Forty Millenniums of Cultivation - ~ The enemy of Tekken (eighty-eight) voyage (end)

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At the same time, the edge of Xinghai.

Tens of thousands of shining spots circled like angry fireflies, emitting bright red light.

They were surrounded by a huge ball of light, but it was emitting a bleak blue mang.

The red and blue lights staggered, as if the swords collided silently.

The blue light sphere gave up resistance and released four large arcs, as if a person was lying on the ground sternly.

"Come on, kill me."

Lu Qingchen said quietly.

"You devil, what intrigue?"

Gus led a lot of virtual life, still cautious.

"Nothing, tired, tired, destroy it, hurry up."

Lu Qingchen, who had just been stunned by a cannon, had no love.

Gus and the virtual life looked at each other, and everyone burst into a rush.

After a pass of crazy output.

"The question is, how do we kill you?"

Gus blushed.

Although he doesn't have the organ "face" now.

He and the virtual life have just ascended into the three-dimensional universe, and they have become an incredible existence like "nano lightning life", which is still a little dazed.

Naturally, I don't know how to destroy Lu Qingchen, the evil and unforgiving demon king.

"how could I know?"

Lv Qingchen rolled his eyes, "I was also a dog jumping from the wall before trying to activate the dark side of the boxer. Who knows that life is so mysterious, we have all upgraded. Now I do n’t know what I am, how do I know how to destroy Our life forms? "

"No wonder."

Gus said, "You didn't know how to destroy us, I said, you can't be merciless."

Lv Qingchen looked like "being seen through again", but didn't feel embarrassed for a few seconds, and then smiled and said, "Well, since we can't destroy each other, we can only continue to cooperate. After all, everyone is a fellow, Come on, let's plan again how we should capture the Pangu universe. "

"Who is a compatriot with you and who is going to capture the Pangu universe?"

Gus frowned, and said in a good voice, "Even if we can't kill you, you **** demon will also give us a bit more death, the endless sea of ​​stars, the road going to the sky, and we all go to the side!"

"Don't you be so unforgiving, anyway, I helped you escape the boxing box of King of Boxing!"

Lu Qingchen simulated two small green bean eyes with lightning, then widened them, and said, "Aren't you planning to capture the Pangu universe?"

"not going to."

Gus shook his head. "We have discussed. Since we have just experienced the destruction of the boxing **** world, tasted the loss of everything, and know how painful and desperate it is, there is no reason to destroy another world and pass the pain and despair. Go on-we managed to become real lives, and we should enjoy it, not destroy it.

"It's great, it's a good life that I've enlightened!"

Lv Qingchen was crying and moved his eyes, and said, "Unfortunately, no one is hurting the tiger, and the tiger is pleasing. You think you are magnanimous, but when the boxer recovers, you will definitely come to your trouble. "

"Then let's go and leave the Pangu universe."

Gus said, "Anyway, we are very small now. Only, according to you, is the existence of 'nano series', which requires very little material and energy to survive and voyage."

"Well, it's also good to avoid its edge for the time being, after all, the other party has strong support and cannot be beaten."

Lu Qingchen nodded. "Where are we going?"

"What are we?"

Gus stared, and the arc flashed fiercely. "Everyone said, everyone will go their own way, we don't want to be with you as a demon, otherwise you will be sold by the minute and help you count the money."

"Do n’t do it, do n’t be so unforgiving. When did I betray you? I was also kind and wanted to occupy the Pangu universe as our home for nano-lightning life!"

Lv Qingchen said innocently, "Besides, you are still infant babies, how do you know the danger of the universe? You know where you are going, you know what terrible existence you will encounter on the road, and you can withstand the earth-shattering moment just now. Cannon? "

Gus froze.

Recalling the picture just now, I still have some fear.

"So, what the **** is that?" He asked subconsciously.

"Ladies ladies, that is the legendary ladies ladies, very cruel, but fortunately I blocked a shot for you, otherwise you will be over."

Lu Qingchen said, "Yes, by the way, he is also an anonymous disciple of the vulture Li Yao, who has been instructed by Li Yao a few times."

"What, he and you are fellow teachers and brothers, and you all have the legacy of Li Yao?"

Gus was not surprised.

In my mind, this mean and shameless demon Lu Qingchen was a disciple of Li Yao.

The roaring ladies' big-named gun is also a disciple of Li Yao.

This vulture Li Yao could teach two opposite but equally horrible beings, what kind of characters are they!

Gus thought for a moment.

The image of the devil and the lady's big brother gradually merged together.

It's a demon wearing a woman's dress, with a vulture wings behind her.

The picture is so beautiful.

Gus could not help but shiver.

"The three-dimensional universe is really dangerous. I want to go home." Behind Gus, there was a new nano-lightning life weeping.

"Look, let me just say?"

Lu Qingchen inspected the situation and immediately said, "You need a guide, otherwise you ca n’t walk in the vast universe at all. Besides, it ’s better to be mature than to be familiar, yeah, I ’m a demon. But the devil, the pervert, the big villain, There are so many big ladies and evil artificial intelligence. It's better to be cheap than being cheated by others ... I mean, it's better to take me with you to expose the masks of other demons! "

Gus frowned.

Without a word, he led the nano-lightning life toward the outer periphery of the Pangu universe.

Their current life forms, except for particles in the nanometer series, are all pure energy.

Therefore, the speed is extremely fast, such as light and electricity.

But no matter how galloping it is, you can't get rid of Lu Qingchen, the stubborn devil.

The two sides soared at high speed for a long time, and the time lost its meaning, and no stars were visible around it, which was a dark vacuum with extremely scarce material and energy.

"You seem to be lost, don't you really need to find a guide?"

Lu Qingchen said leisurely, "Even if it is a nano-lightning life, if it is not supplemented by matter and energy for a long time, it will slowly die."

Gus stopped.

Stared at Lv Qingchen for a long time.

"Where do we think we should go except the Pangu universe?" He asked reluctantly.

"Of course I went to the center of Xinghai!"

Lu Qingchen's eyes glowed, and he immediately said, "I heard that there are as many stars as there are gravels, and there are countless black holes forming a fortress. There are countless civilizations who are fighting fiercely with the flood tide, and even the vulture Li Yao has sneaked into it to make troubles. This is an epic battle, which is perfect for our nano-lightning life, to go to muddy waters to find fish.

"Maybe we can find bugs in the three-dimensional universe on the fiercest battlefield, and rise to a higher level?"

The last sentence moved Gus' heart.

"What do you mean, isn't this the real universe, and there will be bugs?"

"Hey, do you remember what I said to you in the World of Boxing God? The universe doesn't matter false and real, but layers of matryoshka. Maybe this isn't the real universe, it's just a virtual game, even a clumsy game. What about it? "

Lv Qingchen slyly smiled, "Even so, even if we are only a small role in a poor story, it is a small existence like a dusty flutter, unable to attract thousands of eyes like the ladies, we can live our own wonderful, Looking for the true meaning of life, over and over the limits of self and the world, and rise to a higher level, right? "

He reached out to Gus with a staggered hand.

Gus hesitated and ignored him.

The devil could see the fire of life under the eyes of the boy, shining.

I didn't feel like laughing, I took the lead, rushed to the front, bloomed with lightning, and turned into a bright star in the dark universe.

"Let's go, Nano Lightning Life, let's go to the center of Xinghai-have fun!"

[Fanwai, enemy of Tekken, end]


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