Dark Blood Age - Chapter 1852 abyss

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This is a cage star in a rod-shaped star system, far away from the 217 galaxy.

On this cage star, almost identical male humans and almost identical female humans have been doing almost the same things as their ancestors for thousands of years.

They did not go backwards, nor did they advance, and the whole planet was calm and calm as water.

No one raised his head and stared at the starry sky, like this for thousands of years.

To this day, one of them suddenly stopped on the street, raised his head, and shot his eyes like a torch into the night sky, as if penetrating the clouds and reaching into space.

It has been a long, long time since he arrived here, until the first few decades of his life were as small as dust.

The human beings on this planet live and live, changing batch after batch. Although there is no difference from the outside, he has indeed been forced to stay here for nearly tens of thousands of years since the planet’s revolution.

The unchanging life for thousands of years, only he can persevere, and everyone he faces will always look the same, and only he can still stand this monotony.

It's not that he doesn't want to leave.

On the first day he came here, he was not ready to stay here for a month, and once he recovered, he was ready to go to the next planet.

He has a specific method to trace back to human life on the next planet.

But this time the trouble was much greater than the previous few times. The planet he needed to pass through, the next, the next, and even the next, were severely damaged, making his retrospective attempts continue to fail.

The destroyed planet may no longer exist, or it may just temporarily block the traceability of the life source chain. There may be many kinds, and he cannot know exactly which situation it is.

He can only wait, wait for the destroyed planet to return to normal, or wait for other normal planets to find that the path is broken and recalculate and connect to him. As long as there is enough time and enough information to reach between the planets at the speed of light, he can still be recover.

But before that, he must wait and cannot leave the surface of the planet.

This means that he can only survive for a long time in low-speed ground time and space.

This requires enough patience, enough patience, and enough life source.

It may be ten thousand years, it may be one million years, or even longer, time is long, only waiting.

The first two points depend on him, and the last point is solved by this planet-the humans on this planet are the source of life for him.

He looked towards the dark sky and felt the danger.

He wants to go to outer space to see what's going on, but he can't go. Once he leaves the protection of this planet and faces the powerful life in the starry sky, he will be wiped out in an instant.

That night, in his residence, he tried his best to go back, but it still failed.

He probably knew who destroyed a large number of planets, but he couldn't resent that person, because without that person, he wouldn't be able to live now. Moreover, if that person went on this road first, he would have no chance at all.

He doesn't know where that person is now or whether he is still alive. After escaping from the earth, whether it is that person, the person in the Kiko ship, or anyone else, they have lost their common home-the place where everyone was born together. , In the vast starry sky, each scattered on one side.

Only those who survive, and those who are getting stronger and stronger, have the opportunity to shine in the stars.

From the night when he felt the danger, the planet gradually went wrong, as if it had been infected with a virus, and withered day by day.

This process is still long, not an overnight change.

The number of people gradually decreased unknowingly, and by the time humans other than him noticed it, it was already a hundred years later.

During these hundred years, he tried everything he could, but he neither helped other people nor perceived the abnormality, nor could he prevent the situation from deteriorating.

One hundred years later, when the humans on this planet were finally able to perceive the abnormal changes, a large-scale chaos broke out and the number of people dropped sharply.

The thing that came on that night a hundred years ago seemed to be a weapon dedicated to destroying this planet, causing this planet to gradually die and the source of life to dry up.

This is the war he must face to embark on this path, but it is a war he does not have enough ability to participate in.

He also believed that this was not an attacker's war, and that the attacker only used the form and method of this war to attack him.

Because the main body of the war he was going to face was extremely terrifying and powerful, and it would never be the current attacker.

He knows everything very well, and even knows that he must be extremely strong in the future, but he cannot solve the current weak crisis.

The enemy will not send a weak opponent because of his weakness at the moment, and it must be a strong enough to capture him once.

The planet is withering every day, the population is declining rapidly, and doubters are emerging like a fountain. He saw their amazing creativity before they were on the verge of extinction, but it was too late, even if he told them part of the truth early and participated. After repeated large-scale efforts, the result is still desperately toward the abyss of death.

Only after another thirty years, no new babies were born on the entire planet, and the panic of death and extinction shrouded the surface of the suffocating planet.

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past 30 years. Great scientists have sprung up like volcanic eruptions. Rockets are launched crazily towards the sky one after another, but to no avail. Outer space is like a silent grave, leaving the ground and entering there. No matter whether it is a human or a machine, there is no more sound and no response.

In the night sky, the stars are still shining, like demons mocking the world, and the people who die in large numbers every day are their smirks.

The entire planet seemed to be contained in a suffocating coffin heading towards death.

Under fear and despair, some people are crawling under the stars, praying for the rescue of the gods, or begging for the mercy of the devil, and some people are calculating again and again like crazy in the laboratory, trying to save this person who is falling into the dark abyss step by step. end.

Everyone tries to save themselves and save the world in different ways.

In another three years, all efforts failed, and death was accelerating every day.

Coming from the earth, he came to a strange city wearily and broke into a house. The hostess was holding a child whose life was being lost, and begged hard for a **** or a devil.

In the horrified eyes of the hostess, he came to the backyard of this family.

One hundred and thirty-three years ago, the metal body that had disappeared that night finally reappeared and was found by him.

He is never a person who sits and waits for death, nor is he an indifferent person.

When all efforts failed, he frantically searched for the metal body until today.

He walked towards the metal body without hesitation, ignoring the burning of the living body.

The metal body is unusually hot for some reason.

In front of the metal body, he tried retrospectively for the last time, but it still failed.

He resolutely plunged into the metal body.

In an instant, his body was like a fire, and the metal body melted into it.

The next moment, in the horrified gaze of the hostess of the family, he swiftly shot into the dark starry sky like a ball of fire, like an inverted meteor piercing the sky.

In outer space, he blazed ablaze out of the dense rocket debris. The debris was melted by high temperature wherever it passed, melting from point to circle like being burned and spreading the world's appearance.

He flew out of the circle, the bright starry sky disappeared, and there was only one light spot in the darkness.

That is his enemy!

At that moment, he rushed to the light spot like that person-Chu Yunsheng-like a death.

Although he didn't like this, his habits and personality were not so, but like many people, at that time on earth, he was affected by the shock and resistance of Chu Yunsheng time and time again. In the subtlety, many people became serious enough. The point of psychological trauma.


He burned towards the light spot and went out in the darkness.

The light spot flashed once and then disappeared.

Only the human beings on the cage star stopped accelerating, and in the ruins, the morning sun rose like ten thousand years, but it had never been as bright as before.

In the starry sky, after a long time, the disappearing light spot finally took the icy captured person through the distant interstellar space and returned to the alien galaxy. The left-handed spirit master who controlled it murmured to himself.

Because it was a remote capture operation, it was impossible to know the situation on the battlefield in real time. When it obtained the return information of the captured person for the first time, it couldn't help but get nervous.

That was a bit like the murderous wrath of the gods in the intelligence.

If something goes wrong, it would be too much trouble to catch the opponent the second time.

Unlike this time, with the assistance of the Sixth Age with the assistance of alien galaxies, catching turtles in the urn is as smooth as possible.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with the judgment of the Sixth Era Kiko and the envoy, it just needs to be executed simply.

It has completed the task here, and the biggest cost is only time. The target problem on the other side is estimated to be too much. The biggest trouble lies in the interception in the direction of the giant gravitational source.

After it takes back the target it has captured, it will immediately rush to reinforce it.

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