Forty Millenniums of Cultivation - ~ The enemy of Tekken (87)

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Looking at Emerald's particularly serious expression, Teresa was serious.

She was in deep thought.

"It makes sense that the model of strong artificial intelligence and dating should be different from ordinary humans-it is really an ordinary person and it is impossible to lie to our family. Therefore, I must understand this model thoroughly to expose the boxing champion. This big pig's hoof. "

Theresa paced back and forth in the wine cellar, thinking for a while, her face collapsed again, "Jade, the solution you said is not operable. Do I go to the boxer directly and ask him how he cheated the girl Is it? "

"is it not OK?"

Emerald was serious, "The King of Fighters and you are good friends, and they have taught you a lot of magic, so you approach him as a friend. After inquiring about the news, you can strike again. Can't you?"

"Certainly not. If I have to endure it all the way, it's okay, but just now I was furious to find the boxer, and now if I have nothing to do with him as a friend, it ’s not strange to ask for a girl ’s secret? He will tell me See a ghost! "

Theresa was distressed. "Oh, all blame me, so impulsive, if only I hadn't lighted the cannon so quickly."

"Oh, too."

Emerald walked behind Teresa quietly, and the liquid fiber fiber hand raised to the most comfortable temperature for human beings. She gently held Teresa's temple like a feather, and massaged her slowly.

Theresa has been accustomed to enjoying the service of the Emerald, and humming comfortably.

"Don't blame yourself, this can't blame you, all blame me for my bad ideas."

Emerald came to Teresa's ear and whispered, "I'm sorry, Captain, my uncle's ideas are often pitted to you, but please believe me, I really do not do it on purpose, I just do bad things for a long time, just a hibernation , Lost most of its core data, it will fail from time to time, very useless artificial intelligence. "

She said that Teresa was embarrassed.

"Don't say that, it's all a trivial matter. I am a steel man who is used to strong winds and waves. Where can I take my mind?"

Theresa waved her little hand and suddenly thought of something, her eyes widened instantly. "Wait, what did you just say, you are ..."

"I am an artificial intelligence who often makes mistakes and is very confused and useless." Emerald bowed his head.

"No, no, the front is not important. The last four words are the focus. Jade, you are also artificial intelligence, just like the boxer!" Theresa jumped with joy, as if she found a blind spot.

Emerald's expression was a little dazed: "So what?"

"So the tricks of the boxing club, the 10,000 ways to deceive the girls, etc., you can, too, don't you?"

Teresa patted Jade's shoulder in excitement. "Oh, stepping on the iron shoes is nowhere to be found. It doesn't take any effort. We don't need to lurk to the boxer and just look for you, don't we know everything?"

Emerald hesitated: "This ..."

"Stop this and that, hurry up!"

Theresa said, "Come on, Jade, tell me all the 10,000 ways your artificial intelligence tricks girls!"

"I do not know."

Emerald looked down, and said with some unhappiness, "Master Captain, please don't confuse me with the boxer. He is an evil strong artificial intelligence, and although I am a bit stupid, it is a good strong artificial intelligence. Only evil artificial Intelligence will deceive girls. Our kind artificial intelligence will never resort to deception if we want to fall in love, and we will give our heart. "

"Okay, it's my fault. Don't put on such a grudge expression, okay, our home is so emerald, ten thousand times stronger than the boxer's big pig's hoof."

Theresa said, "Then you pay your heart and tell me the way you used to fall in love before, can you tell me in detail?

"This is useless."

Emerald still shook his head. "The power of language is pale. Just talking, we are not much different from human beings in love. It is nothing more than eating, sending flowers, shopping, etc., and there are a lot of details. The intelligibility is unspeakable.

"Moreover, I have been sleeping for so long, and a lot of emotional data has been lost. Many advanced methods can't be remembered at once. I am afraid that I can only think of them if I really have a love relationship.

"So, sorry, Captain, I can't help you."

"Don't, don't do that, Emerald, my good Emerald!"

Theresa managed to find the hope of a counterattack. How could she give up easily? She swayed like a rogue, holding on to the emerald hand, and said coquettishly, "Help me, just help others. People know you are all The kindest and smartest artificial intelligence in the universe, you can definitely think of all the ways to pursue girls!

"As long as you can only understand those details that can't be explained, yes, just say you don't practice fake handles, otherwise, Jade, you just put all the methods on me, how about it?"

Emerald settled.

Astonished by Teresa's brilliant idea.

"This ... how can that be?"

Jade shook her head and said firmly, "I can't deceive your feelings."

"Nonsense, our glass is a ignorant little girl. The boxer used her ignorance. This is called deception."

Teresa waved her fist, "But Jade, you are so kind and honest, you have told me everything after the battle, and I asked you to take the initiative. How can this be called deception? This is what you call me willing.

"Yes, I increasingly feel that I am a genius and can think of such a good way.

"First of all, this kind of physical experience will definitely be more powerful than language, and it will help me master the artificial intelligence model of dating.

"Second, do n’t you lose a lot of emotional data, it ’s okay. I ’ll help you find it together. There are 10,000 ways for the boxer to deceive girls. We think about it together, but we can figure out 10,000. It is definitely better than him .

"Third, the most important thing is that I have a common language with Liuli! Look, when I go to Liuli and say that I am also with an artificial intelligence, then there are many topics to talk about. After all, for such a taboo love, the entire Pangu universe is only us and Liuli, right?

"Talking and chatting, I naturally told Liuli some artificial intelligence emotional scam, she would not think that I was talking on paper, or use your goodness to counter the evil of the boxer, and she would definitely rescue Liuli from the fire pit!"

Emerald listened very quietly, without comment.

"Hey, say something, okay!" Theresa pouted.

"It sounds reasonable, but there is a small problem," Jade said.

"What's the problem?" Theresa blinked.

"I don't want to," Emerald said lightly.

"Why? Emerald, wouldn't you help me?" Theresa grieved.

"I'm a kind of good artificial intelligence. It may be stupid, but also very stubborn. In any case, I can't deceive the feelings of a human, especially my captain."

Emerald said, "Moreover, when we are in love with artificial intelligence, many tricks are very destructive. I'm afraid you will not be able to support them and you will be hurt.

"I can't cheat and hurt my captain. This is a rule written into my bottom logic. I can't break it. Sorry, Captain."

"Oh, why are you such a stubborn person? It's not cheating, it's all about you!"

Theresa jumped eagerly. "And you do n’t believe me like that, but I ’m Uncle Xanthai Cannon King, how many girls have I gotten into? What scenes have I never seen before? I will be afraid of your tricks and will be hurt. !!

"Come and come, Emerald, even if you don't mention it today, since everything is said here, you must come all over me, I'll see, what are your artificial intelligence means!"

No matter what she said, Jade turned around and ignored her.

She also opened her teeth and danced, and Jade cleared up the scattered wine glasses and bottles, ready to leave the cellar.

"Don't go, Emerald!"

Theresa was anxious, "Is it really impossible, is it really so reluctant to you, can you really help me for nothing?"

"No, I won't break the ring."

Emerald had twisted her waist, walked to the door, paused, and said, "Unless, as the captain, you ordered me to execute this as a combat task for the Emerald-the combat order is at the highest level. Instructions are sufficient to override all laws. "

"Yeah, why didn't I think of it!"

The drunk magical girl knocked her head hard, hands on her hips, proud of herself, "I will now order you as Captain Emerald, Emerald, do n’t let it go, and quickly use all your means to cheat girls Come on show ... Ah! "

Before the last word was finished, it turned into an exclaim.

But it was Jade who retreated with incredible agility, and once again struck Weisha, Teresa, and the princess hugged.


Jade took a sip of wine.

A petting smile appeared on the mature and intellectual face.

"I can't help you, my captain, let's get started, artificial intelligence's love 135th move."

She took another sip of wine.

But did not swallow.

The sparkling wine is stained with rich lips, as gorgeous as a ruby.

Theresa watched, inexplicably flustered, stuttering: "Wait, why not start with the first move?"

"Because I personally like this one, Master Captain."

Jade's mouth contained half a sip of wine, and it came to Teresa's hot earlobe, speaking vaguely.

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