gaze and sneered aloud: "The nine stars in the spiritual hall, give me a break!"

What, what? !

What the hell? !

The leader of the fire squad team is dancing with phoenix dance, and the eyes are about to come out!

How can there be such a person in the world?

Who does she think she is?

She shouted for a promotion, especially what...is it really promoted?

This, this, this...

However, when she was promoted, the team leader of the fire group could not insert it, and she could not kill her!

This time, the phoenix dance will be promoted to the spiritual kingdom!

If she is really promoted to the spiritual kingdom, then... the one who is seriously injured now is definitely not her opponent.

Because of the last blow of Jun Linyuan’s explosion, nearly 70% of the repairs were injured.

Feng Dance stared at him, and his mouth raised a touch of curvature: "The king of the king, give me a break!"

What, what? !


This is absolutely impossible!

The leader of the fire team will turn around!

He doesn't want to stay here again, the world is terrible!

However, he did not expect that this time the phoenix dance did not really promote, she was just scaring him.

Just when the leader of the fire group turned and wanted to run, the phoenix dance went away, and the star-shaped sword in the hand was unrelenting!

The third trick of the star sword!

"Raytheon is broken!"

The strength of the phoenix dance spirit Hou Jiu Xing, all poured into the star 陨 sword!

That is like the sword of the mountain river explosion, through the star sword, re-injected into the back of the fire group leader!


The long sword did not enter his body, and finally he came out from the chest.


The leader of the fire group looked down and looked incredulously at the tip of the sword through the chest.

The tip of the sword drops blood, and the drop is answered.

He turned his head and stared at the phoenix dance with a shocked look.

"You - you - you didn't..." Promotion?

His voice was hoarse.

If there is no promotion, if it is only the soul of the nine stars, then run a ghost? Just hit it!

Just because of running... the result was a trick. The leader of the fire team is repenting.


The phoenix dance was not idle, and the star scorpion sword in her hand writhed hard, and the viscera of the cockroach group's abdominal cavity was almost twisted into meat.

"Ah!" The screams of pain in the mouth of the fire group.

He endured the pain, and he broke free from the star sword and tried to escape.

The skinny dead camel is bigger than the horse!

This is the leader of the fire team, one of the seven team leaders of the seed recovery plan!

What's more, he will also be the unique ninja of the East Sangguo!

Once he escaped, in this long forest, it would be difficult to find him again.

The phoenix dance eyes slammed dangerously and screamed:

"Great ground control, dizziness!"

"Great ground control, slow down!"

"Great land control, settle!"

The earth controlled Sandalian recruited one, and the phoenix dance was pale and bloodless because of spiritual power, but it was because of this that the snake-like fire leader was finally settled!


Before the fire leader regained his mobility, the phoenix dance star smashed the sword again!

This time, the star 陨 sword is heavily slashed on the head of the fire leader!

The big head is instantly opened, and the blood is like a spring!

The leader of the fire team stared at the phoenix dance!

Before he died, he could hardly imagine that his dear kingdom was actually dead in the hands of a spiritual waiting...

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