Cultivation Is Like This - v3 Chapter 860 A man was born between heaven and earth, where is our mother now?

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  Chapter 860 A man was born between heaven and earth, where is our mother now?

   Kong Ji bowed with his head bowed, the speed and the standard of posture made Lu Bei deeply speechless.

  The last time he was so speechless, it was the last time.

   "Suzaku, you are crazy, I am your enemy."

  "I don't know each other without fighting. The elder brother has the appearance of a demon emperor, and the younger brother is convinced in defeat."


   It turns out that the first demon emperor and the prime minister have the same virtue, bah, despicable.

   Lu Bei clasped Weng Chong's neck, neither loosening it nor letting it go.

  The void exploded in shock, Kong Ji did not hide, he flew upside down and fell into the darkness.

  Lu Bei dropped Weng Chong, stepped into the void, caught up with Kong Ji and punched him, the latter refused to fight back, after a few moves, Lu Bei lost interest.

   Meaningless at all.

   "Xian, hate my brother!"



   All right, let's do it!

   Kong Ji’s slippery kneeling is too outrageous. Although Xiuxian is like this, it does not conform to his image in Lu Bei’s mind. One of the four elephants is the Suzaku, the blood of the peacock, the five elements and five colors, and the immortal body...

   Especially the domineering aura that has nowhere to vent, it is definitely not a thing in the pool, and suddenly kneels down.

  You kid can't be good at drawing halberds, right?

   Lu Bei looked disgusted, while Kong Ji didn't look sideways, with a loyal and honest face, highlighting his loyalty.

  Kong Ji didn’t want to lose face in front of his wife and children. How could the head of the family just kneel down? Don’t you want the majesty of your husband/father?

  But he has no choice, his hair is not full, and the five elements have not yet returned to the peak, so he is definitely not a match for Xuanwu in a fight.

   Xuanwu is a black-hearted and ruthless person, so cunning and cunning, people don't have to fight him to the death, sweep away Weng Chong and Kong Ci, and leave a big hole that can kill him.

  Thinking about Xuanwu's super speed, he has no confidence to keep the opponent.

  Xuanwu can advance and attack, retreat or defend, he can come when he wants, and leave when he wants.

   Not to mention, this shot abruptly reversed the situation and opened up a vast world.

  The peacock clan is sparsely populated and needs a powerful big brother, as well as the royal family to which the big brother belongs. Xuanwu has all of them. He is thoughtful and shameless. At first glance, he is a strong contender for the next demon emperor, and he is the best big brother candidate.

   That's him!

   "Don't be a big brother, I still say that, I don't believe you."

  Lu Bei sneered twice, and said: "You swear by blood...Forget it, the blood oath has a fart, even dogs don't believe it, you make a written proof."

   As he spoke, Lu Bei took out the jade slips and showed the family of three to watch the camera, while Kong Ji stood in the middle with a paper in his hand and scolded all the emperors and eight kings.

   It's not that easy to pay homage to the big brother, so first submit the nomination certificate.

   "..." x3

   "Siblings, you have to laugh, the family is reunited, harmonious and beautiful, what are you doing with a sad face?"

   "That little bird, what about your arrogance, you raised your nostrils... My brother, I didn't mention you, but your daughter!"

  The female peacock lacks sense of camera, and lacks a bit of filial arrogance. At first glance, it looks like a group performance. Director Lu stopped the camera, and Yin and Yang changed her back to her original gender, and started recording for the second time.

  As the saying goes: With a sharp weapon in your body, you will kill yourself.

  Kong Ci regained his sharp weapon, gained confidence, and became that good old man who talked about filial piety. The camera sense came up, and it was over in one pass.

  The director looked back at the camera, trying to pick something wrong. The family of three looked at each other in dismay. Kong Ji's face was like a pig's liver.

  The latter shook his head, Kong Ji felt relieved, and generously said that as long as there is nothing wrong, there will be one more child, and the child can take his surname.

  Weng Chong rolled his eyes, turned to look aside, and didn't give Kong Ji any good looks.

  With his mother taking the lead, Ni Dan became even more arrogant and filial, which made Kong Ji, who was already depressed, even more unhappy, but he had just recognized his eldest brother, so he had to pretend to be happy.

   is very angry.JPG

  Looking at the harmony of the family of three, Lu Bei was complacent. Now this picture cannot do without him being a hindrance.

  Kong Ci helped his mother go back to the backyard to rest, and Kong Ji followed Lu Bei, hesitating to speak and then talking.

Seeing his constipated face, Lu Bei said truthfully: "Don't think about it, I and my siblings are innocent. She knows that I am not you, and I have no habit of taking other people's wives and daughters. Your son can testify that he has not moved every inch these days. Never leave to guard my own mother."

   touched the little hand a few times.

   "Of course my younger brother can trust my elder brother's character. If you say no, I certainly don't." Kong Ji nodded with a serious face.

  Lu Bei nodded with a serious face. The topic is too heavy, so it’s okay not to talk about it.

  The atmosphere was weird, Kong Ji once again hesitated to speak.

   "Let's talk, they are all my brothers, there are no outsiders here."

   "My little brother wants to..."

  Kong Ji looked around, and Lu Bei said via voice transmission: "My little brother is confused, please let me know."

   "But it's okay to say."

   "Dare to ask brother, which royal family do you come from?"

  Actually, apart from Lu Bei's explanation, Kong Ji could probably guess the same by analyzing the clues at hand.

  Although the blood of the Eight Kings is strong, it lacks a bit of heat after all. Kong Ji didn't say anything, he looked down on this group of **** from the bottom of his heart, and guessed that Lu Bei came from the Phoenix family outside the Great Wilderness.

  At the beginning of the creation of the Wan Yao Kingdom, the first demon emperor set up the next emperor, the eight kings, to rule the country forever. Up to now, most of the eight kings have changed blood, but the Phoenix has never changed.

  Kong Ji is very convinced of this family, and insists that the peacock blood and the Phoenix are related, and they are more or less related.

   Recognizing Xuanwu as the eldest brother is not a violation of the ancestor's decision.

   "What do you ask me about..."

   Lu Bei rubbed his chin: "Strictly speaking, it should be a family of nine-tailed foxes."


   "Nine-tailed foxes, the family with nine tails on their ass, hey, where are you looking, I don't have a tail on my ass... neither does the one in front." Lu Bei rolled his eyes and punched Kong Ji into the void.

  Kong Ji didn't believe it, even if he was killed, he wouldn't believe that Xuanwu had something to do with vixen. Not to mention, just because of his supernatural speed and supernatural powers, Xuanwu was just like him.

   "You don't believe it and you don't, it's the truth."

  Lu Bei spread his hands together: "It is true that my brother has hair on his wings, so he is not a vixen, but the clan I belong to is ruled by the Nine-Tailed Fox clan."

  During this period of time in Wan Yao Kingdom, Lu Bei worked tirelessly to color the Taifu. In his spare time, he would sit and listen to Hu Er's science popularization of the situation in Wan Yao Kingdom, and he knew a lot about the vixies.

  The Xiangliu family has a lot of vassals. The five families of the White Lion, Honghu, Three-eyed Black Ape, Dragon Turtle, and White-haired Rat have Mahayana demon kings, and they are the five most famous tribes.

   There is also the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, and the four clans have the Mahayana Demon King sitting in the town, who belong to the high-level thugs, namely the Ivory Elephant, Flying Bear, Shocking Cloud Leopard, and Black-winged Golden-Eyed Eagle.

  The black-winged golden-eyed eagle breaks through the limit of the bloodline, and can go back to the ancient origin and awaken as a Tianpeng, which is the bloodline opportunity left by the cheap master Mo Buxiu.

  Tianpeng goes one step further and becomes the golden-winged roc.

  Fate, wonderful!

   Lu Bei's golden-winged roc demon body is really somewhat related to the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

  It's a pity that the blood of the Black-winged Golden-eyed Eagle family affiliated to the Nine-Tailed Sky Fox was seriously diluted, and no Tianpeng was born, let alone the Golden-winged Roc. In the well-documented history of the Wan Yao Kingdom, there has never been a golden-winged roc, and its rarity is higher than that of a peacock.

Hu Er didn't recognize Lu Bei's demon body. The reason is simple. The golden-winged roc has yellow hair, and the black-winged golden-eyed eagle has black hair. There is also a huge difference in body shape and outline. No historical data can be found. If she can recognize it, she will be damned. up.

When Lu Bei heard the information, he didn't take the initiative to reveal his demon body and feet, he was curious about where he got the Tianpeng bloodline, it seems that the bad old man also has a part, broke out of the "Yunpeng old demon" bandit number.

  By the way, among the four affiliated tribes of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, what most curious Lu Bei was not the Black-winged Golden-eyed Eagle, but the Flying Bear.

  Because he cared, he asked a little more, and returned disappointed.

  The flying bear in Wan Yao Kingdom is not a flying bear with two wings. Literally, a bear with two wings, a kind of bear that can fly.

   Outrageous, a ground type who stole cassocks actually got flying skills.

  Kong Ji was shocked when he learned that Lu Bei's heel was nothing special, it was a black-winged golden-eyed eagle that had broken through the limit of blood, and the whole bird was not good.

  Brother, please tell the truth, you are not a native bird, you are related to Phoenix by blood.

  Kong Ji wanted to cry but had no tears, so he stood listlessly by the side.

   "Why, being a brother's blood makes you feel ashamed?"

   "Brother was joking, my younger brother has been defeated by you twice, so I have no right to underestimate you." Kong Ji was in a slump, and was arbitrary, he should have asked clearly before begging his elder brother.

  In the kingdom of ten thousand demons, the first generation of demon emperors is recognized as an outlier. His success has no reference.

Kong Ji paid his respects to the wrong elder brother, and woke up from the fairy dream. He tried to save it, and struggled: "Brother, with your strength, you shouldn't be an unknown person. Why have you never heard of it in the Wan Yao Kingdom?" Your name, the background of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan is really so profound?"

   "Three pictures of the Demon Emperor, what do you think?"

  Lu Bei said unhappily: "If you hadn't stolen one of them, my seat..."

Halfway through the conversation, Lu Bei was stunned, and looked at Kong Ji with bright eyes: "My dear brother, I am a straight-hearted brother and a well-known honest bird, so I won't make any detours here. I'll ask you, and I'll give you another chance. Can you still steal the demon emperor map from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan?"


  Kong Ji categorically denied it, and patted his chest to express that since he had worshiped Lu Bei as his eldest brother, he would no longer be a vixen.

   "You can fight. The relationship between my brother and the Nine-Tailed Fox family is not harmonious. To be precise, I have never set foot in the Nine-Tailed Fox's territory since I was born." Lu Bei squinted his eyes.

  Kong Ji regained his energy, and also squinted his eyes: "Listen to what my brother said, are you dissatisfied with the current Nine-tailed Demon King?"

   "Yes, my mother is not the Nine-tailed Demon King, I don't quite agree with that."

   "Where is our mother now?"

   "It's in Fuchu."

   "Brother, why didn't you say earlier, younger brother will go to pay our respects to our mother."

  Kong Ji's eyes are shining, he knows that Xuanwu is not a generation who has been inferior to others for a long time. His strength and means are doomed that he will not be content with mediocrity.

   There is still a chance for the position of the demon.

  At this moment, Kong Ji decided that Lu Beihui would be the next Demon Emperor.

  The reason is very simple, the two brothers joined forces, counted eight kings, who can resist?

  No, as long as those old monsters who have been dormant for many years do not come forward to stop them, the eight royal families combined will not be enough for them to fight.

Kong Ji was full of enthusiasm, and felt that great things could be expected. What he didn't know was that Lu Bei was indeed a mediocrity. He didn't have the ambition of the demon emperor. He just wanted to hold Hu Er on the throne of the nine-tailed demon king, and then become a bastard. The second ancestor who eats and waits to die.



  Another backyard.

  Kong Ji went to the wrong door before, and this is where Lu Bei's sun rises.

  Hu Er practiced needlework as usual, trying to do everything possible to run out on the master, Hu San didn’t count ants today, and squatted in the corner digging holes, a fox, with some canine habits.

  The door of Taifu's room is still closed, and it will only be pried open by Lu Bei in the dead of night.

  Under Lu Bei's guidance, Kong Ji strode forward, pushed the golden mountain and inverted the jade pillar, and gave the daughter of gold under his knees with a bang: "Boy, Kong Ji, pay homage to mother."

   "..." x3

  Teacher pushed open a corner of the window, Hu San stopped digging, with a little dirt on his face, Hu Er... There was no wind today, but it didn't affect her being messy in the wind.

  Hu Er knew that Kong Ji, the Peacock Demon King was very famous in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, he changed his fate against the sky, and achieved supernatural powers of five colors and five elements. Countless little demons with low bloodlines regarded him as an idol.

  No matter which side of the relationship, Kong Ji is an elder, one or two generations older than her, even if he is old, he is hundreds of years older than her.

  Suddenly calling himself a baby, could it be that Lu Bei broke his mind.

Hu Er looked at Hao Daer, and Lu Bei nodded: "Mother, my good brother and the boy's eight worship friends, the blessing belongs to me, but not to him. In the same way, if there is a mother to share, the baby's mother is naturally his mother. You can admit it, if you don't like it, you don't need to show any good looks, he doesn't dare to show his teeth."

   Fox Two: (_)

  What is sharing with mothers? Do you ever speak like that?

   Before Hu Er nodded, Hu San stood up with his head out, looked at Lu Bei, and pointed at himself.

   Hurry up, hurry up and introduce me!

   "Almost forgot, dear brother, this is Brother Wei's elder brother, the son of the head of the Fox family, and a friend of Brother Wei's eight worshippers, he is very talkative, it's okay to leave him alone, you don't need to talk to him." Lu Bei introduced.

  Kong Ji is still a Mahayana demon king at the level of Sixiang, and he still has to give the face he deserves. There is no reason for him to call Hu San a big brother in a low voice.

   Too out of place.

  Fox Three: ()

   "Brother is polite!"

  Kong Ji clasped his fists and nodded, his mother recognized her, so what's wrong with recognizing another brother.


   "By the way, I just forgot to tell my virtuous brother that when you stole the map of the Demon Emperor, my mother's family was expelled from the Nine-Tailed Fox Territory, and the family was sent to the wilderness. Maybe, the family has already been wiped out."

  Lu Bei squatted beside Kong Ji, and said softly, "Now you know why I want you to be punished to death for my brother!"

  Kong Ji shivered, and looked at Hu Er from the corner of his eyes: "Dare to ask... your mother's name?"


  Hu Er said indifferently, she has no feelings for this adoptive son, no matter if she doesn't want it, the little boy is more kind, and after just one look, she can't help but want to pull him into her arms and love him dearly.

   Kong Ji knelt in embarrassment, feeling ashamed, with a smile uglier than crying on his stiff face.

  The nine-tailed fox family has five surnames, 嬆, 姀, 姽, 妜, and 嫭, which correspond to gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.

  Hu Er is the code name, which she randomly made up when she left Wan Yao Kingdom to hide her identity. The real name is Lao, the surname is Lao, and the first name is Lao, which means that she is kind and amiable, she is a gentle and peaceful woman, she can do whatever she lacks, and her name is not wrong.

  Husan’s real name is Lai Chao, which means far away and the morning sun. It can be understood as the morning sun, and if it goes deeper, it can refer to the monarch and the emperor.

   It can be seen from this that the Lao family has high hopes for this child.

  The result is self-evident, this guy's aptitude is average, and he is so angry that he almost strangles him to death several times.

  Lu Bei was not interested in the real names of the eldest brother and the godmother, and had never inquired about them before. Later, when he learned the real names, because he was used to the code names, he felt that Hu Er and Hu San were closer.


Hearing the sound of the window closing, Lu Bei rubbed his little hands and walked towards the Tai Tuo's house. He ignored Kong Ji. Back then, the peacock stole the Demon Emperor's picture and ruined the Lao family. What happened after kneeling for a while? It would be nice if he wiped his neck and killed himself.

  Although the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan has serious intrigues and the Mai Clan will be doomed sooner or later, Kong Ji is the cause of this matter, and he cannot escape the blame.

  Lu Bei skillfully pried open the door of the room, and dragged the Tai Tuo into the Yin-Yang portal on the grounds of color.

   It's time for the daily demon spirit again.

  The process is too boring, let's just mention it in one stroke, anyway, Lu Bei is very satisfied.

  Don't look at Tai Tuo's daily indifferent iceberg face, which has not changed for thousands of years. When he is in a hurry, his expression changes, and he will look down at Lu Bei with a condescending look.

  Every time he thinks of this, Lu Bei can't help being a little excited...

   No, there is a problem!

   Lu Bei fell into silence, wondering when he had a bad habit, he was not like this before, could it be that he was puaed?

  Thinking about it, let’s just do it like this, a man born in heaven and earth, how can he live in depression for a long time, and sometimes she cries.

   Happy New Year, I wish you all the wishes and good things come true in the new year two (rabbit)!



  (end of this chapter)

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