Dark Blood Age - Chapter 1853 Real opponent

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Interstellar wars over long distances will inevitably take longer.

Real-time feedback, on-the-spot command, etc., seem impractical for such a long distance.

Whether it is a starry race or a cultivation life, when capturing the trajectory of the target, they are more accustomed to a fatal blow.

Unless it is a fixed coordinate, such as targeting a certain galaxy, there will rarely be a second strike.

Often, after the war, if it is not necessary, the battlefield will not even be checked again.

It's too far and too time-consuming.

Otherwise, on the cleaned battlefield, those starry sky races will not find many remnants of the spirit attack, and then understand that there is such a life in the universe.

However, even so, there are still many cases of failure in the crackdown.

Some reasons for failure, even just because when the strike arrives, the target has been dying out on its own for a long time, or being wiped out by others.

The distant time and space have made many wars meaningless. The universe is so big that everyone rarely has the chance to meet again.

Wars like revenge have become nonsense.

Most of the wars are concentrated on occasional encounters, and there is basically no possibility of escape for the backward party.

There are only two great kingdoms of God that can organize non-accidental interstellar wars in the universe.

The price paid is naturally astronomical resources, including life resources.

In the alien galaxy No. 506, the left-handed envoy who came here urgently took over the work of Zan, who was also a special envoy.

The Lord Naring who went to capture the escaped successfully caught the target, but he didn't expect to bring back a big trouble.

It's Zan's business if this matter is not handled by it.

After the Lord Zan simply handed over to it, he entered the arrival point. Because he contacted a spirit Lord who was being arranged and asked: "Is there no news from the Lord Yiling?"

The spiritual master replied: "No, there is no news from the Hu spiritual master."

Because after thinking about it, he said: "You continue to follow the news of the Yilingzhu, and the matter of the Hulingzhu will not be concerned for the time being."

The third objective of the current interception is the main task, but it does not mean that they have only one thing to do. The special envoy has many and even trivial things to deal with at the same time.

Originally, it was not in a hurry to know the news of the Lord Yiling, but the escapers brought back by Lord Naling were involved in it, and they had to find a way to contact it as soon as possible.

Although this is something Zan should be responsible for, it can't be avoided. Those who fled are of great importance and must be in their hands.

But the identity of the escapee caught by Lord Naring just happened to have a problem.

After review, the tracing method of this escaped person may come from the billion spirit master.

This means that it may not be a real escaper, but a **** of Yilingzhu.

However, Yi Lingzhu has not reported this matter, so he is suspicious.

Zan is now going to confirm its true origin. Does it come from the Seventh Age or the Sixth Age?

According to the fleeing person’s own memory and experience search, it considers itself to be a person of the Sixth Age, but only revived in the Seventh Age.

But on the important list of left-handed control, this person is also unknown.

Moreover, this person has no direct contact with the gods in his own memory.

Now only Kiko of the Sixth Age can confirm whether it really comes from the Sixth Age.

Because it no longer cares whether it will be snatched by Kiko in the Sixth Age, it is even more worried about whether the real escaper has already escaped?

It is also not worried about whether it is the small movements made by the immortal master, the unique traceability ability of the immortal master, coupled with the advantage of being a spiritual life, is enough to make the arrested escapee even if it is a fake, he will firmly believe that It is true that he is the chosen son of heaven.

What it was worried about was whether Yilingzhu, as the new deity's confidant, would undermine the agreement reached in the kingdom of God.

These issues all involve its responsibilities, and it must be clear.

On the other side, Zan arrived directly on the round platform of the Sixth Era Niko Ship.

It said solemnly: "This matter is of great importance."

A white card said: "I can only tell you that when we leave the earth, apart from this Kiko, we are weak and pitiful compared to everyone else."

Zan said: "Does the **** prince know?"

The white card did not answer directly, only saying: "He doesn't care."

Zan said: "What is your judgment?"

White card said: "The identity of the person you caught and the issue of the escaped are two issues, two things."

Zan said: "You are right."

A white card said: "There is more than one person projected from the Sixth Age to the Seventh Age. It may be more than just memory projection. You want me to help you figure it out thoroughly. Only you send it to me. Only by killing me can I know if it is just a memory projection."

Zan said: "It can't die yet."

The white card said: "Then I have no other choice here. Its name and experience were mediocre in the Sixth Age, and there is no way to find out."

Zan said: "If it is fake, do you think the real escapee has successfully escaped?"

White card said: "I am contrary to your opinion. If the one you grab is fake, then the real one is probably still lurking somewhere with extreme caution."

Zan said: "Yes, this should be the real opponent."

White card said: "I need to remind you that even if the one you caught is fake, don't think too simple about it. It can go the right way and survive this way, just by relying on it. These two points will not be simple."

Zan said: "So I said it can't die yet."

At this time, the white card asked again: "How did you find out about the 217 galaxy?"

Zan said: "So far, only two spirit-level beings have not confirmed their identities, one claims to know, and the other has never spoken."

A white card said: "Such...I can't just determine its purpose for a while, but the one who doesn't speak should be protecting Chu. As long as it remains silent and silent, Chu can continue to remain silent at the time. It seems, you One more enemy."

Zan said: "As long as the God Chu agrees to the terms, then there will be no enemies."

White card said: "He won't."

Zan said: "He has no choice, and neither do you."

After Zan left, the white card gradually disappeared, and then it appeared in another dark place outside another round platform like ice.

Standing on the ice platform is like a statue, a woman with an extremely beautiful human appearance.

White card said: "After so many years, you can leave soon."

The woman remained motionless, looking at the white card indifferently.

A white card said: "You are not qualified to resent us. At the beginning, you broke in by yourself against being imprisoned by Ji Zijian. After so many years, I couldn't open this imprisonment platform because it was not at the self-starting level. Prepared for you."

The woman still didn't speak, as if she was really an ice sculpture.

The white card said: "I will be able to open it in a while, and then you can leave at any time, if you need, I can also find a way to let you come to the place where Chu is."

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