Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 6012 end

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There is no immortal dynasty in the world, nor is there an immortal force.

As the years passed and the ages passed, the Twelve True Palaces that ruled the real world for more than 200,000 stellar years were completely destroyed, existing only in name only.

With the fall of the Guihai Demon Knife, no one in the real world can defeat Lu Ming and stand against the edge of the Dragon Alliance.

The Dragon League develops at an astonishing speed and dominates the real universe world, and countless powerful players come to vote.

Even the remnants of the ancestors of the creators in the major true halls, after learning that "I am willing to surrender!"

"I surrender too!"

The army was defeated like a mountain, and in the end, even the disciples of the Blood Hall itself, the strong ones, began to surrender.

Some diehards, who refused to surrender, were killed directly.

Not long after, the fighting ceased, and almost all the strongmen in the Bloody Hall surrendered. A few Supremes broke through the siege and fled, while the remaining Supremes surrendered.

The emperors were all defeated and fled, and they stubbornly resisted, and they were courting death!

A big battle is over.

After that, Lu Ming ordered the strong man to cooperate with Xuankong Mountain to engrave a formation in the Sea of ​​Consciousness of those who surrendered.

"Brother Lu, we meet again!"

The spirit of Jing Kong came gracefully and gracefully, with peerless grace, covered with water mist, ethereal like a fairy.

"Ethereal girl!"

Lu Ming cupped his fists.

Jing Kongling's eyes fell on Xie Nianqing, and a look of dumbness flashed across him, and he said: "I think this is Miss Xie Nianqing, she is really beautiful, so Brother Lu is willing to go to the Nine Nether Demon Realm in person!"

Xie Nianqing rolled her eyes, took Lu Ming's arm, and said, "Young lady, you are welcome!"

Then a voice came into Lu Ming's ears: "While I'm not here, do you know a lot of beauties? I said why did you attack the Blood Hall and not the Hanging Mountain? It turns out that there is a beautiful woman here waiting for you to save! "

Lu Ming smiled wryly, is this girl jealous?

Lu Ming's mind turned sharply, trying to find a reason to explain.


At this time, the space split open, and Mo Ye and Martial Emperor Yuexin walked out of the space crack.

"Mo Ye, what happened to the Blood Emperor of the Blood Palace?"

Lu Ming asked quickly.

"That guy's body was shattered, and the spirit **** was also severely injured by us. Unfortunately, he escaped with the severely injured spirit god!"

Mo Ye explained with some pity.

Lu Ming secretly sighed, the emperor is indeed powerful and difficult to kill, but with the joint efforts of two emperors of the same level, the blood emperor still escaped.

"However, although he escaped, in a short period of time, there will be no troubles. His spirit and spirit were severely injured, and he fled desperately. The remaining strength is not much!"

Mo Ye explained.

"This time, thank you Brother Mo Ye for your help!"

At this time, Martial Emperor Yuexin opened his mouth and cupped his fists at Mo Ye.

Martial Emperor Yuexin, very beautiful, looks like he is only in his thirties, he doesn't look like a powerful emperor who has been famous in Central Continent for nearly ten thousand years.

"Haha, don't thank me, I'm just following orders, if you want to thank, you should also thank Commander Lu Ming!"

Mo Ye smiled and looked at Lu Ming.

Martial Emperor Yuexin looked at Lu Ming, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Mo Ye, actually obeyed Lu Ming's orders?

It is really rare in the world for an emperor to take orders from a young junior.

"I've seen Senior Yue Xin!"

Lu Ming cupped his fists at Martial Emperor Yuexin.

"Commander Lu is very polite, how about we go into the mountain and talk about it?"

Moon Heart Martial Emperor said.

Lu Ming and the others nodded, followed Yuexin Martial Emperor, Jing Kongling and others into the Hanging Mountain, and sat down in a hall.

"This time, thank Commander Lu for leading the army to help, otherwise, the Hanging Mountain will be in danger!"

Martial Emperor Yuexin thanked Lu Ming again.

"Emperor Wu is polite, the ethereal girl from Xuankong Mountain, brother Chu Kuang and I are old acquaintances, and it is only right to help!"

After Lu Ming finished speaking, he pondered for a while, and said: "Central Continent is in great chaos today, and all major forces are fighting. If they are divided, they will be weak, and if they are united, they will be strong. Lu Ming wants to form an alliance with Xuankong Mountain and advance and retreat together. What does Emperor Wu think?"


Martial Emperor Yuexin, Jing Kongling, and other supreme figures in Xuankong Mountain were all taken aback, their eyes revealing thoughtful expressions.

Martial Emperor Yuexin pondered for a moment, and said, "I don't know if Senior Xie Luanxie is here?"

"Senior Xie is in the old nest of the Blood-Raining Palace. At this time, the Blood-Raining Palace may have fallen into the hands of Senior Xie!"

Lu Ming said.

"Two alliances, Commander Lu, can you represent Senior Xie?"

Martial Emperor Yuexin spoke.

Obviously, Lu Ming still doesn't hold enough weight in the eyes of Martial Emperor Yuexin.

"Don't worry, Commander Lu can make the decision on behalf of the Demon Ancestor!"

On the side, Mo Ye spoke.

This made Yuexin Martial Emperor, Jing Kongling and others secretly startled.

Unexpectedly, Lu Ming had such great power in Xie Luan's forces.

Yue Xin's eyes flickered slightly, and all the rumors she heard about Lu Ming kept flashing in her mind.

"This son has a bright future!"

Finally, Yue Xin's eyes lit up, and she said, "Okay, since that's the case, Xuankong Mountain forms an alliance with Commander Lu!"

She was talking about Commander Lu, not the one who messed with the emperor.

"Okay, Lu Ming, thank you Senior Yue!"

Lu Ming was overjoyed.

It is also of great benefit to Lu Ming to have one more ally.

At the moment, the two sides have carried out some simple ceremonies, which can be regarded as a formal alliance.

After the alliance was formed, Lu Ming bid farewell to Yue Xin and the others, because Xie Luan had sent news that the blood palace's lair was completely under control.

Lu Ming led the army and went straight to the Blood Hall.

The Bloody Hall has been completely occupied, the people who stayed behind in the Bloody Hall, those who surrendered surrendered, and those who were killed were killed.

All over the Xueluo Hall, there are masters from Wanmoyuan, and many of them are engraving formations in various parts of the Xueluo Palace, or are repairing some formations.

It didn't take long for Lu Ming and the others to arrive at the Blood Hall.

Blood Hall, the cross-border teleportation formation, gathered more than a dozen masters.

Xie Luan, Lu Ming, Mo Ye, etc. are all on the list.

"Lu Ming, I didn't expect that you are still the eldest son of the Eastern Wilderness Talisman Puppet Sect, but you don't have any spiritual fire. It's really strange!"

Xie Luan laughed.

Lu Ming smiled slightly, without further explanation.

"Senior, please help adjust the coordinates of the Fu Puppet Sect!"

Lu Ming said.

At the moment, a few supreme beings with stronger inscription and refining methods stepped forward to adjust the coordinates of the Fu Puppet Sect on the huge cross-border teleportation altar.

Lu Ming, on the other hand, closed his eyes slightly.

At this moment, in Fu Puppet Sect, a cave that had been closed for a long time suddenly opened, and Lu Ming's Ming Lian secondary body stepped out of it.

With a movement of his body, Lu Ming's secondary body walked towards Bai Shijin's mansion.

Not long after, Lu Ming's second body, Bai Shijin, Du Songjue, and two other Supreme Elders appeared here at the cross-border teleportation formation of Fu Puppet Sect.

"Xie Luan, the Emperor of Chaos, was born again?"

"You still formed an alliance to destroy the overlord's blood palace?"

Bai Shijin, Du Songjue and the others muttered to themselves, since Lu Mingci just briefly explained the situation in Central Continent, they are still in disbelief and have not recovered.

"Senior, everything is true now, let's adjust the coordinates of the Blood Hall and accept the teleportation request from there!"

Lu Ming said again.

"Okay, okay, haha, in this way, Di Yi won't be able to trap us!"

Bai Shijin laughed.

Others also smiled.

If they can connect with the overlord of Central Continent, they will no longer have to be afraid of Di Yi's siege, and even if the Liangyi formation is broken, they will still have a way out.

At the moment, they began to adjust the coordinates.

The teleportation array must be agreed by both parties before it can be teleported. It cannot be teleported if one side wants to teleport.

Otherwise, if one of them is suddenly teleported to another force, wouldn't it be possible to break through from the inside? Naturally it is impossible.

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