Fantasy: My Sect is 100 Million Points Stronger - Chapter 1572 Sovereign Wang is confused

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When Gui Fang's words fell, everyone present's eyes sparkled. If they were ordinary people, they might not have heard of the name of Immortal Sect, but all the people here are the top experts in Luotian Divine Realm, so how could they have never heard of the name of Immortal Sect?

Whether it was fighting with the Guigu faction to destroy the Wuji faction, or helping the Law Enforcement Department to resist the invasion of many prisoners and the sky masters, there was the shadow of the Immortal Sect, and in these two battles, the strength displayed by the Immortal Sect made the entire Luo The many top forces in the Heavenly God Territory were shocked.

The most frightening thing is that the Immortal Sect is so mysterious that no one can pry into the true background of the Immortal Sect. Not even one of the people here knows where the Immortal Sect is located.

Although Guixu Gate and Langya Mountain are also mysterious and terrifying, comparable to the Wenren Dao Clan, at least the Wen Ren Dao Clan knows where they are located, but the Immortal Sect’s residence is unknown even to the overlords like the Wen Ren Dao Clan.

Furthermore, the Immortal Sect appeared too abruptly, and its rise was too fast. Many people heard the name of the Immortal Sect for the first time, and this name was due to the joint efforts of the Immortal Sect and the Guigu Sect to destroy the Wuji Sect.

It's just that when he was born, he destroyed a terrific force. Even if he joined forces with the Guigu faction, it was enough to see how terrifying the Immortal Sect was.

Moreover, it is said that in the battle where the Luotian Law Enforcement Department defended against the invasion of many prisoners and those in charge of the sky, it was almost the Immortal Sect who resisted the absolute pressure with its own strength, and even beheaded several powerful Daoists one after another. .

Such a terrible record has never been seen in tens of millions of years.

You must know that since the War of Darkness, many of the states of harmony have not been revealed, and almost all of them are in seclusion. It is only recently that many powerful persons of the state of harmony have just been born one after another. Being so strong will surely move everyone.

Even the patriarch of the Wenrendao Clan, Wen Renpotian, had strange eyes at the moment. After Wenren Changfeng, the third elder of the Wenrendao Clan, returned from the battle of the Luotian Law Enforcement Department, he informed him of the battle that took place at that time.

Therefore, Wenren Potian knew more details than some of the people present. In the original battle, the Immortal Sect only dispatched two experts in the Dao realm, but the combat power displayed by these two people made Wenren Even the sky is moved.

No matter whether it is Li Bai or Zhan Yuan, they can defeat the strong with the weak, and defeat the existence higher than their cultivation base.

This is the realm of harmony!

In this realm, it is still possible to fight across the ranks, which is enough to imagine the horror of the Immortal Sect.

But after pondering for a while, Wenren Potian and everyone present have made a decision. If such a mysterious and terrifying Immortal Sect can be drawn into their alliance, it will definitely increase their confidence in resisting the invasion of the Sky Master.

Just when Wenren Potian was about to speak out, Luo Tian's Law Enforcement Division was sitting on the strong man Ye Daosheng Ye Sishen, but he stood up, with a wry smile on his face, and said to everyone, "Everyone, I am afraid that the Immortal Sect is You may not be able to join our alliance."

"Oh? How do you say that?"

Wen Ren Potian's face froze, he looked at Ye Daosheng suddenly, and asked.

Everyone present also looked at Ye Daosheng one after another, with curious expressions on their faces.

"Not long ago, Wang Feng, the lord of the Immortal Sect, led several experts from the Immortal Sect, just passed the entrance of the Underworld Prison of our Luotian Law Enforcement Department, and stepped into the Demon Suppressing Underworld Prison."

"In the past, my Luotian Law Enforcement Division could still lure Sect Master Wang out, but now, my Law Enforcement Division is powerless. If you want to come out, you have to rely on Sect Master Wang himself."

"No one knows when Sect Master Wang will come out of Hell, let alone whether Sect Master Wang will be able to catch up with the invasion of the Sky Master Clan."

Facing the eyes of everyone, Ye Daosheng did not hesitate and explained aloud.

When Ye Daosheng's words fell, everyone's expressions changed. They never thought that the master of the Immortal Sect would step into the Demon Suppressing Underworld on his own initiative? That is the scariest prison in the heavens and worlds, a place where all the most vicious people are terrified.

It was too late for others to hide, but the master of the Immortal Sect took the initiative to step into it?

Sect Master Wang is confused!

Gui Fang's face changed drastically, and he couldn't help but sigh secretly.

He really didn't know the news, if he knew that Wang Feng stayed in order to enter the Zhenmo Hell Prison, he would definitely dissuade Wang Feng.

If it was when the Law Enforcement Department was still in control of Zhenmo Hell Prison, Gui Fang would not persuade him, because at that time, as long as the Law Enforcement Department was willing, Wang Feng could be brought out at any time.

But now, who doesn't know that the Law Enforcement Division has lost control of the Demon-Suppressing Underworld Prison. Without the control of the Law Enforcement Division, stepping into the Underworld Prison will almost never return!

Although many **** prisoners escaped from it before, it was just an accident, and it was very difficult to reappear.

Sect Master Wang is confused!

Thinking in this way, Gui Fang couldn't help sighing again, he still had a good impression of the Immortal Sect, and even regarded the Immortal Sect as his absolute ally of the Guigu Sect, but now...!


More than ghosts, UU reading www.uukanshu. After everyone present was astonished, they shook their heads one after another, with a look of regret on their faces.

Even if an existence like Wenren Potian enters the Demon Suppressing Underworld Prison, he is not sure that he will be able to get out of it, let alone the master of the Immortal Sect who is said to only be in the realm of the ancient gods.

Even if the background of the Immortal Sect is extraordinary, the possibility of successfully getting out of the Demon Suppressing Underworld Prison is not very high.

"In this way, if Sect Master Wang can get out of the Demon Suppressing Hell in time, I will invite him to join our alliance later."

"Now, we will temporarily create a temporary alliance with these people to resist the possible invasion of the Sky Masters."

Wen Renpotian pondered for a moment, glanced at the crowd, and said loudly.

"It should be so!"

Hearing this, everyone nodded in agreement.

Although many people don't believe that Wang Feng can get out of the Demon Town Prison, what if?

In this world, there are many difficulties, but there are also many miracles. Unless the results can be predicted in advance, no one dares to judge the future of a person with great potential.

"The alliance, for the time being, will form the Supreme Alliance based on the supreme power holders of the major forces as I said."

"During this period, the heavenly slaves are rampant, so we will join hands to strangle the heavenly slaves in God's Domain first, so as to prevent the heavenly masters from really attacking us and being preyed upon by these heavenly slaves."

Seeing this, Wen Ren Po Tian's eyes flickered with a cold light, and he shouted in a deep voice.

These days, the crazy Tiannu also beheaded several Tianjiao of his Wenren Dao Clan one after another. He couldn't bear it long ago. Now that the alliance has been facilitated, it's time to show those Tiannu some color!

"Patriarch Potian is right. If a tiger doesn't show its power, Tiannu really thinks we are sick cats?"

Everyone nodded and said, the cold murderous intent swept out, making the whole hall full of murderous aura.

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