Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 99 maze

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Chen Yu didn't know what Fang Heng was planning.

But unlike other federation players, he is quite confident in Fang Heng.

The corpse pit I saw last time in Hope Town is something Chen Yu will never forget.

Such a monster farming operation has never been seen even in federal textbooks.

It only exists in the 'mouth cannon' of players in the forum.

Chen Yu took the federation team back and forth to move logs for an afternoon.

They finally followed Fang Heng's general composition before the sun went down, and after a lot of brainstorming, they laid out such a maze-like layout.

It's so tiring!

Rao is also a little bit overwhelmed by the elite recruits of the Federation who have undergone rigorous training in the school.

After having dinner and taking a shower, they quickly got off the assembly line to rest.

Chen Yu also felt back pain.

He thought about saying hello to Fang Heng before going offline, but strangely, the kid disappeared again.

"I hope there will be no accidents."

Chen Yu muttered, and quickly got off the assembly line.

He also reports tasks to the leaders.

Shortly after Chen Yu and several others went offline, the zombie clones also completed their search for Building No. 2 of the prison building.

Materials and materials are piled up in the basement shelter.

[Hint: Your zombie group has completed the exploration of Prison Building No. 2. You found canned leeks*27, instant noodles*43, stimulants*3, homemade knife*1, bandages*23, pistol bullets*4669, pistol ( Beretta92FS)*6, medical alcohol*2…].

Fang Heng glanced at the mission log.

nice one!

Firearms! bullet!

Currently the team is missing these!

Fang Heng didn't have time to sort the collected items, but hurriedly stuffed the collected pistols and bullets into his backpack.

With a wave of his hand, he left the basement with the zombie clones.

After leaving the dark knights camp during the day, he went to the doomsday merchant camp to buy a lot of nails and mechanical lubricants.

Then there is a detour back to the abandoned mine, and the iron blocks forged during this time are also recovered.

Returning to the Prison Square again, Fang Heng smiled when he saw the 'maze' formed by a large number of logs.

"Chen Yu's group is really reliable."

Such a complex labyrinth passage would never be completed if it were replaced by zombie clones.

Fang Heng looked around.

There are still a lot of logs left in the square.

He controlled the zombies to go to another area of ​​the square and started the next step.

"The next step is to lay out traps. We need to rely on zombies for production, and we need to rebuild the assembly line to speed up efficiency."

Fang Heng lifted his spirits, he roughly divided the zombie clones into three assembly lines.

A wave of zombies makes thorn traps.

Another wave of zombies started making wooden frames.

The last wave of making hemp ropes...


The next day, Chen Yu and others completed their daily drills outside the game and went online on time as usual.

Leading the team to the canteen on the first floor of the prison, Chen Yu met Fang Heng who was enjoying breakfast.

"Fang Heng, we have completed the construction of the channel."

Chen Yu took a dinner plate and sat opposite Fang Heng.

"I encountered some problems during the actual operation. I couldn't find you yesterday, so I made some changes without authorization."

"I saw it last night, it's perfect, you're amazing! I think you're a genius in architecture!"

"Would you like a glass of chocolate milk?"

Fang Heng gave Chen Yu a thumbs up, and by the way handed Chen Yu a pack of chocolate milk.

After seeing the buildings built by Chen Yu, he even had the idea of ​​digging the walls.

Being able to expand and perfect the labyrinth buildings he draws at will, Chen Yu has a set in architecture.

It's a talent!

Fang Heng blinked at Chen Yu, "If you don't work in the Federation in the future, you can consider coming to me, and I'll give you double wages."


Chen Yu was at a loss for words. He remembered that the mission given to him by the head of the regiment was to recruit Fang Heng. Why does it seem that something is not right now?

"Haha, just kidding."

Fang Heng took a sip of the chocolate milk, "I'll make some arrangements. After dinner, start the battle plan. You gather the federal team to come to the square, destroy the group of lickers in one fell swoop, and retake the prison's No. 1 building."


Chen Yu's expression became serious.

He realized that Fang Heng was not joking.

Fang Heng is very confident.

However, with such a maze that looks as funny, how is he going to kill zombies?

Is it difficult...

Trapped them in a maze and starved them to death?

Chen Yu scratched his head and threw this unrealistic idea out of his head.

Then you will know!

He still chose to believe in Fang Heng's plan.

After dinner, Chen Yu brought the prepared federal team to the prison square.


Stepping into the prison square, Chen Yu was stunned.

Not only Chen Yu, but also the federal soldiers behind him were dumbfounded.

Prison Square is completely different from when they left last night!

What happened to those sentry towers standing in the square?


Sentinel tower! ?

How did he build so many towers in one night?

Chen Yu was extremely shocked in his heart.

Different from the initial shelter construction, the construction of buildings like sentry towers requires players to consume physical strength in addition to preparing sufficient construction materials.

Well, let's not talk about the materials. According to the prison's material reserves, Fang Heng may not be in short supply.

But what about the construction period?

A building like will take four or five days to complete when two players take turns.

It's only been one night's work, why are there so many towers?

In doubt, Chen Yu raised his head and looked above the tower.

At a glance, he saw the NPC mercenaries guarding the sentry tower.

And mercenaries?

Are they all recruited by Fang Heng?

"Chen Yu, I'm here, I've been waiting for a long time."

Chen Yu swallowed. He turned his head and looked at Fang Heng and Liao Bufan, who jumped down from the pile of logs accumulated high.

Liao Bufan still held an empty oil tank in his hand, and threw it aside at will.

"Fang Heng, you set up these towers?"

As soon as the words came out, Chen Yu suddenly felt that this question was very stupid.

It wasn't built by Fang Heng. Could it be that he got stuck with a bug?

"Well, I used a little trick."

Fang Heng replied vaguely.

The players of the Federation team looked at Fang Heng as if they had seen a ghost.

"Don't worry about these details, let's talk about the plan to deal with the lickers first."

Fang Heng was serious, he pointed to several towers standing around the labyrinth.

"Simply put, I will first find a way to lead out the lickers in Prison Building No. 1, wait until they enter the attack range of the sentry tower, listen to my instructions, and completely destroy them together."

Chen Yu fell into deep thought.

He carefully considered the battle plan Fang Heng said.

There are so many outposts...

seems to work.


Chen Yu couldn't help but look up at the towers.

How on earth did Fang Heng create so many towers in one night?

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