Cosmic Professional Gladiator - Chapter 91 Aftermath

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The last blow was blocked by the master, which made Xu Jingming a little regretful. But when he calmed down, he also understood: "In one-on-one, Master used only a single handle and a shield knife to cooperate, which is the real strength of Master. Even if it is a shadowless thorn, it is not a threat to Master now."

Leaving the fighting space, Xu Jingming returned to Xia Guo's official live broadcast room and came to the position of relatives and friends in the stands.

"team leader!"


"Old Xu!"


Various names, a group of people greeted with a smile. No one feels regretful. After all, it is also clear that Liu Hai is now the world's number one, and his strength is still much stronger than Xu Jingming.

Yang Qingshuo smiled and said: "When we formed the team, I didn't even dare to think that we could make it to the final, the Tinder Cup National Competition...the second place in the country! The runner-up, defeated so many powerful teams."

"We lie down to win." Heng Fang put his arms around Yang Qingshuo, "So many times I have been eliminated early, I know that this time I can win because of old Xu and Yi sisters."

"It's the captain," Wang Yi said, "I finally got a chance to break through in the semifinals. If it weren't for Team Limu, other weaker teams might have been eliminated long ago, and my breakthrough might have been a lot late."

"We are a team, and teammates can cooperate better." Xu Jingming said, "With Sister Yi, we have only reached the finals."

"Everyone, I am the one who gets the least effort in the team." Li Miaomiao thanked me, "Thank you, thank you so much for making me popular. And everyone knows that during the Tinder Cup competition, my song How much has the number of downloads of the single "Rimu" increased?"

Wang Yi and others are not sure.

Heng Fang simply went to check the song downloads.

"Fifty-six million visits." Li Miaomiao said happily, "This is a paid download! More downloads than in the past few years. The other songs that also drive me are really beautiful."

"The cumulative paid downloads of the team songs of our team turned out to be less than 100 million times." Heng Fang looked at the song download data and immediately said, "As a member of Team Limu, I think it is necessary to help my sister-in-law to promote it."

"You have to promote it to Maomao." Wang Yi nodded, "I agree."

"Brother Xu, we don't have enough publicity." Yang Qingshuo looked at Xu Jingming, "You still have to promote Brother Xu. After this competition, your popularity will definitely explode. If you promote more to your sister-in-law, your sister-in-law's song will definitely become more and more popular. Limu is our team song, and it needs to be promoted."

"Xuan, must declare." Noting Li Miaomiao's gaze, Xu Jingming said immediately and decisively.

At this time, the burly Liu Hai appeared with a smile and walked over.

"Captain." Xu Hong and Dai Tongda greeted them immediately when they saw this.

"Master." Xu Jingming, Yang Qingshuo, and Heng Fang were all startled and went to greet them.

Liu Hai smiled and looked at Xu Jingming: "This match was good, and the last sting was even better. Did your marksmanship break through?"

"A little breakthrough." Xu Jingming nodded. After the game, he returned to the fighting space and immediately checked the personal combat power panel.

"A breakthrough is a good thing." Liu Hai nodded, "It's just that there is still a big gap between you and me. Come on! I'm waiting for you... to defeat me. Being a master, I look forward to you apprentices. Someday can surpass me."

Yang Qingshuo and Heng Fang look at each other and transcend?

It feels that the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

Xu Jingming stepped forward and asked in a low voice, "Master, I want to ask, what percentage of the strength did Master play against me in the end?"

"Hmm..." Liu Hai thought, "50%."

"50%?" Xu Jingming barely had a vague positioning of the strength of himself and his master.

"Keep working hard." Liu Hai smiled, looking forward to it. It may be that he is old, or he has been a master for too long. He likes teaching apprentices one after another. He is happier watching his apprentices become talented and happier than breaking through himself.

He tried every means to break up the fighting skills and pass them on to his apprentices as clearly as possible.

In the process of teaching, he himself understood more and more thoroughly, and his realm became higher and higher, and when the virtual world arrived, he directly became the number one in the world. But what he looks forward to most is that his apprentice can catch up with him and surpass him.

"Captain, get ready, as the champion team, we have to take the stage to receive the award." Xu Hong glanced at the prompt and immediately reminded.

"Still on stage to receive the award? Really troublesome." Liu Hai still immediately summoned Liu Hai's senior teammates.

As the champion of Xia Guo's first national competition, the Tinder Cup, the Liu Hai senior team took the stage with a smile and began the process of receiving awards.


Xu Jingming and the others in the stands looked envious.

"Five hundred million bonus." Liu Chongyuan looked at him in amazement, and is now giving out bonuses.

"Our bonus has arrived." Yang Qingshuo has been paying attention to his personal account, and immediately reminded everyone of changes in the account.


"A lot of money! After all these years, I have finally gained a lot of fat!"

Both Heng Fang and Liu Chongyuan were overjoyed, and Liu Chongyuan cried with joy. He has never made a lot of money.

"One of my substitute players is 9.6 million after tax?" Li Miaomiao was also very happy. "The official of the competition is really straightforward and directly help us withhold the tax."

Xu Jingming and Wang Yi looked at them with a smile, and they were relatively calm.

Wang Yi had made a lot of money. Xu Jingming got enough rewards after participating in the Tinder Cup competition. From the battle to defeat Tilian Yun, Xu Jingming's rewards were very high in every battle. The higher his popularity, the more fans, the more rewards.

After a few games, Xu Jing will be known throughout the country. After all, the number of people watching those games exceeded one billion.

In terms of the reputation of martial arts players, Xu Jingming definitely ranks in the top in the country, even better than Wang Yi, who has a very high degree of nationality. In the past, any competition in reality has a domestic influence far beyond the virtual world Tinder Cup competition.


The Blue Star Alliance envoys, after watching the awards ceremony, also began to leave.

"This time watching the game opened our eyes." The white old man in the lead smiled, "Xia Guo's master is indeed extraordinary, whether it is the world's number one Liu Hai or the younger generation, the marksman and goddess archer. All of them are excellent. I believe that when the entire Blue Star civilization enters a new era, Xia Guo will definitely make greater contributions to the Blue Star civilization."

Director Zhou smiled and said, "Xia Guo is a member of Blue Star, and we will naturally fight for the entire Blue Star civilization."

"Great strength is great responsibility." The Roman state envoy said, "Now the world's top five hands, Xia Guo has two. Xia Guo's strength can be imagined, but on the glowing Mars, Xia Guo is not enough."

"In terms of masters, the White Eagle Federation also occupies two positions on the star list." Director Zhou said, "Moreover, when it comes to the contribution of Ying Mars, we have negotiated their respective share of the burden at the beginning. We, Xia Guo, did not lack a share of strength, on the contrary. Tianzhu Country, the funds provided have only achieved one-third of the promised so far."

The envoy of the Kingdom of Tianzhu said: "We are already working hard, our burden..."

"We will discuss it at the next league meeting," said the leading white old man. "In short, this Xia Guo final is still very pleasing to the eye."

"Welcome everyone to come again next time, Xia Guo has always been a country of etiquette, welcome any friend." Director Zhou said.

The mission group left quietly.

Director Zhou and the deputy directors also disappeared and left the live broadcast room.


Xia Guo, Bureau of Life Evolution.

Director Zhou and three deputy directors gathered in the conference room. Liang Qian, the deputy director of the project, attended the meeting.

"The Tinder Cup contest has come to an end." Director Zhou looked at several people present We must determine the second batch of national key cultivation list, according to the rules, the five of us will discuss first. The result of the consultation is submitted to the highest authority. "

"This cultivation is different from the first batch. The first batch is the same cultivation strength for everyone. Now that we can see the strength and the speed of progress of the masters, we will focus on cultivating the first three people, and the next 17 people are equivalent to the previous batch. Cultivation efforts."

"So the list of the first three is extremely important. First of all, the first person on the new list, who to choose?" Director Zhou said.

"The first person on the new list must be selected from Fang Yu and Xu Jingming." Deputy Director Liang Qian said.

"I agree with Fang Yu. He is only 20 years old this year. He has no professional experience in the past and he can grow to the present level. And he is the only master in the country with an evolutionary law conformity of more than 100%, and a 103% conformity... Everyone should know that it is normal to reach the limit in the later stages of cultivation, and it is normal to reach the limit.” Deputy Director Wang Shuqi said, “When everyone is stuck at the limit and unable to break through, Fang Yu with a 103% fit will be the strongest. One of them, because his body surpasses other players in all aspects."

"Such a genius must be cultivated and cultivated vigorously." Wang Shuqi said.

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