Fox in the Penalty Area - Chapter 320 Who said that you can't score a goal if you don't hang up? !

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After the kick-off of the Chinese team, why did Chen Xingyi look for Zhou Zijing instead of Hu Lai when he made the final cross? Because Hu Lai never entered the penalty area. Why not enter the restricted area? Are you running slowly? No, Hu Lai did it on purpose.

He was also forced by the Dutch team's defense against him in this game.

As long as he enters the penalty area, the defenders are at least two Dutch players, regardless of whether he has the ball or not. In addition to Danny Drew being the real candidate to mark Hu Lai, the other candidate is subject to change at any time. Generally speaking, it is based on the "nearest principle" - whoever is closest will help defend. This kind of double-teaming to defend Hu Lai alone is not uncommon in this game. In addition to double-teaming, the physical confrontation with the Dutch team has never been polite to Hu Lai.

Danny Drew was good friends with Hou Lai at the Pirates Club, but he made Hou Lai fall at least three times in this game-two of which were reasonable collisions, and the other was a foul, and he was verbally warned by the referee.

The Dutch team's completely super-standard defense has also prevented Hou Lai from scoring a goal so far in this game. In order to get rid of the defense, Hu Lai's range of activities is getting wider and wider.

Just now when the Chinese team launched an attack after kick-off, he switched positions with Zhang Qinghuan - Zhang Qinghuan went into the penalty area of ​​the Dutch team, while he retreated outside the penalty area.

Because of the wrong angle, Chen Xingyi had no way to pass the football to him, so he could only choose to pass it to Zhou Zijing.

Besides, Hu Lai's running in such a wide range is also to disrupt the Dutch team's defense and create opportunities for other teammates. He doesn't think that the Chinese team can only score goals by himself, and he doesn't think that creating opportunities for his teammates weakens his status. As long as it is beneficial to the Chinese team, he is willing to do anything.

When van der Stern pushed the ball out, Hou Lai also tried to run to grab the second spot, but this time the distance was a bit far, and Maxikeri controlled the ball before he ran.

At the same time, he stopped the football and then suddenly accelerated, instantly opening the distance from Hu Lai, and dribbling the ball towards the Chinese team's half. Hu Lai still insisted on chasing for a certain distance. Later, when he saw that Kaili had passed the football, he really couldn't catch up, so he slowed down, and no longer expected that he could **** the football back or interfere with the opponent's attack.

The only thing he can do is to maintain a defensive formation and put on a show. Fortunately, this offensive of the Dutch team failed to succeed.

When their striker Leili Tesis cut in to shoot, he was interfered by Qin Qi close to him and failed to exert his power. Lin Zhiyuan easily got the football.

Seeing the ball return to his side, Hu Lai immediately turned around and ran forward, rejoining the fight. Once again he didn't get into the penalty area the first time.

He even made a provocative gesture to Danny Drew: Follow me if you have the ability, elementary school student! Danny Drew turned a blind eye and was indifferent.

Hu Lai didn't feel annoyed by this in his heart, and was even very happy.

Because he just didn't want Danny Drew to follow him and continue to defend himself, otherwise his plan would not be able to continue. He still has the last [World Wave Experience Card] in his hand, this card can not only be used when kicking off. As long as you can get the space to hold the ball, it doesn't matter if the distance is farther away. I have [World Wave Experience Card]. Hou Lai hopes to get the ball outside the penalty area and shoot from long range.

In order to ensure that he has enough shooting space, he also leaned a little closer to the center circle. He intends to reproduce his "best goal" in the last World Cup.

When the Chinese team played against Algeria, he kicked a shot just a little past the middle circle. The football first flew low and flat, and then began to rise high when it was approaching the penalty area. The height of the lift began to print when the near area was pressed. Same as above, if open height.

Finally rushed into the goal.

This shot, like a submarine floating up, was elected the best goal of that World Cup. In his system consciousness, the purple card was ready to be activated at any time. All it takes is one chance to get the ball. He looked left and right, then raised his hand for the ball.

However, the first kick of the football was not passed on immediately, and it took another turn to reach his feet.

Just after catching the ball, Hu Lai used [World Wave Experience Card] on himself.

Watching him adjust the football with his feet, ready to shoot... At this moment, he suddenly lost his balance and fell out! …Door! Eh?

At this time, Hu Lai's thinking drifted out with his unbalanced body...

what's the situation?

When he fell, he caught a glimpse of a figure out of the corner of his eye. In the place where I was going to shoot, there was an extra person. A guy in a Netherlands's Max Carey!

"Maxie Carey! Ah! This is a tactical foul! He knocked down Hu Lai from the side!" He Feng exclaimed. There were also boos from Chinese fans in the stands for the foul.

Hu Lai's shoulders touched the ground first, and after rolling around under the influence of inertia, his body stopped and lay down on the turf. He felt obvious pain from several places in his body, the place where he was hit and the part that was in contact with the ground.

But at the same time, he could feel that his joints and ligaments were not damaged. So that's the... head-to-head trauma.

But compared with the pain in the heart, the pain in the body is so insignificant that it is not worth mentioning: I am Nima!

My [World Wave Experience Card]! ! The last one million points were exchanged for!

[World Wave Experience Card] It is valid for ten seconds after use.

He was knocked to the ground by Kaili now, ten seconds passed in a flash, and it was already over, his card worth one million points...wasted!

However, just when Hu Lai was heartbroken over losing a [World Wave Experience Card], Maxi Carey's words put him into a huge shock!

"Don't think I don't know what you're going to do!" the Dutchman snorted coldly.

Hu Lai felt like his blood was freezing—did Kaili know that I was going to cheat? How does he know I have a system? How should I answer him? Pretending not to understand? How to change the subject without showing any trace?

Waiting online, very urgent!

Just when Hu Lai's mind was running wildly, he heard the next sentence from the Dutchman:

"You frequently pull out of the penalty area for long-range shots. Since you can score directly in the middle circle, you must also be able to score from a distance of 30 to 40 meters from the goal. I will not let you do that, Hu."

A pair of eyes on Hu Lai's dull face blinked, and then the alarm in his heart was disarmed. Blind, what else am I doing!

Yes, Kyrie gave me an "Assist of the Century". He knew my long-range shooting ability, so he had already been on guard...

Good thing it wasn't the biggest secret leak...what a shit! My million points! 【World Wave Experience Card】!

And most importantly...the chance for China to equalize quickly!

This card was not used at the kick-off, and Hu Lai had already decided to use it as soon as possible. Because only by equalizing the score as soon as possible can we stabilize the morale of the army and bring confidence to the teammates. Only by equalizing the score as soon as possible, the Chinese team will have more time to pursue the victory. If possible... Hu Lai also hopes to end the battle within 90 minutes.

This is also considered for the next game-playing 120 minutes in two consecutive games will make the Chinese team's lack of physical fitness even worse.

As a result, his spellcasting was interrupted now... Hu Lai punched the ground angrily.

Before he caught the ball, he did see Kyrie, but how could he have thought that Kyrie would make a tactical foul on him who was 38 meters away from the goal?

No one can think of it!

Chinese commentator He Feng didn't think too much about Kaili's foul: "Kayli's tactical foul on Hu Lai in this place is a bit...surprising! From such a long distance, even if Hu Cai wants to shoot, the threat should not be too great …I don’t know what Carey is thinking.”

After knocking down Hu Lai on the court and verbally outputting to him, Carey smiled and extended his hand to him: "Shall I pull you up, Hu?"

Although Hu Lai was very upset about Kaili's foul, he still held back his temper, took Kaili's hand, and was pulled up by him. While pulling up, Carey patted the back of Hu Lai's head, and then

Turned around and left.

The referee came up and gave him a verbal warning, but did not issue a card. After all, this position is too far from the goal, and it is not an excellent scoring opportunity for the Chinese team, so there is no need to give a yellow card.

After getting up, Hu Lai turned his head to look at Kaili's back, his eyes were a little fierce. Hold!

If I don't hang up, I will also score goals! ※※※

Hu Cai's shot was missed, and China won a free kick in the frontcourt because of Kyrie's foul. However, this free kick was too far from the goal, and the Chinese team did not intend to attack the goal directly-it would only be a waste of possession and an offensive opportunity.

The Chinese team didn't let the defenders go up, and ambushed in the opponent's penalty area to grab points. Instead, seize the time to take the free kick.

Hu Lai took the penalty himself and passed the football to Xia Xiaoyu who came up to respond, and the game resumed. The Chinese team reorganized their offense and failed to threaten the Dutch team's goal. So it was the Dutch team's turn to attack. They hit all the way to the penalty area of ​​the Chinese team.

It's just that under the double-teaming of Qin Qi and Ding Yuanhai, even if center Jaden Van Bruggen gets the ball in the penalty area, he can't turn around and shoot.

So he can only pass the football back.

Carey wanted to turn around and chase the ball, but he saw a teammate running towards the football and swung his right leg. It's the midfielder Van der Stern!

Seeing him swinging his feet to pass the ball, Carey quickly gestured to him, signaling him to be steady and not rush to pass, especially not to pass to the left!

But Van der Stern's foot has already kicked the football, and he passed the football directly to the Dutch midfielder Robin Feeney in front of the left rib of the Chinese team's penalty area...

That is, the moment he passed the football, Luo Kai, who was defending with him, suddenly accelerated, and the punctual machine slipped the chain at the same time as he passed the ball. Luo Wu, who was back on defense, accelerated suddenly, and Van der Stern's pass was interrupted by a precise pulse on the ground!

In fact, football is very close to Robin Feeney...but he failed to catch the ball. After the football was destroyed by Luo Kai's shovel, it rolled to the Chinese team's central defender Liu Yan. He stepped forward to control the ball.

Luo Kai got up quickly, accelerated and rushed forward.

However, Liu Yan did not pass the football back to him, because Robin Feeney sensed Luo Kai's intention to respond, so he got stuck in the passing route of the two.

At the same time, the Dutch striker Gouvillon Riesdick, who had been involved in the avant-garde line, took on the responsibility of the midfielder at this time and actively launched a frontcourt press. He rushed towards Liu Yan.

Liu Yan directly passed the football forward to Hu Lai who retreated to respond.

Seeing that the football hadn't been passed to him, Xia Xiaoyu, who was ready to catch the ball diagonally in front of Liu Yan, immediately pushed forward diagonally, and was ready to catch the ball again.

Because while Hou Lai retreated, he was followed by the Dutch central defender Danny Drew. So he can only play the ball with one kick.

In this case, if he does not do a good job of responding, Hu Lai will fall into a dangerous situation of being unable to pass the ball, and may lose the ball again, allowing the Dutch team to relaunch the attack.

Sure enough, Hu Lai ran towards the football, then turned to the left, attracting Drew behind him to turn to the left. But at the same time, his right foot knocked the football in the direction of Xia Xiaoyu's oblique thrust!

There were deafening cheers from the stands, and He Feng also shouted excitedly: "Hu Lai's strike! The Chinese team's chance to counterattack!"

Xia Xiaoyu had already observed the situation before receiving the ball, and knew who he should pass the football to. He didn't stop the ball and directly passed the football to Zhang Qinghuan, who was in front of him on the left.

When Zhang Qinghuan received the ball, he was already on the center line. In front of him were two defenders of the Dutch team, a right back William Kolarenz and a center back Dean Lack.

They are the Dutch defenders at the back, and because the Chinese team's offense develops to the left, theirs is also concentrated on their right.

In front of these two defenders are other Dutch players desperately returning to the defense. Van der Stern was already chasing Zhang Qinghuan who was holding the ball from behind.

Danny Drew and left-back Tyrese Bullock were also sprinting into the box. It can be said that in the second half of the Dutch team, the center and the left are actually

There is a huge void.

But Zhang Qinghuan did not choose to pass the football to that place, because Hu Lai's speed was not enough to support him to overtake Drew and they caught up with the football.

Although there is also Luo Kai's forward drive at the far end, but the distance is too far, and it is difficult for Zhang Qinghuan to ensure that the football can be accurately delivered to Luo Kai's feet while running at high speed.

Instead, in front of him, there is Chen Xingyi, who is pressing the Dutch team's right back William Kolarenz. That's the best passing target.

Zhang Qinghuan, who dribbled the ball across the center line, pushed the football towards Chen Xingyi, just in time for him not to slow down. Chen Xingyi chased the football and ran towards the 30-meter zone of the Dutch team. William Kolarenz was stuck on the inside of Chen Xingyi. And central defender Dean Luck began to move closer to the center.

Drew was still desperately speeding up to run into the penalty area, and of course he didn't forget to observe Hu Lai's position. He didn't see Hu Lai at the position parallel to him, and turned his head again, only to see him diagonally behind him. At this moment, Drew was a little hesitant to slow down and stick to Hu Lai.

But when he looked left and right, he saw that Luo Kai, the right-wing defender of the Chinese team, had already run diagonally from the side to the middle. From the edge to the middle, he took the lead with his own speed, and he was about to enter the middle of the penalty area before him. And that place is a position that Lak can't control, it's a vacancy! At the same time, beside Hu Lai, Van der Stern was actually following back to defend. So Drew decided to go back and stand still.

After all, with van der Stern and Lark, it should be difficult for Hu Lai to get a chance... Chen Xingyi finally caught up with the football outside the corner of the penalty area. He didn't speed up the pass, and continued to break through to the bottom line.

Instead, stop the football with your left foot, and at the same time slow down and turn around, facing the penalty area.

At this time, Hu Lai, who had been behind Drew before, suddenly accelerated and rushed into the penalty area, and at the same time raised his hand! The direction of his sprint is right behind Lak!

At this time, Van der Stern and Lark's attention was actually on Chen Xingyi who was holding the ball.

Van der Stern was even ready to help Willem Kolarenz defend Chen Xingyi if Chen Xingyi was to dribble into the box.

Chen Xingyi didn't do this. After adjusting the football to his right foot, he kicked a cross! It was Hu Lai who was looking for!

But he passed behind Hu Lai...or Hu Lai sprinted too far!

At the same time, I saw the football flying Van der Stern rushed forward, jumped up and tried to clear the ball with a header! The counterattack of the Chinese team seems to come to an end here!

Just when everyone was thinking so, the football passed just a little above Van der Stern's head... At the same time behind him, Hou Lai, who had been running, jumped forward, temporarily propped up by his right foot, and dragged behind Raise your left leg upwards. Ball to...heel!

He hit the flying ball with his left heel! Knock the ball to the near corner of the Dutch team's goal! The football flew a parabola in the air!

Goalkeeper Tone Schulman never expected that Hu Lai could cut the ball halfway. When he saw the football being knocked towards his goal, he jumped up hastily, even if he stretched out his arm, he couldn't touch the football!

The football passed over his fingertips, hit the lower edge of the crossbar, and then bounced into the net! ※※※PS, there are more!

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