To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie - Chapter 155 Eighteen banned movies 2

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The beautiful glass room was obscured by the curtains, and no one else could see anything inside from the outside.

The two men are close together and are very close.

The finger of Suspension pressed on the back of Su Shi, his fingertips were cool, slipped over the skin, and then stayed there and swayed.

Su Shi took a deep breath and "released."

Suddenly reluctantly let go of his hand, but also licked his lips, a little regret.

Seeing his unsatisfied expression, Su Shi felt a headache, and the touch on the back was still clearly left.

He looked away. "How come you?"

Shen Su said: "You are of course in me."

Su Shi did not think that this answer was unexpected. He always asked him once and for all. He never thought that the answer given by Shen Su was of any use. Anyway, he would not leave.

He tied the bath towel and saved halfway.

Su Shi passed by him, then went to the bed and saw a mess on the table. He suspected: "My clothes are burned, willn't you get it?"

Otherwise, how can it catch fire for no reason.

Shen Su went with him, "Not me."

Su Shi still doubts: "Is it really you?"

Sinking and laughing: "No."

"Don't blame me, there are too many things you do." Su Shi said, sitting at the bed and explaining: "And it's still burning clothes."

But if he didn't stay in the house, he didn't know why it was burning.

Sitting on his side, he groaned: "I didn't expect that I was like this in your heart."

Su Shi actually heard a grievance.

He was a bit dumb at the moment and could only explain it again: "Because it was so strange, I was the first to doubt you."

Sighed and sighed.

Su Shi simply ignored this topic and shifted the topic: "Will this horror film become?"

Suddenly blinking, "I don't know."

Su Shi: "..."

One person and one ghost sitting on the edge of the bed, Su Shi suddenly remembered Su Xiaoya's strangeness and asked: "Are you doing a hand to Su Xiaoya today?"

Shen Su said: "Yes."

Su Shi said: "It really is you."

At the end of the werewolf's killing, Su Xiaoya's expression became too fast, and she took back her hand at once. It was like this when I was in the car. At that time, he didn't notice it, and found out that something was wrong tonight.

In fact, if he does not take it, he will not send Su Xiaoya back.

The other boyfriend's boyfriend is still here, plus Su Xiaoya's attitude has always been, he does not have a good impression on her.

Even though Su Shi’s attitude towards girls is good, she will not rush to give people back to the room, which will cause misunderstanding.

However, it seems that I was in school before, and no one asked him.

Su Shi now thinks that there is still some magic.

He got into the bed, took the quilt and covered himself, and dropped a sentence: "I am sleeping, good night."

Shen Su: "..."

He sighed and went in along the side.

After thinking about it, it was not enough, he simply stopped the electricity.

Su Shi didn't find it at first. Later, when she noticed that it was getting hotter and hotter, she felt that something was wrong. She sat up with a bone, "blackout?"

Suddenly, he watched his movements.

Where did Su Shi suspect him, he called Zhou Chenguang directly: "Are you power out there?"

Zhou Chenguang said: "No, no power outage."

After hanging up the phone, Su Shi opened the door and took a few glances. It seems that he really only had a power outage in his room.

He turned his eyes back to the bed, "Staying."

Suspended the quilt, "Come into my arms."

Su Shi: "..."

He didn't want to pay attention to the sudden sinking of nerves, so he lie back on his bed, but fortunately, there was a little bit of coolness.

Su Shi was probably sleepy, and she fell asleep.

Suddenly waited quietly.

After half an hour, the sleeping person automatically moved to his side, and the whole person was attached to him.

He reached out and grabbed Su Shi’s waist.


The next day's schedule is to go out to play.

Su Shi did not know the behavior of her last night, and did not think too much, directly to the end of this matter.

One day walked around and he was tired when he went back at night.

In the car, Lin Huihui stared at the phone for a long time, could not help but patted her thigh and said: "Wow, this news is really explosive."

She simply sent the screenshots to the group.

Su Shi also took a look at it and almost thought that he was wrong.

The news was not domestic. It was said that the two members of Italy did not suppress the impulse, and there was an unspeakable behavior in the bathroom of the parliament building.

The most important thing is that they are different factions.

More importantly, this process was also photographed by another MP on the mobile phone, so it was exposed.

Moreover, the Italian media also used the "high and beautiful men" to describe these two male members, which is puzzling.

After Su Shi saw it, she wanted to know what they looked like.

When I returned to the resort, the sky was already dark.

The rest of the people went back one-on-one, and then Lin Huihui and Su Xiaoya quarreled in the middle of the road. Su Shi looked away first.

When he walked back to the glass house along the path, he was still thinking about what had just happened. Su Xiaoya should have quarreled with Lin Huihui.

Probably the sneak shot was discovered.

I don't know why Su Xiaoya wants to sneak them. Lin Huihui and her seem to have no competition. She doesn't like Zhou Chenguang's appearance.

Anyway, Su Shi does not understand.

As he thought about it, he walked forward and found that it was wrong for a long time. He clearly walked for a few minutes and did not see his head.

Su Shi immediately thought of ghosts hitting the wall.

The path of the resort is paved with bluestone, and some pebbles are embedded in the middle. The scenery is very good, but now it is the ordinary stone road.

The original glass houses in front disappeared, and there was a wooden house standing in the black background, and even the moonlight disappeared.

Su Shi didn't see this wooden house nearby, and it looked like an uninhabited look. It was terrible.

His first thought turned out to be that a ghost had made him bad.

Since the experience of the horror film, Su Shi has encountered most of the ghosts he is friendly to him. He basically did not shoot him. This seems to be a bad person.

Just thinking, a child came out from behind the door.

He was wearing ragged clothes, and he couldn't see the glutinous rice in his eyes. It was all white, so he stared at Su Shi.

Su Shi felt that his appearance was terrible.

The child not far away showed a smile, and he gestured to Su Shi, seeming to call him in the past, but the smile made with such a pale face was also a sneer.

Su Shi will not be stupid.

He stood in the same place and looked at the child. He wondered if he couldn’t come back now, and then he saw the child in the room and then took out a plate of something.

A little distance, Su Shi can not see.

But his intuition is not a good thing, because he sees things on the plate seem to be moving and living.

All the wonderful foods that I experienced in the horror film have come out, and I have strengthened my mind that Su Shi will not die.

Probably it was a stalemate for too long. The child looked at Su Shi and he walked over with his own feet. The plate on his hand was very stable.

Su Shi saw the creeping insects above.

Su Shi: "..."

Why are these ghosts keen to be chefs.

Even the domestic horror film he has seen is even the same. The Thai classic horror film that I saw before is also the same. The dish made by the ghost wife is similar to that of the child.

Do you have to use dishes to highlight their abilities?

Su Shi really can't figure it out.

Looking at the child getting closer and closer to himself, he stepped back and slammed into a cold, hard chest, and he sighed with a subconscious mind.

Suspension helped Su Shi’s shoulders, but before he could do anything, the children carrying the plates quickly entered the wooden house.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the eyes are restored to the look of a resort.

Su Shi blinked and asked: "What is going on here, isn't it going to be a murder case at this resort?"

Shen Su said: "Okay."

He took Su Shi’s hand and buckled with his fingers, and then said, “Is it just scaring you?”

Su Shi calmly said: "No."

He pumped his hand and didn't show it. He thought that he had saved himself after he had been there, hesitated and went with him. He held it for a short time anyway.

One person and one ghost returned to the glass room together from the bluestone board road.

Because the curtains in the glass room were not pulled during the day, I could see the structure inside, and the light of the sinking flashed, and I felt that the house was a little better.

Su Shi’s head was all in the past, and he didn’t pay attention to the curtains until he found out that it was not right after the shower.

He is ready to go and take the remote control.

I didn't want the remote control to fly into the sinking space. He reluctantly pressed it off and then threw it away.

Su Shi said that he is very satisfied.

Susu overwhelmed Su Shi, who was not paying attention, on the bed and slammed into his ear and said, "Is there no reward?"

Su Shi’s newly bought pajamas have not been able to wear them today. Now there are only bath towels around them, and they can’t stop anything.

He pushed and pushed: "What is the reward?"

"You will know later."

The body of the sinking is cold, sticking to his body, alternating with ice and heat, giving people a very wonderful feeling, two days of ice and fire.


Su Xiaoya came out on the small road.

She was slapped by Lin Huihui, and now her face is swollen, and she wants to use this opportunity to find Su Su complain.

When she entered the company, she took a fancy to Su Shi, because he looks good and has a good personality. It is much better than her boyfriend now. If she has no money, she has no face.

Seeing this in the middle of the night, she will let her in.

Su Xiaoya thought very well. When she was outside Su Shi’s room, she just saw the curtains falling slowly. Because she only fell halfway, she saw a black shadow covering Su Shi’s body.

She was nervous, and some people got ahead of the game.

Su Xiaoya ran into a little, but she did not see who the person was, no matter how they looked, it was only a shadow from beginning to end.

She didn't see her face until the entire glass room was covered.

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