Cultivation Online - Chapter 1140 Renowned

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Chapter 1140 Renowned

<+20 Fame>

<+31 Fame>

<+56 Fame>

<+111 Fame>

Yuan noticed that his Fame was increasing at a rapid rate as he traveled to the Sword Temple.

'This must be due to what happened at the Nine Swords Trial and the Sword Pagoda…'

While he was glad to see his Fame increasing, he still had no idea what kind of effect it had on him.

And in just a few days, his fame reached over 100,000.

Suddenly, an announcement appeared in the sky for all Players to witness.

<Player Yuan's fame has spread far and wide, becoming the first player to receive 100,000 Fame!>


<You have received the title 'Renowned' for your achievement!>

<Certain events and areas have been unlocked due to your fame>

Yuan's eyebrows lifted slightly after seeing the notifications.

'So fame unlocks new events… Now the only question is where do I find these events…' He wondered inwardly.

"Xiao Yang, let's take a break."

Tian Yanyu suddenly turned to look at him.

"Alright." He nodded.

They stopped flying and started to look for an area where they could sit down to recover their depleted spiritual energy after flying for days without a break.

Sometime later, they sat below a large tree.

Tian Yanyu and Tian Suyin immediately closed their eyes and began to cultivate.

'I should have a few hours…'

Yuan stared at them for a moment before silently logging off the game for the first time since he entered the Nameless Emperor's Tomb.

'She's still inside, huh?' Yuan thought to himself as he looked at Chu Liuxiang, who was laying beside him with her console on her head.

He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself even though his body was sparking clean despite many weeks of not washing.

After coming out of the bathroom feeling refreshed, Yuan left the room to check up on the others, and as usual, they could be found at the training ground behind the house, but there was only one person there.

"Yuan! What are you doing here? Have you already finished exploring the Nameless Emperor's Tomb?" Wang Ming spoke as he stopped swinging his sword, pleasantly surprised to see him at the training field.

Yuan shook his head, "No, not even close. I'm just taking a small break to stretch my body. Where are the others?"

"They're all in Cultivation Online— that's all we do after morning training nowadays. I'm staying here later than usual since I feel like having a breakthrough soon."

"As for your girlfriends and Jinxi, they only show up once a week to exercise. Meixiu appears a little more often to cook for us, but that has stopped since we told her to focus on her cultivation. The place's been really quiet as of lately with everyone focusing on their own things."

Yuan nodded, "That's good. And since I am already here, want to have a little spar?"

Wang Ming smiled, "I would've asked you if you didn't."

Yuan grabbed a sword and started sparring with Wang Ming shortly after.

Some time later.<.com>

"You've improved a lot since our last spar." Yuan said to Wang Ming, who was lying on the floor while soaked in sweat.

"Yet I still cannot land a single hit on you."

Yuan chuckled, "You'll get there, but I won't make it easy."

"That's exactly what I want."

Yuan chatted with Wang Ming for a little longer before he returned to his room.

However, he still had plenty of time left, and he didn't want to return to Cultivation Online so quickly.

Thus, he decided to play with the zither.

After grabbing his zither from the closet, Yuan went to the balcony and began playing it.

About an hour later, Meixiu removed the console from her head and sat up on her bed to look at the clock.

'It's almost midnight…'

Her ears suddenly twitched when it heard a heavenly melody being played, which stimulated her body and instantly woke her up.

"This music… Yuan?"

She quickly went to the balcony before looking towards Yuan's room, and her eyes were immediately blessed by Yuan's handsome face that was enhanced by the moonlight as he played the zither elegantly.

Meixiu opened her mouth slightly only to close it without uttering a sound, as she did not want to disturb such a moment.

A minute later, after playing the final note, Yuan rested his hand on the zither before turning to look at Meixiu with a gentle smile on his face.

"Hey, it's been a while."

"Did something happen in Cultivation Online?" Meixiu couldn't help but ask the first thing in her mind.

"Everything is fine in Cultivation Online, I'm just taking a break."

"I see…" Meixiu didn't know what else to say.


After a moment of awkward silence, Meixiu subconsciously uttered, "Want to come over?"

By the time she realized what she'd just said, Yuan already responded with a silent nod.

"I will be there in a minute. Let me put away the zither first."

Once Yuan left the balcony, Meixiu's face flushed with redness.

A minute later, Yuan knocked on Meixiu's door.

Meixiu quickly answered.

Once they were inside the room, Yuan sat down and initiated the conversation, "How is your cultivation going?"

"Smoothly. I just entered the 7th level of Spirit Master before logging out."

"You're a Spirit Master already? It's only been a month. I guess this is what happens when you focus on cultivation." Yuan smiled.

She nodded, "The dense spiritual energy in the Third Heaven helps a lot. Of course, my cultivation technique plays the biggest role in my growth. I'm not the only one. Chu Liuxiang and Li Jinxi have also reached Spirit Master. Chu Liuxiang reached the 5th level last week. Though, the one with the most improvement is Li Jinxi. Even though she started much later than us, she has already surpassed us, reaching the 9th level. I think she'll become a Spirit Grandmaster soon."

"Li Jinxi is already at such a level? As expected of the number one genius in the Jaded Garden. She's really talented." Yuan was pleasantly surprised by Li Jinxi's immense growth.

"What about you? How are things in the Nameless Emperor's Tomb?" Meixiu then asked.

"A lot has happened." Yuan proceeded to recall his experience to her.

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