Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 7562

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7562 Born-1960

This also made the Saint Soyatu curious about Lin Yi. This person is a little capable, but he can find the advantage of consciousness and urge members of the team to practice.

This person can be used as a key training object and recommended to the Holy Emperor. It is difficult to guarantee that he cannot be alone in the future!

If Lin Yi has a future, then his recommendation and merit will certainly be rewarded by the new sanctuary.

"Sir, I would like to ask, how do you judge this grade? I think our performance is not bad at all!"

Tallu immediately became unconvinced: "If it's just because they got here first, I don't think it's reasonable!"

As a result, Saint Soyatu ignored the tower and continued to take care of himself: "As for why they are the best? My judgement is based on the judgment of the abilities of the team members! The team not only has zero casualties, but also not only opened up the consciousness, but also cultivated it, so it is a well-deserved first! "

"Conscience? What the **** is that?"

Talu heard a haze: "The members of our entire team have been upgraded. At present, they are all masters of foundation building. Why not?"

"Then you look at the people present, who isn't Zhuji?"

Saint Soyatt looked impatiently and coldly: "I said everything, don't interrupt me while I'm talking, so shut up for me!"

Speaking of this, Saint Soyatt swept a coercive look in exchange for a scream from Tower Road "嗷" and fell directly to the ground!

Attack of God!

Soyattoo's ambassador is attacking with consciousness!

Others don't know, but Lin Yi sees it clearly.

At this moment, Lin Yi also saw the strength of Soyattoo. He was actually a Yuan Ying practitioner and a Yuan Ying practitioner who majored in consciousness.

In other words, the opponent's Yuanshen level also reached the Yuan Infancy!

This is what is called, a reason that can make people look dead.

The Talu team suddenly trembled, and did not dare to have the slightest disobedience, obediently listened.

"Next I will explain to you what is God's consciousness and what it does! You can listen to it as a lesson, but this lesson is very useful!"

"Simply put, you can understand divine knowledge as an extension of spiritual power. Having a strong divine knowledge can play a very important role in battle."

"It's better than just now. The means by which I attacked that person was God's consciousness! With a glance at me, I saw him lie down, and that's God's attack!"

Everyone suddenly felt that this kind of fighting method was still unheard of before!

Inside, apart from Lin Yi, including Mike and Morris, they all showed shocked expressions, as if entering a brand new door, and a brand new world inside.

"You may have discovered that your six consciousness is sharper than before! Yes, the test purpose of this layer is for you to open the consciousness smoothly! You can feel that the field of vision has greatly increased, and there are almost no dead ends. Out of sight can now be observed. "

"Also, you are all masters of foundation building now, why did you upgrade? That ’s because once your consciousness is turned on, beginners will reach half-step foundation building, or even the strength of the initial foundation building! And the improvement of consciousness, It will lead to the ascension in the flesh, which will upgrade the flesh together! "

"These are just the basics of consciousness, and there are many techniques and uses. Later, you will slowly study and experience!"


The ambassador of Soyatu said a lot, basically all the basic knowledge of theology.

Lin Yi found that this person was really good, very professional, and also involved some preliminary cultivation methods of consciousness.

These theories are no less than the cheats for the introductory knowledge of the small rivers and lakes of Taikoo!

With Soyatu's explanations, these people present can basically refer to the beginning of cultivation of consciousness, and can get a certain promotion in a short time.

Even on Tianjie Island, I am afraid that I may not find such a good entry cheatbook for people to cultivate!

At least in Lin Yi's Xuanjie Maritime Academy, Xu Xiaoyan was not so detailed.

Lin Yi pinched his chin to watch, but thought about the origin of Soyatu in his heart.

Could this person be related to the small rivers and lakes of Taikoo? Otherwise why is there so much research on divine knowledge?

Or does this so-called King of the Seas originally come from a small river in Taikoo?

This is all possible!

"Well, that's it for the course. Now you try it the way I said and see what's changed!"

Saint Soyatu clapped his hands and awakened the crowd.

After hearing the words of Soyatu's ambassador, everyone immediately returned to the reality from the previous intoxication, and quickly began to practice according to the methods taught by Soyatu!

The effect is obvious. Most people can already apply the divine knowledge, but Mike and others did n’t feel anything. They got Lin Yi's instructions and started to cultivate the divine knowledge before. At this time, I just knew that this power is called divine Just know.

However, Mike and others also admire Lin Yi even more deeply, because without waiting for Soyatu to teach, Lin Yi has already figured out the law and cultivation method of this power!

The captain is the captain. The second kick kicks Kras!

"Everyone on the second floor performed well. I said just now that they will give a certain reward to the best performing team!"

After all the mentors of Soyatu have finished practicing, the old saying goes again: "The third layer is about to open, and I will honor my promise now."

During the conversation, the ambassador of Soyatu took out a jade bottle, raised it above his head, and shook the crowd: "There are thirteen elixirs in it, which can speed up the cultivation of consciousness after taking it! I will now reward it The best team, the rest of you have to work hard, and there will be opportunities next time! "

Lin Yi stunned for a moment, the elixir that can speed up the cultivation of consciousness?

Could it be Quexin? Or Shen Dan?

Such a precious elixir can be sold at a price of just one piece. The man in front of the glass gives away thirteen?

Want to be so generous? !!

Before the idea was turned over, the ambassador of Soyatu handed the jade bottle to Lin Yi: "You are the captain, so you will assign it!"

"Thank you!"

Lin Yi took it calmly, thanked him casually, opened the jade bottle and glanced at the elixir inside.

There are indeed thirteen, but they are more delicate, only half the size of Lin Yi's small fingernails!

Saying it is elixir ... Actually, pills are more suitable.

Not elixir?

Can it speed up the cultivation of divine knowledge?

Why don't you feel right?

Lin Yi frowned slightly, closed the bottle cap calmly, and put away the jade bottle.

This unknown source of unknown drugs, or later research to make sure that there is no problem before giving it to the team members, otherwise what to eat will be fucked, you have to take care of it yourself!

PS: Happy New Year to everyone!

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