Fantasy: My Sect is 100 Million Points Stronger - Chapter 1573 Escape now, is there still time?

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When Luo Tianzhong formulated the plan against Tiannu, in the Demon Suppressing Hell, Wang Feng woke up from his cultivation, his eyes shone brightly, and his whole body exuded a majestic aura.

This practice allowed him to step from the early stage of the ancient gods to the middle stage of the ancient gods. Although it was only a small breakthrough, it was terrifying to strengthen Wang Feng's combat power.

With Wang Feng's current cultivation base, if he goes all out, he is even strong enough to fight against gods or even those in the realm of Zhoushen.

After sorting out his own strength, Wang Feng thought about going to see the situation of Li Bai and others.


At this moment, waves of unparalleled power rushed from a very far away, shaking Wang Feng's entire kingdom of God. Wang Feng's face changed slightly, and his figure disappeared without a trace in an instant. .

Many Immortal Sect powerhouses also stepped out of the retreat, looking at the direction of the distant power, with expressions of awe and awe on their faces, they all knew that there were the guardians Li Bai and Elder Zhan Yuan. A place of retreat.

Looking at this momentum now, I think the two adults have improved.

In the depths of the Immortal Sect's resident, Wang Feng's figure gradually emerged. As soon as he emerged, Wang Feng felt extremely strong pressure. This pressure even broke through his divine kingdom's rule and acted on him, which is enough to imagine , How terrifying is the power displayed by Li Bai and others at this moment!

Despite the enormous pressure, Wang Feng was overjoyed.

Because, the aura displayed by Li Bai and others is exactly the aura of the fifth step of the way.

After devouring the purple gold cracking beast that was the sixth step of the way, Li Bai and Zhan Yuan stepped into the fifth step of the way without exception, even approaching the peak of the fifth step, and just broke into the third step of the way. The two sisters, Leng Yue, have also made breakthroughs. Although they have not reached the fourth step of the way of harmony, they have reached the peak of the third step of the way of harmony!

Such a promotion speed is simply appalling.

Only Wang Feng knew that it was not unexpected to have such a speed. After all, the outside world did not have such a precious beast as the Supreme Prison Beast in Hell.

Judging from the powerful effect of the Supreme Prison Beast, Wang Feng estimated that if they could get the remaining ten Supreme Prison Beasts, Li Bai and Zhan Yuan would even be able to break through to the sixth step of Hedao, and the two sisters, Leng Yue, would also be able to break through. Can reach the fourth step of harmony.

At that time, it will undoubtedly be more certain to be the last oriole.

However, now that Shenmen has unified the entire underworld, it won't be long before he will attack the dark prison beast directly. He must kill the remaining ten supreme prison beasts before Shenmen can attack the dark prison beast. A catch.

Thinking of this, Wang Feng couldn't help but feel a sense of urgency in his heart.


Not long after, the aura that burst out from Li Bai and the others dissipated one after another, and Li Bai and the others also woke up from their cultivation.

"See the Sovereign!"

As soon as Shi Shi woke up and turned around, Li Bai and others came to Wang Feng one after another, bowed to Wang Feng, and looked at Wang Feng with gratitude.

Especially the two sisters Leng Yue, if they were alone, it would be impossible for them to achieve such cultivation in such a short period of time.

It's only been a short time since they joined the Immortal Sect, and they have reached their current level of cultivation. Looking at the world, which sect can achieve this step? Not to mention, Wang Feng had saved both of their lives before.

The two sisters Leng Yue, who were originally homeless, both had the idea of ​​making the Immortal Sect their home at this moment.

Perhaps because the family was destroyed when they were young, the two sisters, Leng Yue, still have a strong emotional attachment to the 'family' even at their current level of cultivation. They have joined many forces in the past, but they have never been a force. Being able to make them feel this way like the Immortal Sect.

Among them, it is not just that Wang Feng saved their lives or Wang Feng helped them improve their cultivation, but the atmosphere of the entire Immortal Sect from top to bottom is extremely infectious, making them unable to help but want to fully integrate into the Immortal Sect In this big family.

Personality charm is illusory, but it really exists, and very few people can resist Wang Feng's personality charm.


Wang Feng nodded, waved his hand, and led Li Bai and others to appear in the **** prison. Then, without hesitation, he went to the nearest supreme prison beast marked in Daoyan Xuntian Ruyi.

Although Li Bai and the others did not know the specific situation, they followed Wang Feng without hesitation.

However, Wang Feng didn't expect that the supreme prison beast he was chasing away would already be the first to reach it.


In the dark and empty starry sky, there was a thunderous roar and a loud explosion, and the powerful impact swept away in all directions. The entire battlefield was fragmented, and gully-like cracks spread in all directions.


A figure flew upside down from the center of the battlefield, smashed on a dead star in the distance, and smashed the dead star into pieces. Scarlet blood gushed out like a mountain of blood, corroding the void into big holes.

The figure flying upside down was none other than Tian Nu Liu Wuming.

" is it possible?"

At this moment, Liu Wuming's face was horrified, and he stared at the huge figure in the distance in disbelief, with strands of fear in his eyes.

Who would have thought that Liu Wuming, who is the seventh step of the Dao, would be frightened when facing a prison beast whose cultivation level is weaker than his own?

But only Liu Wuming knows how terrifying this supreme prison beast Jian Lin is.

In the previous battles, UU Reading Liu Wuming used his extreme speed and the sharpness of the Dao Zun-level Excalibur to continuously weaken the power of Jianlin Land Warcraft.

After a period of struggle, Liu Wuming felt that the strength of Jianlin's monster was no longer at its peak, and he was overjoyed. He burst out his hole cards one after another, using his extremely sharp kendo supernatural powers to cooperate with the Taoist-level divine sword in his hand, and wanted to kill this sword in one fell swoop. Slay the Lindi Warcraft, and capture the treasure in its body and the pure power contained in the sword Lindi Warcraft.

Even if Jian Lin's monster doesn't have the treasure left by the powerhouse of the Heavenly Dao God Realm, the pure power contained in Jian Lin's monster is enough to make Liu Wuming jealous.

But what Liu Wuming didn't expect was that this monster of Jianlin could transform?

Is it too much of a bully?

It was already enough to rival Jianlin's monster of the seventh step of the way of harmony. After the transformation, his strength doubled and directly reached the level of the seventh step of the way of harmony. Feel the intense deadly crisis.

No one can imagine how aggrieved and desperate Liu Wuming is at the moment.

The original Jianlin monster was pitch black, but after the transformation, it turned into silvery white, and the sword-shaped scales all over its body seemed to have really turned into a sharp sword, shining with a cold light. A soul tingling sensation.

Compared with before, today's Jianlin Warcraft is undoubtedly more sharp-edged.


When Liu Wuming was trembling in shock, Jianlin's monster roared and charged towards Liu Wuming. The powerful fluctuation made Liu Wuming's face bitter, and he couldn't help but murmured: "The old man runs away now. Is there still time?"

After saying a self-deprecating sound that was equivalent to nonsense, Liu Wuming gritted his teeth, took out a large amount of magic medicine and swallowed it, and then waved the magic sword in his hand to meet the monster of Jianlin.

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