Cultivation Is Like This - v3 Chapter 859 true and false peacock

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  Chapter 859 True and false peacock

  Kong Ji was very flustered, his mind was full of random thoughts, he went out and then went home, the situation collapsed to a shocking extent, he didn't dare to think like this in his dream.

  In all fairness, with Kong Ji's supernatural power and ability, he can do what Lu Bei can do.

   Except that Liu Xian's Star Dou Formation requires a lot of tricks, which will expose the artifact of immortality, and the fight is not as easy as Star Master, but the result is the same.

  But Kong Ji never thought of it this way, and he would never put it into practice.

  No need, he was crazy to tie himself to the stake, charge forward for the Gu Diao Clan, and offend the Xiangliu Clan to death.

  When there was a picture of the Demon Emperor before, he would not know it, and now that there is no picture of the Demon Emperor, he would not be able to.

  His plan is to wait for the current demon emperor to abdicate, and the eight kings will fight for the new demon emperor. Civil strife breaks out.

  What, instead of a royal family, put the peacock family on top?

  He thought, but there are only two peacocks in the Wan Yao Kingdom. At best, they belong to the peacock family, but in reality, they are the father and son of peacocks.

   Coming out to mix is ​​all about influence. Kong Ji's greatest achievement is to control one of the eight kings, launch the puppet demon emperor, and be the master behind the scenes of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

   This is his ultimate ambition. Before that, he will not stand in front of the stage and stir up the changing situation.

   "Who the hell..."

   Galloping all the way, skipping over the envoy team of the Gu carving clan.

  Kong Ji knew in his heart that he was determined to take the blame. No matter who the demon king pretending to be was, the emperors and eight kings would all think that the peacock demon king did it.

   Washing is not white, and the Xiangliu clan alone disagrees.

  The Gu carving clan would not agree either.

For the current plan, we can only make mistakes and kill the fake peacock as quickly as possible. He entered Gaiyuan City, took over this monstrous reputation, stirred the muddy water into mud, and accelerated the civil strife in the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom, causing it to advance. arrival.

   At that time, it is up for grabs to find a new big brother. If he is lucky, although he will not become the Demon King, he will be able to become a powerful demon for a generation.

   And after that...

   Let’s talk about the future, first wipe Gai Yuancheng’s **** clean.

   Once the hundreds of years' plan collapsed, Kong Ji became murderous, and secretly vowed that no matter who the mysterious person was, he would kill him.

and also…

  Kong Ji's heart was full of bitterness, and he hoped that his wife would not see that the mysterious man was a fake, and let this one pass, and he would keep the secret in his heart and never tell it.


  The envoys of the Gu carving clan were full of fanfare and bustling along the way, Kong Ji didn't need it, with his super speed, just halfway through his wild thoughts, Gaiyuan City was right in front of him.

  Kong Ji restrained his breath, pretended to be a bird demon, and first inquired about the information in the city.

   It’s okay if you don’t inquire, but once you inquire, you’ll feel like dying.

According to the news from Honghu Palace, the peacock demon king and his wife are lingering in love. They are a loyal and uncompromising lover. They have gorgeous feathers and can fight unreasonably. They have advantages all over their bodies. Two Weng Chong.

   "God **** dog, you are dead!"

  Kong Ji's eyes were red, and he took a few breaths before calming down. He stepped out and entered Honghu Palace silently.

  He is very familiar with Yanxiu. He was chased by Ni Dan before and hid in XZ. He hid in the Honghu Palace several times to save himself from danger. He was familiar with the layout of the palace, and came to the backyard within a few steps.

  According to the information, the peacock demon king haunts this place every night, and usually leaves only after three poles in the day.

  Kong Ji's heart bleeds, yes, he came here to confirm the safety of his wife, the requirements are not high, the family of three is happy, there is no need for one more.

  Kong Ji entered the backyard with a hidden figure, and saw a beautiful figure in palace attire, with a graceful figure, an elegant figure, and extremely gorgeous feathers on his face.

  If it’s just like this, then it’s okay to say, but this little beauty of the Yu tribe has melancholy eyes and countless grievances, which makes Kong Ji feel pity for me.

   Familiar, very familiar.

  He swore that he must have seen this lady somewhere.

  In the backyard, Kong Ji didn't dare to radiate his divine sense perception, nor did he dare to use his divine eyes, so he just looked at the other party intently, trying to find the source of deja vu from the corners of his brows.

  The more you look at it, the more pleasing to the eye, the more you look at it, the more you want to see it, especially the throbbing in your heart, which cannot be explained clearly. The aggrieved feeling that he couldn't vomit, but got stuck in his throat, really made him extremely anxious.

   Who is it, and why is it so kind?

  Kong Ji couldn't bear it anymore, his eyes danced with golden flames, and in an instant, his whole heart stopped.


  There are not only two peacocks in Wan Yao Kingdom, the lady in front of me...

Wait a minute!

  Kong Ji suddenly realized, no wonder the mysterious person pretended to be him, but Kong Ci failed to see through his real body, it turned out that the other party was also a peacock.

  One male and one female, the male is dominating his appearance in the hall, and the female is right in front of his eyes.

   Kong Ji pondered for a while, planning to take revenge and go back. The mysterious man took advantage of his wife, and he returned ten times and a hundred times, isn't it too much?

   It's not too much, and the possibility of continuing the bloodline is very high. It's worth a try.

  Hey, this primordial spirit...

  Pouring a basin of cold water, Kong Ji left with a blank expression on his face. His feet were shaking a little for the iron-clad man. There are no other peacocks, there are only two in Wan Yao Kingdom, one is him, and the other is his hatched egg.

  Today, give birth to children.

  The world of cultivating immortals is full of magic weapons that can transform Yin and Yang. Kong Ji didn't think much about it. Looking at his ferocious facial features, it can be seen that under the ups and downs, his mentality is somewhat broken.

   It is understandable that the wife and daughter were kept in the deep boudoir by villains, and they still haunt this place every night, and they often leave after three poles in the day, and whoever comes here will have to collapse for a while.

  At this time, Kong Ji was top-heavy, staggering towards the main hall, and the guards and servants who came and went passed by, but they couldn't see him right in front of them.

  He was thinking about a daunting question. The mysterious person dressed up as him. These days, he is not as good as a beast. After he takes over the pot, will his wife Weng Chong still look at him? How should he face Kong Ci in the future?

  It was too difficult, Kong Ji wished he could just leave and escape from the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, wherever he wanted.

   "Hey, who is this? Why does his back look like a dog!"

   There was a taunt coming from behind, the voice was the same as his own, Kong Ji's body shook, he turned around suddenly, and in his eyes, it was the Peacock Demon King and his wife.

Lu Bei hugged Weng Chong's waist, smiled and raised his finger and pointed: "Look, ma'am, there are some young people pretending to be my king and coming to my place to pretend to be gods and ghosts. You should pay more attention in the future, so as not to be caught by such shameless people." They lied to themselves."

   After finishing speaking, he raised his head and laughed heartily.

  Weng Chong tried to break free from the big hand around his waist, but failed. He tried his best to wink at his husband, telling him to go to the backyard and pick up his son first.

  No, it's my daughter now.

  Kong Ji's face was gloomy, but when he saw the rightful lord, he calmed down: "Your Excellency, you are so holy. I thought to myself that I have never offended a strong man like you. Why did you want to frame him and insult my wife and children?"

   "The Peacock Demon King is so forgetful, do you still remember that little demon who had a relationship with you five hundred years ago?"

  Lu Bei was not in a hurry to reveal his identity, and said with a sneer, "Today's fruit, yesterday's cause, the way of heaven is reincarnation, the heavens spare no one, everything is your own fault, if you want to hate, hate yourself!"


   Five hundred years ago? !

  Kong Ji frowned, five hundred years is too long, how could he remember seeing a little monster at that time, the golden flames in his eyes were beating, and he was staring at Lu Bei's face.

   You can’t see through it, just like looking in a mirror, inside is his ugliest side.


   Shouting timidly, Kong Ji glanced away from the corner of his eye, seeing Kong Ci bouncing towards him, without even thinking about it, the sound transmission told him to go further away.

  The other party already has Weng Chong as a hostage, adding another one, wouldn't he want to be captured without a fight today!

Kong Ci received the sound transmission, and returned a wry smile, stunned by Kong Ji, obediently stood beside the enemy, and said cutely: "Father, who is this flat-haired beast and why did it look like you? Is it a clone of the five elements?" ?”

a bolt from the blue!

   Seeing Ni Dan recognize the thief as his father with his own eyes, Kong Ji's face was livid, and he was so depressed that he almost vomited blood.

"A worthless little thief, looking at his dark green face, he is clearly poisoned, your father and I can suppress it with a flip of a hand." Lu Bei patted the bird's head. He wanted to hug his waist, but he was too inhuman. Son, I'm not ashamed to start.

  He smiled at Weng Chong, raised his eyebrows and said, "Madam, what do you think, how many tricks will it take for a husband to catch this fake peacock, three tricks, or five tricks?"

   Weng Chong bowed his head, faltering.

   "Ma'am, you are boring."

Lu Bei sneered twice, the hand around Weng Chong's waistline tightened suddenly, and the other hand turned into a sharp claw, and pressed against his slender neck: "Little demon bird, do you catch him without a fight, or is it that this king is rough on your wife, and then I will come back later?" Teach you slowly?"

Kong Ji’s fists hidden in his sleeves were clenched tightly, the golden flames in his eyes danced wildly, and a series of warning words floated in his mind, “It’s better to blame others than to blame me, what’s wrong with a man who doesn’t have a wife, the old doesn’t get rid of the new Not coming…

  Beside Lu Bei, Kong Ci was about to reveal the truth to the dog father. The sound transmission told him that everything was Xuanwu's revenge. Seeing Kong Ji hesitated, he snorted coldly and turned his head to look aside.

  My mother was arrested, but you still hesitate, why don't you die!

  Kong Ji was still fighting between heaven and man, and sighed after a while: "Let my wife and child go, if you want to kill or cut, this king will do what you want."

   "Jie Jie Jie Jie——"

  Lu Bei raised his head and laughed loudly: "Little demon bird, you are mean-spirited, this king can't trust you, and you treat the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain, so you can't trust this king either. In the can you have your wife and children here?"

  Kong Ji almost exploded in anger, growling in his throat: "What do you want?"

   "Not so much."

  Lu Bei took out the Xuanwu tripod: "Suzaku, long time no see, you should still remember me?"


  Kong Ji's eyes shrank suddenly, that's right, the **** who could deceive him with supernatural powers, except for Xuanwu who has the unity of heaven and man, there is no one else.

  He wanted to understand the cause and effect, and his eyelids twitched immediately: "Xuan Wu, you are indeed a monster!"

   "At this point, it doesn't matter if I admit it."

  Lu Bei clasped Weng Chong's neck, golden flames danced in his eyes: "Stop talking nonsense, Wan Yao Kingdom can only have two peacocks, Suzaku, kill yourself!"

   "Kong Ji pays homage to his eldest brother, and is willing to be a saddle for his family!"


  (end of this chapter)

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