All Aspects Are Kneeling and Begging the Villain Heroine To Be a Person - Chapter 2589 This white-eyed wolf disciple is no more (52)

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   Chapter 2589 This white-eyed wolf disciple is gone (52)

   After arranging Zhou Hengyu and other high-level sect leaders, Qianyan went out again.

   At this moment, Zhou Hengyu and several high-level officials who knew the inside story felt that Qianyan chose these destined disciples mostly to deal with foreign invasions.

   They wondered what merits these disciples had, but their existence must be against those outsiders.

   Venerable Lin would never do anything to persecute sects.

  For example, the time-acceleration formation they are staying at is the best proof. With the blessing of this formation, it can add a lot of background to the Taiyuan Gate.

   Qianyan did not go out alone this time, but brought two disciples by her side.

   One is the eldest disciple Chen Sanqi, and the other is the fourth disciple Yu Xiaoling. At first, the two were still in the excitement of going out with the master. After two days, the master began to accept the disciples, and they calmed down.

   And they finally understood their mission, that is, to arrange for the newly recruited disciples by Master, to teach them the basics, and to teach them to change their cultivation methods.

  Master really arranged the two of them clearly.

  I had known that there would be many younger brothers and sisters. Chen Sanqi and Yu Xiaoling were well received and carefully taught these new students.

   Looking at these younger brothers and sisters, they knew that Master likes to accept disciples, and when there were already more than 100 disciples, they suddenly felt very interesting.


   "The most popular young talent in the Li family? No, you Li Zhiru are a waste now, hahahaha."

Li Zhiru stood on the edge of the cliff, looked at the arrogant young man in front of him, lowered his eyes slightly, his fists clenched: "Since I'm a waste, isn't it boring to bully me, you can kill me if you move your finger, What are you doing now?"

"Although your kid is already a waste, but your heart is deep, I don't want to leave disaster." Li Shengyi smiled grimly, "If you know that the dog jumps off the wall in a hurry, I don't feel relieved if you live for a day, so I still find a chance to You'd better be killed."

   Li Zhiru's face sank, Li Shengyi was more ruthless than he thought, and he really didn't give him a chance to survive.

   "Li Zhiru, do you jump down on your own, or should I jump for you?" Li Shengyi asked with a smile, of course he wouldn't kill Li Zhiru, what if something got on this kid and got on him.

  Li Zhiru is a very treacherous kid. If it weren't for the unexpected loss of talent, he really couldn't deal with it.

   But then again, this is also a seed of infatuation. It's a pity, infatuation ruined talent, otherwise he wouldn't have the chance to step on the other side in the mud.

   The qi rushing under the cliff, Li Zhiru's talent was destroyed, and people without cultivation would basically die.

  Li Zhiru knew that he could not escape today, so instead of Li Shengyi changing his mind and killing him, he might as well jump off.

   There are strong winds under this cliff, but he can tear his body to shreds in an instant, and he jumped down on his own accord.

   I don’t know if it’s luck or not, Li Zhiru’s body was in severe pain, but he was not torn apart.

   In a trance, he saw a person standing at the bottom of the cliff, and he was a little surprised. Maybe he was wrong?

   Qianyan raised her head and looked at the space crack next to her.

She just came here to try her luck. She didn't know if she could survive the catastrophe, fell into a crack in space, infected with demonic energy, and became a demon, but she tried her best to kill the demons and finally exploded and killed many demons, and she also wanted to maintain the safety of the cultivation world. of Li Zhiru.

   Sure enough, they are very fateful.

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