Dark Savages Come To the United States - Chapter 1030 Vidian is a little frivolous stranger

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At the gate of Burning Hell, Li Min rudely brought Barr to this place.

"I thought you would send Baal back in another way." Yin Na said standing behind Li Min.

"I originally planned to do so, and even planned to make Barr never come back, but he gave a condition that I couldn't refuse." Li Min said.

In this matter, Li Min did not feel happy, and even anger was burning in his heart.

Although now is not the best time to deal with Barr, such opportunities are indeed rare.

It is not always possible to see a weak Baal, Rasma paid enough to escape, and Baal is the same!

"It seems that you didn't intend to tell me the content of this condition, but it doesn't matter." Yin Na glanced at Barr, who was a little embarrassed.

She was extraordinarily calm.

Yin Na doesn't like demons, but this kind of dislike is not enough to make Yin Na gloat over demons.

Yin Na herself is the top being in the Nephalem legend, but she rarely does anything because of her emotions.

The **** of the sky is not only her title, but also Yin Na's life-long act to make other Nephalem willingly regard Yin Na as a god-like existence.

Humans and gods?

Among the Nephalems, humans and gods are completely separated, and gods should not have human nature. This is also the simplest understanding among the Nephalems.

Therefore, in some relatively formal occasions, the archangels and the seven demon kings were never called gods by Nephalem.

Even for a guy like the Three Demon Gods, Nephalem only regards "demon" as the key point.

"Yin Na, I need you to directly bomb everything around the Burning Hell." Li Min said.

She knew that Vidian was within this range, and Vidian could not withstand even the slightest attack from Yin Na at this time.

With just a little bit of damage, Vidian, the demon king, can be completely sent back to the burning **** to be reborn.

Li Min doesn't care whether Vidian loses her so-called freedom in such a change, she just needs to find Nephalem.

"Wait!" Bulkesso walked directly through the portal and stood in front of Li Min.

"I have something to ask Vidian. I don't want to wait until the Burning Hell has cleaned Vidian's soul to find the answers I need from the fragments."

As he spoke, Bourkesso directly glanced at his surroundings.

Vidien is probably within this range. Although there is a possibility of stunning snakes, Vidien has no chance of escaping!

"I thought you both had your own things to do," Yin Na said.

It's a little strange to meet Bourkesso and Li Min directly in this place.

They all have their own affairs, but in this place they appeared together on the periphery of the Burning Hell.

"That's not something you need to worry about." Bourkesso said angrily.

"Let you see me so embarrassed, this makes me a little bit lost." Baal was dragged to the ground by the power of arcane magic, looking particularly embarrassed.

But his voice was still full of that lofty taste.

"Bal, it seems that I should end you directly, in that case at least you won't be so humiliated." Bourkesso frowned.

"It's ridiculous, when did everything change start? Did Uldyssian change everything? Or earlier?" Baal smiled.

At this time, the arcane chains wrapped around him disintegrated little by little.

Although he has not returned to the Burning Hell, Baal, who is on the periphery, has been able to recover his strength through this.

This is still not enough for him to defeat Li Min and Bourkesso.

"It just so happened that you came. I planned to go to you after I dealt with Barr's affairs. I was worried that I would not be able to catch up." Li Min said.

During this time, she kept thinking about what Barr said before.

"The barbarian is Lilith's most satisfying work" Li Min couldn't care less.

"Looks like you know something that requires me to suspend my original plan." Bourkesso glanced at Li Min.

As he spoke, he stomped his foot directly.

A piece of anger rose directly from the place where he stepped on, and in just one breath, it completely wrapped the periphery of the burning hell.

This time the level of energy is not high, it just makes it impossible for the weakest demon to pass through this blockade.

But for Vidian at this time, this blockade has made it impossible for him to continue to escape.

"I can't tell you the original content of the intelligence, but the conclusions I got after analysis should not be affected by this," Li Min said.

She had ignored Baal's presence.

Li Min has always been arrogant and always looks forward with his head held high.

Looking down at the embarrassed Baal? It's not something she would do.

"I have to catch Videen first, and then we can talk. Don't worry, it won't take much time," Bourkesso said.

When Yin Na heard the words, she directly separated out the phantom body that was hard to tell with the naked eye, and started to check along the range shrouded in anger.

Vidian has nowhere to run!

Not long after, a tiny Vidian, like a bug, was directly pinched by Yin Na's phantom body and brought over.

"Let go of me!" Vidian's little bug body shouted while struggling.

The voice was sharp and harsh, causing people to frown.

"A little thing, I think you don't need the authority of jealousy and despair? It doesn't seem like it was in your plan from the beginning?" Li Min glanced at Vidian, with a bit of disgust on his face.

"At whose hands did Recko die!?" Bulkesso looked at Vidien and said.

His voice was like thunder!

"You want to know? You can never know from me!" Vidian shouted in despair.

The king of jealousy, Vidian, has long been a lunatic. A guy who takes jealousy as the meaning of his existence can never be a normal existence in the eyes of a human being.

"Whatever you think, but you will get a not very happy ending." Bourkesso's eyes became a little manic.

Of course he will not remain in the normal and permanent torment of Vadern's existence.

Demons, as long as the opportunity is completely eliminated, then it must be done!

A long time will give them more opportunities to confuse others and then regain their freedom.

Bulkesso doesn't intend to give Vidian this opportunity at all. It is inevitable to kill Vidian directly, but this process will not make Vidian feel good!

"Burning my soul with anger? Or crushing my body with a stone mill? Whatever you want! You can't get anything from me!" Vidian let out a shrill laughter.

He lost, but as a loser, Vidien won't let the winner get his wish!

Bulkasso was at a loss for a moment, because he really intended to end Vidien in this way.

But after being directly said by Vidian, Bulkesso was a little hesitant to do it according to the original plan.

"Since you can't ask for the information you want, how about I end Vidien? Mage has more methods than barbarians." Li Min smiled.

She saw Burkeseau's embarrassment.

Bulkesso glanced at Vidien, then nodded.

He wouldn't think that Vidian, who became the Demon King, didn't even have the will to not speak, and the means by which demons interacted with each other was much more than that of humans.

Perhaps the torture that humans can come up with is just something that they have experienced many times since their birth.

After Li Min saw Burkesso nod, he then called out a black hole. Around the black hole, there were innumerable auras of imitation authority that Li Min had learned and mastered by himself.

"I've always wondered what it would be like for a demon king's soul to be consumed by the power of authority." Li Min explained a little.

Yin Na directly let that phantom throw Vidian's soul into Li Min's black hole!

In an instant, Vidian's already weak body turned into an indescribable object.

With every breath, I could see the breath of authority in that mass being refined.

"Li Min, you shouldn't plan to take the power of jealousy and despair as your own, right? Innate authority will inevitably affect the authority you create." Yin Na said.

She's just not as strong as Bourkesso and Li Min, but there's nothing wrong with her knowledge.

"After I refine it, I will study it and send it to the Dark Soul Stone. But do you have something good enough to wipe out jealousy and despair on your side, Bulkasso?" Li Min asked.

Bulkasso's path needs to be balanced, and suddenly there is more power of jealousy and despair, and Bourkesso's side also needs to adjust its plans.

"It doesn't matter, I can handle it," Bourkesso said.

He hadn't figured out the specific way to deal with it, but it still wouldn't affect him.

"By the way, I can try to read the last memory of Vidian. Of course, I can't guarantee that this is useful. I have not done any research on memory before." Li Min said with a smile.

Vidian's soul has been polished and is about to collapse completely.

But there was still Vidian's stubborn roar from the black hole!


Vidian's soul dissipated directly into a mass of energy containing the essence of jealousy and despair!

"I can guarantee that Vidian is very painful before it dissipates, at least it is more painful than being burned by anger and grinding with a grinding wheel." Li Min said and threw the last remnant of Vidian in the black hole to Bulkesuo.

"By the way, Vidian's breath seems to be related to the source of fear, which is also a clue." Li Min added.

"The existence of Nephalem who can kill Laeko is at least at the level of an archangel and a demon. Maybe it's very clear who did it." Baal smiled.

He had offended Lilith before because of Rasma, so it was just a matter of the way to directly block Lilith at this time.

Barr has no reason not to.

"Mephisto is completely gone, and I'm here. The Archangel won't have anyone with a bad mind to shoot Leko directly, so there's only one guy." Baal said again.

He wasn't going to hide his purpose at all!

"I will find the source of fear. Killing Lecco won't cost nothing, even for guys like you!" Bulkesso gave Baal a cold look.

If he wanted revenge, it would definitely go with Baal's wishes.

But it would be a bit ridiculous if he gave up revenge in order to block Baal.

"The origin of the Burning Hell is in your hands, and I'm not going to try to ask you for it, but can you let the barbarians who were slashed in the Burning Hell go back?" Baal said.

"You just watch here, and you can't go home until I think they can come back." Bourkesso said and gave Barr a slap in the face.

It was humiliating, but Baal's face was blank.

Whether he cares or not doesn't really matter at all, if it's not the right time to deal with Baal completely, Baal has no chance of existing at all.

In the beginning, Baal was treated as a privilege among the Demon Kings of Hell, because this guy had no intention of interfering in other things at all, but just wanted to be pure destruction.

But after Baal began to make an impact on the world, that treatment was gone!

At this time, Baal is just a simple demon **** of destruction!

As for whether Barr will resent and retaliate, that is the last thing you need to care about.

Whether the hell-burning demons have any thoughts on others, it won't have much influence on their behavior.

When these demons were born, they were the darkest kind of thing!

"That idiot Diablo, or that idiot Mephisto! The first thing he did after he became the Great Demon God was to go to the High Heaven! If he killed Nephalem in the first place, everything would be wrong. It's going to be as bad as it is today," Barr said with a grin.

"Bulkeso, after you go back, you'd better have a good chat with your first-generation ancestors. You should even use some means." Li Min reminded.

If Lilith had any plans for the barbarians, then the first ancestors were the ones who could not be bypassed.

Before Bulkesso, the name belonged to the first ancestor!

"I will pay attention when I go back, but it's a pity that Vidian didn't scream." Bourkesso said.

Nephalem has always been a little embarrassed when it comes to dealing with the demons that burn hell.

Tormenting demons doesn't make much sense, the things these guys play in the burning **** are more cruel than human torture.

But killing the opponent directly does not seem to have much pleasure in revenge.

This bizarre situation made Nephalem always feel uncomfortable when killing demons.

"Killing one less and ending the existence of a demon is the most gratifying thing in itself." Yin Na interjected.

The phantoms had extinguished all the anger that Bulkesso had ignited when she spoke.

That level of anger didn't help her guarding the Burning Hell, but it made her feel a little irritable.

So it's best to kill it directly.

"The outcome is not yet determined." Barr bared his teeth.

Then he was directly shoved into his mouth with a hammer by Bourkesso, directly shattering his strangely contented teeth.

"No one cares!" Bulkesso gave Baal a cold look~www.novelbuddy.com~ and then he tore open a portal to his blacksmith shop.

Next, I have to exchange information with Li Min, and the only suitable scene on the Holy Mountain of Harrogath is the Temple of the Elders.

There's another death out there that needs to temporarily hide her existence.

So at this time, I can only go to the blacksmith shop with Li Min.

As for the legendary barbarians who are still raging in the burning hell, at least let them fight happily!

In the past, demons always came to the homes of human beings to wreak havoc. Finally, there was a chance to go to the homes of demons to make trouble. If you come back too early, you will be full of regrets!

Before passing through the portal, Bulkasso took out the Immortal King's gravel hammer and gave Baal a hard blow.

Yin Na has the strength to stop Barr from leaving, but Barr can also cause trouble to Yin Na.

This hammer could make it take Baal longer to recover to the point where he can cause trouble.

It's just a matter of convenience, why not do it?

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