Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 101 tower defense game

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As expected, the lickers did not follow the route of the maze!

It initially crawled along the log wall for a few meters, and soon climbed up, trying to climb from above.


Touching the wooden spike trap, the licker was scratched with several small wounds.

But the lickers continued to move forward fast!

It carried the damage of the spiked trap and jumped directly over it.

There were several rustling sounds in succession.

Dozens of red shadows burst out of the prison building!

Chen Yu was suddenly shocked.


Too many lickers!

Although the team led by Chen Yu is not high-level and lacks actual combat experience, they have also received professional training within the federation.

During the training, they had seen the combat pictures of the lickers countless times!

At this time, they saw nearly two dozen lickers coming out of it, and they still felt their scalps tingle!

More than 20 lickers followed the path opened by 'Senior', climbed over the labyrinth, and quickly ran towards Fang Heng and Liao Bufan.

Chen Yu's heart sank.

not good!

The spiked log damage is extremely limited to lickers!

The licker directly ignored these injuries and made a foray!

The plan failed!

"Quick! Prepare to shoot! Protect Fang Heng!"

Just as Chen Yu was about to order the shooting, he suddenly realized something, and suddenly stretched out his hand, signaling his companions to stop shooting.

"Huh? What's going on?"

How did the licker's speed slow down?

Chen Yu showed a surprised expression.

He found that several lickers who were climbing fast along the edge of the log wall accidentally slipped down from the wall.

After several consecutive attempts, most of the lickers no longer continued to climb from a high place, but walked around the labyrinth passage below, which was extremely time-consuming and laborious.


What is this operation?

Chen Yu was puzzled, and subconsciously looked back at Fang Heng and Liao Bufan.

At this time, Fang Heng and the others had already run to the rear, and successfully climbed to a tower not far away.

Chen Yu saw that Liao Bufan was holding a pistol and pointed his **** to the lickers walking around in the labyrinth below.

"Hey, mechanical lubricant, is it cool? Have you never seen this thing before?"


Chen Yu suddenly understood.

It turned out to be so!

They smeared grease on the spikes above!

Because the limbs of the lickers are covered with lubricating oil, the movement speed is slightly reduced, and it is even difficult to stick to the wall to climb!

"Chen Yu! Do it!"

When Chen Yu heard Fang Heng's shout, he immediately came back to his senses and ordered the team to attack.


"Bang! Boom!"

The Federation elite players hiding in the sentry tower raised their guns and fired at the same time.

The gunshots are loud!

The bullets fell heavily below.

The lickers are extremely fast!

Relying on their strong perception ability, they climbed back and forth in narrow passages to avoid bullet attacks.

Although the lubricating oil on the lickers has slightly reduced their mobility, and the sentry tower has also improved their hit rate, such damage is still insufficient!

Chen Yu was engrossed in it, cold sweat dripping from his cheeks incessantly, and his back was soaked with sweat.

The only thing that can be counted on now is the labyrinth, relying on the labyrinth to slow down the attack of the lickers.


Another shot was fired.

Chen Yu was stunned to find that the head of a licker he was trying to aim at exploded with a bang.

what's the situation?

The licker got headshot! ?

He turned his head abruptly and turned to look at the sentry tower behind him.

An NPC is holding a pure black sniper rifle, aiming at the licker below.

Sniper rifle? !

Terrifying sniper rifle!

At this stage, someone can actually use a sniper rifle as a big killer? !

Taking a closer look, there are as many as five guns protruding from the tower!


A mercenary from the Dark Knights!

Seeing the armband on the NPC's shoulder, Chen Yu's mind quickly flashed the name.


At this stage, the level of players is very low.

The condition for using the sniper rifle is LV: 10 firearm proficiency.

On this server, the players with the highest level in their federation now need to absorb nearly one-fifth of the evolutionary crystal fragments from level 5.

Apart from players, only the elite NPCs of the Dark Knights can have the ability to use sniper rifles!

So Fang Heng has completed the quest line of the Dark Knights?

Being able to mobilize so many elites of the Dark Knights means that his level in the Dark Knights is also very high!

In addition, he has to pay a lot of honor points for this.

The Federation has only just received a mission related to the Dark Knights, and is trying every means to seize the time.

And Fang Heng has not only completed the task, but even has a lot of honor points?

How did he do it?

Chen Yu couldn't understand for a while.

Since he came to prison, he found that there were more and more things in Fang Heng that he couldn't understand.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!!"

There were gunshots in the square.

Chen Yu temporarily put aside these doubts in his heart, turned his head to look at the prison square.

The power of sniper rifles is much greater than that of ordinary pistols!

Although the sniper rifle still can not achieve a one-shot kill.

Unless it hits the nail on the head, a sniper rifle takes at least three shots to take out a licker.

And there's a hit rate limit.

But the members of the Dark Knights who control sniper rifles are all elites!

Coupled with the addition of the sentry tower to the hit their hit rate remains at 80%.

The lickers who were running around in the 'maze' had nowhere to hide, and gradually died under the shooting of sniper rifles.

It turns out that the Dark Knights are Fang Heng's ultimate move against these lickers!

Their federal team is just the icing on the cake.

When did their federal elite group also make up the numbers?

Compared to the elite of the Dark Knights...

Chen Yu felt a sense of inferiority in his heart, he couldn't help but turn his head and looked at the sentry tower where Fang Heng was.

How many secrets are hidden behind Fang Heng?

[Hint: The members of the Dark Knights that you temporarily recruited killed the second-order alienated zombie-licker, you get survival points*29, you get the licker sample*1, the current task-collect the licker sample completion degree : 2%, the current task - clean up the second-order zombies completion rate: 1%].

[Hint: The members of the Dark Knights that you temporarily recruited killed the second-order alienated zombie-licker, you get survival points * 29, you get lick...].


Fang Heng breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the messages in the game log that began to appear gradually.

The plan is perfect.

The lickers were slowed down by the maze they built, and fell under the attack of sniper rifles.

On the side, Liao Bufan, who was chased for a long time, held a pistol in one hand, and the other took out a bag of chocolates from his backpack and gnawed it in his hand.


He sighed, silently watching the lickers continue to die under the guns of the Federation and the mercenaries, then turned to look at Fang Heng.

"A survival game was literally turned into a tower defense game, the boss really has you!"

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