Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart - Chapter 850 - Living This Way Is Much More Painful Than Death

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Chapter 850 Living This Way Is Much More Painful Than Death

Her big brother was such an outstanding person. He deserved a better woman.

However, her grandmother had already asked the question that there was no reason for her to object rashly. Instead, she asked, “Grandmother, Father, Mother, what do all of you think about this?”

Lu Hetian frowned and was the first to object. “Ji Lingxiu might be a fine girl, but our two families are not suited to be in-laws.”

The Dowager Duchess darted a look at him. She knew very well why he had objected. It was because Ji Qingyuan used to admire Lihua when he was younger.

Lu Hetian still held a grudge against this.

The Dowager Duchess promptly ignored him and turned to look at Ling Lihua.

“I don’t think she’s suitable either,” Ling Lihua frowned and said bluntly.

Ji Linghui had tried to kill Weiwei before. How could Ling Lihua accept being in-laws with the Ji Family?

The Dowager Duchess was momentarily stunned by Ling Lihua’s immediate objection. “Why is that so?”

Even though it was not a must for Ji Lingxiu to be her granddaughter-in-law, she still felt it was a little strange that her daughter-in-law would object to this so vehemently.

Lu Liangwei was well aware of why that was the case. She was silent for a while before saying, “That’s because Ji Linghui had once hired assassins to kill me. Those assassins at Tianzhu Mountain that came after me were her doing. After that, another group of assassins at the East of the city assaulted me again. If not for the fact that the House of Swallow Snow belongs to Mother, the flow of assassins after my life would not have stopped.”

Aside from Ling Lihua, everyone else who heard this was stunned with fury.

Long Yang looked at Lu Liangwei while frowning. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

Lu Liangwei felt a little guilty. She had not mentioned this to him because she had not felt entirely close to him at the time, and still had her reservations about him then.

Quite some time passed before she replied sheepishly, “Things turned out just fine…”

Lu Hetian’s handsome face turned green out of sternness. “I won’t let Ji Linghui off the hook even if you’re fine. That bastard Ji Qingyuan, how dare he approach us to talk about marriage. How thick-skinned can he


The Dowager Duchess looked extremely unhappy as well. “Has Ji Qingyuan gone senile in his old age? To think that I’ve always been cordial with his family.”

A murderous intent flashed deep in Long Yang’s eyes. If he knew Ji Linghui had done such a thing to Weiwei, he would not have allowed her to leave the Palace that day. Bestowing death upon her would have been considered a light sentence.

When Lu Liangwei saw how outraged all of them were, she quickly tried to cajole them, “Let’s just forget about it. There’s nothing much Ji Linghui can scheme about now. She’s now a complete cripple. The next half of her life will be spent lying in bed. Besides, I had something to do with Ji Linghui falling off her horse.”

The Dowager Duchess’ expression softened slightly, but her tone was still determined. “We will cut off all ties with the Ji Family from this day onward.”

Lu Hetian was still not satisfied.

Ji Qingyuan’s daughter had planned to kill his treasured little girl. How could he let this go so easily?

Ling Lihua initially had the same thought as him, but this matter had passed so long ago, and Weiwei had taken revenge on her own, which was why Ling Lihua felt less spiteful about this. Now that she saw how angry Lu Hetian was, she said, “Weiwei is right. Ji Linghui is now crippled. Besides, living this way is much more painful than death.”

Lu Hetian’s anger faded slightly when he heard this.

“Alright, today is the first day of the Lunar New Year. Let’s not get upset over someone who isn’t worth it,” Lu Liangwei said with a smile. Ji Linghui did not really bother her at


She did not plan to reveal the truth about this incident, but when she heard what her grandmother had brought up, she was worried her grandmother would accept this marriage proposal on behalf of her big brother. That was why she had mentioned this.

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