Fantasy: God-level Store Manager - Chapter 2641 Frost Elf's Special Aesthetic

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Nothing can only be seen on the surface, appearances are often the easiest to confuse people.

It's like a novel with a fascinating beginning, but it may have a bad ending at the end; an anime marked with an ntr type is actually a pure love story of a tulle tauren...

The Demon Emperor now understands this truth once again.

He stood behind the transparent ice crystal curtain wall, and in front of him was a rather wide space with a mountain peak formed by light blue transparent ice crystals.

In the mountain peak, a brain is sealed.

A brain indeed.

The surface is covered with criss-crossing gully-like lines, and below are many tentacles covered with muscles, and a faint halo emanates from it, blending with the ice crystal peaks.

"What do you say this is?"

The demon emperor wondered if he had heard it wrong.

"The server." Ilu said it for granted, "Through the network constructed by the server, our minds can break free from the shackles of the body and reach the world of consciousness."

"It sounds... very characteristic." The Demon Emperor commented.

Much weirder than Origin Mall!

If it weren't for his well-informed, I'm afraid it wouldn't be so easy to accept.

And according to the meaning of these words, there should be such a giant brain in every tower.

Sure enough, these mysterious races are all strange.

"What do you usually do in the world of consciousness?" The Demon Emperor felt that he needed to know the detailed information.

"Do anything? You can do anything." Ilu replied as a matter of course, "You can understand the world of consciousness as a special world similar to reality. If you have enough abilities, you can do many things that are absolutely impossible in the real world. things to come.”

Bringing up this topic, Yilu was very excited.

In her opinion, this is the best way to show visitors the civilization of the frost elves.

But to her disappointment, the Demon Emperor's response was a little dull, not even surprising, at most just surprised.

"Some frost elves have completely abandoned their bodies and completely integrated into the world of consciousness, helping to expand and improve." Yilu added.

The demon emperor nodded in understanding.

The only thing he didn't quite understand was the choice of those frost elves.

Abandoning the body, leaving only the mind.

Is it death, or is it another special way of being?

This question is a bit complicated, and he prefers the second answer.

"Those...what do the tentacles under the server do?" With such a tour guide, the Demon Emperor would naturally ask any questions.

However, the name of the server still filled his mind with the idea of ​​complaining.

"It can better transmit data information." Ilu replied.

"Is the server running at all times?" The Demon Emperor continued to ask.

The opening hours of the Origin Mall are fixed every day. It would be more interesting if the consciousness world of the Frost Spirit could run endlessly.

"Of course not, they also need to rest." Ilu retorted seriously, it seems that the demon emperor said something she couldn't understand.

"Rest?" The demon emperor savored a certain word in his words.

"Take two days off every five days, this is common sense." Ilu explained.

Obviously, in the society of frost elves, even servers have the right to take vacations.

The Demon Emperor opened his mouth, and Yilu's natural answer left him not knowing what to say for a while.

I want to complain, but I don't know where to start.

Why do these brains sound like employees?

"All servers jointly build a network of consciousness, but not all servers are working all the time." Ilu emphasized, "How about it, do you want to experience it?"


The demon emperor nodded. He was looking forward to the difference between the world of consciousness and the virtual world of the Origin Mall.

But the former is definitely not as good as the latter, he can be sure.

Under the curious gaze of the Demon Emperor, Yilu took him to a certain position on the side, where there were two things that were also made of ice.

It is roughly in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, waist-high, and long enough for a person to lie in it.

"what is this?"

The demon emperor frowned, the more he looked at it, the more wrong it became.

"A device that can help us reach the world of consciousness." Yilu clicked the button on the side, and the top cover was opened.

The demon emperor circled the device twice, and suddenly showed a clear expression: "I remembered, isn't this an ice coffin?"

It is a cuboid, just enough to lie in, and it is also a sliding cover.

It completely conforms to the morphological characteristics of the coffin.

"Coffin? This is a consciousness device." Yilu has already taken the lead in sitting in, "I will teach you the specific use method. Now you can just lie in it. When consciousness enters the consciousness world, it will feel a little strange. Don't resist."

The Demon Emperor watched Yilu lay down, and the sliding coffin slowly closed, how strange it seemed.

He sighed and opened the other device with some reluctance.

When the slide was closed, the interior was not dark. At the same time, there were unrecognized characters on the ice, which should be the special language of elves.

The demon emperor saw that a light blue halo like a stream of water began to appear around him, and he wrapped him heavily. The inside of the entire ice coffin also had special lines lit up, and the spirit had a special experience beyond reality.

It is far from the holographic equipment in the boss's store.

This thought flashed through his mind, and the demon emperor no longer resisted the change of spirit.

Consciousness sinks into darkness.

Soon, the light ripped through the darkness, and the feeling of being down-to-earth followed.

The demon emperor found himself in a street, the bustling noise swept in like a tide, and the breeze came and blew the leaves.

There are many pedestrians around, as for their appearance...

It can only be described as bizarre.

With just a glance, the Demon Emperor saw no less than a dozen races.

"Welcome to the world of consciousness." A familiar voice came from beside him.

The Demon Emperor turned his head to look and saw Ilu.

But now the frost elf's legs have disappeared, replaced by a long snake's tail.

"Everyone can set their own image and appearance in the world of consciousness, just like what you see." Ilu pointed to the surroundings, "But some special ones need to be unlocked."

"Unlock?" The demon emperor heard unfamiliar words.

"It just needs to be charged to use it." Ilu waved his hand and answered.

Demon Emperor: "..."

Why does this routine feel a little familiar?

"Is your Consciousness World free to use?" The Demon Emperor looked up at the sky, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, making it impossible to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

"Of course not, there is also a fee." Yilu shook her head, "By the way, what do you want to experience first? How about the type of battle? The Consciousness World has collected battle data of most powerful species for millions of years. In this way, you can improve your combat ability.”

"Okay." The demon emperor's eyes seemed to brighten.

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