Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 7563

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Chapter 7563

"Don't you give elixir to your men? Let them take it, you can improve some strength!"

The ambassador of Soyatu stunned for a moment, but did not expect Lin Yi to put away the jade bottle directly!

Your captain is too brazen to do things like corruption?

The reason for distributing to Lin Yi, he also wanted to sell his personal feelings to Lin Yi, and later recommended Lin Yi to the Holy Emperor. After Lin Yifei Huang Tengda, he also added a new connection in the new sanctuary.

But you are greedy directly in front of me ... should I pretend to be invisible?

"They are not under my control. These are all my teammates and partners. I will keep things first, and I will of course give them back later."

Lin Yi smiled indifferently and said to the people in the team: "Everyone's strength has increased by a large margin. It is no good to take Dan medicine to continue to improve. There is no benefit. After the current strength is stabilized, I will say other things.

"I see! The eighth captain, are you afraid that we can't help it now, take the elixir and take it, causing the strength to vanish? Really it is the eighth captain, what I think is thoughtful!"

Mike gave a high-five and said with bright eyes: "In fact, I think that the elixir should belong to the captain. The captain is strong, and we will be stronger. Are you right?"

"Yes! I think so too! My Fernandez will take a stand now, and my elixir will be dedicated to the captain!"

Fernandez's leg hair consciousness was quite high, and he didn't hesitate to hold his thighs and not relax.

Others also expressed their opinions. Perhaps some people wanted elixir in their hearts, but Mike and Fernandez started. After someone followed up, no one was embarrassed to ask for elixir.

Saint Soyatu's eyes widened and he looked at this scene inconceivably. What's so special about this? !!

Apparently to be corrupt, are you rushing to indulge? Why don't I have such a man?

If this elixir is really given to the captain alone, it will not be effective!

Saint Soyatt has a headache, thinking if he should go back to the jade bottles and send them one by one, so that they are better served on the spot?

But if we really want to do this, we are offending Lin Yi's potential stock!

It's really difficult!

"Forget it, I don't have much to eat by myself. I'll wait for the time to come and I will take it for you!"

Lin Yi waved with a smile.

It is really good for you not to give it to you for the time being. It is not my own desire. You should be loyal to your loyalty!

Are you unwilling to see the messenger? Besides, who knows if the other party will be anxious.

Saint Soyatu's ambassador heard Lin Yi's words, so feel relieved. It doesn't matter if you eat later, as long as you feed them!

"Okay! The reward is over, and the entrance to the third floor should be opened!"

Soyattoo's ambassador also simply, after opening, opened the third floor entrance, and then continued: "The third and second floors are different and will no longer act as a team."

"Everyone will become a separate individual, and will be randomly transmitted to a corner of the third floor! In the third floor, you need to continue to cultivate consciousness. What step you can cultivate and what kind of creation you have depends on your own tried!"

"The rules are still the same. After you meet each other, you can compete with each other, but you must not kill! If anyone dares to kill someone, I will kill him to pay his life, do you understand?"



Rare responses came from everywhere. After all, it was not a regular army.

"Now that you understand, let's go in!"

Saint Soyatu nodded to Lin Yi's side: "Still your team is advanced! Please work hard to get the best results again! I am optimistic about you!"

Lin Yi skimmed his lips. You are optimistic about the use of a yarn. I do n’t know if there are side effects to giving that little reward!

Before entering, Lin Yi quickly seized time to secretly mark Mike. Although the ambassador of Soyatu said that he could not kill, Mike's safety must be guaranteed.

So after entering the third floor, Lin Yi's primary goal was to find Mike.

As for the others, let's give them a chance to experience it!

It won't die anyway, and stocking may yield more.

"Everyone enters the third floor, and they are all careful, remembering the right thing, that is to use divine knowledge when encountering difficulties!"

Lin Yi, as the captain, naturally reminds you that these people have no experience of taking risks alone, unlike Lin Yi, who has already used the copy as a daily routine.

"I don't know what's happening on the third floor. You should try to find partners, support each other, and take care of each other while you practice!"

"Yes! Captain!"

Morris and others nodded quickly, with a solemn expression.

They also don't want to be separated from Lin Yi. With such a powerful captain, they can easily pass the test of each floor.

But now, I really rely on myself.

However, everyone also made a secret determination and must not humiliate the captain!

Anyway, the team members have a much higher starting point than other teams!

Whether it is the consciousness or physical strength, it has surpassed other teams!

With such a huge advantage, if you can't do something yet, it will really weaken the captain's momentum.

"Okay, let's go!"

Lin Yi waved his hand and walked into the passage first.

This time, Lin Yi kept his mind, notified the ghost in advance, and let him come out to observe the mystery of the transmission channel.

"Predecessor Ghost, have you noticed anything this time?"

Once entering the transmission channel, Lin Yi asked calmly.

"It really doesn't look like normal formation."

The ghost thing groaned a little: "Speaking of it, it is a bit similar to the technology combination matrix of the Vice Island ... but it must be more precise and advanced."

"Technology formation ?! Is it the center that is making a ghost?"

Lin Yi was shocked!

Speaking of science and technology formation, Lin Yi's first reaction is the center!

Such high-end gadgets must not have been made by the Sea King tens of thousands of years ago, and the scientific and technological means of human beings cannot be obtained now.

In the entire secular world, it is estimated that in addition to Han Jingjing, only the center can do such a big job.

Could it be that the Palace of the Kings of the Sea was made out of a new sanctuary?

But does the center have this ability to quickly improve the Primordial Spirit? If so, wouldn't the biochemical human being researched by the center be strong?

"Isn't it difficult to say, you need to investigate it yourself ..."

After talking about the ghost thing, he continued to do his own thing.

During the conversation, Lin Yi's flower was in front of him, and the teleportation was over, and now he was in the third space.

This time, there is no longer the environment of the underwater world. The sea is no longer around, but normal air!

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