Cultivation Online - Chapter 1141 Burst Of Bloodlust

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Chapter 1141 Burst Of Bloodlust

"And that's when I decided to take a break from Cultivation Online." Yuan recalled everything he'd experienced within the Nameless Emperor's Tomb to Meixiu, who listened with an intrigued expression on her face.

However, after Yuan finished his story, the place became dead silent, as neither had anything else to say.

The two of them proceeded to silently stare at each other for the next few moments.

As it has been some time since they last saw each other, and it being the longest that they have been away from each other for a long time, things felt a little awkward between them.

"Meixiu…" Yuan uttered in a low voice, trying to start a conversation.


Meixiu misunderstood his intentions and actually kissed him instead.

Yuan didn't complain and closed his eyes, quietly enjoying the soft sensation of her lips.

A few moments later, as her body started heating up with passion, Meixiu began removing her clothes while she continued to kiss Yuan.

Yuan did the same, and within seconds, they were both lying on the bed naked.

"I've missed this warmth…" Meixiu mumbled in a low voice.

"Yeah, me too." Yuan smiled.

They would connect their bodies shortly after, and they would go on to spend the rest of the night cultivating with each other.

Naturally, Yuan completely forgot about Cultivation Online, and it wasn't until the following morning did he recall about the Nameless Emperor's Tomb.

"I'm going to take a bath. Want to come with me?" Meixiu asked him after their passionate session.

"Sure— Oh! I completely forgot!"

"What?" Meixiu looked at him with a puzzled face.

"I have been gone for too long. Tian Yanyu will be puzzled when she finishes her cultivation and I am nowhere to be seen. I'm going to take a quick shower and immediately return to Cultivation Online. Sorry, Meixiu!" Yuan quickly rushed into the bathroom as he spoke.

"Don't worry about it. I am already lucky enough to see you during your brief break. Chu Liuxiang will definitely be upset to know that she'd missed you." Meixiu chuckled.

After a quick shower, Yuan rushed back to his room and logged back into Cultivation Online.

When he returned to the Nameless Emperor's Tomb, Yuan immediately noticed that neither Tian Yanyu or Tian Suyin was there. In fact, the tree that they had been cultivating under was gone as well.

"W-What the hell happened here?!" Yuan exclaimed in a shocked voice after seeing the scenery around him.

The ground around him was split, and it looked like a massive battle had just occurred in this area.

"Do you guys know what happened here? Where is the Tian Family?" Yuan asked his servants.

Unfortunately, they did not know.

"Sorry, Young Master, but we didn't see anything. When you disappeared, our senses were blocked, and we couldn't leave your body either." Feng Yuxiang said to him.

'Damn! I should've left them behind to watch over the Tian Family! I've screwed up!' Yuan cursed inwardly, blaming himself for this situation.

"Yuan, use your Divine Sense and see if you can sense them!" Lan Yingying suddenly suggested. "Your Soul Strength is much more powerful than ours, so you will be able to see further than us."


Yuan immediately activated his Divine Sense to the maximum.

"I found them!"

He quickly found them with Divine Sense.<.com>

"They're 25 miles north, and they're currently fighting a group of people!"

He could see Tian Yanyu and Tian Suyin currently being surrounded by a group of unknown Cultivators that clearly had bad intentions, and Tian Suyin even appeared to be injured.

Without hesitation, Yuan immediately began flying towards their direction, his aura filled with killing intent.

'Please let me make it in time!' He prayed as he flew.

Meanwhile, Tian Yanyu and Tian Suyin stood together with their backs facing each other.

"Mother, are you okay?!" Tian Yanyu exclaimed in a panicked manner when she noticed blood flowing down Tian Suyin's right arm.

"I'm fine. Worry about yourself." Tian Suyin said while gritting her teeth.

Tian Yanyu turned to look at the Cultivators attacking them and shouted, "Who are you guys?! We are disciples of the Jade Sword Manor! Why are you attacking us?!"

"Two beautiful ladies traveling by themselves inside the Nameless Emperor's Tomb, you're asking to be attacked! Ahahaha!" One of the Cultivators laughed out loud.

These Cultivators were all wearing unique outfits, suggesting that they might not belong to any sect.

"Are you all Rogue Cultivators? You'll regret attacking us once our friend returns!" Tian Yanyu roared.

"Your friend? Oh, I'm so scared!"


"Nobody is coming to save you! Just give up and stop resisting! If you do, we'll make this painless— less painful for you!"

"Save your breath, Yanyu." Tian Suyin said to her using Divine Sense, "Listen to me. I am going to attract their attention. When that happens, I want you to run away."

"What?! I'm not going to leave you behind, even if I am going to die!" Tian Yanyu immediately refused.

"This is not the time to be stubborn!" Tian Suyin roared back.

"Alright, enough bullshit. Let's just get this over with before we're interrupted." One of the Rogue Cultivators suddenly said.

"I call dibs on the mother!"

"The young one's mine!"

"It's first come first serve!"

Tian Yanyu and Tian Suyin watched as eight Spirit Lords rushed at them with vulgar faces.

A burst of bloodlust suddenly erupted not far away, sweeping the place with a chilling ripple.

This instantly halted not just the Rogue Cultivators but also Tian Yanyu and her mother's movements.

Their initial thought was that they'd somehow attracted the attention of a ferocious magical beast.

However, before they could even think, one of the Rogue Cultivators suddenly shouted out in pain before he collapsed on the ground.

The others turned to look at him with baffled expressions, and they could see a large hole had somehow appeared in the center of his face.

"Yanyu! Senior!" Yuan's voice resounded a moment later.

Tian Yanyu instantly turned to face the direction of his voice with a blissful look on her face.

"Xiao Yang!"

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