Capture the Goddess From Douluo - Chapter 1394 Fenglei Pavilion is furious

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"Get rid of these people and go back and call back all the family members who are outside. In the future, the Fenglei Pavilion will definitely not let us go. If any family members wander outside, they will be hunted and killed."


The atmosphere in Tianbei City has become very weird now. Because everyone knows that the strong men in the Fenglei North Pavilion will never let the Han family go. Although the Han family defeated the Hong family and Shen Yun, they all relied on outsiders. The strength of the Han family itself is not strong at all, and Fenglei Beige can easily destroy them.

Even the other forces in Tianbei City are panicking at the moment, for fear that Fengleibei Pavilion will anger them because of this incident.

Qifeng Mountain is well-known in the entire Northern Region of Zhongzhou, not because of the phoenix on the mountain, but because this mountain is where the Fenglei North Pavilion stands.

The Fenglei Pavilion is divided into four pavilions, east, west, south, and north. Among them, the east pavilion is the main one, and the southwest and north are supplemented. The east pavilion is the most powerful, and the other three pavilions are slightly less. The qualifications to squeeze into the first-class forces in Zhongzhou, and the integration of the four pavilions is comparable to some top forces, and can be called a giant in the northern region of Zhongzhou.

Qifeng Mountain is quite precipitous and steep. The mountain peak is shrouded in a thick layer of mist, giving it a fairyland-like feeling.

The top of Qifeng Mountain seems to be chopped off by a huge axe. On top of it, many buildings are hidden in the lush greenery, looming, and the most eye-catching thing on the top of the mountain is the silver-colored awning on the highest mountain. giant tower.

This huge tower that goes straight into the sky is called the North Thunder Tower, and its whole body is covered with bright silver, and some thunder sounds can be heard faintly from it. This is the holy place for training in the Fenglei North Pavilion. Have the qualifications to enter it to practice.

This moment.

On the top floor of the North Thunder Pagoda, in an empty and majestic hall, there are several people sitting in it to practice in seclusion. A majestic and powerful aura emanates from them, making everyone around the hall feel terrified .

These people are undoubtedly the strongest in the Fenglei North Pavilion, the owner of the North Pavilion and the three elders of Fenglei Dian.

"Elder Yun has fallen."

In the center of the hall, there is a silver throne, and a faint thunder light spreads along the chair. On it, the owner of the North Pavilion has a look of astonishment, and his tone is full of shock and anger.

His voice is not very loud, but it has a strong sense of oppression, so that people dare not ignore it easily.

For so many years, although Fenglei Pavilion has grievances and grievances with other forces, they have always lived in peace, at most there have been fights between juniors. And now one of his elders has fallen. This is definitely not a good sign.

Who dares to kill their elders of Fenglei Beige so confidently?

"Elder Yun's soul tablet is broken?"

After these words fell, the faces of the three elders in the hall all changed.

The lips are dead and the teeth are cold. If there is really a force that deliberately targets them at Fenglei Pavilion, then they are probably in danger. The strength of the four elders is about the same. If the other party can kill Elder Yun, he is afraid that they can also kill them.

"Is there anyone else who dares to attack my people from Fenglei Beige in the Northern Region of Zhongzhou? Could it be the people from Wanjiange?"

"I don't know for the time being. Elder Yun is going to Tianbei City this time, right? Elders Feng, Lei, and Dian, please move your body and find out what happened. No matter who did it, even if it is someone from Wanjiange, Let’s catch them first, and I will not kill people in the North Pavilion of Fenglei so casually. This time, you should bring more people to go there, and don’t let anyone who is related to the cause of Elder Yun’s death be spared.” The owner of the North Pavilion ordered impatiently. With such a big thing happening right now, he will definitely be ridiculed by the other three pavilions by then.


The three elders didn't dare to neglect, they turned into three streamers and disappeared from the hall.

"Could it be that the mainland is going to start chaos again? I heard that the Hall of Souls also suffered a catastrophe a few days ago, but I don't know how much the Hall of Souls suffered, and who took action against the Hall of Souls." The owner of the North Pavilion felt uneasy. He always felt that things were not that simple this time.

Tianbei City is just a small city, why is there an existence that can threaten Elder Dao Shen Yun?

Even if he couldn't beat Elder Shen Yun's strength, if he wanted to escape, it should be very easy. The soul thunder stele was broken, which meant that Shen Yun's soul body was also broken.

In Han Yue's boudoir, the charming and charming girl Xie lay beside Xu Ran, with her hands gently resting on Xu Ran's body.

Panting quickly, Han Yue took advantage of the rare rest time to recover her strength.

"You are really a man of power and unforgiving. You don't know how to be sympathetic. Maybe there are too many obsequious people outside, so I don't care about it." Han Yue hummed, pinching hard with her index finger and thumb dissatisfied Touching Xu Ran's flesh and blood, he wanted to let Xu Ran feel the pain she had suffered.

"I don't, don't talk nonsense." Xu Ran smoothed Han Yue's messy hair contentedly, and then quickly denied it. He said this like a peerless scumbag.

"Is anyone right? It's not up to you to say a word." Han Yue pouted, staring at Xu Ran with big lazy eyes.

"If you don't believe me, you can ask Zhuqing and Xiaowu later. I have never changed. In my heart, you are all unique and rare treasures, no matter how much you have, I can't have too many."

"There are so many confidante girls around me, but you are the only one named Han Yue." Xu Ran smiled.

"As for your sweet mouth, I think you must have coaxed those little girls like this when you were not strong before." Han Yue smiled, she didn't believe that Xu Ran was so strong from the beginning.

"I, Xu Ran, have never been weaker in my life. Even when I was not strong, I could still beat those who challenged me until their noses and faces were bruised. UU Reading"

"Whoever dares to provoke you, the little overlord, will definitely be deflated. By the way, when will you catch up with that girl Xue'er? That girl is very arrogant and thin-skinned. If you don't take the initiative, you will be considered Xue'er." I won’t say it if I’m interested in you.” Han Yue reminded her when she thought of her sister.

She really hoped that Han Xue could be with Xu Ran, and she didn't want Han Xue to have to live a miserable life if he met someone unkind in the future.

"You'd better take care of yourself. As for Xue'er, can the husband still miss it?"

"Could it be that you wish that Xue'er and I will get along right away, and then you will be together..." Xu Ran chuckled. The picture was so beautiful that he didn't dare to think about it.

"You think beautifully, I can be bullied by you, but Xueer can't. Xueer is so weak and lovely, you still want to bully her all the time?" Han Yuemei stared at Xu Ran as if she didn't follow her. Clutching.

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