Alchemy & Martial Supreme - Chapter 6079 Alchemy

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Xiaoqing's Dan Dao strength is not strong, but using the Jinxuan Macaque bloodline ability, he can still refine divine beast-level medicinal pills.

The divine beast grade pills are of high value. Even if the quality of the divine beast grade pills refined by Xiaoqing is not very good, the warriors in the family will dislike them, but they can be sold to other human warriors.

Once the war begins, Qincheng will inevitably be closed, and no human warrior will dare to come to this place, and their family will no longer be able to earn black stones.

Taking advantage of the fact that the war has not yet begun, there are a large number of human warriors in Qincheng, and they can sell more medicine pills.

Once the war begins, no one knows what will happen. If you gather a little more pills for battle, and a little more blackstone, you will have a better chance of victory.

Although Qin Cheng earned a lot of black stones, Qin Ming's bloodline needed a lot of black stones to break through to the pinnacle of the divine beast realm.

His father said that he would prepare for Qin Ming, and his bloodline would break through to the black stone twenty times that of the late stage of the divine beast realm, so as to ensure sufficient energy.

Qin Ming's bloodline broke through to the late stage of the gods and beasts, and he consumed a lot of black stones. No matter how many times it was nineteen times, the black stones earned in these years were simply not enough.

If the three ancient races hadn't robbed human warriors, they would not have opened up their families. It might only be a few years before they could get together.

Even if you count the blackstone excavated, it is still a lot worse. Once the war starts, it will only consume blackstone, and it is impossible to earn blackstone.

Jin Zhizhi is a little worried now, what should he do if the family's black stones are not enough.

Father also has this concern, but there is no way for now, they have already thought about ways to earn blackstone.

"Don't worry, I will work hard to refine more pills." Xiaoqing assured that she has refined a lot of pills during this time, and many members of the family are also working hard to refine pills.

"Yeah!" Jin Zhizhi nodded with a smile. Many clansmen knew that the clan was going to be attacked and that the clan lacked a lot of medicinal pills. In order to help the clan, they tried their best to concoct pills.

"The family is going to have a meeting tonight to discuss how to deal with the tyrannical ape clan. As a princess, I am also qualified to participate."

"Now that martial arts has reached a bottleneck, it is not appropriate to continue to practice, and alchemy is not in a hurry." Jin Zhizhi planned to attend today's meeting.

Although her current martial arts realm is only in the middle stage of the god-beast realm, because her bloodline is very pure, she can use the power in the blood like her brother to exert a strength far beyond her own.

If he stimulates the power in his blood, he will probably have the strength of the late stage of the gods and beasts. If she can improve a little more and is familiar with the battle, she will have the strength beyond the late stage of the gods and beasts.

Brother's martial arts realm, I heard that he has also broken through to the middle stage of the beast realm. His current strength should exceed that of the powerhouse in the late stage of the real beast realm.

Of course, because it is going all out and using the power of blood, such a powerful strength can only be used for a short time, and can only participate in one battle at most.

Although there are many powerful warriors in the divine beast realm in the Ba Yuan clan, there are not many warriors at the peak of the divine beast realm. She can block a warrior in the late stage of the divine beast realm, and she can buy time for the powerhouse of the family.

Jin Zhizhi wants to participate in this war, not hide behind the strong family.

So she decided that she would attend the meeting tonight, and from now on, she would take up the responsibility of the family and be a real princess.

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