American Comics: Opening Guidance Batman - Chapter 664 Spiders Knot Webs (Part 2)

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Schiller squeezed his eyes and picked his ears, Stark pulled up the visor he had just put down again, Steve shook his head, Natasha snorted coldly, and said, "Are you guys? Brain problem? I'm codenamed Black Widow, and that's because I'm a widow, not because I'm a spider."

"Thank you, now we know." Steve sighed and said, "I thought that the transformation of the Soviet Union may have used spider genes, so you have such a code name."

"I said, are you too imaginative? Peter is very excited because he has entered the courtship period of spiders, which is too absurd!" Natasha leaned back lazily on the back of the chair and lit a fire. A cigarette, and then said: "Besides, doesn't he have a girlfriend? Why do you still ask me to..."

Speaking of this, the female agent paused for a while, then froze, and suddenly, she showed a strange expression and said, "Peter and Gwen, shouldn't it be..."

She made a "you know" expression. Of course, several adults present understood what she meant. Stark showed an unbelievable expression and said, "How is it possible? The two of them talked about it. It's been almost two years in love, it's impossible..."

"It's hard to say." Schiller took a chair and sat down, he said, "When I examined Peter before, I found that he was relatively conservative in this regard, probably because of his uncle and aunt's education on him. More conservative reasons.”

"I remember, Peter told me that he seemed to be in a church high school, and schooling should be part of the reason." Steve added.

"Besides, Gwen's father is the chief of the New York Police Department, and her tutoring should be very strict, so it's not surprising that nothing happened to the two of them, after all, not everyone is like you, and you know each other within two hours. I intend to have an in-depth exchange." Schiller said looking like Stark.

"I don't believe it, how can children of their age not be impulsive? Also, after Peter confessed to Gwen the fact that he was Spider-Man, the relationship between the two should have gone further? Isn't it?" Stark said very suspiciously.

Natasha, who was fiddling with the computer on the side, said: "It is confirmed that Peter and Gwen may have nothing happened. The information returned by the agent in charge of staring at Peter said that he did not stay at Gwen's house, and neither did the two of them. A record of any hotel opening, so…”

Several people looked at each other, Schiller paused, and said, "If, I mean, if, as we expected, Peter may have inherited some habits of spiders and entered the courtship period in the adult year, which makes He got very excited..."

"At the same time, he has not developed a further relationship with his girlfriend. Now the question is, how do you think this situation can be solved?"

Stark opened his mouth, but before he could speak, Steve looked at him and said, "You better pay attention to your words, there's another lady here."

Before Steve finished speaking, Natasha said: "Or go to the CIA to find a female agent and introduce them to the two of them. Peter is young and handsome, at least he is not as overindulgent as some people. But a good stamp collector, they'll rush to go..."

Stark stared, and as soon as he was about to speak, Schiller said, "This is a betrayal of Gwen, which Peter can't agree to, and I don't think it's that simple."

"Peter is still a person after all, and he is very smart. I don't think he will be completely controlled by animal nature. From a human point of view, he will behave like this. It may be that he has no sense of security in a current emotional relationship and wants to Seek further stability in the relationship."

"That's not it..." Stark just said this when he saw Schiller's eyes, he snorted and took back the words behind.

"In short, we have to solve this trouble, otherwise it will not only affect the appearance of the city." Steve frowned and said: "Once those cobwebs are dense and fall on people, it will be difficult to get rid of them. It’s also a problem if someone trips and gets injured, even if it sticks to birds and mosquitoes, it can damage the ecology.”

At this time, Stark received a communication from Jarvis, and he said: "Hello? What? The spider web was cleaned? Who cleaned it? Spider-Man?? But wasn't that the web he spun?  … it is good

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Yes, I'll be right back..."

When the group returned to the Stark Building, Peter was standing behind the test bench and doing experiments. When Stark saw him, he looked at him up and down and said, "You're not... I mean, you don't Lost your mind?"

"Why am I losing my mind?" Peter was stunned by his question.

"Then why are you weaving so many nets over New York?" Stark asked again.

"Oh, ah, last time Gwen wanted to know if I could weave a web, so I tried it, and I didn't expect that the photo was so popular that the photographer who took it even won an award, and then There were some street art organizations who wanted me to help with weaving webs, so they could use it as a backdrop for their events, or for photography, so I agreed.”

"Don't worry, those kind of nets are made of special materials. After about five or six hours, they will be decomposed and cleaned up. Even if some are not cleaned, I will clean them up, and I will not add any extra to the cleaners. Trouble."

Schiller approached Stark and whispered to him: "It seems that his mental state is normal, are you sure you are not exaggerating?"

Stark snorted coldly, snapped his fingers and said, "Peter, I'm going to set up a new research project..."

With a "swoosh", Peter appeared in front of Stark. Schiller didn't even see how he was moving. He rushed over like a gust of wind, and he said quickly:

"New project? Do you mean new work? I think I'm completely competent. I have completed more than half of the 14 projects I currently have. This is my result within a week. Of course, the quality is also Not bad, Dr. Connors praised it, he reminded me to combine work and rest, but I don't think I'm tired at all, and it's no problem to have another 10 projects, Mr. Stark, if you can not be an assistant, undertake one independently. A research project, even better, I'm a college student, and I think I can..."

"Stop!" Schiller shouted, Peter turned his head, saw Schiller also, he "swish" again, ran up to Schiller, and said to him: "Oh, Dr. Schiller, you are back, Long time no see, how is the vacation? I just came back from vacation, did you hear about the funny thing that happened at the high school graduation ceremony? Thompson's girlfriend fell directly because she didn't have the bag to tie her dress. He fell and brought Thompson down, he instinctively made a football dodging move, and ended up knocking down the most hated dean, Gwen and I were laughing to death..."

"Stop!" Stark shouted again, and he said, "This is the eighteenth time you've repeated this story, Peter, stop, stop talking..."

"Oh, sorry, I can't control myself a bit." Peter stretched out two index fingers, crossed them to his mouth, shook his head, and took two steps back, indicating that he would not speak any more, but just as Stark once again When he wanted to speak, Peter added: "I didn't say 18 times, this is the 17th time."

After speaking, he covered his mouth again, Stark sighed helplessly, pulled Schiller over, pointed to Peter and said, "I'm sure he's ill, heal him quickly, or take him with him. Just go..."

Seeing Stark's standing hair, Schiller knew that he might have endured it to the limit. If he didn't take Peter away, Stark might throw him out of the window of Stark Building, so Schiller Take Peter back to the Arkham Sanatorium.

After returning to the nursing home, Schiller arranged a room for Peter, and he said, "You live here first, if you want to go to school, drive the car in the second parking space on the right downstairs, and most importantly, fight Pikachu. The game can't be past 10pm, or I'll throw your console and controller into the sea..."

"Okay, now come to the office with me. I want to test your mental state. You seem to be a little too excited."

Schiller led Peter to the office, and after asking Peter to complete a set of basic test questions, Schiller asked him questions based on the results.

After several rounds of inspection, Schiller came up with an answer, that is, Peter's mental state is very normal, healthy, happy, positive, and within one kilometer of the mental hospital is considered a misdiagnosed state.

Sitting behind the desk, Schiller showed a solemn expression, but this was misunderstood by Peter, and he asked very worriedly:

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"What's wrong? Doctor, is my condition serious?"

"No, you're not sick, you're very healthy. The problem is, it's a little too healthy. If that's the case, why are you so excited? Could it be because of brain waves? Wait a minute..."

After finishing speaking, Schiller picked up the phone and called Professor X. He said, "Professor Charles, I'm sorry to bother you, I want to ask you for help now, Peter he..."

"Yes, yes, I also think it's very strange. From the analysis results, there should be no problem, right? But he is very excited, the speed of speech becomes faster, the meaning is repeated, the concentration is poor, and he looks around intermittently. Can I trouble you to take a look at his brainwaves?"

"There's nothing wrong with the brain waves? It's really in a state of excitement. UU read but didn't find anything affected, right? Okay, I see, goodbye..."

After hanging up the phone, Schiller's frown deepened. He was not afraid of the patient's problems, but he was afraid that no matter how much he checked, he would not be able to detect the problem. In this situation. There are often only two outcomes, either a false alarm at the end, or the patient should think about what to name the disease.

Just when Schiller was going to check again, a portal suddenly opened in midair, Strange walked out, followed by Loki, Strange turned over a document while walking, and then Said, "Shiller, our bills for this quarter have come out. Do you think there is any room for optimization?"

After speaking, he looked up at Schiller, and by the way, he saw Peter sitting opposite Schiller. The moment he saw Peter, Strange's eyes were shaken, he shook his head, and then was shocked. shouted:

"Peter?! Where did you get such a strong power of faith?? Are you going to become a god??"

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