Fantasy Farm - Chapter 119 Extra (two) Shiratsuki fox

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Lu Qingjiu's mother was also born in March.

At that time, it was in the prime of spring, everything was recovering, and even the air was full of vitality. In the old house, the woman's painful groan/groan first came out, followed by the child's crying.

Bai Yuehu stood outside the door and waited quietly. The midwife who came to deliver the baby thought he was the husband of the child. She walked out of the door beamingly, waved at the white moon fox, and said, "Good luck, sir! What a fat boy! Come take a look!"

Baiyue Fox hesitated a little when he heard the words, but walked in and saw the little dumpling in the arms of the midwife. The newborn human child is not cute. The whole face is red and wrinkled, just like a newborn little monkey. The white moon fox frowned and stretched out a finger to gently poke the cheek of the little dumpling. Then, as if being scalded, he hurriedly put it back.

"Would you like a hug?" The midwife was used to seeing her fathers being at a loss. She was not surprised by Baiyue Fox's reaction. When she asked, she handed the little baby in her hand to Baiyue. Fox, Bai Yuehu was about to refuse, but he heard the midwife urging her, saying that the child's mother had not dealt with it, so Bai Yuehu helped hold the small dumpling first.

Upon hearing this, Bai Yuehu had no choice but to take it. After this connection, his whole body froze. He never thought that human cubs would be so soft, like a puddle of water that could melt at any time. He didn't dare to use force at all, and was even afraid. If you move, you will hurt this little thing.

Baiyue Fox's eyes widened slightly, looking at the dumpling that was gradually calming down, thinking, is this a human cub? This is the first time he has seen it...

The midwife over there took care of Fang Ruhui, made up the bed, and covered her with the quilt. Only after Baiyue Fox held the small dumpling to Fang Ruhui's side, he noticed the longing in Fang Ruhui's eyes.

"This...this is your child." Bai Yuehu handed the little baby to Fang Ruhui, and Fang Ruhui took it over, full of love, she said. "thank you."

"No." Bai Yuehu took a step back.

Fang Ruhui said: "Her father..." She said half of her words, and swallowed the rest of her words back, without mentioning them.

Bai Yuehu knew what Fang Ruhui thought in her heart, but in fact, he understood that it was better not to let Ao Run know about this.

It is difficult for dragons and humans to communicate with each other by blood, especially when humans are female. Because the blood of dragons is too domineering, it is not easy for humans to be pregnant with dragon children. This is a very heavy burden for their bodies. Fortunately, Fang Ruhui is a descendant of Nuwa, so although she is a little weaker, there is no major accident.

At this time, the birth of the child was a good thing.

The White Moon Fox stood far away and didn't dare to lean too close. He came to Shuifu Village for a short time, and his relationship with Fang Ruhui was not too close. He also knew what had happened before, so when he saw this little dumpling, his heart was complicated.

As a mother, Fang Ruhui has accepted the existence of a child. In her eyes, Bai Yuehu has never seen the gentleness and strength, and seems to have made a certain decision. Baiyue Fox turned and walked out, standing at the door looking at the lush trees in the yard, thinking that human beings are really a kind of magical animal, obviously the body is weak and vulnerable, but the spirit is stronger than many non-human beings.

For a period of time afterwards, Bai Yuehu didn't get into the family too much.

Probably because of Ao Run's affairs, Fang Ruhui also had some gaps in his treatment of the Dragons. She had not been able to treat the dragon clan as good as before, and getting along with the white moon fox was also extraordinarily courteous. Bai Yuehu is quite indifferent. He has never been with humans before, and naturally doesn’t know what a normal way of getting along is. Seeing Fang Ruhui seems reluctant to let him come close, he will only be in Fang Ruhui. When needed, take the lead and take care of the hard work at home. Other times, she rarely participates in the interaction between Fang Ruhui and her daughter.

The little dumpling grew up little by little and became a slim girl. When she was about to become sensible, Fang Ruhui talked with Bai Yuehu.

The general idea of ​​this conversation is to hope that Baiyue Fox will not appear in front of Fang Ruhui’s daughter. Fang Ruhui has already planned to wait until her daughter is a little older and send her out of Shuifu Village so that she can live with her relatives and be completely separated. Life here.

Under normal circumstances, the guardian can’t leave Shuifu Village, but in the face of Fang Ruhui’s firm expression, Bai Yuehu did not say anything against it, but nodded in agreement. After that, he never appeared in front of the child again. .

Facing Bai Yuehu’s understanding and tolerance, Fang Ruhui seemed a little guilty in her heart. She knew that she had spread her resentment towards Ao Run to Bai Yuehu, but when she thought that she was just pregnant, Ao Run disappeared. On the day she gave birth, Ao Run's sudden attack later on, she couldn't restrain the sadness and anger in her heart. Of course, Fang Ruhui at that time didn't fully understand what pollution was, nor could he understand how much self-control it took to boil Leap before she no longer appeared in front of her.

In fact, on the day the child was born, when Bai Yuehu first saw Ao Run, Ao Run still looked normal. Ao Run deliberately hid himself at first, but he didn’t know why, he seemed to be stimulated. Suddenly, he started attacking the old mansion. Fortunately, the Gods of the Four Seasons were all around and stopped him in time, otherwise it would lead to tragedy.

And Baiyue Fox guarded Fang Ruhui's side, silent, looking at Fang Ruhui's appearance... seemed very sad.

In addition to not being able to appear in front of Fang Ruhui's child, Bai Yuehu felt that Shuifu Village was a good place. He slept on the mountain during the day, and Fang Ruhui would bring him food in the evening.

The content of the meal is sometimes very rich, sometimes very simple, it all depends on what they eat during the day.

"When the child is sent out, you can come back and live." Fang Ruhui said to Bai Yuehu one day, "Thanks for your hard work these years."

Bai Yuehu shook his head, indicating that it was OK.

Fang Ruhui sighed, and she apologized, saying that she shouldn't count the boiled leap on Bai Yuehu, after all, Bai Yuehu was just an innocent new tenant. Bai Yuehu didn't understand Fang Ruhui's guilt very well. He didn't feel that he had been treated too much. After all, Fang Ruhui was actually the first human he had come into contact with. Later, Fang Ruhui sent her daughter out of Shuifu Village just as she said, and warned her not to return. The White Moon Fox was finally able to get down from the mountain and moved into the house.

The lives of the two are a little boring, Fang Ruhui rarely communicates with Bai Yuehu, and she falls into a slightly autistic state. Farming, raising chickens, but not speaking much.

The Baiyue Fox, who didn't know much about humans, didn't know what was wrong with him and Fang Ruhui, he just felt that Fang Ruhui's anger was not strong, and he didn't seem to want to live anymore.

"Aren't you happy?" Bai Yuehu asked her.

"Happy?" Fang Ruhui said, "Why should I be happy."

Bai Yuehu said: "Can't food make you happy?"

Fang Ruhui smiled and said, "It's okay, but...not so happy." She actually wanted to treat the White Moon Fox the same way as Ao Run, but was bitten by a snake and feared the rope for ten years, no matter what. She couldn't do her hard work. In desperation, his heart was full of guilt for Bai Yuehu. Bai Yuehu and Ao Run have almost completely different temperaments. He doesn’t know anything about the human world. He neither knows how to do it nor likes to talk. Most of the time he sits in the yard and rests with his eyes closed. Very lazy.

However, Ao Run loves life very much, and even his cooking skills are better than himself.

Fang Ruhui didn't understand why they were all dragons, but the difference was so big.

Bai Yuehu and Fang Ruhui have lived a long life of lifelessness, and the distance between the two has no intention of getting closer. Bai Yuehu didn't think it was so bad, after all, he had never seen the so-called good. Without comparison, he didn't feel sad anymore.

This situation continued until the birth of Lu Sake.

Lu Qingjiu was born outside of Shuifu Village. Fang Ruhui had no plans to bring him back to Shuifu Village for upbringing, but perhaps because of the blood of the guardian in his body, Lu Qingjiu's physical condition was long after his birth. They are all very bad, easy to get sick, and very weak. Because of this, Fang Ruhui and her daughter were scorched. Bai Yuehu thought about it, but said to Fang Ruhui: "I think you'd better bring him back to raise."

"Why?" Fang Ruhui wondered.

"Because this is his duty, maybe Shuifu Village is calling him." Bai Yuehu said, "Of course, when he gets older, he can be sent out again..."

Fang Ruhui thought for a while, but was still reluctant, but Lu Qingjiu's physical condition was deteriorating. In desperation, she had to try Baiyuehu's argument and brought Lu Qingjiu back to Shuifu Village. However, what Bai Yuehu said was true. After returning to Shuifu Village, Lu Qingjiu's physical condition began to improve and became full of life.

And Fang Ruhui could only think about raising Lu Qingjiu for a period of time before sending him out.

Unlike his quiet mother, Lu Qingjiu was very lively and curious about everything when he was a child.

While catching Zhou, Fang Ruhui prepared a table of things for Lu Qingjiu, Bai Yuehu also became interested, and turned himself back into the original, lying next to Lu Qingjiu, looking at the little baby eagerly. Yesterday Fang Ruhui explained to him the meaning of catching Zhou, so even though it was a joke, in the depths of Bai Yuehu's heart, he vaguely longed for Lu Sake to reach out to him...

Lu Qingjiu was raised white and tender by Fang Ruhui, and his face was like a white steamed bun. He stared at a pair of eyes darker than purple grapes and swept across the table blankly, but he did not understand himself. What to do.

"Jiu'er, go get what you like." Grandma gently urged beside him, Lu Qingjiu's eyes circled the table, and finally fell on Baiyue Fox.

Bai Yuehu was a little excited, but still pretending to be calm, he changed back to a small version of the dragon shape, he must look majestic and handsome, Lu Qingjiu would definitely like it.

Lu Qingjiu stared at the white moon fox for a moment. Then, his eyes widened slightly and his mouth opened-he let out a sharp cry: "Wow...Grandma...I'm afraid..."

White Moon Fox: "..."

Fang Ruhui: "..."

Both of them were stunned for a moment, and then Fang Ruhui understood something and couldn't help but laugh. Bai Yuehu immediately left the table and flew to the roof beam, staring angrily at the white dumpling below. How can this be done? Crying, this dumpling is too much!

Fang Ruhui quickly hugged Lu Qingjiu and comforted a few words. Fortunately, Lu Qingjiu had a good temper and was not a noisy baby. Soon she quieted down, holding Fang Ruhui's favorite stuffed in his arms. The fox toy fell asleep in a daze.

"It's okay, it's because the child is too young." Fang Ruhui was probably afraid that Bai Yuehu would be sad. After comforting her grandson, she began to comfort her lovely tenants, "When he gets older, he will like you."

Baiyue Fox didn't speak. He looked a little unhappy at the fox toy in Lu Qingjiu's arms. The only hairy place on his body was the ears on the top of his head. Thinking of this, he couldn't help shaking his ear tips.

In the next period of time, Baiyue Fox didn't let Lu Qingjiu see his prototype again. He also understood that Lu Qingjiu didn't seem to like his bald and slippery creatures, and preferred furry vixen.

Fang Ruhui's comfort was only a drop in the bucket, and it was completely ineffective.

Seeing Lu Sake getting bigger and bigger, Bai Yuehu remembered something. He offered to live back on the mountain again and no longer contact Lu Sake.

Fang Ruhui was stunned when she heard Bai Yuehu's request. She wanted to say something, but she heard Bai Yuehu say: "Since he is leaving Shuifu Village, don't let him come into contact with another world, right? ."

Fang Ruhui sighed, and after a long time she spit out: "Yes."

Bai Yuehu left and never met Lu Qingjiu again. It was just that in the middle of a certain night, he would still come back to see the growing little white dumpling. After seeing the fox doll in his arms, A little bit angry, so one day, he quietly stole Lu Qingjiu's fox doll.

After losing his favorite fox doll, Lu Qingjiu cried his nose the next day. The white moon fox was a little bit weak, but when he looked at the fluffy and white fox doll in his hand, he got angry again, but he snorted, no Willing to return Lu Qingjiu.

That night, when Fang Ruhui came to deliver food to Baiyue Fox, she smiled and said that Lu Qingjiu was too young. When he was a little bit more, he would not sleep with the baby in his arms, and said that the prototype of Baiyue Fox was actually It is also very beautiful, but children may not like it very much, so Bai Yuehu must not take this matter to heart.

Bai Yuehu completely took Fang Ruhui's words as perfunctory and comfort. He felt that he had seen through Lu Qingjiu's soul. This naive child was an abominable fluff control.

After these years of getting along with Lu Qingjiu's return, Fang Ruhui is getting better and better towards Bai Yuehu, and even tends to treat him as a family member. Although Baiyue Fox vaguely felt the change, he didn't realize what it meant.

Lu Qingjiu stayed in Shuifu Village for several years, and was only picked up by his parents when he was in elementary school. At this time, he had no memory of his childhood experience, nor did he remember that he had been cried by a black little dragon, but he still vaguely remembered that he seemed to have lost a favorite fox doll.

After Lu Qingjiu left, the whole family fell silent again. Although Baiyue Fox could go back and live, he felt a sense of emptiness in the home inexplicably. This feeling is ridiculous, because he has been alone for thousands of years, but he has never felt lonely.

Human beings are indeed very infectious creatures, and their happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy can easily spread to the surrounding creatures.

The White Moon Fox could only suppress this strange feeling.

After Lu Qingjiu left, Fang Ruhui also began to show her oldness. Baiyue Fox watched Fang Ruhui's old age, from the girl with black hair to the woman with white temples. It was only a few decades old. The situation, for humans, is already a vicissitude of life. Fang Ruhui is old, and old age means sickness and death.

Bai Yuehu thought that everything would develop as he had imagined, but a sudden accident completely broke everything calm.

On an ordinary summer day, the sudden appearance of Ao Run swallowed Fang Ruhui's daughter, son-in-law, and Lu Qingjiu's father and mother in one bite.

This incident completely exceeded Bai Yuehu's expectations. He did not understand why Ao Run would do such a thing. It stands to reason that the contaminated dragons must eat their beloved things. If they want to eat it, they must eat Fang Ruhui first. How could they eat their daughter? In fact, the dragons have very weak feelings for their offspring, and they can even do things that care about their lives. Anyway, the blood of the dragons is strong enough, even without the care of adult dragons, few other creatures can bully them.

Although stunned, things still happened. Bai Yuehu suspected that there was a misunderstanding, but Fang Ruhui had accepted this cruel fact.

She concealed her grief and acted very calmly in front of Lu Qingjiu, but only Bai Yuehu knew that she might not last long.

Lu Qingjiu has grown from a small white dumpling to an adult. Bai Yuehu feels strange to him, because he comes back one or two times a year at most, and will leave soon after staying there. He seems to have no fate with Shuifu Village, and even when Fang Ruhui died, he did not have time to come back.

Watching Lu Sake deal with Fang Ruhui's funeral, Bai Yuehu left here embarrassed. He stood by the road, staring at Lu Sake's back.

Bai Yuehu thought this was the last time he saw Lu Qingjiu. After all, there is no Fang Ruhui in Shuifu Village, and there is no longer the last thought that Lu Qingjiu missed. He can leave here and never come back.

For the next few years, Baiyue Fox spent the whole time alone. He spent most of his time living in the mountains, occasionally going back to the town to find some food.

Such a life may be terrible for human beings, after all, it is not enough, but for Baiyue Fox, it is actually considered to be able to survive. The only thing that made him feel distressed was the pervasive hunger. He wanted to eat a warm and full meal, but Fang Ruhui was gone, and the old house was abandoned. He was just a tenant without a guardian.

A few years later, when Baiyue Fox left Shuifu Village in the dark as in the past, and planned to go to the town, he smelled a familiar breath on the mountainside, and he suddenly stopped flying in the air. After stepping down, he stopped in the middle of the trail leading to the town from Shuifu Village.

A taxi drove over, but suddenly stopped when it illuminated him. Bai Yuehu slowly walked to the side of the car and saw the person sitting in it. It was a familiar face, with a little dazed, he asked him: "Sir, this place is so biased at this late hour, what can you do?"

Bai Yuehu laughed suddenly when he heard this question. He smiled and said, "It's okay. I can't sleep at night. Come out and find something to eat."

When Lu Qingjiu heard the words, it seemed that the person in front of him was a little strange, but he couldn't say much. He just casually told him to pay attention to safety. Bai Yuehu said nothing, stretched out his hand and patted the taxi door lightly, and then left.

After he left, instead of going to the town for food as planned, he returned to Shuifu Village.

Lu Qingjiu is back, why did he come back? Isn’t Fang Ruhui dead? Did it come back to the grave? But now is not Fang Ruhui’s death day, let alone any special day...

Bai Yuehu was sitting on the roof thinking, or Lu Qingjiu wanted to come back to live here, but why? Isn’t the outside world more interesting? Lu Qingjiu came back here suddenly, is it for what? He thought about it, but suddenly became happy again. After all, if Lu Qingjiu came back, there would be a guardian here again, and he wouldn't have to search for food by himself. But Lu Qingjiu doesn't seem to know anything about those things, and he hates the prototype of his dragon body...

Baiyue Fox frowned, slightly distressed, but he soon thought of a perfect solution-the Liao Zhai Yizhi in the house inspired him.

Don't all humans like the fluffy vixen the most? If he is a vixen, then Lu Qingjiu will definitely accept him soon. The more Baiyue Fox thinks about it, the more it feels reasonable, so he decides his identity so happily...a poor, helpless and weak vixen, in order to better fit his identity, he also named himself another name-Baiyue fox.

Since he wants to be a fox, it should be obvious. It is best to expose it in the name, Baiyuehu thought. In this way, plus the fox tail he won from Su Yan before, Lu Qingjiu has no reason to doubt. Yourself!

Thinking of this, the White Moon Fox showed a satisfied smile. At this moment, a strange breath suddenly came out in the wind. The White Moon Fox smelled this smell and knew that it was his own food.

Lu Qingjiu, who was sleeping in the house, didn't know what was on his roof. He was lying in the old house, and he heard the sound of tiles shaking on his head. He opened his eyes with some doubts, and then saw something lifted the tiles. A pair of blood-red eyes appeared from the other end. Those eyes were obviously not of human beings, and there were even crawlers in the eyeballs. The animal’s nictitating membrane slipped through.

Lu Qingjiu showed a frightened expression, but he didn't know that this was the beginning of the story between himself and the White Moon Fox.

The white moon fox sitting there licked his lips, waiting for the delicious food that was about to enter his mouth, but I don’t know whether the delicious food refers to the gecko spirit who was cheated or Lu Qingjiu who didn’t know anything while lying on the bed. ...

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