Fantasy Farm - Chapter 118 Fanwai (1) Winter Mystery

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Winter is a monotonous season.

As soon as the snow fell, all the colors were changed to pure white. Looking up, the sky and the earth were vast.

The season most feared in ancient times was winter.

Because the cold winter represents silence and death, without plants, without animals, everything falls into a deep sleep, only cold and hunger.

Unlike the vibrant spring days, the hot and lively summer days, and the harvesting autumn days, winter is a season of fear and awe.

Winter God has always known this and accepted everything calmly.

"You said why they are afraid of you." The mischievous Chunshen held his chin and looked at his friend with a gentle smile, "Obviously your temper is the best among us."

Fuyushen smiled and said it might be because everyone was afraid of the cold.

Chun Shen said: "Then why not be afraid of summer, Zhu Rongming is the one with the worst temper."

Winter God didn't say a word, just raised his eyes and looked at it. At this time, the human world was prosperous as the ice melted. People took off their heavy winter clothes, came out of the warm house, began to cultivate, multiply, and regained their vitality.

Ignoring Chunshen's yelling, Dongshen got up and left, his back was a bit lonely, Chunshen could only sigh when he saw this.

After the separation of the two worlds, the aura of the human world faded away, and there were fewer traces of non-human beings.

But despite this, the crack left by the separation between the two realms is still a huge problem. There were ten cracks back then, and it was the Yinglong clan and the descendants of Nuwa who guarded the cracks. Later, the cracks gradually merged, and the remaining passages became fewer and fewer, and finally only one remained.

It is precisely because of this that this channel has become the focus of attention of the two circles, and the last opportunity for Candle Dragon.

Candle Dragons are also dragons, but they are different from Yinglong, they are in charge of the underworld. What Zhulong likes to eat is the most powerful thing. The most favorite is swallowed into the stomach, and the least favorite is swallowed into the stomach. It is somewhat similar to Yinglong. But the biggest difference between Ying Long and them is that they can control their own sex, just like Ao Yun and his lover, who obviously like it, can't wait to ache on the cusp of their heart, but still don't want to eat it. If this is changed to the candle dragon, I am afraid that even the bone scum will have been swallowed long ago.

Winter God doesn't like lively, he prefers to be alone, which is somewhat similar to the silent winter day.

His friends were probably afraid of his loneliness, but they often came to talk with him, and the days passed.

The God of Four Seasons was entrusted by Nuwa to maintain the channel between the two worlds. Nowadays, the blood of the guardian is getting weaker and weaker, and it is really a headache for the candle dragon to watch.

Fortunately, there was still some hope at that time. All the Four Seasons Gods were not too worried, but the disease threatening the Dragon Race was a disease called pollution. Therefore, the Winter God found a gap and entered the other world, trying to find out the pollution. What is it for the dragons?

In the alien world, the Yinglong clan is about to become extinct. They are particularly picky in choosing their partners, so the breeding situation is very bad. The candle dragon and them are just the opposite. There is only one requirement for choosing a partner: alive. Because of this, the quantity is huge, but although the quantity has gone up, the quality has gone down, and the dragon veins of the candle dragon are getting weaker and weaker, and even starting to drain.

Dongshen had seen it before, and Ao Run easily killed the five candle dragons.

The alien world is huge, more than a hundred times bigger than the human world. In this world where the strong is like a cloud, he is just a weak God of the Four Seasons, so he acts with extreme caution. It's just that the more he probed, the more he felt puzzled. He found that there is no difference between Zhulong and Yinglong to some extent. If it must be said, they can't control their own sex.

Eat what you want to eat, get angry if you want to be angry, kill if you want to kill, and don't think about the slightest consequences. They are like newborn children who have only the purest part of their nature. Morality and feelings can't restrain them, only strong power can make them surrender.

In the body of the candle dragon, Winter God vaguely understood the nature of pollution-uncontrolled instinct.

This reminded him of the human world.

The human world is very attractive to candle dragons. Since the separation of the two worlds, they have always wanted to come through the passage, and even organized a few waves of powerful offensives, and the gods of the human world were devastated. At first, Dongshen didn't understand why they were so obsessed with the human world, but he finally figured out that it was the monster that attracted the candle dragons.

Different from non-human beings who only respect power, human beings are weaker and more complicated. Their gathering places are very close and there are many in number, but the **** in each human being is amazing. These are good and bad, but they are all Zhulong’s beloved food.

In particular, humans have no power to fight back. Those hot weapons are like plastic toys in front of the hard armor of the candle dragon.

So the candle dragons desperately want to enter the human world, and now, their last chance is in front of them. If the last passage in Shuifu Village disappeared again, it would mean that the two worlds would never have any chance to merge, which made the candle dragons become restless and concealed planning something.

Winter God felt the turbulent undercurrent under the calm water.

But this was not the worst. The worst was a trigram he got after placing the tree clan elders in another world.

The tree clan has a very special way of inheritance, that is, the generations within the clan will share all the memories and knowledge they have obtained. The memories and inheritance acquired by other races may be lost, but the tree clan will not. This also makes the tree clan’s older elders, usually full of wisdom, which is the result of gathering the power of a clan. The most powerful thing about the tree clan is not their memory, but the fortune-telling.

Tree tribes rarely calculate hexagrams, but every hexagram must be accurate.

The tree that Winter God found was the patriarch of the Tree Clan. It took the initiative to propose what worries Winter God the most, and it counted as a trigram.

"The hexagram is not very good." The old tree spoke slowly and calmly, but he looked like an old man, "No... to be precise, it's very bad."

Dongshen sat on the branch, frowned slightly: "What's the solution?"

The old tree said: "Their blood will be cut off."

Winter God was stunned.

The old tree said: "At most, at most, for two more generations...this is already the best result."

If someone else said something like this, Winter God would definitely question it, but it was the old tree.

"Is there any way to crack it?" Dongshen could only ask after a long silence.

"No solution, no solution..." The old tree's words chilled Dongshen's heart. It said, "Xuanming, this solution."

Winter God jumped off the tree trunk and circled the old tree. He frowned and didn't speak for a long time.

The old tree can only comfort him when he sees this, saying that there is a predestined relationship between heaven and earth, and some things can't be obtained by force. Moreover, the integration of the inhuman and human worlds may not be a bad thing, it may be an opportunity for mankind.

"Opportunity?" Dongshin said, "The human body is so weak now. If the two realms really blend together, they are just a dish in the mouth of the spirits." Human beings are very resilient races, and what the old tree said is true. , They may find vitality from it, but the premise of discovering vitality is to fall into an irreversible death. Winter God dare not think about how many people will die by then.

The old tree sighed, but said that there is really no way for the guardian's bloodline. From the perspective of the hexagram, the guardian will completely disappear. As for how to disappear, the hexagram is not so specific.

Winter God was silent for a long time, suddenly raised his head, and touched the old tree: "Then you can help me calculate another hexagram."

The old tree said: "What do you want to count?"

Winter God spit out a word from his mouth.

The old tree's face changed drastically when he heard this: "You..."

Winter God said: "I just want to know, is there any way to crack it."

The old tree sighed, and then calculated another hexagram for the Winter God, but when the hexagram continued, the lush branches and leaves on his body began to wither quickly, until it spread to the entire canopy. Dongshen hurriedly told the old tree to stop when he saw this, but the old tree didn't make a sound again until the calculation was finished.

"There is a way," he said, "to spy on the secrets, it really kills me. This time the hexagram is very simple, just four characters."

Winter Shinto: "Which four words?"

The old tree said: "Break and then stand."

Winter God was stunned: "What does it mean to break and then stand? Does it mean that the two realms must merge?"

The old tree didn't understand either.

Winter God thought for a long time, but suddenly thought of something. He was shocked and said: "I suddenly remembered that once a passage was broken..."

The old tree was puzzled: "Huh?"

Winter God said: "The passage was broken by the candle dragon, but the two realms did not merge."

The old tree said: "How come?"

Winter God said: "It was because the guardian repaired the broken part, and then the passage disappeared..." He laughed, "It was indeed broken and then stood up."

The old tree was a little at a loss when he heard this: "You want to..."

Dongshen rubbed the old tree with his cheek and said, old man, I may have been away for a long time. Don't miss me. After I have finished all this, I will come back to chat with you.

The old tree said to go. To him, the decades of Human Race was nothing more than a gap between the white horses. After a nap, maybe Winter God had already handled the matter and came back to chat with him.

Winter God returned to the human world, at this time he already knew what he needed to do. He found his lover, and told her the blood of their clan would be cut off.

It's just that Fuyu Shen said it more implicitly, and said that if you leave here, it will be possible to prevent the accident from happening.

"It's true, they will really have an accident?" Fang Ruhui looked anxious. She and Dongshen had known each other for several years, knowing that although this **** is in charge of Severe Winter, he is the one with the best temper. It's a joke, "What should I do?"

"Leave here before you get pregnant." Dongshen said, "Only by doing this can you save your child."

Fang Ruhui believed Dongshen's words, and she began to try to express to Ao Yun that she wanted to leave Shuifu Village. At that time, Ao Run and Fang Ruhui were in love. The two were like glue and paint. Fang Ruhui felt something vaguely. Naturally, she would not want to have any accidents between herself and Ao Run's child.

This was just the beginning. Afterwards, there were some accidents in Fang Ruhui's home, which made her want to leave even more determined. But she didn't realize that whenever she said she was leaving, Ao Yun's temper would become irritable, and she could not even control herself. This irritability grew more and more intense, until Ao Run determined that he was contaminated.

It was a sunny afternoon. Fang Ruhui was lying in the yard. She heard the familiar footsteps. After opening her eyes, she saw a face that was completely different from the expression in the usual day, her lover’s black hair. It turned red, and there was a flame burning in his eyes.

"Do you want to leave me that way?" The lover who grinned, with thick white teeth in his mouth, said, "I ate you, don't you want to leave?"

Fang Ruhui was frightened. She knew Ao Run very well and knew that he was not joking at this time.

"Why do you always want to leave me?" Ao Run said, "isn't it good to stay here forever?"

Before Fang Ruhui had time to answer, there was a sound of breaking through the air outside the house, but it was Winter God who arrived and drove Ao Run away after a battle.

Fortunately, at this time, Ao Run was still reluctantly a little delirious, did not fight to death with Winter God, but left in embarrassment.

"What's wrong with him?" Fang Ruhui asked blankly.

"He is contaminated." Dongshen said, "Your condition is also a bit wrong. I found a doctor for you..."

Fang Ruhui knew that she was pregnant.

Although she knew the word pollution at that time, she didn't know what the original polluted dragon looked like. She didn't understand why Ao Run was contaminated from beginning to end. Everyone was at a loss, but only Winter God knew the reason.

It turns out that the dragons who fall in love with humans are really easy to be polluted. Winter God sits on a branch and thinks. He looks at the humans running and chasing in the grass under the tree, and suddenly understands why they don't like winter. Snow is soft, frozen together, but it turns into hard ice, like a **** who controls the winter. He should have mercy to the world like a **** of the seasons, but after knowing the tragedy he caused, he has no compassion. Even began to plan what to do next.

Such a **** deserves to be disliked.

Winter God laughed.

After the accident, Winter God disappeared, and the other Four Season Gods couldn't find him anyway, but at least they knew that he was still alive.

Fang Ruhui did as she wished to give birth to a daughter, but after her daughter had grown up, she was forced to send her out of Shuifu Village, unwilling to let her stay here again.

Ao Run disappeared with Dongshen. He once came back once, on the day Fang Ruhui gave birth.

With dark clouds in the sky, Fang Ruhui heard the roar of the beast in mid-air. She held the child weakly, thinking that Zhuorun was coming back to visit her, but she didn't expect that he would welcome his merciless attack. If the God of Four Seasons hadn't been guarding by the side, I'm afraid she and the child would have entered Ao Run's stomach.

At this point, Fang Ruhui was completely dead to Ao Run.

However, despite this, life is still to be passed. The child grows up day by day, but he has never seen his father. Fang Ruhui was also used to such days, she finally vaguely understood the reason why Ao Run would become like this, because she had always wanted to leave Shuifu Village.

As a tenant, Ao Run couldn't leave. So he felt that Fang Ruhui also wanted to leave him, so day by day, year after year, the feelings gradually accumulated, and finally broke out.

After Fang Ruhui thought about it, she found it ridiculous at first. She didn't expect that the dragons were such fragile creatures, and they were so difficult to control their own sex. Later, she only felt pain, because she couldn't think about it. When she was with her, how much self-control Ao Yun used, so that she did not show her that kind of strong and frightening sex.

But fortunately, she at least understood, and never took a step out of the water palace ever since.

Fang Ruhui still remembered Winter God's words, and of course she sometimes had some doubts about it, but Winter God had no reason to harm her. And this prediction was not until the children grew up, even got married and had children, and the grandson was born, Fang Ruhui would forget about it. But she did not expect that the prophecy was actually fulfilled.

It was a sunny summer. Fang Ruhui’s daughter came back to Shuifu Village to visit her. Although her daughter had always wanted to take her mother out of this remote mountain village, she had been rejected by her mother, so she had no choice but to choose every year. All came back to visit their mother.

Fang Ruhui received a call a few days ago and learned that her daughter was coming back today. She was very happy. She prepared plenty of food as usual and waited for them to come back.

But in the end, she only heard a loud noise of a landslide, but she didn't wait for anything.

The daughter died, she died in the mouth of her lover, and her lover swallowed the crystallization of their love into his stomach.

When Zhu Rong said these things, he always chose his words very carefully. At the same time, he was still observing the expression on Fang Ruhui’s face, as if he was afraid of stimulating her too much, but Fang Ruhui was calm from beginning to end. Said: "I see, thank you."

"You... don't be too sad." Zhu Rong said.

Fang Ruhui smiled and stroked her hair: "Well, it's not sad."

Zhu Rong was dumb.

But speaking of not being sad, Fang Ruhui's body began to weaken rapidly. From this incident to death, it was only two short years.

Her grandson Lu Qingjiu returned to Shuifu Village to help her officiate the funeral. He didn't know that there was another person watching him secretly during the funeral.

"Are you leaving?" my friend Yin Xun asked cautiously.

"Well, I have to finish school." Lu Qingjiu said, "I won't know afterwards..."

"Oh." Yin Xun tried to comfort his friend, "Then you must cheer, take care of your body, or grandma knows that it will be sad."

Lu Qingjiu showed a tired smile upon hearing the words. For some reason, my grandma refused to leave Shuifu Village. Even when he was seriously ill, he was unwilling to go to other places for treatment. At the time, his parents had an accident. He wanted to come back here to stay with his grandma, but his grandma used to study. The reason was rejected.

"You have to finish college at least." Grandma touched her grandson's hair, her tone was full of kindness, "Follow me, what is going on in the small mountain village, wouldn't it be a waste of your mother and Father’s hard work."

When my grandma said that, Lu Qingjiu could only say that when he finished college, he would come back to accompany his grandma. It didn't matter if he didn't leave Shuifu Village. We've been here all our lives.

Grandma laughed when she heard the words. She said: "Is it okay outside? What do you do when you come back? Grandma will be happy if you have a future. As for whether you can't get out... that doesn't matter."

When Lu Qingjiu heard the words, he thought in his heart that he must come back. Later, he graduated from university and wanted to come back, but his grandmother refused to agree. Lu Qingjiu originally wanted to grind his grandma to leave Shuifu Village, but he didn't expect that his grandma would have left without a result.

Not leaving with the old man was Lu Qingjiu's last regret in his life, and this regret continued until he returned to Shuifu Village.

Dongshen quietly waited for this to happen. He watched Ao Run become polluted, Fang Ruhui's daughter died tragically, Fang Ruhui died of illness, and Lu Qingjiu returned to Shuifu Village. It was like a strange reincarnation. He said to the people beside him: "If I didn't do this at the beginning, wouldn't all of this happen instead?"

The kid beside him didn't seem to understand the meaning of his words, and his expression was a little ignorant, Winter God...No, it is Xuanyu to be precise, and laughed: "Well, you don't understand it yet, but it doesn't matter. You will understand soon."

I don't know when it started, but Winter God was also contaminated. He didn't even realize when he was polluted and why he was polluted. He is a **** with weak emotions. Only his strong love for humans drove him to do all this.

Could it be that this kind of feeling is too ardent that caused one's soul to be contaminated? Xuan Yu didn't understand it, so she didn't think about it.

Fortunately, he quickly found a solution to the pollution. He split his soul into two, allowing the part controlled by the ** to exist as the real winter god, while he was stripped of his power, but saved memory.

As long as the two realms merge, humans will rely more on him. He can protect humans and make them no longer afraid of themselves. As for when the time comes, if you don't believe that being killed can't be resurrected, it has never been in the consideration of Winter God.

Not surprisingly, the soul completely occupied by the ** did what Xuan Yu expected. He left Xuan Yu and chose to cooperate with Zhulong.

Xuan Yu had no strength, and his body began to become weak, only appearing in the coldest time. He thought it was a little ridiculous. It turned out that not only the dragons, but even the gods are full of **, this ** is the source of pollution, even a small unwillingness, after infinite amplification, will be full of destructive power.

Fortunately, everything was in accordance with the development of Xuanyu's plan, Lu Qingjiu returned, and returned to Shuifu Village just like his fate.

At this time, Xuan Yu also understood the meaning of the old tree hexagram, why the guardian would cut off from the generation of Lu Qingjiu.

Lu Qingjiu actually fell in love with Yinglong Aoyue. The two were males, so naturally there was no possibility of reproducing offspring. Even Lu Qingjiu thought that with Ao Yue’s exclusive temperament, there was only a little possibility that would emerge. Sex would be ruthlessly obliterated, and Ao Yue would not be reasonable enough to consider human inheritance.

"Ah, it's really interesting." Xuanyu walked in the wind and snow, but he was enjoying the feeling of the cold snow falling on his cheek. The corner of his mouth was a gentle and compassionate smile, "Lu Qingjiu, what will you do in the end? Choose."

He has always been a tolerant person and will not force people to make choices. Lu Qingjiu can choose to save the world, or he can choose to leave with Bai Yuehu. Of course, Lu Qingjiu's final choice also determines the fate of mankind.

There seemed to be a flash of golden light on the horizon, and a red dragon spied on it. Xuanyu stood in the snow and saw a blue ice butterfly dancing and surging towards him.

He closed his eyes, and the smile at the corner of his mouth became even brighter.

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