Fantasy Farm - Chapter 120 Extra (three)

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For Yin Xun, life in Shuifu Village is very ordinary.

Going out early and returning late in the evening, and planting fields with poor harvests, the relationship with neighbors is neither salty nor weak. It is also true that Yin Xun has almost no sense of belonging here, even though he was born here and has never left. The memory of the mountain **** when he was a child has been blurred. Almost all the descriptions of that person were learned from his grandparents. When his mother abandoned himself here as a monster, Yin Xun had already understood his fate. He was destined to never leave this place and leave this place similar to a prison.

Because of physical problems, Yin Xun cannot cook cooked food, so most of the time, he eats raw food. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers, dug out from the ground and put them in your mouth to eat a few bites to satisfy your hunger. Although you can't die from starvation, you don't live well. Occasionally, the harvest is better and more vegetables can be produced. Then he will catch other people's trucks in the village and go to the town to sell them and buy some delicious food.

Fortunately, there is enough food on the mountain to prevent Yin Xun from starving to death. However, the most frustrating thing is his constitution that will not die. He is different from ordinary people. His body is full of weird jelly-like objects. He has a very low pain and will automatically recover after a period of time. Although he didn't know what he was, Yin Xun also knew that he must be different from ordinary people.

The peaceful life like water makes people extremely desperate. Just when Yin Xun thought he would live like this for the rest of his life, a miracle suddenly happened-Lu Qingjiu came back.

Lu Qingjiu was a good friend of Yin Xun's childhood. All his memories of happiness are related to Lu Qingjiu. Yin Xun was ecstatic when he learned that Lu Qingjiu wanted to return to Shuifu Village and never leave. The happy memories of his childhood came to his mind again. Yin Xun ate the food made by Lu Sake for the first time, and for the first time felt that his empty heart seemed to be filled with something.

In the following days, full and happy, the house gradually became lively. The white-moon fox pretending to be a vixen, Dangkang who was raised as a pig, the group of chickens in the yard with explosive fighting capacity, and the bees and female ghosts in the backyard.

Yin Xun was obsessed with this seemingly ordinary life. He never knew that this small corner he used as a prison was actually so fun.

For the first time, Yin Xun no longer wanted to leave here as before. Although he occasionally was afraid of Lu Qingjiu leaving, the pain in his heart that had lasted for many years was miraculously healed.

The deserted tomb is still a deserted tomb, but the crow that stopped on it stopped crying, because the person he called has returned.

Regarding the relationship between Baiyue Fox and Lu Qingjiu, Yin Xun has been in a state of sincerity and fear. He got the inheritance of the previous generation of mountain gods, so in his memory, this terrifying creature of the dragon clan should have been extinct long ago. Looking at the spirit of Baiyue Fox now, if he could, he simply wanted to get away from Baiyue Fox. After all, such a terrifying creature as a dragon, in his eyes, is nothing more than a food reserve stuffed between his teeth. But Lu Qingjiu remained indifferent before the terrifying breath of the Dragon Clan, and even... even started to talk about love with the Dragon Clan.

When he first learned about this, Yin Xun was almost not scared. His first reaction was that Lu Qingjiu was going to be eaten by the Dragon clan, but later found out that Baiyue Fox had no such intentions, and began to worry again. Something else.

The origin of this worry is due to a certain movie on the computer.

It was a sad accident. He and Lu Qingjiu both saw the content of the film and were instantly shocked by the wonder of ergonomics.

"Do you think it is feasible?" Yin Xun asked his friend tremblingly, "This is too scary?"

Lu Qingjiu said, "It's okay, I'll be gentle with him!"

Yin Xun; "..." He was silent for three seconds, and decided not to break Lu Qingjiu's beautiful delusion. Although Bai Yuehu looked beautiful, he couldn't think of the one below.

After that, as Yin Xun expected, Lu Qingjiu disappeared one morning, and didn't show up in the living room until the afternoon. The one who appeared with him was a satisfied white moon fox. A tear of sympathy fell from the corner of Yin Xun's eyes, but he still pretended to be shocked, saying, "Drink, why your feet are lame."

Lu Qingjiu gritted his teeth and said that it was okay, but he accidentally fell and made Yin Xun not worry.

Yin Xun stared at Bai Yuehu's unkind gaze, vaguely understood something in his heart, didn't dare to ask more, and quickly changed the subject.

But from then on, this incident became Yin Xun's heart disease. He began to think, are two men really happy together? Just judging from the screen, this kind of behavior seems painful no matter how you look at it.

This problem troubled Yin Xun for many years, until he and Shaohao became friends.

The relationship between Yin Xun and Shaohao advanced by leaps and bounds, still after Lu Qingjiu's accident. When the two worlds merged, Shuifu Village did not need mountain gods. Yin Xun could finally realize his wish and leave Shuifu Village.

Only when the long-awaited thing finally became a reality, Yin Xun found that he was not as happy as he had imagined. He saw the scenery outside, tasted the food outside, but he thought about the dilapidated old house in his home, and the amazing cooking skills of his friends.

Although he went to many places, Yin Xun would return to Shuifu Village every once in a while to help Xiaohua Xiaohei deal with housework that could not be done at home, clean the room and yard, and keep the home the same as when Lu Sake left.

Knowing that Yin Xun was back, Shaohao sent him a message, inviting him to come home for dinner.

Originally, Yin Xun was a little afraid of Shaohao, after all, when we met last time, Shaohao showed the appearance of coveting his own sex. But Yin Xun remembered the time when the giant beast ate half of it and it was not enough. He felt that he was not that weak either, at least he would not be eaten all.

Besides, Shaohao is considered Lu Qingjiu's old knowledge, so it doesn't hurt to see it.

With this thought, Yin Xun went to the appointment.

Shaohao prepared a large table of food for Yin Xun. He smiled and invited Yin Xun to sit down, and then stared at him with a smile.

Yin Xun was stared at with a bit of horror. He took a bite of the food on the table and said, "What's the matter with you?"

Shaohao said, "It's nothing, I just want to talk to you."

Yin Xun said, "Oh."

Shaohao suddenly said: "Do you have diarrhea if you eat yourself?"

Yin Xun blinked, "No."

Shaohao: "So you will have diarrhea if only others eat it?"

Yin Xun nodded obediently.

Shaohao was interested, his eyes were almost frozen on Yin Xun's body, his voice slowed down: "I want to try."

Yin Xungang wanted to ask Shaohao what he wanted to try, so the man sitting next to him pinched his chin, and then a gentle kiss fell. Yin Xun's eyes widened, and he wanted to retreat, but Shaohao forced him down. Back of head.

"Breathe." I don't know how long it took. When Yin Xun even felt hypoxia, the man in front of him backed slightly, spitting out these two words with a smile in his tone.

"You, you, you--" Yin Xun was so scared that he almost fell to the ground without crawling. It took a while before he recovered. The whole face was flushed and he stammered speechless. Come. Although when he was in Shuifu Village, he talked with Lu Qingjiu every day that he wanted to fall in love, but in his impression, weren't love always talked with girls, although there were examples of Lu Qingjiu and Baiyuehu, but How dare Yin Xun compare himself with a dragon.

Shaohao laughed. He was already handsome, and the tattoo on his chin also bloomed slightly with his smile, but he brought a charm that made people unable to look away. His voice was a little low. , Rubbing his finger heavily on Yin Xun's lips: "It seems to be okay."

Yin Xun hurriedly stood up and backed up a few steps, his face was extremely frightened, and the words in his mouth finally came out: "What are you doing, how can you mess with your relatives! Your relatives are responsible!"

Shaohao said frankly: "I can naturally be responsible."

Yin Xun; "..."

Shaohao said again, "It seems that there is nothing wrong with kissing." At least his stomach hurts.

The cheeks of Yin Xun being stared at by Shaohao were about to burn. He mustered up his courage and made an angry look: "How can you do this without my consent!"

Shaohao's face was innocent: "Sorry, I didn't hold it back for a while, I must ask you first next time."

Yin Xun still wanted to say something, but under Shaohao's so calm gaze, he was actually a guilty conscience. He didn't say anything for a while, but Shaohao was very gentle when he saw him in embarrassment. He pulled the stool back and motioned for him to sit down.

"Have you ever been in love?" Shaohao asked.

Yin Xun shook his head.

Shaohao said: "Want to try?"

Yin Xun looked at Shaohao vigilantly: "Although I want to try it, it's definitely not with you." He can remember how this man coveted his body at the beginning, and he was so lucky to chop a finger to keep himself pure. body.

It’s okay not to mention it. When I mentioned it, Shaohao’s expression was distorted. He obviously remembered the scene of diarrhea and almost died in the toilet. At that time, he even thought that Yin Xun was deliberately engaging him, but afterwards According to his observation, he discovered that the mountain **** was really stupid.

The more I watched it, the more interesting it became. After hearing a lot of news about Yin Xun from Zhu Rong, Shaohao didn't understand what was going on with him. He actually became more and more interested in Yin Xun.

Shaohao didn't mind Yin Xun's refusal, and said warmly, "If you think it's not bad, you can try it first, and..." He deliberately sold it.

"And what?" Yin Xun really took the bait.

"Moreover, you've never been in a relationship before. In case you meet someone you like, you don't know how to chase it." Shaohao blinked, with a pure face seduce the mountain **** who doesn't understand anything in front of him, "Let's try test."

Yin Xun looked at Shaohao suspiciously, "How to try?"

Shaohao said: "Don't you want to go out and go around, let me stay with you."

Yin Xun said: "Are you with me?" To be honest, if Shaohao proposes other methods, Yin Xun would definitely refuse it immediately. However, Yin Xun hesitated a little about this method. Although traveling alone is casual, in the end It’s a bit lonely, if someone is with you, it’s naturally a better thing, but...

"You don't care about your bird garden?" Yin Xun asked.

Shaohao said: "The passage between the two worlds has been blocked, and the non-humans who can threaten the birds can't get through. It's a waste of time for me to guard here. It's better to walk around." His tone was very sincere. "Besides, the human world has indeed changed tremendously in recent years. It's time to get to know it again."

Yin Xun was still hesitating.

Shaohao has already thrown a bigger bargaining chip. He said that he knows foreign countries well and has no language difficulties. If Yin Xun is willing, he can help Yin Xun get a passport, and the two will go to other countries to see together.

Yin Xun was finally impressed by Shaohao's conditions, but he still maintained his final sanity, and had three chapters with Shaohao, saying that Shaohao could not force himself by force during the trip, and he had to respect each other.

Shaohao responded one by one, looking like a gentleman. If he hadn't just kissed Yin Xun forcibly, Yin Xun would have believed it.

The journey started like this. Yin Xun thought that waiting for Lu Qingjiu's return was the end of the journey, but he didn't expect that the end of himself and Shaohao would be the end of their lives.

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