Your Highness, Don’t Be Like This - Chapter 793 I am the cataclysm!

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City of the Sun]

Thinking back on the scene he had just seen on the canvas, Tyron still had seasons left in his heart.

If he really came after him... Tyron couldn't imagine what the consequences would be.

He almost succeeded - got the book! If it weren't for the two bosses working hard, I'm afraid it wouldn't be as simple as being torn apart.

But no matter what, judging from the attitude of that terrifying guy, this book should be the book of fate left by Anthony Daxian.

Indeed, 'arguably'—arguably so...  

Tyron looked strangely at the two bosses beside him, and then looked at the book on the table. He coughed and said: "Your Majesty, I just confirmed it again in the magic net. The conclusions given by the wizards are still very reliable. Its check rate is indeed very high."

After hearing the conclusion of the magic consultant, the two bosses looked at each other with complicated expressions - sure enough, it might indeed be another book.

At this moment, the two do not know whether they should be happy or sad.

The good news is that for this book, they have worked hard and paid a lot in these years. I have always regarded it as the kind of trump card that can make myself laugh at the end.

The sad thing is that the current situation is completely different. Compared with this book, the book of destiny, which can only make one wish, is the key to winning the final victory.

"Katrina. I think we guessed right." The sun **** shook his head in a complicated mood, sighed, and said, "I once saw some documents of the 'original' in the Holy Land. If it were that book, there would indeed be some resemblance to what is in my 'Sun Bible'."

"Huh? The Sun Bible?" Katerina blinked and looked at Tyron strangely: "Isn't it Wan Mo Lu?"

"The Book of Ten Thousand Demons?" Tyron's monocular eyepiece almost didn't fall off: "Didn't the wizards find the Book of Lost Happiness?"

Louise and Katerina: "???"

Tyron: "???"

At this time, the Zhenyuan book placed in the corner of the table was automatically exposed, revealing a page of content. A few lines are written on it:

Of the three, one thought it was a Holy Land book depicting the source of sun magic—from the Holy Land. 】

One person believes that this is a book of demons that hides the secrets of the will of the abyss - from the demons. 】

Another thought it was an unorthodox book that recorded the secrets of the human body - from the strange brain circuits of the lusts. 】

Louise and Katerina believe...]

a. This is an **** palace picture, right? ! 】

b. There are indeed 10,000 demons drawn inside. 】

c. It has the content of 'sun'...]

As mentioned in the previous chapters, after the big wedding night, Louis got inspiration from the 'yin and yang' theory of Xiaolongnv's wife, and when he decided to return to the sanctuary, he used the power of the forbidden library to convert the sun bible, myriad demons, The various documents recorded, and the Book of Despair are reforged to try to create a new book. Then use it to steal the Sun God's control over the Demon World and 'save' the Demon World. )

The hints that appeared in the Zhenyuan book made Katerina's mouth twitch fiercely - the least valuable of the three books is the 'Book of Lost Happiness'.

One hand closed the Zhenyuan book very solemnly.

Seeing Louise closing the Zhenyuan book, Katerina coughed and said in a low voice, "After Tyron said that, I also feel that it looks a lot like that book...hey."

"Katrina. This is by no means a book of unhappiness." Louise said solemnly: "It's just different in our eyes."

Katarina was stunned by Louise's words, and she frowned in confusion.

"Louise, what do you mean?"

"Katrina, this book is not that simple." Louise looked at the book on the table with a complicated expression: "It's just that we can't read it."

"I really don't understand..." Katerina rolled her eyes: "I don't understand that guy, and I don't understand you. I don't understand that you were tearing apart like you were desperately in the turbulent air at that time. A **** palace..."

Katerina frowned suddenly—the kid's hysterical look when he finally dropped the book didn't look fake.

"Caterina. Do you remember the relics we saw when we were exploring the Palace of Hermadis? ": "Those magic soldiers whose appearance is determined by cognition. "

Tai Lun's Tong Kong shrank, remembering the descriptions of those things by the two bosses.

Those things, in the eyes of the Angels of the Holy Land, were the formation of ships, but in Louise's eyes they were ordinary clothing and jewelry—some things, in Catalina's eyes, even insecticides.

"Katerina, in Louis' eyes, this book may be another look."

" mean..." Katerina looked at the book in surprise.

"That's right, Katerina, we haven't really controlled it yet. It's the Book of Fate only in front of Louis. And in our eyes... we're all set."

Katerina's child hole shrank. She somewhat understood what Louise meant.

"Caterina. The Book of Fate is a sacred relic brought out by Anthony from the Forbidden Sanctuary. It is essentially the same as those divine weapons whose appearance is determined by cognition. It is formless and formless. It is only in our In the eyes of every monkey in the world, there is only one book - and this book, in different eyes, is different."

Louise's next words were like a sledgehammer, hitting Katarina and Tyron's hearts again and again.

"In the eyes of Anthony and Louis, the Book of the World in the Holy Land is a travel diary or a story book. In the eyes of the Galaks, these books are the World Stone, the Book of Gods, the Book of Zhenyuan, and the Book of Huangquan. In the eyes of some people with strong obsessions or ideals, it is a book that can change the fate of the world, and in the hands of some unscrupulous has become unscrupulous again."

Having said that, Louise looked at Tyron with contempt.

Tyron lowered his head blushing, embarrassed.

"This is the Book of Fate. The secret of the Holy Land must be in it." Louise said firmly.

"Whatever, Louise, it doesn't matter if it's the book of the world, or it's an **** image." Katerina's eyes turned cold, she grabbed the book and said, "Whatever it is. Just destroy it! Take it back again!"

"No." Louise took the book with bright eyes and said, "This book is already in our hands. We can destroy it at any time. It's better to study it first and then make a decision - if it doesn't work, then destroy it. It's not too late to drop it."

Katerina hesitated at Louise's words.

Indeed, when they were in the Holy Land, the two planned to destroy it, it was just a matter of interest. It's a big gamble. But in fact, no one knows whether the **** can really be resealed after destroying this book.

What if the real solution was not to destroy the book, but to use its power to close that 'door to hell'?

Katerina suddenly felt a little scared.

Louise stroked the book in her hand and gradually fell into contemplation.

It is different now than when they were in the Holy Land. They have a lot of time now, and maybe they can really find the answer to save the world from this book.

She had a feeling that the power of this book could neutralize her manic solar power and help her against the gods of the Holy Land.

There are some new narrations in Zhenyuan Book:

In Agura's prophecy, the world will plunge into the deepest darkness in that true doomsday. And the intersection of fate is in the hands of one person. 】

She holds the book of fate and chooses a path. 】

Shelter and destruction are all in her thoughts...]

I don't know why, although the narration this time mentioned that the person "holding the Book of Destiny" had to make a choice, it did not give Louise any choice.

Maybe it's because the fate has been changed because of this little butterfly, and it has become unpredictable?

Louise didn't know.

But she believes that the 'book of destiny' in her hand will definitely help her change her destiny and change the destiny that the world will be destroyed.

"Louise, I always think... forget it." Katerina shook her head, different from Louise. The guys like Katerina came to this world originally to do bad things, and their ultimate goal is the **** in front of them. Now, things are out of the way and the situation has completely changed. UU reading

Maybe this will be an opportunity to get rid of the shadow of the creator, but the unrealistic fantasy of Louise, an idealist, to save the 'sun age of the gods' makes her feel 'the way is different. seek".

What if destroying the book can't stop the Creator?

The swarm should prepare for the way back sooner...

"Katalina, I know what you're thinking, but maybe the best of both worlds - there's a plan..."

I don't know what Louise said to Katarina in the end, and Katarina's eyes burned with a burning expectation - if things don't conflict, then even sacrifice 99.9% of the ethnic group?

After all, there is still that 0.1%.

After Katerina left the City of the Sun to prepare things. Louise looked at the sun in the sky.

She always had a feeling that there seemed to be a sunspot on the top of the sun.

'The cataclysm is coming...'


You, who hold the fate of this world, decide...]

a. Purification. 】

Completion Reward: Quiet, Clean Abyss *1]

b. Rescue. 】

Completion Reward: Hustle, Strange Abyss *1]

You chose a..】




‘Hey, it’s weird, why didn’t you say that there was no attribute reward this time? Is there a bug? "Louis wanted to scratch his face, but because of the side effects, he couldn't move. He could only be there with question marks all over his head.

’ In other words, the world’s repulsive force towards me is really strong. "

He didn't even think about it, what kind of attribute rewards would be used for a full-level ultimate boss?


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