Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1109 last battle

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  Chapter 1109 The Last Battle

  Ms. Sun Elf continuously mentioned the name of Laloc, but this gave him some ideas.

  And if there is really some calculation in it...

   "The key to the golden scroll!"

   "The absolute secret hidden in Larlock!"

   "She has pointed out twice in a row, if she really has a plan, it is clearly intentional, and she wants me to pay attention to Lalock!"

  He paid attention to Laroque. Although Laroque was unfathomable, he never dared to ignore it.

  In this way...

   "Could it be that among the people she is wary of, there is also Laroque?"

   "Lalock is the king of arcane in the era of the magic dynasty. In his era, he was the one in the city of ghosts. Compared with him, he was just an ordinary great arcanist."

   "She is wary of him... Could it be that she is worried about whether Laroque will join forces with the City of Shadows, or even subdue the City of Ghosts?"

  Those thoughts flashed through his mind, but Isaac felt something was wrong.

   Although his conjectures are theoretically possible, but...

   "Still wrong."

   "It's impossible for her not to know that with the arrival of the Year of the Dragon Madness, most of my energy is concentrated in the cold place. No matter how secret Larlock has, I can't pay attention to the past now."

   And now he won't pay attention to the past, and the idea of ​​trying to use him to contain Lalock is obviously not valid.


   "Maybe there is still the meaning of using my power to contain Laroque."

   "However, her intention is probably not for the moment!"

"more likely…"

  A thought suddenly appeared, and Isaac's eyes narrowed unknowingly.

   If it is not the present, but the future, could it be related to the matter of the goddess of magic?

  By that time, he would have already finished all the things in the cold place!


   "What is the secret that can make her so confident, as long as I know it, I will definitely pay attention to Lalock?"

   In the blink of an eye, the lightning of many thoughts flashed by.

  Although Isaac has a lot of curiosity in his heart, he is not in a hurry.

  Perhaps in this person's view, the secrets of Larlock's body can attract his attention.

   However, this is the case, and that is the future.

  At this time, he naturally didn't need to be in a hurry.

  Especially, if this guy really wanted to use his power to contain Laroque, even if he didn't this time, he would definitely tell him the secret in other ways in the future.

   "I agree with the matter of Gray Cloak Mountain."

   "But at the underground lair, I'm afraid I may not have enough time, so I might as well watch it later."

   While speaking, Isaac showed a little apology.

  Although she didn't directly refuse, the Sun Elf lady on the opposite side can naturally feel the meaning of polite refusal.

  The secret of making the "Gem of Shadow Learning", and the communication on the manufacture of sacred artifacts, such gains can already satisfy him.

   He is either not interested in Larroche's secrets, or... he is just vigilant, of course, it may also be a taboo!

   Regarding this, Si Linxi did not change her expression.

  If this person is willing to take down Gray Mantle Mountain, the situation on Efraska's side is also settled.

  The next battle in the underground lair, without this person, is actually not a big problem.

   After all, it is not impossible for her to put in more effort in the underground environment!

  As for Laroque...it's still early, and she still has enough time to make the layout slowly!

  At that moment, Si Linxi nodded slightly: "As His Majesty wishes, we will take down Gray Mantle Mountain first, and then look at the rest."

  After finalizing this agreement, the two of them started the substantive discussion on the manufacture of sacred artifacts with the topic of "Knowledge of Film and Television Gems" as the central topic.

   In this way, it was not until the early morning of the second day, when the sky gradually began to light up, that Isaac personally sent this one out.

   While watching this one off, the figure disappeared into the sky directly...

   "Worthy of being the legendary High Mage!"

   "Worthy of being a master of elf high magic!"

   "Such levels, such profound..."

   There was a slight flicker in Isaac's eyes.

  The communication with this lady initially focused on the manufacture of sacred vessels, but as the progress progressed, it was inevitable that their discussions would also involve some other aspects.

  It is because of these concerns...

   It is a very clear feeling, whether it is breadth or depth, this lady even made him feel unattainable!

   However, Isaac was not surprised by this.

  This lady is the greatest high mage in the history of the Elf King's Court. It can be said that there is no secret of high magic in the Elf King's Court that she cannot touch.

   Not only that, the changes in the later period of the Elven King's Court, especially the birth of Myth Drannor, also integrated many civilized races.

  Indispensable, this person must have also come into contact with the magical civilization of these races.

   In addition, she is also the chosen of the goddess of magic, an ancient elf who is thousands of years old!

   In addition, there are rumors that during the hundreds of years since she left the elf court, she also seems to have gone to the kingdom of Avand of the elves and gods!

  Whether there is direct contact with the gods or communication with other elven civilizations from other planes, the improvement will never stop!

   compared to her.

Isaac is just a green dragon in the first hundred years. Especially, in the early decades, he encountered various changes, not to mention getting in touch with advanced magic knowledge, even a stable learning environment. No.

   It is perfectly normal to be inferior to this lady in terms of accumulation and background.

   "Her levels..."

   "I'm afraid that even the 'Witch King' may not be able to match it!"

   This "King of Witches" is naturally not Laila or Simbuban, who used to be a spellcaster with the title of "Witch Queen" or "Queen of Witchcraft".

   What Isaac was referring to was the one in the encounter in "Line Lost City".

Although what happened at the time was not the true body of the "Witch King", but Isaac had a feeling at the time that it was probably not as good as that one even if Hailast's madness was not there. .

  But at this time, after having this contact with Ms. Sirinxi.

  He felt it again.

  Of course the "King of Witches" is already unfathomable enough, and it is even faintly at the end of the road of destiny.

  But still, he still felt that Ms. Sirinxi might be on a higher level than the "Witch King", at least half a step further!

  If it wasn't so, how could he feel as if the incarnation of the goddess of magic came to him the first moment he saw this person?

   "That is to say, she is limited by certain reasons or restrained, and she is temporarily unable to make a public move."

   "Otherwise, those magic sunflowers trapped by the 'Shadow Shield' may not necessarily require my action, and they will not be able to cause any trouble!"

  With this lady's level and ability, and there are several Belém Liches here, this is enough for her to perform the "Infinite Ritual".

   With her extraordinary achievements in the high magic field, once the "Infinite Ritual" starts...

  Although Isaac is conceited, he doesn't think that his "Days Ritual" will be as powerful as this "Infinite Ritual".

  The "Infinite Ritual" combined with the energy suspected of "abusing the essence of magic", so it is a high magic that is much more powerful than the usual legendary spells, especially the "trivial".

   Those felin mokui who were already trapped couldn't stop it, but this couldn't be more normal!

   "Unfortunately, after today, if you want to communicate with her like this, or even ask her for advice, you will not have many opportunities!"

  After a few flashes of light in his eyes, Isaac still suppressed the trace of regret in his heart, and turned back into the study.

   At this time, it is not yet time for the resumption of the war, and he still has time to recall and record some of the previous exchanges.

  Of course, it is indispensable that his telepathic fluctuations also silently spread to the surroundings.

   "Get ready, we will stay here for another half day!"

   Naturally, it spread to the Lich Archmage and others, as well as his loyal servants of dragon vein warlocks and shadow guards.

  In response, although the crowd didn't walk out directly, they all opened their eyes at once.

   Prepare for battle again!


   Not only are they preparing for battle, but the elves are even more so.

  Seeing that the final recovery is approaching, after some rest, the elves consciously integrated themselves early.

  As if echoing their impatience, the sky quickly lit up.

  When the light of the rising sun, from above the sky, crossed the "shadow shield", it brought light to the resistance fortress.

  The integration has been completed, and the elf army has also begun to move out.

  Almost at the same time, the army that had been sticking to the "Shadow Shield" also started to march.

  Like two long dragons, the two armies are pointing to the dark mountain north of the royal city.

"The location of Gray Cloak Mountain is the magic barrier created by Felim Mokui. This barrier not only hinders prophecy and detection, but also has the effect of hindering teleportation. In addition, all non-evil camps that want to pass through the barrier creatures, if they cannot complete the tough resistance, they will also suffer from the direct death effect of negative energy..."

  Leila, Kelben and the others naturally gathered with Isaac again at this time.

  Laila, who had almost fallen into it before, was naturally the most familiar with the dangerous environment of Gray Cloak Mountain.

  Introduction at this time, she is talking to Isaac, including Galeron and Ms. Luha.

  At this time, Ms. Sirinxi had already disappeared.

  When she was not nearby and did not cast magic, especially when she did not cast the tenth-level magic, this was Isaac, and her whereabouts could not be directly determined.

  However, Isaac didn't pay much attention to this, and he didn't deliberately investigate anything.

  This one doesn't want to show up, and he doesn't need to expose anything.

  I have obtained what I want, and further discussion, or asking for advice, has also been completed.

  He just wanted to get rid of this side as soon as possible, so that he could end and leave sooner!

   And it was their side, marching swiftly toward Graycloak Mountain.

   Deep in the dark and deep mountains.

   "Two rounds of ceremony!"

  Looking into the distance, not only the army, but even the magic battleship, and even the golem construction, no longer afraid of being destroyed, came together.

Since it was the resurrection of the Thunder leader, Scarlet leader Simpson said solemnly and solemnly: "Our primary threat is not the giant dragon, but the one who has been hiding and can control all of us to cast spells normally. .

With the protection of the enchantment, and its hindrance to prophecy and detection, I will attack the elf with ritual spells. If he wants to break through the interference of the enchantment and interfere with me again, there may be signs of exposure …

   But in order to deal with the next war and the attack of that dragon, I will only perform two rituals at most.

  If these two rituals are interrupted, but you haven’t found that person, if you haven’t been able to snipe him…”

  With deep eyes, Simpson passed by all the demon sunflowers, but his voice stopped.

  If he is interrupted twice, but Samuel and Griffiths still cannot rule out this hidden deadly threat...

   "We will do our best!"

   "But if it still doesn't work when the time comes... here we can only give up and move to the ground together!"

  Samuel's voice sounded from one side.

  Yesterday, he was extremely aggrieved, and was crushed to death in that "giant mountain".

  The culprit is exactly who Simpson said.

  He hated this person deeply, but he also had a deep taboo.

  The ability to directly interfere with other people's spellcasting is really too threatening.

  So, I completely agree with Simpson, and getting rid of this person is their most important thing right now.

  If this person is not eliminated... then they can only retreat to the ground, and take advantage of the influence of the underground environment to try to counter it.

   It's just... But it's not safe.

  He has not forgotten that yesterday, he was under the ground, tearing up the entire earth for the giant dragon, and throwing it directly on the ground.

  Really go to the underground environment.

  For this legendary spell of the giant dragon, he still has difficulty in dealing with it.

   To deal with all this with the utmost confidence...

   On the side of Gray Cloak Mountain, the only way is to find and deal with the person who is hidden in the dark!

   "Let's get started!"

   "Before the attack over there comes, let's take the first shot and force this person to leave the team!"

   Thunder leader Griffiths also quickly agreed, and urged Simpson.

  The sooner you make a move, the better!

  If it is true that the army over there is overwhelmed, most importantly, if the giant dragon, Kelben and others join forces to kill them, they will get rid of that one again, which will be extremely difficult!

   At this time, Simpson has just been resurrected for him, and for him, it is imperative to treat him seriously.

   "Everyone, please help me!"

   Simpson nodded while looking at the other Mokui.

   Naturally, the assistant for the ceremony is required.

  In response to his telepathic message, five-headed magic sunflowers floated out immediately.

  Here, counting the three leaders, there are only ten magic sunflowers left.

  Although Ferrin Mokui has extremely powerful magical abilities individually, it is obviously weak when it comes to cooperative spellcasting.

  Even Simpson, who has barely mastered the elementary spell rituals, can only perform ritual spellcasting with five spellcasters at most.

   This greeting at this time is naturally the most powerful ritual casting!

  (end of this chapter)

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