Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2700 Sect’s Resurgence

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Chapter 2700 Sect’s Resurgence

Davis wasn't even stunned. His expression just turned amused, wondering what was going on as he imagined that his women were playing a prank on him. After all, he just came out after enjoying an intimate time with Evelynn, so he felt that they would more or less try to get back at him.

"Shirley, you got the facts wrong." However, Isabella spoke up, "Only a Prefecture of the Godwin Family has been destroyed, and they got many Prefectures, and the one that got destroyed was in the border, so their forces really haven't been diminished."

"But... our Aurora Cloud Gate came out unscathed after leveling their place. Isn't that cool?"

Shirley's eyes gleamed, causing Davis to blink.

They weren't kidding?

Davis and Evelynn exchanged glances with a bit of astonishment before the latter couldn't help but ask.

"What happened?"

Shirley then explained.

Apparently, it became a piece of big news in the First Haven World, spreading across Domains like wildfire that there was a huge force with Immortal Emperors at the helm sent to war by the Godwin Family to the Aurora Cloud Gate. However, it seemed that they were practically annihilated on the way by someone except for its Fifth Grand Elder, who turned out to be Nyx Godwin's grandfather.

But after that, just as the Godwin Family seemed to be gathering its forces, the warships of the Aurora Cloud Gate descended on the Western Godwin Prefecture and razed it to the ground.

This caused a worldwide sensation to occur as countless sects became shocked by this news, especially when they heard the Godwin Family didn't react to this blatant destruction caused on their grounds.

Everyone felt the Godwin Family had been intimidated into silence as there had been no news from them.

It was unknown who accomplished the feat of intimidating the Godwin Family from making a move again, but rumors spread that it was the legendary Void Dust Empress whose title resounded three hundred thousand years ago. She had disappeared from the world, having never shown her face, but now, it seemed that she had resurfaced, causing many powers to become alarmed!

The entire First Haven World was witnessing the resurgence of the power known as the Aurora Cloud Gate!

Shirley finished her story in a majestic and dramatic tone, causing Evelynn to be shocked.

They could tell the Void Dust Empress was supposed to be Stella Voidfield's mother, Wix Voidfield. However, she never expected the Godwin Family to get hurt as soon as they tried to attack the Aurora Cloud Gate.

Davis blinked. All this happened in one day? Right when he was enjoying his time with one of his wives?

The next time he entered seclusion, what was going to happen?

However, both he and Evelynn couldn't help but smile along with the others.

"Isn't our sect... too powerful?"

"That's right."

Mingzhi's lips curled as a melodious wave of laughter resounded from her as she responded to Davis. "I can't believe I'm not in a bottom-feeder sect. It's a given template, isn't it?"

"Right." Davis also laughed.

Even without him or Myria having to do anything much other than prove her innocence, the Aurora Cloud Gate practically stormed the Godwin Family and showed them who was the bigger brother in the First Haven World. This kind of action taken by the Aurora Cloud Gate exhilarated him and made him feel honored and glad to be a part of it.

After all, most sects will try to stay on the defensive if an establishment of equal strength tried to kill one of their main disciples, but the Aurora Cloud Gate went ahead and displayed that they would not tolerate an attack on them or their disciple.

Although there was a chance that it may have something to do with Saintess Lunaria, he didn't feel like that grand character intervened in this situation. If anything, he felt like the Void Dust Empress moved to protect her junior sister.

After all, Wix Voidfield and Myria were apprenticed to the same master, even if Myria was only an in-name disciple. It was more likely that Wix Voidfield asked Ellia to take care of Stella Voidfield in return, causing him to think that this speculation made sense.<.com>

"Everyone, I have another happy news to share."

Nonetheless, Davis swiftly raised his hand and held Evelynn's shoulder, "The first wife is pregnant."


Isabella and the others became shocked as their smiles faded away, replaced by another smile that was way more delighted than the previous one.

Instantly, his beauties swarmed Evelynn after pushing him away, asking her all kinds of questions after praising her into the heavens. They possessed the same doubt as them, wondering what the gender would be and how long the duration of the pregnancy would be.

Fortunately, Ellia was here to explain.

"This... I know for a female Earth Dragon Fey, it varies from one year to fifteen years, and for a female Three-Eyed Chromatic Hex Arachnid Fey, it varies from three years to eight years. I have never seen a rare mutation like Evelynn's, but we can assume that it's somewhere between the two. It's not an immortal child, so the period should be to three to four years."

Ellia spoke with all seriousness, but then, she blushed as she recalled the last person Davis dual cultivated with was her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have said the last sentence with certain.


"No, no. It's fine." Evelynn shook her hands gently, "If it was an immortal seed, then the odds of me getting pregnant would be abysmal. I have you sisters to thank as you took care of him when he didn't have us to make him comfortable."

"Rather than making him comfortable... he helped us cultivate, though." Natalya wryly smiled while Tanya also couldn't help but giggle.

Davis rubbed the bridge of his nose in embarrassment over their blindingly bright care for him and honesty before turning to look at Niera.

"Niera, if I'm not present during the time you give birth, will you be able to handle the heavenly tribulation by yourself?"

"It should be easy..."

Niera placed her finger on her chin, appearing unsure. After all, the birth of an immortal child would attract a heavenly tribulation, and the strength of the heavenly tribulation was the average of the father and mother's cultivation base exactly at the time of conception.

Niera felt that she should be able to easily clear the heavenly tribulation even after giving birth, but she wasn't sure since the father was an Anarchic Divergent. Who knew the rules for that?

Davis nodded, thinking that he should be able to be there with her during that time. However, the Candidacy would also be near by then, and he wouldn't know what he would be doing at that time. However, he didn't whine about it nor think that it was a mess as he was glad to have his children brought into this world before he could actually die of some random fucked up or skewed reason, for he didn't think he would die of battle in the same level.

That was his confidence but also his pride.

Nonetheless, he suddenly walked towards a crimson-robed woman and grabbed her soft hands.

"Zestria, I'm afraid that I would have to delay our intimacy time by a bit."

Zestria blushed as she shook her head, "My love, I'm honored to be just in your presence, for I know you work hard to protect our children and us."

Davis's shoulders drooped, not expecting Zestria to utter sweet words of praise and recognition. The others also smiled in delight. When they acted like this, even if it was just not their true emotion as they would want to be embraced by him deeply, he couldn't help but want to cuddle and pamper them.

Still, he kept his smile and turned to look at the others.

"Everyone, time is ticking, and with the Godwin Family having been partly destroyed, I don't think they would completely rein in their fury and would make a move sooner or later, so what we need to do is cultivate and become stronger as much as we could. To that end, let's go... shopping."

Hearing that word as Davis pointed into the distance as though he was an explorer, everyone's eyes couldn't help but gleam with excitement.

After all, procuring resources from the deep reserves of the Aurora Cloud Gate meant... becoming even stronger!

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