Under The Veil of Night - Chapter 755 - Epilogue 2: The Four Women

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Chapter 755 - Epilogue 2: The Four Women

A Certain Chapel

"I can't believe that you're the last among us who gets married, Misae. You finally decide to get married. Here I thought that you will continue to prolong the time," Alice remarked as she helped combing Misae's hair.

Misae smiled slightly. "It's already the time for us to settle down. The matter of the clans has finished. I no longer receive any case related to them and Mike will be released from his front duties."

After she departed from this city, Misae stayed outside for six years. During that time, she enrolled in the best school and continued her study in law. She graduated in time and earned the prestigious law degree.

Misae returned back to the city and started her career as a lawyer. At first, she could barely handle the cases, especially those related to the clans. As time passed by, she learned more things about clans from Mike. It helped her to become more proficient and then famous as the 'Princess of the court.'

If she was the one who took the case, it would be a 99% chance to win because of how she handled the case. No one could compare to her skill in the court except for her mother.

Some people even wanted to know what the result would be if they faced one another. But so far, there was no chance for them to battle against each other in court. This way, the two of them held the position and title for a long period of time.

"It's Kanae's suggestion for that. Remember to give your gratitude to the two of them. They have worked so hard for the past few years to change this city."

"Of course, I'll surely tell her," Misae nodded her head. She could never forget them and what they had done to this city. Even though they rarely met because of their work, the two of them had been best friends since a long time ago. It was something that would never change no matter what.

"Will she come here?"

"She'll handle some matters first before coming here."

"That's good. I want to meet with her again,"

Alice smiled and changed the conversation. "What will Mike do from now on?"

"He says that he's going to work as a police officer," Misae grinned. She recalled how happy her father was to have a capable new subordinate. "I'm sure that my father will take care of him well."

"Are you sure that your father won't abuse your husband?"

"Well, he knows his limit," Misae shrugged. "Besides, I believe that Mike would be able to handle them very well."

Alice stopped combing and stared at Misae's face with bewilderment. She found out that the woman in front of her had changed so much that it was hard to recognize her as the same Misae that they knew. Previously, all that was in her head was nothing but boys, but now, she learned to see their other traits and appreciate them much more.

"Is there anything wrong?"

"No, it's just, you change so much, Misae."

"Well, I can handle 6 years of long-distance relationship," Misae shrugged. "It's not likely that I'll stay the same, right? Besides, I'll start a new family soon, so I have to be more mature."

"Yes, you're right," Alice smiled brightly.

Misae was finally released from Alice's combing. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. "It looks good."

"I'm already used to taking care of my daughter's hair," Alice smiled proudly.

"Talking about your daughter, how is she and her brother? I thought that they'll miss their mother the moment you leave them."

"Tommy is taking care of them for now."

"Are you sure he won't get overwhelmed?"

"He's their father, he'll need to spend more time with his children. Besides, she's already 4 years old."

Misae sneaked a glance at Alice. After she grew up, Alice looked far more beautiful to the point that one could never imagine that someone like her could possibly exist. Most importantly, no one would possibly guess that this fair woman was a mother of two children. Her slender figure and slim body made her look like a model even though she was actually a nurse.

While she was thinking, the door opened and two women, Kanae and Laura, walked inside.

"It seems that you don't need help anymore, Misae," Kanae commented when she saw the makeup on the woman's face. It was clear that Alice already put more than enough of them, making sure that Misae looked the very best today.

"You can't do makeup from what I know, Kanae," Misae rolled her eyes.

Kanae shrugged. "I can make you look messy."

"… Can I kick you out?"

"I'm just kidding," Kanae laughed. "You don't have to treat me so seriously all the time. I have come here to visit my best friend before her wedding because she didn't come to the others' at all."

Misae's face darkened. How could she come to theirs when she was still outside the city? The last one to get married was Laura, but it was still when she hadn't returned. As a result, she could only send her congratulations from faraway.

"We know that you couldn't come," Laura smiled. "It's good enough that we all can gather together again for your wedding."

"Yes, it has been a long time since the last time the four of us gather together."

Each of them had their own life now. Kanae owned several companies and was already a mother of three children. There was no way she could find free time often. As for Alice, she worked as a nurse in a famous hospital. Most of the days, she had to spend them in the hospital, working early in the morning and returning home at night. With her children and husband waiting at home, it would be hard to spend her time on holiday too often.

Laura was also very busy with her life as a company owner. Even though she was working mainly on the development part, it was a work that required a lot of attention. Besides, she had become a public figure as Nali Family Head and managed numerous branches of businesses the family had.

Misae herself was very busy. She could barely spend a few days off each month to have a break and spent them with Mike. There were numerous cases related to the clans that she had to settle. After all, she wished to help in her own way to create a better city for them all.

"I miss you all," Misae smiled. Her eyes watered slightly.

"Don't cry, Misae. You're going to ruin the makeup," Alice reminded as she hugged the other party. "You're not the only one who feel that way."

"I'm glad that I met with all of you."


The four of them chatted happily while they were waiting for the time. Kanae's eyes landed on the nearby table and lightly placed her hand on top of it for a few seconds.

"What is it, Kanae?"

"It's nothing," Kanae smiled. "Let's celebrate our reunion a bit with the cookies that Alice brought."

"Eh? You're going to ruin my makeup that way."

"Aw, come on, just a bite."

In the other room, Neo was staring at his laptop with a painful expression. He just had his fun to listen into their conversation when Kanae interrupted by destroying the transmitter. Did she need to be that ruthless?

"It's your fault for using such an expensive equipment to eavesdrop," Lou commented. He was helping Mike to dress up because this man felt nervous for his marriage.

Neo snorted. "I just want to know what they're talking about."

"You better not try it when Kanae is inside," Mike flashed a wry smile. "She can detect them quickly and destroy it as quickly too."

"Yeah, just like the two of you," Neo rolled his eyes. "Are you ready, Mike? They're going to start in a few minutes."

Mike nodded his head. "Yes."

"Good, let me tell them to start early."

"Neo, you just want to reduce their time together, right?" Mike smiled, yet there was a hint of threat behind it. "Just let them have some fun, ok?"

Looking at the smile that Mike had, Neo cursed internally. He should have remembered that his best friend was famous to be the 'smiling devil' not for nothing. With resignation, he returned back to his seat and started typing on his laptop once again.

Mike smiled as he glanced to the other room, waiting patiently for the time.

From this day, he would stay together with Misae for the rest of his life. He might be the last among them, but he was sure that he would be happy.

Soon afterwards, the wedding started and the two of them proceeded with the ceremony. Exchanging vows and promises, they vowed to stay together for the rest of their lives.

"Kevin, you're nearly late," Kanae noticed that Kevin only came when the ceremony had started.

Kevin frowned. "It's not that late."

"It's already started."

"It's fine," Kevin replied back. He watched as Mike started to say his promise to Misae. His eyes held happiness beneath them.

Kanae noticed that the man's aura changed slightly. "Kevin?"

"Just watch, we'll give congratulations to him again later."


Right now, Kevin genuinely felt happy for Mike. Because of the latter's involvement in the clan, it was hard for Mike to find his happiness in life. It took a long time for him to be able to reach this step.

'This time, live for yourself and be happy, Mike.'

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