Welcome to the Nightmare Game - Chapter 136 Goodbye, never no township (fan outside)

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Will you fall in love with such a person? You have the same gender, different beliefs, and you are guilty of falling in love.

For the former Ning Zhou, this is unthinkable.

But fate has opened a cruel joke to him, making the absurd real.

There is no land in the snow and ice, and the end is not yet coming. The coldest time of the year is almost over. Ning Zhou, who had just stepped out of the spiritual enchantment, stumbled over the glacier, and the hot tears just frozen into the ice and frozen into ice. Yong Wuxiang is already in sight, but he seems to be unable to reach forever.

In the face of the cold death, he finally put aside all his worries and shouldered his sin, even if he would fall into **** after death and bear the eternal fire.

Ning Zhou slowly stood up from the glacier and looked at the lights like the never-nothing land of the heavens. The magnificent ice-cold church stood in the ice field, solemn and holy.

He knew that this was probably the last time he saw that there was nowhere to go.

Ning Zhou walked down the glaciers and walked silently into the Holy See.

Through the rows of buildings, the sound of the world’s noisy sounds once again, and several children screamed and ran across him. Because they ran too fast, they ran into Ning Zhou, and Ning Zhou took a step back. Avoiding the children, watching them laugh and run away.

Ning Zhou can hardly remember what it was like when they were as big as they were. When he came to the Holy See, he was already thirteen years old. Maria had just passed away. According to her wish, he was sent here by Arnold, and the first time he met the Pope.

He is a kindly elder, and his eyes are filled with the wisdom of the years. He taught him a lot of things, not only the knowledge of existence, but also the truth of life. It can be said that after the death of Mary, he created his personality. It is this wise old man. In the eyes of Ning Zhou, he is not only the spokesperson of the gods on the ground, but also the elders from which he is respected.

But today, he wants to tell the old man who raised him, he fell in love with someone who is not allowed.

Ning Zhou facelessly passes through the city of ice and snow in Yongwuxiang. In order to welcome the residents of the holy city who are coming here, this polar city is expanding. It is like a projection of the gods on the ground, full of prosperity and everywhere. Warm, away from all evil in the world, just like the home of his dreams.

But after all, he is going to leave this piece of pure land, and he has been wandering in the wind and rain.

Stepping into the scope of the Holy See, bathing in the ethereal sacred power, Ning Zhou’s abdomen wounds once again caused burning pain, and even the whole body was stinging, he frowned and frowned, regardless of the pain. Step forward. Through the huge ice and snow plaza, countless ice sculptures silently guarded the heavenly kingdom of the earth, and immersed in the cold air together with the guards who patrolled back and forth.

Ning Zhou did not squint toward the deepest part of the Holy See. In the magnificent cathedral, the pope who completed the prayer was standing alone under the huge cross. The spread of the teachings was placed on the podium, and the golden air was faintly visible. And the silver belief light, fluttering up and down.

On the aisle in the middle of the ice and snow benches, there was a long, golden-red carpet. Ning Zhou went to the Pope and looked up at him under the steps of the high platform.

The pope turned around and looked at Ning Zhou kindly: "A few days ago, the will of the blazing angel returned to the Holy See, telling me that your heart of faith was shaken, the child, tell me what happened?"

Ning Zhou saluted him, then calmly said: "His Majesty, I... fell in love with a person."

"You are embarrassed for this." The Pope learned his heart.

Ning Zhou honestly replied: "Yes, the person I fell in love with is a man. He is from another world and is an unbelievers."

The Pope’s voice suddenly became harsh and solemn: “The Lord said, 'You can’t be with a man. Like a woman, this is abhorrent; if a man is like a man, like a woman, they both do something abominable. They must be put to death, and sin should be attributed to them. 'You understand that this is sinful. If you obey the rebellious feelings--will, you will be punished by eternal fire."

"Yes, I understand." Ning Zhou answered calmly.

"Then repent, God will forgive the sinner who is willing to repent, tell me, are you willing to repent?" the Pope asked sharply.

Ning Zhou raised his head and looked at his eyes: "No, my Majesty, I can't repent."

The Pope was silent for a long time. The high crown on his head and the red shoulder coat on his body seemed to crush the old man. He said with exhaustion: "Your mother chose to entrust you to the Holy See before dying, not to let you go and She is on the same path. You keep the surname of your foreigner's father, retain the name your mother gave you, and... a heart like her, lost in love."

"Ning Zhou, my child, I will give you a last chance, give up him and confess to the Lord."

Ning Zhou closed his eyes, and there seemed to be no wind blowing from him. He seemed to return to the garden of the Holy Sepulcher in the afternoon, quietly staring at the lover who was sleeping in the tree hole filled with petals. Every minute of his every second, his heart is suffering in the fire, it is a kind of desperate pain, but it makes people feel the sweetness of sin.

The memory suddenly flew forward, and stopped in the garden of the tomb before dawn. His lover returned to it again, but he never opened the brown eyes again... He suddenly understood that he was desperately convincing and bullying. The heart that has been blocked has already fallen into hell.

He is guilty, a sin that he does not want to repent.

"Sorry, my majesty, I can't. I tried, but I can't. He sacrificed for me again and again, for me to reject the temptation of the demon power, and therefore died. I have lived up to his life, I can no longer live up to it. His love. I am willing to accept eternal torture in **** after death, but in the short time I am still alive, please allow me to be true to my heart." Ning Zhou opened the blue eyes, one Words, steadfastly said.

“Even if you lose everything the Holy See has given you, even if you have to leave forever and never,” the Pope asked.

Ning Zhou lowered his eyes, untied the buckle, and placed the short knife and the pass order given by the Holy See aside, kneeling on the knee: "I am ready."

After the wrath to the extreme, it was a deep disappointment. The Pope held the scepter and walked down the high platform majestically. The cross of the scepter with the jewel pointed to the top of Ning Zhou: "The glory that the Lord has given you will be fully recovered." ”

The ethereal music came from the cold air, and the golden light of the sky fell like a raindrop. It was painted behind the Ning Zhou and woven into the shape of a six-winged blazing angel. He looked at it sadly, silently spreading his wings and flying to the church. The angelic image of the ice sculpture is merged with it and is no longer inspired by him.

The sacred power flowing in the blood was taken a little by the time. The pain of tearing away the soul together made Ning Zhou sweat in the extreme cold of minus tens of degrees, almost dying and suffering.

The scepter left the top of Ning Zhou, and the Pope sighed: "For a dead foreigner, is it worth it?"

Ning Zhou struggled to get up from the station, his face was pale, his eyes were still bright: "I can't deceive my heart. When he dies, will this love dissipate? No, the Lord said, love is From the day he died, every day from now on, this feeling will be precipitated by time and memories. The longer it is, the stronger it will be. I can’t pretend that I have let go, this is the most Unforgivable embarrassment."

He rarely said such a long story, but every word is from the heart: "Your majesty, love is only love, I have not lost piety because of love, I will only be stronger because of it, it should not be guilty. If it is sinful, please let me bear this sin and break into **** after death... Your Majesty, I don't regret it."

"I still believe in my Lord, obey all the disciplines except that one, and will continue to fight the devil. My heart will always belong here whenever and wherever."

This is the last sentence that Ning Zhou said before he left.

He left everything that the Holy See gave, and left alone. The Pope sent his far back and sighed deeply: "The man who fights the devil should be careful not to be a devil. When you stare far into the abyss, the abyss I am also staring at you.'"

Ning Zhou did not answer anymore. At this moment, he firmly believed that he would not fall in the drift, because his soul had already stopped at his own harbor.

The road to leave Yongwu Township is much longer than the time of coming. It has lost the protection of the power of faith. It is tantamount to relying on the fragile human beings to succumb to the extreme cold, and it is tantamount to death. Only the body that performs the severe training all the year can rely on it. Your own strength passes through the ice sheet.

Ning Zhou walked alone in the extremely cold ice and snow, and under the vast expanse of the sky, he recalled the scene when he passed through the spiritual enchantment of the Holy See not long ago. Throughout this enchantment, everyone will be passed by. Reminiscent of erosion, those distractions that are contrary to the faith will be magnified hundreds of times. If you can't wash it here, people will always be lost in the ice sheet.

Ning Zhou thought that he would be lost in this, but when he really set foot on the ice sheet under the extreme night sky, the illusion that he never imagined appeared in front of him.

He saw that the ice sheet was full of white roses. From the end of the world, to the other end, the white under the pure starry sky seemed to declare that the love between them was pure.

This is not sin, not sin, not a distracting attraction, not a reversal of love - desire, this is just love.

The green aurora danced on the sky, illuminating the open and cold wasteland, from stepping into the soul enchantment to finally coming out of this white rose sea, Ning Zhou never saw Qi Le people, not once.

- He is no longer his distraction, he is his world.

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