Every Day One Step Closer To the Manifestation - Chapter 398 to restrain

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Feng Yi didn't know that Brother Bao was questioning their ancestors with abundant martial arts virtues.

After careful attention to the wind direction on the Internet for a few days, Feng Yi gradually felt relieved.

His collection does make some people think that he loves snakes deeply, which leads to some magical magic. As for whether this kind of thinking is an evil thought, the benevolent sees benevolence, and the evil sees evil.

However, those are not important, as long as the purpose is achieved.

And those unexpected developments can also be seen as small fluctuations in the implementation of the plan.

No matter how many fluctuations there are in this process and how much psychological pressure I bear, until now, I can finally feel more at ease. The embarrassment and shame passed, as did the anxiety and anxiety.

Feng Yi's life continued.

It's just that when walking or running in the community, he always feels that other people's eyes are full of strange conjectures when he meets the surrounding residents.

no problem.

The most embarrassing time has passed, this kind of level is not painful, and the lethality is not great!

The community where he lives has not been disturbed too much, but the collection hall has suddenly become a place for Internet celebrities to check in. The collection hall is not open to the public now. This has been said a long time ago, but it cannot stop everyone's curiosity about it.

There are also some people who are overwhelmed with curiosity, or have some other purpose, intending to sneak inside to take pictures...or, steal?

As the live video spread, most people focused on his "artistic modeling", and a small group of people paid more attention to those realistic and extremely detailed animal models, while a small group of people paid more attention to his "artistic modeling". , while studying Feng Yi's artistic modeling, those accessories that are suspected to be real gems!

If it is an ordinary person, no one will guess in the direction of the real gem, but who is Feng Yi? Shareholders of the ancestor factory!


What if the gemstones adorning the statue were real?

Even if not all of them are true, as long as one of them is true, it will make some people think illegally.

In this regard, Xiaoyi's team has already taken precautions, and there will be special personnel responsible for handling such incidents.

Of course, most of the people who went to the location of the collection hall just deliberately punched in and took a photo.

However, there are too many construction sites near Xiaofeng Mountain, which is prone to accidents. Feng Yi asked the staff of the collection hall to pay more attention to the surroundings, and if they found anything wrong, they would help solve it as soon as possible.

In addition, Feng Yi also asked everyone not to run there on social media. The collection hall has been closed recently, and many plots around the collection hall are still under construction, which is quite chaotic. I strongly recommend that you wait until the completion Go on.

But there are still people squatting outside the collection hall.

According to the staff of the collection hall, the people who squat there may be gossip lovers or entertainment reporters related to self-media. If you block people, you will make a lot of money!

But Feng Yi will not go there in the near future.

In addition to the trend on the Internet, Feng Yi is also waiting for the attitude of the United Nations Insurance Bureau.

His actions this time, relatively speaking, are indeed too bold and unconventional, and the people in the UNPA may not like it.

On the day of the opening ceremony, the people sent by the United Nations Insurance Bureau had ups and downs in emotional information, which could not be said to be good or bad, but they did not criticize immediately. Based on Feng Yi's understanding of the propaganda room, it is estimated that it is still under discussion and observation.

This wait is a week.

From the twilight of the morning to the scorching sun, I thought it would be another peaceful day, but on this day, Feng Yi received a call from the expert committee of the United Nations Insurance Bureau.

Not the propaganda room, but the people from the expert committee. "Participate in the meeting?" Feng Yi asked in surprise.

There was a seminar on ecology and climate, held in a tropical island country.

Feng Yi has also heard of it, and heard it mentioned in some expert chat groups that it is an international conference, and the participants are of relatively high level. After all, the number of places is limited, and Feng Yi is not competitive enough, but Accompanying personnel can apply. It's just that he didn't want to apply.

Unexpectedly, I would suddenly receive an official participation quota. "

Isn't the quota already determined? "Feng Yi asked.

"Well, but there are some unplanned things that need to be dealt with temporarily." The other side didn't elaborate. However, Feng Yi thought of the information he had learned from other experts in the past few days, and had a guess in his heart.

Because of the matter of the collection hall, many people have contacted him during this period of time. During the call, he also said some things that are inconvenient to say in the chat group.

Recently, the United Nations Insurance Bureau is strictly investigating bribery and other illegal operations. A small number of people take advantage of their positions to extort other people's property, including members of the expert group.

Among the people who were supposed to be sent to attend the conference, two of them were involved in some matters and could not leave for the time being, so they could only temporarily change people to attend.

It's just that Feng Yi didn't expect that the United Nations Insurance Bureau would give him one of the places.

Most of this matter is similar to what Feng Yi guessed, except that there was a dispute over the replacement quota. "After discussion, we finally decided on the replacement places, and one of the participation places was given to you." Said over there.

As soon as Feng Yi heard this, he knew that the publicity office's attitude towards him was still the same, and the cooperation was not terminated because of the collection's bold behavior this time.

If the publicity office really wants to end the cooperation with Feng Yi, the expert committee will not give priority to Feng Yi for such activities, even if it is a temporary quota.

In fact, when discussing the candidates, the United Nations Insurance Bureau also hesitated at first, whether to give Feng Yi this spot.

The matter of the collection let them know that this young man's style of acting is still too jumpy, and there are too many uncontrollable factors.

But after a few days, although there are many negative comments on the topic related to Feng Yi on the Internet, overall, it is really nothing.

This kind of matter can be big or small. Since the public doesn't have much opinion, there is no need to deal with it with a serious attitude. Let's give young people more opportunities.

Just let him go away for a while to let the heat on the Internet cool down.

"Considering that the time for participating in the conference is approaching, we need to confirm the quota and prepare for the conference. What is your intention?" asked the other side.

"Okay, I'm free." Feng Yi himself planned to disappear in front of the public for a while. If he didn't have this phone call, he still wanted to accept a mission in a remote area and escape first.

"Okay, I'll send you a link in the background here, you fill out the application, and the quota will be confirmed after submission. Oh yes, there are still a few days before the conference, you can sort out what you need to do when the time comes topics and reports.”

Feng Yi was opening the application page, and paused when he heard this: "I still need to make a report?" Don't I have to write another one?

For this kind of international meeting, the report to be made has a lot of attention in terms of format and theme. For those who are good at this aspect, of course, it can be handled within the specified time, but for Yu Fengyi, it is a great challenge. .

"It shouldn't be difficult for you?" The other side was uncertain.

In the eyes of the members of the expert committee, this kind of work is really not difficult, and it is also a good stage to share their own ideas and research results, which can enhance their influence.

Generally speaking, most experts will be very motivated to do this kind of work.

Feng Yi: "...or this quota should be given to other experts." Others are more worthy.

The person on the other side of the phone was silent, maybe he was discussing with other people, and then said after a while: "You don't have to make a report, this time the replacement candidate is really tight on time."

After the discussion, when Feng Yi submitted the application, he did not fill in the subject of the report, that is, he did not arrange a report.

"It's okay not to give a report. Go and have a look, listen to it, and communicate more with the seniors. Maybe you will have some new inspiration for your future career." Said the other side.

This internal investigation by the United Nations Security Bureau has indeed involved many people. Those people may not have committed crimes, but they need to cooperate with the investigation. Before the investigation is over, they will not be allowed to leave the country unless there are special circumstances. Otherwise, this quota would not be reserved for Feng Yi, a junior with seniority.

"Issues that need attention, as well as the itinerary, will send you an electronic document. The relevant procedures will be handled as soon as possible, and someone will give you

You send it over. You are ready. " said over there.

"Apart from these, are there any other requirements?" Feng Yi asked.

He knows that there are some requirements that will not be put on the surface, so, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com, he has to ask what other points to pay attention to.

"Well, it should be gone. You just need to exercise a little restraint. There are no other requirements. You can look at the electronic document first. If you have any questions, you can ask the commissioner who sent you the certificate. It will take two to three days to complete the procedure , there will be a commissioner to send you the relevant documents later.” Said over there.

"Okay!" It's not too much to ask.

After the conversation, Feng Yi submitted the application, and the final number of participants was confirmed.

Although there is no need to make a report, and the United Nations Insurance Bureau will assist in the formalities, but some things still need to be prepared in advance. Going to a meeting, of course, requires an interpreter.

In addition to his mother tongue, he only knows one or two international common languages. Depending on the location of the meeting and the nature of the meeting, there may be translation needs for minor languages.

In addition to translators, Feng Yi will also bring his own people. This time Feng Yi plans to bring Xiao Jia and Xiao Ding along.

Xiao B can speak several languages, but those that Xiao B can speak are the common languages ​​of the United Nations.

However, Xiaoding's skills are more inclined to small languages ​​other than the common language. Not necessarily proficient, but more or less. Feng Yi arranged things at home, and two days later, a commissioner from the United Nations Insurance Bureau sent him the documents.

In the living room, the two sat at the table facing each other. The commissioner took out the documents from the file bag and handed them over.

When Feng Yi was about to pick it up, the commissioner suddenly pressed it down again. Feng Yi cast a puzzled look.

The commissioner looked serious, thinking of what the people in the publicity room said before he came here, he reminded again: "This trip is not difficult, but please exercise restraint!" Feng Yi replied seriously: "Of course! Cherish the opportunity, listen more, see more, communicate more, I understand .”

Hearing this reply, the commissioner's expression softened slightly. The people in the publicity room should be relieved.

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