God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 718 - Level 48!

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Chapter 718 Level 48!

“Don’t go over now!”

When Jiang Jun watched the warrior beside him trying to get close, he said aloud.

Just when everyone was puzzled, another huge explosion sounded from the front.

This time, it wasn’t the sound made by the snow lizard, but the warriors.

At this time, when he looked to the front, he could clearly see that the warriors who participated in the killing of the snow lizard were fighting for some reason.

“What the hell is going on with these guys?”

When a warrior saw this scene, he couldn’t help but say aloud.

Now the battle ahead has become more chaotic.

“Fighting for the odd crystal.”

There was no expression on Huangji’s face as he spoke indifferently.

And now Lin Xiu was also out of breath.

He had known that once this snow lizard died, this kind of battle between warriors would definitely break out.

After all, this was a king-level snow lizard and its odd crystals must also be very powerful

There must be a lot of people in need of this kind of odd crystal, especially for master warrior-level powerhouses, being able to obtain this kind of odd crystal was also of great benefit to their cultivation.

Except for some individual warriors who were killed, the rest of the warriors who had uniformed battle suits and seemed to be of a certain group suddenly stopped fighting and were negotiating.

Soon, the odd crystal was cut from the body by a master warrior-level warrior.

The odd crystal was snow-white and as soon as he took it out, Lin Xiu could feel the energy fluctuations coming from it.

Such a strong power…

Lin Xiu looked at the odd crystal and there was a fiery look in his eyes.

However, this was not the only master warrior-level powerhouse around. At this time, Lin Xiu didn’t dare to snatch it.

Every part of the snow lizard’s body was a precious material. Soon, Lin Xiu saw many huge transport vehicles approaching, carrying the body of the snow lizard away.

Because the body of this snow lizard was too hard, if it was to be divided here, it would take very long

After Lin Xiu looked at the situation here, he went back to the place just now.

While walking, Lin Xiu checked the system in his mind.

The experience he had just gained was so much that he had even leveled-up!

Level: 48

Experience points: 0/15000000000000

Strength: 1851

Physique: 995

Speed: 710

Skills[Analytic Eye](Fury][Disguise](Swallow] (Mirror Image][Heavenly Array][Reset][Power of the Stars][Golden Body Immortality]

Rage Build-up: 0/100

Potential Points: 48

Title: Rank 9 warrior (unused titles: Rank 1 warrior, Rank 2 warrior, Rank 3 warrior, Rank 4 warrior, Rank 5 warrior, Rank 6 warrior, Rank 7 warrior, Rank 8 warrior, Rank 9 warrior)

Looking at the system panel, Lin Xiu thought for a while and after increasing his physique to 1,000 points, he continued to increase his strength attribute.

Tas a

Because of the ability of the title, there was a 30% chance of being able to resist 50% of the damage taken.

This skill was too perverted. Even though Lin Xiu’s physique points were slightly less than his strength points, he was not too afraid of those warriors’ attacks.

And there were other system skills that he could almost disregard his physique, as long as he had strength.

“Hey, you guys are still here?”

Lin Xiu went around, appeared from behind and deliberately said to Qian Jin.

“Where did you go just now?”

Seeing Lin Xiu appearing from behind, Qian Jin couldn’t help but froze for a moment.

After Lin Xiu disappeared for so long, he thought that Lin Xiu was really going to take part in the killing of the snow lizard.

“Oh, the scenery here is pretty good. I took some pictures and I plan to go back to Earth to show my friends later.”

“See, it’s not bad, right?”

Lin Xiu took out his phone and said to Qian Jin.

When the others heard Lin Xiu’s words, a contemptuous smile appeared on the corner of their mouths.

Sure enough, he’s a country bumpkin.

“Brother, you…” Qian Jin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he felt that he couldn’t keep up with Lin Xiu’s brain.

Everyone was paying attention to the matter of the snow lizards, but this guy actually went to take pictures of the landscape.

“Let’s go, the time has come.”

Huangji stared over there and said aloud.

At the entrance of the remnant, a large number of teams have already entered.

The first to go were the people from the various guilds.

And those at the back were some scattered teams.

“Follow closely, there are many warriors here this time, be careful.” Jiang Jun also reminded loudly at this time.

These young warriors on the Tianjiao list all nodded, with excited expressions on their faces.

It was as if after they entered, they would be able to obtain the legacy of King Warrior.

“To be able to build such a large-scale base in this land of ice and snow and to have the protection of the snow lizard, the strength of this warrior must be extremely terrifying.”

Qian Jin said to Lin Xiu as he walked.

“Do you think we can get some good stuff?”

Lin Xiu nodded and said curiously.

“I don’t know either. There should be a lot of things in legacy land. Even if you don’t get anything, it’s good to take a look.” Qian Jin said.

Soon, everyone came to the entrance of this remnant.

The entrance was very open and spacious and it led to the bottom, with towering walls on both sides.

“Haha, Mr. Huang, you are here too.”

A loud laugh came from the side.

Lin Xiu glanced at it and saw dozens of warriors wearing animal skins and equipped with sophisticated weapons and equipment, walking over from the side.

The leader was a middle-aged man.

Lin Xiu subconsciously enabled the Analytic Eye to check and found that this guy turned out to be a master warrior-level warrior and he was even a middle-level master warrior. His combat strength broke through to 12,000 and the strength attribute was as high as 2,300.

It seemed that there were a lot of strong people in this so-called legacy land…

“Yang Yang, are you here too?”.

Huangji touched his long white beard and said in a light voice.

“Of course, it’s legacy land and I heard that this warrior king was the most powerful warrior king-level powerhouse in the Ice and Snow City at that time and he was even called the Ice and Snow Emperor.”

Yang Yang laughed.

“These are the ten talents of our Hongliang City. I led them to Fengyun City to participate in the finals. Passing by the Ice and Snow City, I heard that about the legacy land left by King Warrior, so I came to see it specially.”

Yang Yang’s face was filled with pride when he introduced the warriors he was leading.

“Among them, three have just reached the master warrior level.”

“Not bad, not bad, with such qualifications, you can enter the Xuanfeng Academy.”

Huangji continued to touch his beard and said with a faint smile, unable to see his specific expression.

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