To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie - Chapter 154 Eighteen banned movies 1

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Su Shi never thought that the 18-ban movie would be such a world. In fact, it was quite unexpected.

Before he came in, he checked the relevant plots. Because it was an 18-ban movie, there was no important story. Everything was for action.

The male and female protagonist of this film is a company employee. He just joined the company and just happened to meet the company’s annual trip.

As a senior in the company, Su Shi also has a quota.

Only those people who travel are one-on-one, just one of them is a single person, the honeymoon room of a couple who sleeps, and he lives in a single suite.

Su Shi said that it is very calm.

As soon as he entered the movie, he was in the car, and the bus was singing in the bus, accompanied by singing voices and humming sounds.

Su Shi numb the scalp and soon knew what had happened.

The last couple sitting in the back are depriving me, even in the car, but no one noticed at the end.

Su Shi just sat in front of them and could hear a little. I didn't expect the fragments that came up to be so explosive.

He has not seen the 18 banned movies, even if he has seen the **** blood associated with the horror film, it is not the same.

It can be said that he has not even seen the action movies.

Su Shi forced her attention to the game of a group of people in front, and then she forgot to forget about it.

Then he simply fell asleep in the car.

When he woke up again, Su Shi looked around and found that the girl sitting behind his back was holding a mobile phone to sneak two people in the last row.

He searched the memory, this short-haired girl with glasses is just getting started, called Su Xiaoya, who is very embarrassed.

I really can't see the things that will make a sneak shot.

The latter pair of Su Shi did not know who it was, but when he was finishing his clothes, he saw a long-haired girl coming out from behind.

He only remembered that this is the heroine.

The heroine and the actor were formerly couples. Later, they broke up because they went to work during the college graduation season. They did not expect to meet again two years later and rekindled their passion.

Su Shi’s impression of these people is not deep.

But because I am a predecessor, this group of new people is very respectful to themselves, and there are any good things that will think about him in advance.

His impression of Su Xiaoya is that he likes to chat.

Su Shi saw her sneak shot today, wondering if she would stay away from her, and finally stopped the idea.

It is just an experience in itself, as long as it does not harm people.

Su Xiaoya noticed his gaze and looked over. Yingying smiled. "Su seniors, do you want to eat sugar?"

She took a handful of sugar from her pocket and put it in her hand, then pulled the sleeve of Susie with the other hand.

When the voice just fell, she felt a stinging pain.

Su Xiaoya was not afraid of pain, but this tingling made her unable to scream, and frowned and took a look.

No wounds, no static electricity.

Su Shi still doesn't know what happened, and asks: "What's wrong?"

Su Xiaoya quickly packed up her expression, she could not offend her predecessors like this. "Nothing, just a pain."

She re-delivered the sugar.

Su Shiyan refused: "I have a toothache recently, can't eat sugar, sorry, you can eat it yourself, don't give it to me."

Su Xiaoya can only respond.

All the way to the destination is already an hour later.

Here is a holiday resort, there is a place for hot springs, not far from the sea, everything is for the love service between men and women.

Su Shi simply looked at the scenery and felt okay.

The room where he lives is a glass room with transparent glass on all sides to see the scenery outside, surrounded by flowers and plants.

Su is different.

The director of the house also dared to shoot, it is worthy of 18 bans.

Su Shi found the remote control, pressed all the curtains around, and then turned on the lights, which made it feel safe.

Although I live alone, there are still a lot of things in the room, even the beds are heart-shaped.

Su Shi looked at it and found it particularly bad.

If you get something now, you can be completely a new house.

He sighed.

Just thinking, the phone rang, inside is a crisp male voice: "So seniors, do you want to come over and play games?"

Su Shi asked: "What game?"

"Werewolf kills."

Su Shi came to the interest: "Good."

The werewolf killed him a few times and was with the classmates in the class. This kind of game will be more exciting when faced face to face.

Su Shi’s past few people have arrived.

This time the old man has a manager, called Zhang He, who is usually more intimate. Now he is also a mature and elegant woman.

Su Shi’s impression of her is slightly better.

There is no difficulty in killing a werewolf. It is impossible to see a person's logic, especially in the face-to-face situation.

Su Shi's other general, logical and memory.

Basically everyone can say that he can remember that when a wolf’s speech is inconsistent, he will directly point to him.

"Su seniors, you are too directed at me." The other party directly smashed the pot to him. "Are you a wolf?"

Su Shi smiled and repeated his original words.



They set the loser to drink, and Su Shi won every time, so he didn't drink it at all.

The faces of other people are red. When Su Shi is a good person, good people win. When the wolf is a wolf, the basics of his opposition are very bad.

It will take an hour or two for a few rounds.

The worst thing to do is Su Xiaoya. She almost put the capital and Su Shi in a cube. After drinking all the way from the beginning to the end, she vomited directly.

She waved her hand: "No, no, no, I can't drink, I have to go back to rest, my stomach is uncomfortable."

Su Shishun pushed the boat: "Then don't play, everyone rests."

Several people collected things, and they saw Su Xiaoya blushing and said: "Su seniors, are you sending me back?"

Su Shi looked at her. "What about your boyfriend?"

Su Xiaoya’s eyes resentment, “I have quarreled with him.”

She squatted on her own drink, and she stretched out her hand and climbed over his shoulder. A chill passed from her fingertips and hit her back.

Su Xiaoya was awake in an instant.

Her cheeks are still rosy, and the feeling just stays on her body is only terrible.

Su Xiaoya swallowed and looked at Su Shi.

Su Shi asked: "What happened?"

He thinks that this Su Xiaoya too likes to stare at him in a daze. Today is like this in the car. Now it looks like this.

Su Xiaoya shook her head and tried to reach out again, but when she thought of her feelings, she stopped at halfway.

That feeling is terrible.

There is nothing, but her scalp is numb.

Su Xiaoya didn't know if it was her own illusion. She barely showed a smile. The wine woke up a lot. "Nothing, I am much better, don't bother Su's predecessors."

Su Shi snorted. "Then I went back."

He turned around calmly, lifted his foot and left, for fear that the girl would follow.

Su Xiaoya looked at his back and went away. When he blinked, he seemed to see another heavy blurring shadow.

She blinked and the ghost disappeared.

Su Xiaoya rubbed her arm and felt a little cold on her back.


Although Su Shi basically did not drink alcohol, but everyone around him drinks, he has a lot of wine on his body.

He took the clothes out of the suitcase and placed it on a small table, then entered the bathroom.

After half an hour, Su Shi smelled a strange smell.

He pulled the towel around the waist and opened the door and saw that the small table beside the bed was on fire, and the clothes on it were burnt.

Su Shi quickly went to the fire.

The fire is not big, but when you finish the clothes, only half of them are burned, and you can't wear them at all.

He is so angry that he wants to get angry.

How could it suddenly catch fire without any reason, and he didn't order anything in this room, and he didn't smoke.

It’s just strange to the extreme.

Su Shi wanted to get angry for the first time.

This is the two sets of pajamas just burned out. He can only sleep with a bath towel tonight. If he sleeps wearing the clothes he wears tomorrow, he will be very uncomfortable.

Su Shi took a deep breath and calmed down.

Fortunately, he is alone in the room, and no one else can see it. It is a hero to change clothes tomorrow.

Su Yuqing had the main set of underwear in the original, just took out one, just buy a new pajamas tomorrow.

Stay one night today.

When he was sitting on the bed, he didn't feel very comfortable.

Su Shi has never slept naked, especially now that she is trying to try in the movie, it is even less accustomed.

This tour was proposed by the actor Zhou Chenguang. He has been here once and is likely to know what shops are nearby.

Su Shi found his phone and hit it.

"Xiao Zhou, do you know there is a pajamas shop near here?"

I just didn't expect Lin Huihui to answer the phone. The problem was directly heard by her. "Pajama shop?"

Su Shi sighed.

Lin Huihui smiled. "I don't know, I brought my pajamas over. I don't know what pajamas are there. Are you going to visit yourself tomorrow?"

Su Shi took a forehead. "Okay, that's it."

Lin Huihui suddenly came to the interest: "Do you want me to borrow a new one? I am bringing new ones this time, I have not passed."

Su Shi directly refused: "Thank you, no need."

He doesn't want to wear someone else's.

Lin Huihui was a bit regretful. She came here with all the fun pajamas and wanted to introduce it to Su Shi. Because he looks very good, she wants to see what it looks like.

But if you are rejected, you can only do this.

Su Shisheng was afraid that Lin Huihui would chase him to wear it, hung up the phone and then sighed on the bed.

The knock on the door sounded.

Su Shi thought it was one of them and asked: "Who?"

No one answered, but a card was inserted in the bottom of the door. He bent over and saw the face on it red.

Unexpectedly, he was also a small card.

Not only did you put a passionate photo, but also wrote a lot of slogans, like the advertisements on Weibo, one by one.

Su Shi pulled the corner of his mouth and threw it aside.

He was about to turn around, the shadow fell from the front, and the cold hand touched his light/naked back.

Not long after coming out of the bathroom, because of the fire fighting for a while, all of them were hot, and they were chilled by the coolness. Down the spine, the toes were unintentionally curled up.

Sudden voice contains desire and asks: "Are you tempting me?"

Su Shi took a step back and quickly pressed the bath towel around him and said, "Don't dream, wake up."

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