Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5816 kill

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When they mastered the great defense formation of the Imperial Capital of Dayue, they took the initiative.

If the Emerald Clan and the Chijin Clan were both fake and both came from the Ancient Cunning Palace, it would be impossible to watch the other side be destroyed.

If the Emerald Clan can take action to suppress the Red Gold Clan, then the Emerald Clan can be completely trusted.

The Emperor of Dayue, with a group of masters, hurried away.

Not long after, the Emperor of Dayue brought everyone back with joy.

Lu Ming knew that most of the Emeralds were invited back. As for the price paid, only the Emperor of Dayue knew.

Time flies, and soon, night falls.

A group of people quietly left, heading towards somewhere in the city wall.

This group of people covered themselves with runes, restrained their breath, and walked in the dark night without knowing it.

It is a strong man of the red gold clan.

Soon, they came to a city wall somewhere.

This place is an important formation base for the defense formation.

There are seven important formations in the defense formation. As long as one is destroyed, the power will drop sharply.

Before, although Jun Buyue destroyed one place, but that place was moved by Lu Ming, so Jun Buyue destroyed that one formation base and had no effect on the formation.

But now there is no transfer.

"Shoot quickly. Before the other party can react, destroy this place and go to the next place. As long as two or three formation bases are destroyed in a row, the Emperor Dayue can be broken."

The one in the lead transmits the voice to the others.

The next moment, they shot.

Their shots are very hidden, their strength is hidden, and more than a dozen immortal soldiers are about to fall on the formation base.

Suddenly, the formation base was bright, and a big bell appeared, blocking all the dozen attacks.

At the same time, the silhouette flickered, and more than a dozen masters of the Chijin clan were surrounded by them.

"Wait for you for a long time."

The Emperor of Dayue appeared with a cold face.

In addition, Lu Ming, the national master Haoshou, the six army leaders, and the people from the Jade Clan also appeared together.

"It's hit!"

The hearts of more than a dozen Chijin clan experts sank.

The person in the lead was red all over, his head was as sharp as a knife, his face remained calm, and he said, "What do you want to do? We are from the True Jade Palace, and you are careful to kill yourself."

"From the Supreme Jade Palace, how can you secretly destroy the formation base? Today, you will die if your tongue is as yellow as yellow."



The big bell buzzed and pressed down towards the masters of the Chijin clan.

There are sixteen people in the Chijin clan, of which there are seven in the half-step universe and nine in the Nine Transformation Immortal King.

At this time, with the seven half-step universes as the core, the nine nine-transformation immortal kings assisted, gathered together, the breaths converged, condensed into a red gold sword, swept out, opened the thunder flame, and then slammed, and The big bells banged together.

But the big bell hummed, motionless like a mountain, and continued to suppress it.

"Fight, you go."

A half-step cosmos level Scarlet Gold clan roared, the body swelled sharply, the crimson immortal light boiled, and directly slammed into the big bell with the flesh.


The sky-shattering roar broke out, and this master of the red gold clan actually blew himself up. With the power of self-destruction, he knocked the big bell backwards and bought time for others.

"Let's go separately and spread the news to Lord Hua Shijian."

The leading Chijin clan gave a low voice and rushed towards somewhere like an electric light.

The other Chijin tribes spread out and rushed in all directions.

But here, but in the Imperial Capital of Dayue, the Emperor of Dayue and others were already prepared, only to see the sky filled with rays of light, turning into terrifying beams, bombarding more than a dozen red gold tribes.

This is also the embodiment of the attack of the Great Defense Array.

The fifteen masters of the Red Gold Race were blocked as soon as they dispersed.

And the big bell continued to suppress it, this time it was aimed at the leader of the Chijin clan. At the same time, the Half-step Universe and the Nine Transformations Immortal King in the Imperial Capital of Dayue also took action and cooperated with the formation to surround and kill the Chijin clan.

"Envoys, please help and strangle the enemy."

The Emperor of Dayue spoke to Cui Xin, the leader of the Jade Clan.

This move is also meant to be tentative.

If the Emerald Clan really strangled the Chijin Clan, it would mean that the Emerald Clan was completely credible and was definitely not a group with the Chijin Clan.

In the eyes of these superiors, the natives of the Xia tribe are like dust, and they will never sacrifice a dozen masters in order to win a Dayue imperial capital and act with the Jade tribe.

In their eyes, even if the people in the Imperial Capital of Dayue were all dead, it would not be as important as they came alone.

"The Chijin clan dares to pretend to be the superior clan of the Supreme Jade Palace, and they should be strangled."

How could Cuixin not understand one of the emperors of Dayue, but she didn't care, the Chijin clan should have died.


Cuixin ordered to kill first, she raised her hand and hit an emerald mountain, killing a half-step universe of the Chijin tribe.

Cuixin's strength is extremely strong, and the chaotic meanings that he has incorporated exceed 30,000, and are close to 40,000. His combat power is not weaker than Hua Xun.

There are many masters in the Zun clan, but there are also top masters in the upper clan.


The half-step universe of the Scarlet Gold Race was defeated, and it was blasted apart. Then a beam of light fell, and most of the body and fairy soul were wiped out.

Then Cuixin's attack came again, and after this several times, the half-step universe of the red gold tribe was completely killed.

At the same time that Cui Xin shot, all the other Jade Clan members also shot.

With the cooperation of the Emerald Clan and the Dayue Emperor, and the cooperation of the Great Defense Array, there was no suspense in this battle. The sixteen Chijin Clan couldn't even escape, and were strangled one by one.

Soon the three strongest Chijin tribes remained, still desperately resisting.

winter winter...

Suddenly, the sound of war drums resounded throughout the Imperial Capital of Dayue.

"Your Majesty, the enemy is attacking the city at a very fast speed and will arrive soon."

An anxious voice sounded.

"Masters, return to your positions immediately and take charge of the great formation of protecting the city."

The Emperor of Dayue made a decisive order.

Boom boom boom!

As soon as the voice fell, a violent roar sounded, and the entire Dayue Imperial Capital vibrated violently.

"Hahaha, the masters of the Ancient Cunning Temple have arrived, and you will all be destroyed."

A Crimson Clan expert laughed.


Cui Xin blasted the red gold clan with a punch.

And those military lords in the Imperial Capital of Dayue have returned to their respective positions to dominate the formation eyes of the great defense formation, urging the formation.

With the addition of the half-step universe, the power of the formation has greatly increased, and the huge figure in the sky is magnificent, and the restored battle axe is headed to the east.

The place that was attacked was in the east.

Lu Ming also flickered and landed on the city wall somewhere.

This city wall is also an important formation base.

This formation base, which originally did not exist, was secretly altered by Lu Ming and turned into a hidden formation base that no one else knew about.

Standing here, Lu Ming was able to mobilize the power of the defense formation. Since he was lying in this muddy water, Lu Ming naturally wanted to leave a way out for himself.

As for the rest of the Red Gold Clan, I believe that the Emperor of Dayue and the Emerald Clan will get it done soon.

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