Zhanxian - Chapter 547.1 - Dangers In The Core Region

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Chapter 547.1: Dangers In The Core Region

With a single slash, Yang Chen felt an indescribable relief in his chest. It seemed that the outburst of inner demons that had hardly stopped for decades was also released.

After the blade passed, Yang Chen didn’t even have the mood to watch the killing effect. He just held the Immortal beheading blade, closed his eyes, stroked his fingers gently over it, he felt the lines of the Immortal beheading blade, and felt the joy of this life-source magic weapon. He didn’t even care about the enemy now.

Although the Immortal beheading blade still looks like the Immortal beheading blade, its temperament was quite different, and it was no longer sharp-edged. Except for the blood-red blade that makes people terrified at first glance, there was no outlier in other places.

Even the monstrous killing intent was completely hidden in the restrained blade. The people who are killed by the Immortal beheading blade will be instantly destroyed by the killing intent. At least in the mortal world, Yang Chen doesn’t believe that there are people who can fight against the Immortal beheading blade.

Now holding the Immortal beheading blade, he will no longer be regarded as a murderous madman when it appears, and it will not be an excuse for others to eliminate demons and defend the way. Next, it should be a great opportunity for the Immortal beheading blade to make a big profit in the city.

Of course, Yang Chen wasn’t arrogant enough to wield the Immortal beheading blade to fight against the Greatest Heaven Sect alone. The heritage of the sect that has been inherited for hundreds of thousands of years or even longer was by no means something that a disciple of a small sect can imagine in Yang Chen. Even the great elders were only the tip of the iceberg of the hidden strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

If he wanted to really destroy the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was impossible to rely on Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace alone. Yang Chen has now set a trap for the Greatest Heaven Sect, he was waiting for the day when they become the public enemy of all cultivators in the mortal world.

After a while, Yang Chen’s excited mood gradually calmed down, and he let go of Xiao Tian, and Xiao Tian suddenly twisted in the air happily, not forgetting to still hold the Immortal beheading blade in his mouth.

He just remembered now to see how the effect of the slash was. After making no movement for such a long time, Yang Chen almost forgot that he was fighting with the most powerful demonized demon vine.

The scene in front of him made Yang Chen a little unbelievable. The guy that fused and devoured another demonized demon vine, and now the body has all appeared. The huge body was directly divided into two halves, it was cut in half by the Immortal beheading blade.

The vitality of the demonized demon vine was extremely powerful, and it can live so nourishing in this demonic qi place. The body that was divided into two halves did not die directly, but still had signs of life.

However, the current demonized demon vines no longer had the energy to attack Yang Chen, although it was still alive, but both parts of the body were shaking uncontrollably, and all the vines have shrunk into a ball, sometimes curling and sometimes stretching, never stopping.

Yang Chen shook his head slightly, this demonized demon vine must be sane. However, if he was wise, he would know to be afraid. The strongest demonic vine in the mortal world can’t compete with the killing intent of the Immortal beheading blade.

The nine nether flying sword easily took control of the demonic qi. In this area, he doesn’t know how many years the demonized demon vine has condensed the demonic qi as if it were real. It was quickly absorbed by the nine nether flying sword.

The demonic qi of the two was quite different before, but after this period of absorption, it seems to have balanced a lot.

Yang Chen’s thoughts moved and Xiao Tian, who was flying in the air, appeared in Yang Chen’s hands again with the Immortal Beheading Blade. Xiao Tian automatically turned into a hilt, wrapping Yang Chen’s right hand, even if it was a great lou golden immortal, he couldn’t take the Immortal Beheading Blade from Yang Chen’s hand at this moment.

After finding the core of the demonized demon vine, Yang Chen just stabbed it twice, and the countless vines on the ground stopped shaking completely, all of them drooped down softly and there was no movement.

The nine nether flying sword has been expanded to its largest size, wrapping both parts of the demonized demon vine in it. In the black fog, there was a rustling sound of absorption of demonic qi, and together with it, the consciousness of the dead body of the demonized demon vine was absorbed into the nine nether flying sword.

This absorption alone took Yang Chen’s efforts. When it was completely absorbed, Yang Chen had another demon orb in his hand, or it should be called a demon orb.

This demon orb, he doesn’t know how much cultivation it contains, even if there was no demonic qi in it, he believes that no one dares to swallow it, even Xiao Tian may not be able to bear it.

Taking the ordinary pure golden demon orb can improve the cultivation base, but it is true that the cultivation base can be improved by taking this big ball, but the cultivator himself will definitely be blown up.

In his qiankun bag, there were a total of more than 30 demon orb, the size of the smallest was like a human head. It seems a pity to feed all of these things to Xiao Tian. After leaving the Demon Continent, Yang Chen still has to think about how to use it.

The nine nether flying sword became darker and deeper, and it seemed that after absorbing this demonized demon vine, it had a taste of returning to its original state. The concentration of demonic qi even exceeds that of the demonized demon vine. You must know that the body of the nine nether flying sword was much smaller than the demonized demon vine.

It was believed that with the nine nether flying sword at this time, to launch a casual spiritual awareness attack, few cultivators in the mortal world can withstand it. According to Yang Chen’s estimation, the current four girls are definitely not good, Li Cheng is definitely able, as for the others, Yang Chen can’t think of a cultivator who can take this blow.

It’s a pity that nine nether flying sword can’t keep the demonic qi inside, as long as it is used, it will look like a lot of demonic qi. It doesn’t matter how he uses it on the Demon Continent, once he leaves, he will definitely be regarded as a demonic cultivator. It can only be used in the safest situation or the most critical situation in the future, it must be said that it was a small defect.

It was impossible to say that Yang Chen will also work hard on the Immortal Beheading Blade. Since the Immortal Beheading Blade can even restrain its killing intent, it may also be able to contain the demonic qi, which was also a development direction of the Immortal Beheading Blade in the future.

The thought of the great Yin-Yang five elements flying swords being gathered together, not to mention, just the blood demon vine sword plus the nine nether flying sword, blood-sucking, a heart demon attack and shielding the six senses, was enough to drive countless people crazy. This was not to mention the Penglai Divine Wood flying sword, Living Soil flying sword, flood dragon bone flying sword and so on.

Relatively speaking, Yang Chen’s innate fire attribute flying sword was a bit unworthy of mention. Especially the bright ray flying sword, which was Yang Chen’s most memorable flying sword. However, with the supplement of the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire, it will never be worse than any other flying sword.

With the Immortal beheading blade, Yang Chen’s confidence was immediately bursting, he no longer cared about anything else, and walked directly towards the core of the Demon Continent without fear. That kind of arrogance and no turning back, there is quite a kind of posture that he has in the world to kill immortals.

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