A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 - Chapter 3012 The might of the devil

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Just when Immortal King Ziqiong and the others were terrified, a huge black hole suddenly appeared in the void outside the chaotic sky, and a black shadow with monstrous power was also slowly paid out from the black hole.

The black shadow is tall and stern, and there is a terrifying aura between his brows.

He just stood there quietly, even though the Immortal King Ziqiong and others across the chaotic sky seemed to be affected by the demonic energy on his body, and he felt like he was about to suffocate.

Immortal King Ziqiong and others looked at the black shadow that appeared outside the chaotic sky, and their pupils couldn't help shrinking suddenly.

Immortal Demon Emperor!

In ancient times, the ancient magic palace was one of the demon emperors who appeared in the fairyland, and he was also the leader of the characters who led the ancient magic palace to invade the fairyland.

In the immortal and demon battle in the ancient times, the immortal emperor headed by Qingdi disappeared in the immortal world together with many demon emperors in the ancient magic palace. Only the immortal demon emperor was left behind, and finally was left by Qingdi with the help of the immortal world. The method was sealed together with the ancient magic palace.

Now that there is no Immortal Emperor in the Immortal Realm, but the Demon Emperor of the Ancient Demon Palace has already been born, how can the Immortal Realm resist?

"Congratulations to the birth of Lord Demon Emperor!"

At this moment, all the demon kings, including the Black Dragon Demon King, looked respectfully at the Inextinguishable Demon Emperor in the void, and their eyes were filled with incomparable fanaticism.

The Inextinguishable Demon Emperor ignored the Black Dragon Demon King and others, and his dark and deep eyes fell directly on the chaotic sky in front of him.

"Hundred Heaven Immortal Formation, is that the Qing Emperor's method again? Unfortunately... Although this formation is good, the person who arranges the formation is too weak. If there is an Immortal Emperor here, this Emperor may not be able to obtain this formation. But just waiting for these Immortal Kings to stop me is simply wishful thinking!"

The Inextinguishable Demon Emperor just raised his hand and waved, as if carrying a terrifying aura that could destroy the world, it collided with the chaotic sky in the blink of an eye.


Such a terrifying collision did not make a sound in the void.

I saw that the chaotic sky, which had not been able to shake the black dragon demon king and others, was dissipating at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just a moment, the chaotic sky, which originally looked extremely thick, gradually became transparent, and finally disappeared directly and silently between heaven and earth.

At the moment when the chaotic sky dissipated, Immortal King Ziqiong and others shuddered, and their faces turned pale in vain.

They looked up at the Inextinguishable Devil Emperor in the void, and a look of incomparable despair appeared in their eyes.

The Demon Emperor, as expected of a Xeon existence comparable to the Immortal Emperor, is really terrifying.

Even the Immortal Kings of the Four Heavenly Domains in the Immortal Realm condensed the formation left by the ancient Immortal Emperor, but it was difficult to resist.

"In order to seal the ancient magic palace, Emperor Qing intercepted the source of the fairyland in the fairyland, so that the law of the fairyland in the fairyland was missing, and no one could master the avenue to break through the fairy emperor. The emperor would like to see how your fairyland can stop me this time!"

When the Inextinguishable Demon Emperor spoke, he stretched out his hand and slapped it towards the Immortal King Ziqiong and the others.

This palm seems to be plain, but it completely imprisoned the void where Immortal King Ziqiong and the others were.

"Purple Flame Burning Void Sword!"

Immortal King Ziqiong's pupils shrank suddenly, and an ancient sword of purple flame exuding supreme immortal power also appeared out of thin air in front of him.

As soon as the purple flame ancient sword appeared, an aura that made all Immortal Kings could not help but want to worship. It is also instantly diffused in the void.

At this moment, in the face of the attack of the Indestructible Devil Emperor, Immortal King Ziqiong also sacrificed the imperial soldiers of the Ziyan Emperor Palace without hesitation.

"Tianfeng Shenyu!"

"Qingli Ancient Seal!"

"Gu Yuetian!"

Immortal King Tianhuang, Immortal King Qingcang, and Immortal King Yuetaki did not dare to show any slights, they all sacrificed their imperial soldiers, and at the same time greeted the suppression of the Indestructible Devil Emperor.


The palm of the four emperors and the Indestructible Demon Emperor collided suddenly, causing the void to collapse, the heaven and earth shattered, the entire Demon Suppression Immortal Territory was turned upside down, the mountains and rivers collapsed, and directly under such a terrifying confrontation, it became fragmented and devastated. With mourning, countless people from the Demon Suppression Immortal Territory were affected and fell into this confrontation.

Chaos in the void.

The imperial soldiers in the hands of Immortal King Ziqiong and the others all let out a whimper. Immortal King Ziqiong and others all trembled, and then flew out of the sky like a broken kite for thousands of miles. The distance, the bright red blood continued to overflow from the mouth.

And behind Immortal King Ziqiong, the situation of other Immortal Kings in Immortal Realm is even more tragic. Some of the weaker ones were left with only Half-Life directly under the influence of this confrontation.

They looked at the inextinguishable Demon Emperor who stood proudly across the world, and there was a look of incomparable despair in their eyes.

The strength of the Inextinguishable Devil Emperor is too terrifying, even if the four Immortal King Ziqiong motivated the emperor's treasure, it is simply difficult to compete with the Inextinguishable Devil Emperor.

"Zi Qiong, this guy's strength is too terrifying, we can't resist it at all, the descendant of Qingdi you say. I don't know when it will appear?"

Immortal King Tianhuang suppressed the churning aura in his body and couldn't help asking Immortal King Ziqiong.

Although there is only one word difference between the Demon King and the Demon Emperor, the difference in strength between them is very different. Even if they have the strength of the peak of the Immortal King Realm, they are no different from the ants in front of them.

If it weren't for the emperor's treasure left by the ancestors, I am afraid that the previous blow of the Devil Emperor would not be destroyed. It's enough to crush them all.

"If you can't stop it, you have to stop it."

Immortal King Ziqiong took a deep breath and said, "Not long ago, he asked me about the Taigu Tiandi Palace, and then disappeared. I don't know where he is now."

"Don't make useless struggles. With the power of your immortals, you can't stop this emperor at all."

At this moment, the Inextinguishable Demon Emperor appeared directly in front of Immortal King Ziqiong and others, and looked down at Immortal King Ziqiong and others: "Obey, you will be captured. To lead the fairy world to surrender to the ancient magic palace, this emperor can also consider spare your life!"

Immortal King Ziqiong snorted coldly: "Indestructible Demon Emperor, wanting us to surrender to you is simply wishful thinking. Immortal world is not something you can control from the ancient magic palace. We were able to defeat you in ancient times, and we can still do it today."

"Really? Do you think the current fairyland is still the fairyland of the ancient times? In the past, your fairyland had many fairy emperors headed by Qingdi, but now there are no fairy emperors in the fairyland. What do you use to compete with this emperor?"

The inextinguishable Demon Emperor's eyes froze, and the monstrous demonic energy in his body once again swept the heavens and the earth: "Since you all insist on being obsessed, then let this Emperor fall."

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