This Game is Too Real - Chapter 643 You are already a mature planner, it's time to learn to

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  Chapter 643 You are already a mature planner, it’s time to learn to pay yourself a salary

  Tail: "giao! Beta0.6 version! ∑(Дノ)ノ"

  Sisi: "The last update was the last time! (Surprised

  Drum shampoo machine: "The sun is coming out from the west, when did Brother Guang work so hard?"

   Quit smoking: "Brother Guang is awesome!!"

  Big Eyes of Debt: "Damn it! Intelligence players have epic enhancements! (Surprise

   Keeping people under the knife: "I beg to strengthen the strength department."

  Kakarot: "+1, the son of the old version is almost being swept into the garbage dump of the version. T.T"

  Commander Quanshui: "Damn it! How long have we been the younger brother of the intelligence department, is there a problem with a little bit of strengthening? There is nothing wrong with it at all!"

   Kakarot: "You call that a little bit?! (angry

  Before the Beta version, the strength department was favored by many newcomers because of its strong initial combat power and the ease of upgrading the sequence level.

   Among every ten freshmen, at least half of them volunteered to fill in the strength department.

  However, since the mass production of KV series exoskeletons, the first-mover advantage of the strength system has become smaller and smaller, and the late-mover advantage has been continuously filled with technological progress.

  In the previous version, the intelligence department, the younger brother, has been strengthened time and time again with the iteration of the version. Especially after the alliance incorporated the giant stone military industry and mastered the ability to independently produce mechanical prosthetic bodies, it has established the status of the son of the version of the intelligence department!

The more parts replaced by the other departments, the stronger the deBUFF that weakens the experience gains. As long as the Intelligence Department does not insert a bionic chip, no matter how many mechanical prosthetics are installed, it will not affect the experience gains. Instead, it will passively increase the experience due to frequent use of the brain income!

   It is precisely because of this that since Beta 0.5, there have been people on the forum who have cut the intelligence department.

  To everyone's surprise, this update not only did not weaken the Intelligence Department, but strengthened the LYBs!

   Just as the strength-type players and the intelligence-type players were fighting each other, an African also joined the ranks of crying poor.

   Picking up trash level 99: "I'm crying, when will Brother Guang strengthen the heterogeneous players! T.T"

  Ye Shi: "Garbage Jun glanced at the attribute panel, I'm afraid I won't be able to get 10 points of intelligence in this life. (Funny

  Yaoya: "Hahahaha! That's amazing! I have ten points of intelligence! o(*≧▽≦)ツ"

   Picking up trash level 99: "%¥#@!"

  Fang Chang: "It doesn't matter brother, innateness is only one aspect, I didn't see that Brother Guang showed you the way, can you insert a memory stick into your head?"

  The mole on the run in the canyon: "As long as you have enough silver coins, you can even ascend mechanically. (Funny

  Guangfeng: "Do the poor rely on mutation, and the rich rely on technology? (Squint eyes

  Drawing on the edge: "Hey, this game is also real with Tenima."

  WC really has mosquitoes: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey."

  Luo Yu: "...what do you want to do. (Khan

  Irena: "Even though Mosquito didn't seem to say anything, he seemed to say everything. (Funny

  Elf King Fugui: "I feel sorry for Brother Luo Yu. (Funny

  Fujito: "Your thoughts are too filthy. Mosquitoes do some serious things occasionally, right Mosquitoes, you won't let Xiaoyu learn to be bad, right?"

   While Fujito was still trying to influence the mosquito with kindness, someone who was more restless jumped out.

  Tail: "You have to pinch a lot of tails! (*/ω\\*

  Sisi: "Are you serious? (guilty

  Roshan Damomo: "Si, continue driving south. (Shivering.jpg

  Aoao sesame paste: "Haha...Although it is fun to explore the border of the map, but I feel that if I go south, I need to prepare a few cotton jackets. ( ̄▽ ̄

  Fujito: "My heart hurts...Brother Luo Yu. (-ω-

  Luo Yu: "Wait! Can you log in to the game? Why the **** can't I log in to the game?!"

  Fang Chang: "?"

  Old Bai: "What's going on? (Surprised

  Luo Yu: "I didn't make it! I just wanted to go online to check it out, but when I put on the helmet, I saw the resurrection CD hanging there... The problem is that I'm dead too! QAQ"

  The mole on the run in the canyon: "Good guy, how many bugs have you encountered?"

  Ye Shi: "It may not be a BUG, ​​maybe it was too pretentious, and A Guang secretly hacked him. (Funny

  Luo Yu: "Damn it, it won't happen! QAQ"

  WC really has mosquitoes: "Don't worry brother, I will take good care of Xiaoyu for you. (smirk

  Luo Yu: "Where is your home... I'll send you a courier right away."

  WC really has mosquitoes: "Cough... calm down bro, I'm just kidding."

  Makabazi: "Hahahaha! Laugh to death!"

   Maybe it's because it hasn't been updated for a long time.

  Although the Beta 0.6 version has no major changes in the gameplay, players still have a strong enthusiasm for discussion.

  Especially on the matter of "how to use Xiao Yu", not only players with an intelligence attribute of 10, but even cloud players who have not obtained the beta test qualification joined in the discussion.

   Under the buzz of everyone, all kinds of outrageous ideas emerged one after another. Even Chu Guang couldn't help feeling that if everyone had a game helmet, the streetlights of the alliance might not be enough.

  To be honest, Chu Guang didn't have a specific implementation plan in mind for the newly established ecological protection zone in the eastern suburbs of Qingquan City.

  That's why he came up with the idea of ​​handing it over to the players, and asked Xiao Yu to make further improvements based on Thea's DNA library on the basis of "preserving the autonomous consciousness of the fruiting body".

  In fact, the biological prosthetic body implanted by the player is equivalent to a fruiting entity similar to an incubator with the nature of a "node creature".

  The player implanted with the improved biological prosthesis is equivalent to a signal processor, which can replace Xiaoyu to transmit commands to the fruit entities connected to the node creatures.

   It's the same as the mutant leader equipped with biodynamic armor that the alliance encountered in Jinchuan province before.

  With the support of the Biotechnology of the Church of the Torch, that guy alone led tens of thousands of Batmen swarms!

  Theoretically, even without the support of black technology, as long as the information processing capability of the player's brain is sufficient, it should be no problem for one person to lead a team of hundreds or even a team of thousands.

   At present, this is the least risky strategy.

  Even if there is an accident, it can be easily compensated by "server bug compensation", without worrying about causing public panic about this immature technology.

   On the other hand, the player's brain hole can also help Xiaoyu evolve in a direction that is more conducive to the development of the alliance society.

  Chu Guang has high hopes for this.

  For the time being, Chu Guang handed over the job of training Xiao Yu to his cute little players. Right now, he has another more important thing to worry about himself.

  In the early morning of the second day after the wave ended, Chu Guang, who had not yet sat up in bed, opened his eyes and saw a line of light blue pop-up windows.

  【Hidden mission completed! 】

  【Explanation: The morphing field device has detected that the brood in the city center has been merged into the connection, the abnormal clone (player ID: Luoyu) is confirmed to be lost, and the training cabin is generating new clones, triggering the "flag7" judgment. 】

  【Reward: Unlock B7 layer permission, 20000 gene sequence! 】

  B7 floor!

  20,000 beta test qualifications!

  Happiness came too suddenly. When he saw this line of pop-up windows, Chu Guang was so surprised that he could hardly believe his eyes.

  Based on past experience, each time a new floor of Vault 404 is unlocked, it will provide him with a considerable amount of resources.

   This not only contains a large number of cutting-edge equipment that the alliance urgently needs, but also may contain priceless black boxes!

  Although I don't understand why the shelter system skips the B5 floor and can't unlock it, but he is not the kind of picky eater.

   It would be nice to have it!

   Turning over and jumping up from the bed, Chu Guang immediately ordered Xiao Qi to insert the news of unlocking the B7 layer and new qualifications for beta testing into the update announcement of Beta 0.6, then put on the power armor and hurried out the door.

   There was a long queue in front of the elevator on the B1 floor of the refuge, and a small group of players crowded the small square.

  They are all waiting to go to the B6 floor for biological prosthesis transformation surgery, and they can't wait to experience the new gameplay of Beta0.6 version!

   "Brother, have you thought about what kind of fruiting body to get?"

   "Hey, I must get a succubus with white hair and red eyes!"

   "Damn it, are you crazy! That thing is slime mold!"

   "One cannot, at least not should..."

   "Crooked? Is it a demon? There is a Slaanesh believer here, please come and deal with it."

   Pretending not to hear what the players were saying, Chu Guang walked through the crowd into his special elevator, and touched the touch panel.

  The icon of layer B7 soon appeared on the touch screen.

  Restraining the excitement in his heart, Chu Guang immediately stretched out his hand and pressed it down.

  The elevator began to sink slowly.

   Just as he was expecting the surprise that the B7 floor of the shelter would bring him, the light blue touch screen suddenly flickered slightly.

  The buttons listed on the screen disappeared, replaced by a circular and triangular audio file playback button.

  The elevator barely stopped, and the closed alloy door showed no sign of opening.

  Chu Guang could guess it with his feet. This is probably the evil intention of the first-generation manager to force his presence. He can only open the door after listening to his last words left here.

   It happened that Chu Guang was also curious and wanted to ask him something, so he stretched out his hand and pressed the button.

  With a hint of witty ridicule, it came from the ceiling of the elevator, and passed into Chu Guang's ears lightly.

   "Dear Manager of Vault 404, when you can step into this floor, you must have won this honorable title from your supporters, so please allow me to call you that."

  Hearing this sentence, Chu Guang couldn't help smiling.

  It seems that the first-generation manager didn't understand people as creatures very well, and completely underestimated people's expectations for things like a savior.

   Not to mention unlocking the B7 floor.

  As early as a year ago, he was worshiped by people in different ways, especially some titles that were too explicit, and he felt blush when he heard them.

  As if giving him time to reflect, the voice paused for a moment, then restrained the humorous tone, and continued speaking in a eloquent tone.

   "But it's nothing to be proud of, it's just the beginning, isn't it?"

"We have just solved the trouble at the door of our house, and there are hundreds of guys that are about the same size as it, not to mention that there is a bigger one five light years away! Even if everyone thinks that he is dead , but I don't think so naively, using a weapon that has never been used can kill an opponent who has never fought, although I hope you don't follow my old path, but this is the only thing I hope you and I It's the same...never have excessive expectations and fantasies about uncertain things."

"I am very worried about you, my successor, even if sometimes I reflect that this kind of worry may be a bit unnecessary, since I choose to believe in the wisdom of future generations, I should believe more thoroughly... But our chances are really few , a small mistake may ruin the entire careful plan, so please understand that I am so cautious about your investment."

"But now that you've come here and successfully used the card I left on the B6 floor, I have enough reasons to believe that you are the one I'm waiting for... If you take over my job, it shouldn't take everything All **** up."

   "In short, you are already a mature game planner, and you should learn to pay yourself... It's time to hand over the most precious B7 layer to you!"

   "Please use it properly!"


   At the same time as the voice fell, the door of the elevator opened, and a whole spacious space came into Chu Guang's eyes.

   Like other floors, its space is circular, but its area is as large as two indoor gymnasiums!

   What is more surprising is not only its huge footprint, but also the machines of different shapes placed in this open space.

  There is a cylindrical smelting device, a conveyor belt and flexible robotic arms distributed along the conveyor belt, and a lot of things that Chu Guangguang can't see from the outside.

  These devices are not connected in series like traditional assembly line workshops, but spread out from the center like a spider web.

  From any end point of the production line to any other node, countless different permutations and combinations can be drawn.

  The repeated and cumbersome production process is like a crushed can, stuffed into this "narrow and closed" underground space, and is controlled by a unified intelligent terminal!

  Even though he lacked the common sense of the Prosperous Era, Chu Guang recognized at a glance what the B7 floor was for.

   This is a processing plant!

  The shock in his eyes was gradually replaced by uncontrollable ecstasy. Chu Guang unconsciously walked forward, stepped out of the elevator and came to the nearest terminal.

  As Chu Guang stretched out his index finger, a light blue holographic window quickly appeared in front of him.

   At the same time, a mechanical compound bow with a unique shape also appeared in the light blue holographic floating window.

  Looking at the mechanical bow, Chu Guang felt familiar no matter how he looked at it, and suddenly remembered that it seemed to be the one used by Brother Fang Chang, and it was almost patted from the time he started taking it.

   Good guy!

  Chu Guang was shocked.

   Sure enough, just as he imagined, the prizes he drew out from opening the blind box before were all made in this production workshop!

   Realizing this, Chu Guang said almost subconsciously.

   "Xiao Qi."

  The energetic voice quickly floated into his ears.

   "Here it is, master."

  Chu Guang paused and continued.

   "Can you connect to the database at this level?"

  Vault No. 404 In addition to the main server, each floor is also equipped with a separate database, which can be connected with administrator privileges.

  Just now, he has shared the management authority of this floor with Xiaoqi, which will help him quickly understand all the functions of this floor.

  Xiaoqi's performance did not disappoint him as usual, and he quickly completed the search for the information on the B7 floor.

   "It's done, master! Do you need Xiaoqi to introduce the functions of this layer to you?"

  Listening to the proud voice, Chu Guang nodded.

   "Well, please."

   "You're welcome, it's Xiaoqi's honor to serve you!"

   A shy voice drifted into Chu Guang's ears.

   After a moment's pause, Xiao Qi then put on a serious tone and explained the functions of the B7 floor to Chu Guang.

   "...The function of the B7 floor is the processing center of Shelter No. 404. The main function here is to produce daily necessities, replacement parts, and safety equipment needed by the shelter based on the input drawing information and standard raw materials."

  "The industrial program installed on the processing center server can automatically edit the industrial production process that matches the entire processing system according to the input design drawing, and after that, only the raw materials need to be input to obtain standardized finished products."

"You can understand it as a large black box with more comprehensive functions! Although it is not the most economical choice in terms of raw material and energy consumption, it can provide shelter residents as much as possible without the production system. Provide better quality industrial products!"

   "The entire processing facility on the B7 floor is divided into three divisions, one is the food processing division, the other is the medical supplies division, and the small and medium-sized machinery and microelectronics processing division occupies the largest area."

"The three divisions have a raw material input port and a finished product output port respectively, and are connected to the elevator leading to the underground and the elevator leading to the B1 floor... Well, the control of the latter has been handed over to the You are here, but the elevator leading to the lower floor is locked."

"Xiao Qi guessed that the elevator leading to the lower floor should be connected to waste treatment facilities or warehouses. Ah, by the way, there are still some finished products on the production line...Huh? What you draw out of the blind box looks like it!"

  Xiao Qi's answer made Chu Guang more convinced of the conjecture in his heart.

  He can even deduce from this that 80% of the inventory in the raw material warehouse on the lower floor of the shelter has almost been consumed.

   After all, this is just a refuge.

  It is neither Doraemon's pocket nor a universal wishing machine. If it does not continuously obtain resources from the outside, there is a limit to the props it can provide.

  The first-generation managers chose to hand over the control of the B7 layer to themselves at this point in time, and there may be a reason for this.

  Chu Guang opened the subpage of [Manager Allowance] in the shelter system, and found that the points inside had changed from the original number to ∞.

He and his players have built a huge settlement above the refuge, and the "daily tasks" that originally urged them to go to the surface have completely become their daily routines, and the so-called allowances have naturally lost their meaning .

   With or without a stipend, they will continue to do it, and even with or without Vault 404, they will continue to unite the survivors of the wasteland and bring them all to rebuild the land under their feet.

  As the first-generation manager said in his last words, he is already a mature planner and can pay himself a salary.

  To be honest, Chu Guang didn’t really understand the riddler who was always hanging on him before, and even wanted to complain more than once that the guy refused to save a chair for himself.

  However, a hint of enlightenment suddenly surged in his heart now.

   What he once desired was never an obstacle to the rise of the alliance—

   Maybe this is not the best arrangement.

  Adam's apple moved, and Chu Guang sighed softly in his heart.

   If only I had the chance to meet that guy...

  Don't invite that guy to a meal, I always feel sorry for him worrying so much.

   After sorting out his emotions for a moment, Chu Guang looked at the terminal in front of him and continued.

   "Xiao Qi, help me count... the inventory of the remaining finished products on the production line, as well as the design drawings pre-stored in the server."


   Almost as soon as the voice fell, the light blue holographic screen unfolded in front of Chu Guang again.

  The floating window divided into grids by rows of lines is like the inventory bar of an RPG game, listing row after row of props and related text descriptions.

According to Xiaoqi’s statistics, there are about 2 tons of various types of medicines, and about 10 tons of various small and medium-sized machines such as exoskeletons, drones, and rifles. The largest amount is food—especially lollipops, plus It weighed nearly fifty tons!

  If it is exchanged with points, these materials are worth tens of millions of points at least!

not only that.

   Technical data such as design drawings and industrial flow charts, which are far more precious than these industrial products, are also stored in the database on the B7 floor!

   Among them are not only Fang Chang's Breaking Dawn Mechanical Bow, but also Lao Bai's Melting Cutting Axe, and Ye Shi's Type 15 "Boa Constrictor" Gauss Rifle, etc. are all listed here!

   Even including the nitrogen-powered hammer used by Chu Guang himself, the hummingbird drone and so on.

  If it was an alliance a year ago, it would be impossible to digest these materials, and even a few more Yin Fangs would not be enough.

  But today's alliance not only has its own research and development institutions, but also a relatively complete set of industrial production systems and stable sources of raw materials.

  The huge technical information provided in the B7 layer database is enough to raise the alliance's technical strength to another level!

   "...I really found a treasure now."

   Slide his index finger on the holographic screen, looking at the dazzling array of items in the list, Chu Guang couldn't help but let out an admiration.

   After appreciating the generous reward for a moment, Chu Guang gave instructions to Xiao Qi.

   "Xiao Qi, tell Yin Fang to let him forget about the garbage he picked up in the city center, and come to the B7 floor immediately, and say that I have good news to tell him."

   "In addition, transfer some people from the logistics department to send the medicine to the first hospital of the alliance, and hang the equipment in the NPC store."

  Xiaoqi: "Okay! By the way, master, what is the appropriate price for the equipment hanging in the NPC store?"

  Chu Guang just wanted to say that there are as many as there were before, but he soon remembered that many of them are "limited equipment" that can only be drawn by lottery.

  This is not easy to handle.

   Some people will be dissatisfied with the high or low pricing, and each pricing is too troublesome.

  Chu Guang pondered for a moment, and suddenly thought that Luka had discussed with him before, setting up statutory holidays and holding celebrations for the end of the wave.

  Thinking of this, Chu Guang suddenly had an idea in his mind, and a happy smile appeared on his face.

   "Don't list the NPC store first... In this way, you pick out one piece of each equipment, mark 150% of the cost price as the reserve price, and put it up for auction during the celebration. Each person is limited to one piece."

"Let's hold this kind of welfare auction a few more times. How much money is suitable for interested players to quarrel with themselves. When the transaction is almost saturated, they should have had enough arguing. Let's take the median value of the transaction price, plus The purchase threshold of the upper sequence and contribution level can be thrown into the NPC store and it will be over."

  After hearing Chu Guang's method, Xiao Qi was surprised for a full two seconds before replying "Okay".

   As expected of the master...

   This method of diverting contradictions is really getting more and more skillful.

  (end of this chapter)

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