Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1229 - Your Heart Belongs To Me

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When Jiang Yang took Lu Lian to see Ming Rusheng, and Wen Zac and Jiang Yuyan followed them, all the family members had already gone after seeing him. Lu Lian hurried towards the glass wall from where she could see Ming Rusheng who was lying on the bed. Tears couldn't stop rolling down her eyes as she felt choked and her hands trying to reach out to him through those glass barriers. 

Jiang Yang stood beside her and asked, "Don't you want to go inside?"

Still staring at Ming Rushen, she nodded lightly and Jiang Yang said, "Come with me."

Jiang Yang guided her towards one room where they had the protective covering dresses to wear over the clothes to avoid any contamination. 

Wen Zac stood quietly by the glass wall while staring at his friend, Jiang Yuyan accompanied him. She had nothing to say to him to console him.

"For the first time I tried to do something good for him but this idiot had to be like this now. Didn't even give me a chance to conduct my plan successfully," Wen Zac commented, "Till the end, this guy has to be stubborn only."

Jiang Yuyan heard it, "He and Lian?"

Wen Zac nodded, "Both are a perfect match for each other. No one even wishes to back down when it comes to being stubborn."

"Hmm," Jiang Yuyan agreed.

Wen Zac continued, "I wished to provoke him and make him realize he should not just sit calm and do nothing, thinking things will come to him on its own if they are meant for him. I wanted him to admit what exactly he feels and how important that person is for him to see her with someone else. In the past he waited and….." Wen Zac stopped, he realized that a past incident involved Jiang Yuyan. "...I just wanted him to get what he truly wished."

Jiang Yuyan too understood what he meant and it was fine for her. 

"I wanted to make Lian realize that she can't be with someone else and she should just accept Ming Rusheng and to let her know how much she loves him. Even the blind person can feel what these two feel for each other," Wen Zac added. 

"You did well but we didn't know things would turn like this."

Just then Lu Lian came out, wearing a light blue color protective suit and the nurse present there helped her go inside the ICU. 

Jiang Yang stood outside as he accompanied the other two. 

Jiang Yuyan looked at Jiang Yang, "Lian..she…"

"I didn't want her to miss the chance to be with him in his last moments just like you did…." Jiang Yang said and the other two understood. 

It was painful for Jiang Yuyan to see Lu Qiang gone suddenly like that and only she could feel that pain.

Jiang Yang looked at the watch in his hand and realized only one and half hour was left till doctor declared Ming Rusheng brain dead. 

"I will go see the doctor. Be with her," Jiang Yang left.

Lu Lian went to Ming Rusheng and stood there looking at him silently with her teary eyes. While sobbing the words left her mouth, " Why did you have to save me?...why?"

The man in front of her could no longer answer her. She sat on the stool kept by the bedside and held his hand which had an oximeter attached to its finger. Controlling her crying, she spoke, "Don't leave me… Don't leave me like this please…" She looked at him hopefully, "I was wrong..okay...I am really sorry...Just don't leave me. I will do whatever you ask me to... I will do whatever you want me to...just don't leave me please, huh?" She continued begging, but nothing seemed to be heard by him. 

"Once you are awake... you can scold me.... show your anger at me and I promise I will listen to everything... Even if you push me away... I promise to not leave you ever… If you want me to regret everything, thrust me I am regretting it already...You don't have to do this to make me regret it… Just come back and I promise to make up for everything...for every little thing that has hurt you... Just don't punish me this way...please…" She had nothing more to say other than just begging and hoping that he would wake up. She could only hope for something to happen. 

"Your heart belongs to me and it can't stop beating unless I permit you to, you understand?" she said and kept mumbling, "Your entire self belongs to me. How dare you let yourself get hurt. Why did you have to be there? Why did you save me... I was the one who should have been lying on this bed? Why..did you even meddle in?" 

She was hurt, angry, frustrated, helpless and all the emotions serged out at the same time. She wanted to show how much she loved him but couldn't stop feeling angry at why he saved her by putting his own life at risk? She wanted to say so many things but could not sum them all up. 

In the end, the only thing she wanted was- to see him alive. 


Jiang Yang went to the doctor in charge of Ming Rusheng's case. Due to Jiang Yang's successful career, he was friends with most of the known doctors and it was easy for him to approach any doctor and discuss the cases with them. 

The doctor in charge from the neurology department was also one of his friends who he had talked with even before Ming Rusheng's surgery. 

Jiang Yang knocked on the door and entered the doctor's office after getting permission. 

The doctor was resting while leaning back in his chair as he looked tired after the long surgery. 

"I was expecting to see you here, Doctor Yang?" the doctor in charge commented. 

  "Is it why you are still here instead of resting after such a long surgery, Doctor Hong?" Jiang Yang asked as he sat in the chair opposite doctor Hong, across his work table.

"When the result of surgery is like this, can you even rest peacefully?" Doctor Hong asked as he closed his eyes. 

"Are you hundred percent sure, there are no chances?" Jiang Yang asked. 

"The file with post-surgery results is in front of you," Doctor Hong said and Jiang Yang picked it up. 

"Doctor Yang, just like you, even I still hope some miracle will happen but as a doctor, we know what's the truth."

Jiang Yang was going through the file and could only sigh. "Is there no case in your study that a patient like this made it alive?"

"He would be the first one."

"You still haven't declared him brain dead?"

"Normally we do but the head of our department seems to have a special attachment with the patient that he too didn't wish to let him go," the doctor replied. 

"Tell me honestly, what do you feel? Keep your medical practical knowledge aside."

The doctor sighed and before he could answer, there was a knock on the door and two people entered the room.

One was the head of the cardiology department who was Jiang Yang's friend while the other one was a renowned cardiologist from this hospital, doctor Du. 

"Doctor Du, how come you found a way to the neurology department?" Doctor Hong asked. 

"I am here to discuss some important matter," the serious-looking doctor in his early thirties replied.

"Have a seat."

The two doctors sat while Jiang Yang looked at the head of the cardiology department as if asking him what's the matter and the doctor just shook his head lightly as he looked at doctor Du.

Soon they heard Doctor Du saying something surprising, "I came to know you have a brain-dead patient in your department. I came here to request, to make that patient's family ready to donate his organs so we can save a few other lives.

It shocked everyone but knowing the straightforward and practical doctor like him, it was expected to hear this from him.

"Doctor Du, he has not declared Brain dead yet," Jiang Yang said. 

"If you take a proper look into the file, you can tell there is no need to even wait to declare it."

"I am sure anyone of your VIP patient is in dire need of heart transplant," Jiang Yang commented sarcastically.

"You are right, Doctor Yang. My patient will die if he didn't get a heart transplant in the next few hours. One young man in his just in his early thirties is fighting for his life."

"For that, you can't ask us to sacrifices another young man who is fighting to get alive after what he had gone through."

"I am not asking for sacrifices but what's right. we all know he won't make it through."

When these two were arguing, the other two could only sigh. Both were right in their own way.. One was the family of the patient while the other one was the dedicated practical doctor."

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